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Creation is endless and is not limited to the present day world!

Updated on October 8, 2016

Pralaya time

Theory of annihilation (Pralaya)

The scriptures talk about ‘annihilation’ of the creation after conclusion of the cycle called ‘yuga’. What we learn from such ‘Pralaya” state is that everything will be engulfed by flood water! We are witnessing a partial pralaya in several places on earth today. Not a day passes without flood or hurricane in some parts of the globe! Otherwise, it will be earthquakes. Hence we are hearing about them nonstop in some places every day. It has become rare to witness a calamity free day! In a way, we can conclude that a mini pralaya is in the offing. Of course, it is usual for hurricane to hit the west during this course of time. But the intensity is more and the media is reporting that such intensity has not been witnessed in the past one decade! It is said in Hindu scriptures, that at the end of Pralaya, the Lord sleeps on a small leaf that float on the pralaya water! The world never ends with such annihilation. After a lapse of several thousands years, another cycle of creation begins! For the demigods, this intervening period is not much since it is only 100 or 200 years in their time scale! Interestingly one human year is one day for the demigods! Even Brahma, the lord of creation has only one hundred years but it is unimaginable when human time scale is concerned. Thus one year or 360 days is equivalent to one day for the demigods. Thus one year of the demigod is 360 years in human scale. The present Kaliyuga is of the span of 1200 demigod years which is equal to 1200 x 360 = 432000 human years. Incidentally 200 years is the contact period between one yuga and another yuga! Now let us go into the calculation of life span of Brahma! One thousand Mahayuga is the day time for Brahma! One Mahayuga is equivalent to 4320000 years which comprises all yugas such as Sathya yuga, Treta yuga, Dwapara yuga and the present Kaliyuga!

Lord rests on a leaf during pralaya!

One day of Brahma!

One Mahayuga is 4320000 human years and one thousand such Mahayuga is daytime for Brahma! The calculations are mind boggling. If one hundred years is the life span of Brahma, in human years, it will be equal to 2 x4320000 x 1000 x 360 x 100 years.(one day of Brahma = 1000 x2 x 4320000 human years) We are living in the 51 year of Brahma! Under the rule of Brahma, we have Manus ruling the creation. Each day of Brahma sees 71 Manus reining the creation approximately!

The arrangement is like this! At the end of each Yuga, there will be a transition or contact period during which period; the creation would be completely submerged by water. The Lord contains the seed of creation! Brahma starts his creation afresh again invoking or chanting sacred formulae of Veda!

We have many theories about creation spelt by scientific theories and researchers on evolution of life! There is Darwin theory; Big bang theory and many such theories! The scientific community believes that the seen world as of now is created by “Big Bang theory”. But they have no idea of the enormity of creation which is endless. The world has been created many times before, sustained for a fixed cycle of time and annihilated in Toto. Again after a period of around one lakh year or so, another yuga commences. Thus the cycle goes on forever. Even before the era of present Brahma who ruled for 51 years so far, many Brahmas created the universes before! Hence the creation is not limited to human observation

Age of Brahma

The different stature of people during each Yuga!

I will present certain facts contained in the scriptures! During earlier yugas, the height of human beintg was 32 feet. In the next yuga, it was only 16 feet and during the subsequent yuga, it was eight feet. In the present Kaliyuga, we rarely come across people of eight feet high. There may be one or two exceptions. Most of the people are of six feet average height. In many countries, people are five to six feet high! The longevity is also dwindling. In previous yugas during Rama’s time, people lived until one thousand years. Subsequently it came down to one hundred years and today we have few people who cross one hundred years.

We have heard about certain demons like Ravana and Kumbakarna, who fought with Rama during the Ramayana days. They were like mountains in their stature. Kumbakarna can easily catch fifty people in his grip and swallow them whole! They were real characters of life. It is not fiction but history! There are evidences of rule of Ravan at Sri Lanka and Rama’s birthplace at Ayodhya! Also, all the places mentioned during the incarnation of Krishna is there like “Mathura”, Vrindavan and Gokul! The great battle of Kurukshethra took place in the present day Haryana state! Also, the Palk straits where Rama crossed the Ocean and the bridge constructed to cross is seen through satellite pictures in the bottom of Palk straits. It is evident that mother Sita was captured and kept in custody of Ravana in a garden in Sri Lanka! The undersea archeologists have found the evidence of Dwaraka which was submerged near Gujarat coast! They are all real and not folk tales as assumed by many!

The rationalistic attitude of many non-believers resulted in many books which defy god and religion. They argue that ‘god’ is a term invented by higher castes to rule over others! When you ask them, they will assert, “God is nowhere” (see the beauty, they start with “God is and negate it with ‘nowhere) the believers in god repeat the same but say “God is now here”. They just made a space between ‘w’ and ‘h’ of the rationalist assertion! First of all, we must understand that human mind is incapable of dwelling on great truths which is beyond its comprehension!

Rule of Manus!


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