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Crazy Love - the Book

Updated on January 29, 2019
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Mary's articles are inspired by her hobbies and love for the Lord. She loves writing, art, photography, crafting, and being a grandmother.

Leigh Lake with Teton Mountains in background - Wyoming
Leigh Lake with Teton Mountains in background - Wyoming

An awesome read folks!

As I sit in my warm home looking outdoors at the first snow of the year here on Whidbey Island I feel blessed and convicted at the same time. Ever feel that way. Because I know in my heart that there are homeless people out there in the cold somewhere who don't have the comforts that I do, the Lord leads me to pray for them and tears begin to flow. When the snow started yesterday we had to leave our car at the top of the hill because we have a very steep driveway and getting out is nearly impossible.

I just finished reading this amazing book called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. He is a minister and great writer, in this book he does a wonderful job at showing us what God's love is like, and then how we respond to it. Sometimes in not so good ways. So, having been convicted and blessed by his writings I decided to share some of the highlights with you fellow hubbers.

So grab something to drink and get comfy, I think I will get some hot chocolate - it's only 19 degrees outside. The sun is shining and the snow is as white as can be - a sight for soar eyes indeed. But I have to warn you, hold on tight because Francis has a way of making us search deep inside ourselves and I know from experience, I wasn't that excited to go there long ago.

God's signature is on each and every petal!

What is crazy love?

If you have ever been crazy in love with someone you know what it's like. You can't wait to spend time with that person or do things for them. Your life is revolved around them, you would die for them, and rightly so. That is the kind of love God has for us as Francis so graciously states in this book, he loves us so much he gave his son for us to die on a cross, now that is crazy.

He also states that for the unbelievers it's crazy for them to live a safe life on this earth, rejecting God and all he has given them, because at any moment that life could end, he says that is crazy and radical. Here is a video I would like you to see where Francis really brings things home - at least it did for me.

What does it mean to be lukewarm?

Here are some examples from the Bible and Francis about what it means to be lukewarm:

  • Lukewarm people don't really want to be saved from their sin, they just want to be saved from the penalty of the sin.
  • Lukewarm people are moved by stories about people who do radical things for Christ, yet they do not act. They assume such action is for extreme Christians not average ones. Lukewarm people call "radical" what Jesus expected of His followers.
  • Lukewarm people rarely share their faith with family, co-workers or neighbors. They do not want to be rejected nor do they want to make people uncomfortable by talking about private issues such as religion. I confess, this is tough at times for me too, but I am a work in progress.
  • Lukewarm people love God, but they do not love Him with all their heart, mind and strength. They would be quick to assure you that they try to love God that much, but that sort of total devotion isn't really possible for the average person, it's only for pastors and missionaries and radicals.

Jesus asks for everything - but we try to give him less.

Jesus did not say if you wanted to follow Him you could do it in a lukewarm manner. He said "take up your cross and follow me".

But Francis clearly points out that God wants to change us if we are not living in His will. That is why Jesus died on the cross. But we have to choose to let him in - in order for him to change us. Remember when Jesus spoke to the lukewarm church in Laodicia? "Here I am. I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in and eat with him, and he with me". Rev. 3:20. He didn't say to try harder, but rather to let "him in". James said - "come near to God and he will come near to you".

God's masterpiece - dawning of a new winter day!

Gorgeous colorful early sunrise in Oak Harbor - one of God's masterpieces!
Gorgeous colorful early sunrise in Oak Harbor - one of God's masterpieces!

Ever feel like there is something missing in your life?

God has placed a yearning - a void if you will in the heart of every man that he can only fill. If there is something in your heart that longs to break free from the status quo - then you need to read this book.

If you are looking for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of this world with tangible even radical solutions - then by all means buy the book. God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with himself because the answer to religious complacency is not working harder doing the do's and don'ts, it's falling in love with God. Once you have encountered his Love - you will never be the same - I know I never will be.

Things to reflect on when you read the book Crazy Love!

Thank you all for reading my hubs!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours - may the day be filled with family, friends and the love of God at your table


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