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Creating a Pathway for God

Updated on February 5, 2011

Our Hands, Our Feet, Our Ears, Our Voice

Pool Your Minds, Your Hearts and Your Caring

Build a Pathway to Blessings Through Your Actions

First of all let me say that any act cannot be considered an act of God. Hateful criminal acts and denigrating acts and incivility are not acts of God. Most of my life I have been frustrated trying to find God. I wish I could tell you that I found him but I'm not. What I have been doing is thinking. I have come to the conclusion that we try to shape God in our own image of what we want him to be. While there seem to be miricles that defy logic there are other things that seem just unfair that happen to inocent and good people. One moment I feel blessed then I hear of something bad happening and then my faith is shattered. I'm not here to complain about that, I'm here to ask something of each and everyone who read this and that is to become a source for God. Instead of just spreading the word, act upon it. How do I mean? Become an outreach worker for God. You can be anonymous if you choose to. Now let me back peddle a little. I want each and evryone of you who want to see a better world do both of us and evryone a favor. Remember that if you ever read the Bible that God Said if you should pray and agree upon something that He would be among you. I want you to pray for the bannishment of Satan if you believe in such a thing. Ask everyone else to join you. The second step would be to help people that you know are in need of help. It does not have to be monetary. If you have a skill, donate some time to teaching others, or helping others. For instance iif you have a skill in building why not help build homes for the needy. If you know how to assist in filling out applications, such as legal forms, resumes, insurance and doctor medical forms, get together as a group, maybe at your local library and offer your help. Helping to feed the hungry by volunterring some time at a kitchen. We can combine our effort to prevent crime by making actual donations that really help. If you want to donate monetarily to help a cause look in your own commmunity. Helping to light up a street would deter crime. Helping to orginize activities for the youth to help incourage positive motivation and creativity can and do make a difference. There is work to be done in our communities if we would just look around. With the right kind of help from our elected officials we can alleviate boredom and inactivity which can lead to distrutive behavior. Can we create insentives for people who stay drug free? Can we help a struggling single mother or teenaged mother? Can we wortk to help alleviate stress within our nursing homes by trainiing people to do more than one job and interchanging them from time to time? can we work with individuals in prisons that show promise by teaching them a trade and giving them counseling prior to their release and guidance for a set period of time to reintroduce them into society? Let us use the resources within our means and with consulting and collaboration with proffessional and skilled individuals who have valid and helpful input we can change the course of events around us. You may say that this is nothing new but with a concerted effert amongst all of us who want to live in a better environment and redirecting our efforts to directly affect our neighborhoods and communities we could improve our living situations. Sit down and work with your local police department to find a better way to report inappropriate activities without a lot of exposures that could lead to fearfulness. Helping each other as individuals and groups, I do believe can restore stability. At the same time we must be terse towards people who are determined to be lawless and reckless but be willing to extend a hand if they want to turn their lives around. No we can't do magic or illogical acts, but we can do wonders through the power of reasoning, creativity and using our resources. "Nothing ever comes to a sleeper but a dream." I challenge you. If you care about a world of freedom, the opertunity to succeed or even fail and keep trying, the ability to reach your potential and see your children become outstanding citizens and you care about our chldren of tomorrow what will you do about it. If you have trouble seeing our children abused and tired of hearing that Jesus loves all the little children and that God knows everything and it hurts Him to see suffering, then act upon His behalf. Make God a part of reality and your life by your actions. Be his voice, his eyes, his ears, his hands. Lend truth to blessings by causing them to happen by being a vehicle for God.


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