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Creed: On God and Creation

Updated on January 8, 2012


Have you ever attempted to sit down and write out your beliefs about God? It can be a daunting task! There is much to think about and consider, but it can be a very helpful exercise in helping you find out what you actually believe. This is my attempt to describe by beliefs in GOD and CREATION as per what I currently understand. I could have a new revelation tomorrow that would cause me to add, remove, or edit a word or two, but right now, this is what I understand to be true. To read my Creed on the Holy Spirit CLICK HERE. To read my Creed on Jesus Christ CLICK HERE.


  1. God in His natural essence is INFINITE, IMMUTABLE, INDIVISIBLE, and INDEPENDENT.

John 4:24; Gen.1:1; 14:19 & 22; Deut.10:14; Job 38:4-11; Ps.102:25; Is.45:18; Jn.1:3; Col.1:16-17; Heb.1:3; Ps.90:4; 93:2; 102:24-27; Mic.5:2; Jn.8:58; 17:5; Heb.13:8; Rev.4:8-11; 1st Kings 8:27; 2Chron.2:5-6; Job 11:7-9; 36:26; 37:23; Ps.86:10; Jer.23:24; Jn.6:21; Acts 17:24; Eph.1:23b; Jeremiah 32:27; Isaiah 46:9b-10; Psalm 139:7-10; Job 22:12; Is.66:1-2; Jer.23:23-24; Prov.15:3; Deuteronomy 6:4; Isaiah 40:25; Revelation 4:8

  1. I believe that God is INFINITE. He is a spiritual, transcendent being who is eternal and immeasurable. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.
  2. I believe that God is IMMUTABLE. His essence and character do not change and cannot be influenced to act in any way that is contrary to who He is and what He is like.
  3. I believe that God is INDIVISIBLE. He is one God who can not be separated from Himself nor contradict Himself in any way. He is one God, in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) whom maintain different roles—yet He is one and cannot act in separation from or opposition to any part of the Trinity.
  4. I believe that God is INDEPENDENT. He created all things from nothing and does not need anything outside of Himself. He is separate from all other things. He is unique and there is no one like Him.

2. God in His moral character is PERFECT, PURE, PRECISE, PRUDENT, and PERFECT LOVE.

Matthew 5:48; Ex.18:9 KJV; 33:19; 2Chron.6:41; Ps.23:6; 25:8; 27:13; 31:19; 33:5 KJV; 119:68; 145:7a; Matt.19:17; Mark 10:18; Lk.18:19; Rom.2:4; 11:22; Tit.3:4-5; Ex.3:5; Lev.11:44-45; 21:8; Ps.22:3; 30:4; 99:9; Is.6:3; 43:15; 55:5b-9; 57:15; Acts 3:14; Rev.4:8); Deut.32:4; Josh.21:45; 2Sam.7:28; 1Kng.8:56; Ps.33:4; 36:5; 89:1; 89:33-34; 111:7-8; 119:89-90 & 160; 143:1; 146:6; Is.11:5b; Matt.24:35; Jn.1:14; 7:28; 14:6; 17:3; Rom.3:3-4; 1Cor.1:9; 10:13; 2Cor.1:18; 1Thes.5:23-24; 2Thes.3:3; 2Tim.2:13 & 15; Heb.6:18; 10:23; 11:11; 13:5-6; 1Pet.4:19; Rev.3:7 & 14; 15:3; 16:7; Job 25:2; Ps.93:1-2; Is.40:21-23; 45:21-24; 46:10b-11; 64:8; Jer.10:10; 18:5-10; Dan.3:34-36; 7:13-14; Matt.28:18; Rom.9:20-21; 1Cor.15:24-28; Eph.1:20-21; Phil.2:9-10; 1Tim.6:15; Rev.4:11; Deut.10:14-15; Is.63:9; Jer.31:3; Jn.3:16; 15:13; Rom.5:6-8; 8:38-39; Eph.2:5-9; 3:19; Tit.3:4-7; 1Jn.3:16; 4:10; 4:16-19); Deut.32:4; Ps.7:9; 11:7; 33:5; 45:7; 89:14; 111:7-8; 119:142; 145:7b; Is.30:18; 42:1-4; 61:8; Jn.7:18; Rom.3:4, 21-24; 8:1-4; 11:22; 2Cor.5:21; 1Pet.2:23-24; Rev.16:5

