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Creation is evolution!

Updated on March 7, 2013

Lord Krishna with the Flute!

All of us will merge back in God!

Cotton is the basis for cloth. Likewise, God is the basis for this creation and cosmos. We are aware that water when cooled becomes ‘ice’. When the water is boiled it become ‘steam’. One is fluid state, the other is solid state and yet another is gaseous state. When a basic element can be converted to different substances with different properties, yet everything is only water. Same anomaly can be applied to the formless power which has become all these by the intermingling of the mind principle. One more example is that a lump of gold has become all the ornaments. It was melted in the crucible, and a little dross is added to create many designs of jewels. We have yet another example in sweets. All sweets are prepared with sugar as the base. Even if you consider ice creams, the sweetness comes from powdered sugar. With sugar as basis, any number of sweets can be prepared. Each one prefers a different kind of sweet based on the shape and flavor. Likewise God, though formless remains as the only basis for the creation. The one God is worshiped in many forms in every religion. Christians pray to Jesus, Muslims venerate Allah, and Parsis, the Zaurashtra. Buddhists worship Buddha and Hindus pray to many forms of God and Goddess. The basis is one supreme power, which has created all this out of Him!

Creation is endless and the Cosmos is expanding as per the inventions of astronomers. Hence we can never limit creation as well as the creator. We can at best term it as ‘infinite and immeasurable’. Rationalists won’t buy this argument since they want solid proof for everything! There are several Truths which cannot be proved by laboratory experiments. Even scientists infer certain results by watching the reactions through their observation. The unseen foundation is the basis for the gigantic building that stands majestically above the ground. Likewise God is the basis for everything. Even the agnostic exists only due to the will of God! When everything is created by him, how the atheist can be different?

Human beings are endowed with discrimination, choice making and intelligence. With the faculties, man can choose any path. Hence there exist contrary thoughts in the human mind. In creation, we see both hills and valleys. We have both land mass and the oceans. There are deserts and volcanos. Everything is inclusive in creation. Contrasts make creation possible. For instance, if there is only one color, can you make a painting? For painting we need minimum two colors. Hence there is good and bad, day and night, pain and pleasure, foolishness and wisdom. These pairs of opposites enable creation to continue. Hence all philosophies are valid though some philosophy seems to contradict the other theories. All of us knew that the life span of every individual is limited in this world. He takes birth, live and dies ultimately. Is there no reason for this life? There is a valid reason for human existence. It is refinement. We have to evolve finally as the God that we are!


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