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Creation of Universe - A Philosophical View

Updated on August 26, 2014

Timeline - Creation of Universe

Big Bang

Birth of Universe

Matters are governed by Gravitational force, electromagnetic force and as matter got accumulated, its density increased and and they started condensing and got attracted to the center by gravitation and a Star is born. Millions of Stars are born since then and during the process Galaxies were born, Black holes, Red giants, Neutron Stars, planets were born. And ultimately Life is born and the Zenith of this evolution is the emergence of Humans.

Composition of Universe

Greek Philisophers

Composition of Universe

Universe is constituted of the following:

Dark Energy - 73 %

Dark Matter - 23 %

Free Hydrogen & Helium - 3 %

Stars, Neutinos & Heavy Elements - 1 %

Composition of Universe

Science could not fully comprehend the nature of Dark Energy and Dark Matter. About the stars and the other visible matter we know only a meager 1 % of the 4 %.

Why the Universe is created ?

What created the Universe ?

Who Created the Universe?

How the Creation is going to progress and end?

There are lots of questions that are still not answered by Science. Another sect of Science from time immemorial, has been trying these these puzzles parallely. Infact this science, Philosophy answers many of the questions raised above.

Classifications of Philosophy

We have a wrong notion that only religions propagate philosophy. If I ask someone about how the philosophy is classified, he would simply say that Christianity and Islam are the major classifications. But that is not true. There are three major classifications in philosophy.

  • Materialism
  • Objective Idealism
  • Subjective Idealism

Jesus Christ

Karl Marx


Materialism says that matter is first. It assumes that matter existed forever. The philosophy considers that matter is always there and will be. So it says matter has first come into existence. Based on this assumption the philosophy is built. Even though its basic assumption is proved wrong by the recent scientific advancements, it’s postulates are even now valid. They match with the scientific findings. Materialism came into prominence by the preaching of the powerful Karl Marx. His Dialectic Materialism is a pure science which assumes matter is first and makes an analysis on the universe and creates certain standards. They are

  • No matter is stable but they are under constant motion.
  • Matter undergoes a constant change that what we see now is not what that existed a moment back.
  • A quantitative change is always happening in every matter and when the change attains its zenith, all of a sudden a very much noticeable qualitative change happens.

Based on these three principles his historic materialism was created and that further created Socialism and communism.

Ayn Rand

Objective Idealism

Objective Idealism says that man’s mind is first. We are making this analysis about the universe only because of our existence here and our mind is orchestrating the functions. Consider if I am not here then for me the world never exists and I wouldn’t care about the universe or its existence and its origin. So it is my mind that visualizes the universe and raises questions. If the mind didn’t exist then the world, stars, galaxies and universe will not have any significance. So the most significant thing is our mind. Any Rand is the greatest advocate of Objective Idealism in the recent past and her ‘Fountain Head’ & ‘Atlas Shrugged’ are worth reading.


Lord Shiva

Subjective Idealism

Subjective Idealism says that it is not our mind or the matter that controls the universe. But an external mind or a thought process is creating and controlling the universe. Only here the concept of GOD comes in. All religions fall under this category. I have gone through most of the religious books looking for an answer to my questions.

Creation of Universe - A Philosophical View

The Universe is nothing but Cosmic absolute. The Cosmic Absolute created the Universe. Before the creation there was nothing but the Cosmic Absolute and a divine sound was emanating from it. The vibration of the sound is so strong that it was travelling to infinite distances. The vibration is so wonderful that it falls in love with itself. Or you can say that the divine sound and the resulted vibration are a part of the Cosmic absolute and the Cosmic absolute falls in love with that sound.

Thought of Separate Existence

At that point of time the thought of separate existence started. This is the first thought process and it started the entire creation. The thought of separate existence first created the atom and in every atom the cosmic absolute shined brilliantly.

So the first matter was created. Their interaction with themselves led to creation of further atoms, then cloud of atoms, they became denser and denser as the interaction continued, and stars are born, galaxies came into existence.

The love survived and the thought of separate existence continued and the creation also continued. The creation got complicated. Atoms became heavier. While creation of atoms was going on the interaction among the atoms started creating molecules under favorable circumstances. Everywhere the love played a vital role. It further and further induced the thought process of separate existence.

Knowledge Accumulation

Accumulation of knowledge

The cosmic absolute watches everything, the things that are happening within itself, by itself and the love intensifies. The creation gets into the next level - Life.

What is life? It is nothing but a part of the cosmic absolute trapped inside a matter. The purpose of creation had at last come to a shape. Now the process of refining the life started and the evolution continued.

Whatever happened from the time divine vibrating sound emanated during the process of creation got recorded in each and every life form. The information got more and more complicated and it was transferred to the next being and that being records the changes it faced and passed it on to the next being.

So the accumulation of knowledge continued as the creation continued. The cosmic absolute is everything and nothing. It has no shape or form. But its essence is life. So the life by itself doesn’t have any memories but the body where it is trapped in, has the memory of whatever thing that had happened in the past. All living beings have such recordings in their body that will have knowledge of whatever thing that had happened till the creation of that being.

As we know that humans are the ultimate beings in this planet, we have the maximum information. So, where those information are stored? If everyone has that information why are we not able to recollect or recover that information?

Mother's Love

Cosmic Ignorance

Let’s get into the concept again. Cosmic absolute is everything. A part of it is trapped in a physical body and that is life. The memories are not in the life but in the physical body. Everything started for the sake of love. It developed a thought of separate existence. Here is where an individual mind came into existence.

A dreamy world gets created around the being so that he cannot understand or read the information that is stored in its physical body. This dreamy world is the creation of ego. This is called Cosmic ignorance. This makes all living beings to ignore their origin and purpose of their birth.

How then we can remove that cosmic ignorance to find out the real truth and understand fully about the Cosmic absolute.

Big Bang Simulation


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