  1. I believe that God is PERFECT. He is sovereign over all things with no possibility of error. His plans will be accomplished as He has declared. He is perfect in beauty and splendor and there is not any blemish or wickedness in Him.
  2. I believe that God is PURE. He is holy and righteous. He is incapable of evil and sin.
  3. I believe that God is PRECISE. He is truth and cannot lie, be deceived, or deceptive in any way. His judgments, thoughts, and actions are always just and right. His wrath is warranted and true. His Word can be trusted therefore He is dependable and faithful for what is declared shall come to pass.
  4. I believe that God is PRUDENT. He is wise and all-knowing. His ways are best and His knowledge is inexhaustible. In His wisdom, He reveals Himself to mankind in many ways.
  5. I believe that God is PERFECT LOVE. He is good, peaceful, kind, patient, merciful, and forgiving. Out of His love He is the creator, sustainer, and provider of life. He is relational and jealous for His rightful place in the heart of mankind.


Gen. 1:26-27; Psa. 8:3-6; Zech. 12:1; Gen. 2:7-25; 3:1-19; I Cor. 2:11; Ezk. 18:4, 20; Mark 7:21-22; Rom. 8:7-8; Heb. 9:27; Ecc. 3:19-21; I Cor. 15:21-22, 44-56; Rev. 21:7; I John 3:1-3; Phil. 3:21; I John 4:16-19; 5:2-3; Mat. 22:37-38; Eph. 5:1-2; Rom. 5:5; I John 2:5, 15; 2 John 6; John 14:15-24; Gal. 5:22; Psa. 97:10; Deut. 6:5; Deut. 13:3; Mat. 10:37-38; I John 3:4; Rom. 7:12-14; I John 1:5-2:2; Acts 2:38 Eph. 1:7 Eph. 1:7; 2:1-10; I John 5:17; Jas. 2:10-11; 4:12; Gal. 5:19-21; Rom. 6:23; Rom. 14:23; Acts 3:19; Mat. 12:31-32; Heb. 6:4-6; Gal. 1:8-9; Heb. 10:26-27; Rev. 20:14-15; Rev. 21:8; Eph. 2:4-10, 4:7; I John 3:6-8; Rom. 5:1-11, 15-18; Rom. 3:22-25; 2:4; Gal. 2:20; Rom. 4:1-13; Psa. 103:2-4; Gal. 1:15;Gal. 5:1-4; Isa. 55:6-7; Jude 4, 21; Gen. 6:8; 2 Tim. 1:9 I; Cor. 15:10; Rom. 11:5-6; Eph. 1:3-9;Eph. 3:1-21; I Pet. 5:10

  1. I believe that creation is DEPENDENT on God. He created nature—the earth, the sky, and the sea, all living creatures (on land and in the sea), and man and woman. He created all things in six days—either literal days or “day-age” periods. He created all things out of nothing and all of creation is dependent on Him not only for its origin in existence, but for its sustenance and maintenance as well.
  2. I believe that creation is PURPOSEFUL. All things have been made by God with a specific purpose and goal in mind. God created freely and intentionally.
  3. I believe that creation is GOOD. Mankind, however, is the only aspect of creation that was made in God’s image and likeness, to bring glory to God. Each person has value and worth. Jesus reflects the image of true humanity.
  4. I believe that mankind is a TRICHOTEMATIC. He (referring to male and female) is made of body, soul, and spirit. These are not three separate parts, as they are interconnected into one whole.
  5. I believe that mankind has LIMITED FREEDOM. Though a paradox, both pre-destination and free will exist side-by-side. God has desired that all have eternal life and therefore His grace is available to all mankind. To an extent, man has the ability to choose God, but he is totally depraved and because of the Fall, he is spiritually dead within, and unable to respond to God’s love. It is by God’s grace alone that inner man can be awakened—that his heart can be quickened, thereby enabling the heart of man to be able to choose to respond to God’s call. He who has been chosen by God and who responds with a “YES” cannot fall away as long as his answer is “YES.” Yet I believe that man can fall away if he turns away and says “NO,” though God will pursue him and provide every opportunity to turn back, it is possible for man to run away until death if he so chooses.
  6. I believe that mankind is CORRUPTED. He has fallen to a position of total depravity and sin has marred the image of God in man. His fallen nature is immediate in that Adam’s sin has been directly imputed onto all (since Adam is the head over all) and therefore man is guilty upon birth and he receives a corrupt nature. His sin is both individual and corporate. Though he has been made corrupt by sin, the grace and love of God, in the form of Jesus Christ becoming human and acting as an atoning sacrifice for all, has made possible the regeneration of mankind that he may be reborn into a position of righteousness before God. Those that have respond to God’s grace and accepted the gift of eternal life in Christ have therefore been justified by Christ, and is in the process of being sanctified, so that he will enter into the perfectness of Christ at the appointed time.


