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Creation, Reality and Theory

Updated on January 22, 2016


Theories are something which have been with us for a very long time, some are harmless but others can be very dangerous. Like the communist ideas of a industrial utopia or eugenics ideas which went hand and hand with fascism. Even ancient religious theories were to blame for some of histories worst genocides. Today we have a accumulation of many theories, built up over many decades. Most of them declare to hold some inner truth to reality and the universe. Today we have science which aims to answer these questions in a much more rational, or narrow minded way depending on how you look at it.

Questions such as god and creation are questions that man has sought to answer, but it is such a difficult subject that most just leave well alone. We hear a lot about the big bang today and how this world is one big biological accident, but is this a certain. Science tells us that everything formed in our physical world is account of sound hitting matter. If so then as the bible tells, indeed first there was the word. In fact many scientist have stated that for the big bang at the start of time to be a accident, is about as likely as winning the lottery ten straight weeks with the same numbers. Although the truth stands that we have no way of knowing for sure, so all idea's on the subject fall into the area of theory.

Fiction and Theory

I would suspect that many now would be shocked, to realize just how much fiction and theory we still today accept as whole truths. Take the dinosaurs for example, yes bones and fossils have been found but there is no way of knowing what these giant creatures really looked like. The images in your mind when names like the T-Rex are mentioned, are nothing more than fictional characters based on scientific 'theory'. The bible told how the world was a sphere hung out in space, along time before science realized it. And the Indian Veda's told this even before the bible did. Pluto was found by humans along time before the early nineteen hundreds, a long time. There are so many strange facts through out history, and the universe itself is the biggest mystery of all.

These things have all led to thousands of theories being created, by people trying to make sense of things. Some normal everyday things such as maths, when looked at closely can almost seem divine. Numbers blend with space, time and the solar system, giving us our sense of reality. Gold came to earth from a smashed star in outer space it is thought, and has since been the most sought out material on earth. These things are hard to explain, in a universe we truly don't understand yet. Even questions about our very own bodies are hard to get. The pineal gland and its amazing substances. The fact we have what is described as a reptilian part to our brains, and one to three percent Neanderthal DNA in us. The fact we are mostly made out of water, we are practically walking water vessels.

And just where did this thing named DNA come from, with its fine detail and complexity. This thing called DNA is something far more sophisticated and intelligent than anything we humans have ever made. Can this really all just be an accident, or is there some level of design going on. The universe moves with such precision, that it gives us time itself. It works with its own principle within its own natural law, and everything that we think we know about it in reality we know very little. Man and woman have sought to be gods, and have gone from a forager animal half way down the food chain. To dominating their whole environment, air, land and sea. We now use and harness solar energy, but how much do we really know about it. The lunar energy from the moon creates the waves in the sea. (awesome power) Does this energy forces ripple threw human society, undetected by most? How does the energy in our bodies interact with other energies in existence? Or are they one and the same thing?


Was the world created or an accident?

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Why can beautiful microscopic shapes be detected be detected in clean water? Yet the shapes detected in dirty water are broken, rotten shapes. Music can make shapes, it really is an amazing world in which we live, especially once you have your eyes open to it all. We must

remember though that these mysteries for now are bigger than us. When someone tries to explain the yet unexplainable, it is always falling into the realm of theory. All kinds of theories get pumped out to an eager public, ready to be soaked up. Theories can be enlightening, powerful things which help you to understand and cope in a world we truly don't really understand. But they can also deceive, and in the pursuit of truth and knowledge one can easily be put on to the road of fantasy. The road of fantastical theories is stronger and more trapping than ever, we need two feet firmly set on the ground, if we wish to be enlightened rather than brainwashed.


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