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Crazy Dreams

Updated on September 9, 2017
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Laura Tallo is a photographer and artist in Hammond, Louisiana. She uses her photography and art work to support her Christian articles.


Original background image | Laura Tallo Model: Jelly fish and overlays | Magical Reality from E scapes and Scraps
Original background image | Laura Tallo Model: Jelly fish and overlays | Magical Reality from E scapes and Scraps | Source

Have You Ever Had a Weird Dream?

Well, I do- occasionally! It leaves you wondering, "Why did I dream this?" and "What could this mean?" For example, last night I dreamt that I looked down at my left hand. I saw three holes made by bullets. Someone has shot me. I see a clear hole with burn marks (like charcoal) 1 inch in diameter within my wrist. Another hole is in the palm of my hand, but it is about half an inch in diameter. The last hole is very little, and you can barely see light through it. All holes have the charcoal burn marks. I look at my hand and think, "Well, it doesn't hurt, that's puzzling. There is no blood either. Well, I guess that I must be just a little more like Jesus because he had wounded hands."

I never saw anyone shoot at me, nor did I see myself catch a bullet. I just saw evidence of what looked like bullet holes with black smut around each hole. I didn't wake up feeling anxious or depressed. I was puzzled. It was a "Kelso" moment from "That 70s Show," as I was dreaming. I felt more like, "Whoa, Dude, I have three ugly holes in my hand!"

I have not watched anything with violence on TV. I read informational articles or books by C. S. Lewis. I didn't eat anything absurd, so I couldn't rationalize as to why I would have such a weird dream.

What would you think that that dream would mean?

The Sun Goes Down

Owl from Pixabay Photography from Laura Tallo Photography
Owl from Pixabay Photography from Laura Tallo Photography | Source

Dream Analysis or Self Analysis?

The dream that I had brought to my attention that while it might be fun to do a study on dream analysis, I really needed to do some self analysis.

When I played softball, I caught the ball with my left hand, and I through it with my right. So, I could infer that I had tried to catch three bullets. If I were to try to do such a thing, then it could mean that I need to beware of being overly confident.

Each hole was smaller than the one before. That could mean that I had three adversaries with three different guns. This could mean that there are three people in my life that I may need to avoid. It could also mean that each of the three persons signifies some sort of "greatness". One could be very powerful, another powerful, and the last least powerful.

In biblical numerology, three is the number signifying the Holy Trinity. I was only wounded, rather than killed, so that could mean that the Lord was watching over me. It could also mean that He had a purpose for the wounds. What can I learn from being wounded? Forgiveness, perhaps?

The left hand represents femininity and generosity. Three gunshot wounds that vary in size could mean that others would subject me to abuse because they mistake my femininity and generosity for weakness.

I decided to Google "Dream Analysis" about this dream, and I like this internet interpretation the best:

"To see wounds on hands and feet in your dream may represent that there will be a property which makes you money without any effort or people whom you make business with will make you a lot of money by making efforts for you. If you see wounds on another person's hand and foot in your dream, you will provide benefit to another person much more than yourself in a job."

However, some Facebook friends pointed out these interpretations which are also meaningful:

1. I believe it's the hands. However, since you endured no pain, it's an indication that there's a covering over you that protects you from persecution, the fight of life and literally blocking that which is against you.
2. In your heart you are wounded, but you don't feel or worry about the pain because you know Jesus has you in his hands. ( I am wounded. My brother died, and I have some family rifts due to his death.)

3. You have been wounded but your wounds did not injure you.

What I am taking away from my dream:

1. I should never be so overconfident as to catch bullets (literally or figuratively). If I need defending, I will let Christ provide my defense.

2. Be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. Be watchful, and don't raise your hand or speak. Just listen. Listen, listen, listen. Be aware.

3. I will not be hurt. I could get nasty wounds, but I will not be hurt.

4. If the Lord wants to pass some money my way, that is ok too!

The Mind is a Wild Place To Be

Background: 4 dragons by Crooked spine on Deviant art | model Deviant Art Stock model |  overlay is from 2 Lil Owl's texture
Background: 4 dragons by Crooked spine on Deviant art | model Deviant Art Stock model | overlay is from 2 Lil Owl's texture | Source

The Mind... Mysterious, Wild, and Amazing Jungle

It is strange how our brain processes our thoughts and emotions. It is our own way of protecting ourselves. I think dream language is very metaphorical. We should pay attention to what our psyche is trying to convey to us. Our brain takes in so much subliminally, and it combines with what we know to speak to us in metaphors so that we can be warned or encouraged.

I do believe that the Lord speaks to us in our dreams. His Holy Spirit comes to us and speaks when we are quiet and have to listen! Our days can just be too busy for Him to get a word in edgewise.

I do recommend keeping a dream diary. Write down the dream, how it made you feel, colors, numbers, and anything that repeats. Look for metaphors. Then make your own analyzations.

I hope that you have enjoyed my article and art work. I hope that it makes you think!

Please scroll down to the bottom and leave a comment or a dream in the comment section below.

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© 2017 Laura Tallo


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    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 months ago from Ohio

      I just went and started analyzing a crazy dream I had. Very interesting! I have many crazy dreams, some are recurrent. I guess I should look up more. :)

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 8 months ago from Norfolk, England

      Keeping a dream diary is a good idea, though I've never kept one myself. I do believe God speaks to us through our dreams, yes. Although I've never tried analysing my dreams. My dreams are normally so random and strange!


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