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Creation is a grand play!

Updated on June 28, 2017

Free electrons causes current.

Why God has created evil in the universe?

Many people in the world ask, ‘why God has created evil in the world’. At the face of it, it may seem a reasonable question but we are ignorant about the basics of creation! There are certain basic truths emphasized in the ancient scriptures that there was nothing before creation and the one eternal power was all alone since there was no second to it. Even in the mortal world, duality causes all activities, work and their results. If there was only one thing, what reaction can emanate from the single force? The creation happened due to dualities. We have electricity and magnetism as the forces that could be reckoned by the Scientists. In electrical charges, there are positive as well as negative charges. Both are essential for the passage of free electrons through a conductor. In magnetism, there is the concept of North Pole and South Pole. Of course all these concepts are subsequent to the so called creation.. Hence one alone cannot bring forth the entire creation and cosmos! There must be another opposite force which enabled creation. This opposite force is considered as the power of mind! Initially, before creation, the mind was merged in the one power. Due to some unknown reason, some sort of stir caused the mind to emanate out of the one power. All scriptures point out this fact of separation as the cause of creation. In Hindu scriptures, it is mentioned, “I am alone; Let me become many” as the first stir due to the mind element. Mind is nothing but desires. Before the emerging of mind, there was no stir. Hence it is considered that the “Mind alone is the cause of the world and myriads of beings!

Poles of magnets.

The role of Mind in creation!

In our worldly life, we are aware of the role of the mind in human life. Thoughts emanate in the mind and some thoughts become desires. These desires are the cause of activity in the world. The human beings who first appeared on earth were driven by the urge to satiate their hunger and thirst. Hence, they were in search of food. They started hunting for animals and birds which were roaming in the thick jungles. Later they found edible fruits, vegetables and some roots which are tasty and gave them satisfaction and energy. Slowly they evolved and learnt about milk and their uses. Hence they were rearing milk animals like goats and cows. If there was no hunger, there won’t be any evolution of mankind on earth. It is the hunger of stomach and hunger for knowledge sustains the world of beings with perennial search for varieties of things and acquire knowledge and wisdom. Food and drinks alone will never confer eternal happiness in the minds of man. We cannot eat all the food we require in one go. We have to eat minimum thrice a day to work for our sustenance. Since food alone never satisfied us, we started searching for knowledge. The desire for knowledge is even greater than the desire for food. This is how mankind is sustained in the universe! Without any need, man will not exert. Even now the scriptures point out that the desire for wealth, happiness and progeny bind man inexorably to the cycle of births and deaths! The nature of mind is worrisome. The mind is not easily satiated with the fulfillment of one or two of its desires. It craves for more and more, hanker for varieties and ultimately become discontent since none of its ambitions bring it permanent satisfaction or joy. Each sense pester the mind with more and more varieties of enjoyments. But man can never become satisfied forever with these paltry pleasures of taste, touch and smell. It is like feeding the fire with fuel. The more efforts we make to satisfy the thirsts for pleasures, the mind will clamor for more and more!

Creation is Good...

In spiritual equation, God + Mind = Man!

In spiritual equation, God + Mind = Man; and naturally Man – Mind = God! This is what our ancient sages, saints and philosophers found out. They made efforts to annihilate the mind to reach God through intense meditation. But, the mind is nothing but the conglomerations of thoughts. Without thoughts there will be no mind at all. How can you have a clothe without the threads? How can you have threads without cotton? Hence, ‘cotton” is the fundamental thing needed for the manufacture of cloth ultimately! Likewise, desires are the root cause for all these. Hence we must find out a way to reduce our desires. Thoughts are not easy to conquer! Thoughts cannot be forced into submission! How to deal with thoughts? Do not get involved in the thoughts but just observe them as a witness! If we practice thus wise, thoughts will subside themselves. As long as we involve in the thoughts, it is not easy to drive them away. Be indifferent to the thought process; do not judge or form opinion about them! This requires detachment from the affairs of the world. We are not the bodies which are like houses. Do you consider yourself as the house you occupy? No, it is foolishness. We are the residents of the home. Hence the body is the receptacle for the inner self, which is really our identity. The inner self is not different from the Omni self which is God! Hence, there is no qualitative difference from the Omni Self. We are Eternal Beings, not subjected to birth and death! Bodies take birth and die ultimately but the soul within is Immortal.

Reasons behind Evil.

Word can not sustain without duality!

Now coming back to the question in the first Para, without duality, the world cannot sustain. Evil is necessary to highlight goodness. We have day and night, wellness and illness, wealth and poverty, heat and cold, hills and valley in the external creation. If everything is good, life will lose its charm. We have different colors, varieties of birds and animals, flora and fauna in creation. Imagine there is only one color, looking always at it, people will become bored. The black color highlights white and other colors add beauty to the creation! Though all colors emanated only from pure white, due to prismatic effects we observe seven colors. Hence evil is necessary aspect of creation otherwise we cannot differentiate between the good and bad, the noble and wicked! Creation itself is a play of God!

The mind is responsible for creation!

Do you believe that the mind is the cause of creation?

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