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    • Seek-n-Find profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenna Ditsch 

      6 years ago from Illinois

      @ Ann: Thank you so much! I appreciate it and am glad to know you as well. :-)

    • Ann1Az2 profile image


      6 years ago from Orange, Texas

      Seek-n-Find: Glad to know a fellow sister in Christ. Praise the Lord! A well-written hub, too.

      Voted up.

    • Seek-n-Find profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenna Ditsch 

      7 years ago from Illinois

      @ Dave Mathews: Thank you! This was quite a lengthy assignment, but oh-so-much-fun! :-) Thank you for your comment.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      seek: Your biblical referencing is unparallelled. Each and every quote hit the nail on the head and drives your points forward.

      Thank you.

    • Seek-n-Find profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenna Ditsch 

      7 years ago from Illinois

      @dalemay: Thank you! Yes, theology cannot be quite perfect until we attain perfection in the way we think. When we see Him, we shall be like Him. We have the mind of Christ but yet, in time, we are still being transformed. In other words, openness to learning and growing is essential! I don't like putting things like this down on paper because I don't want to say "this is it--it's complete" but it really does help me to get clarity on what I believe. Thanks for the comment!

      @ thesingernurse: Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and am glad that this was a good read for you. :-)

      @ limpetparasite: I'm really glad that you found this useful. There is this paradox of needing to come to the recognition of our own selfishness and imperfection as humans--that is so not fun! But as we give that to Christ we get to be free! To know that we are truly a new creation in Christ is pretty mind boggling. Many Christians can get trapped by having a "sin conscious" mindset and the more they focus on the sin, the more they sin! But when we are in Christ, we can be "God conscious" and the more we focus on Him, the more we become like him. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      @ raciniwa: Thanks for the comment! I pray that Holy Spirit reveals God's "now" words for you as you read His Word. He has a plan and a purpose for you!

      @ Tamarajo: Thanks for the comment. I find it helpful to remind myself of who God is. Experience and the world can often tell us the opposite about what is true so to focus on what is good and true brings things back into right perspective again. :-)

    • Tamarajo profile image


      7 years ago

      Loved this! Your personal definitions of your beliefs really bring into focus God's specific qualities that we sometimes don't think about nor define for ourselves.

      A truly thoughtful writing.

    • raciniwa profile image


      7 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      God is magnificent...thank you for taking the time to list it here...actually i am rereading the Bible now...and study His words and what He intends me to do...

    • limpetparasite profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      hi seek-n-find, i find this hub to be a very useful source of biblical references. thank you so much for the time and effort in compiling it.

      i admit that the last part of your creed moved me... i am a beast of corruption with unlimited potential at infecting others with me. my heart lacks the courage to straighten my mind to the path of enlightenment.

      i can only pray that i may put my faith and trust in the lord, and that before my time in this earth is due, i may at least have a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven god has installed for me.


    • thesingernurse profile image

      Tina Siuagan 

      7 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

      I have always believed that there's a powerful, loving, and forgiving God for all of us. Thank you for sharing this hub. :D Very beautiful and enlightening.

    • daleamy profile image


      7 years ago from Spring Hill, TN

      Wow, you spent a lot of time on this! What a valuable exercise. I had a professor who once said that none of us has perfect theology, and that our theology will always change. What a great record for you to have of what you believe right now, to look back on and see how God grows you and what He teaches you about Himself in the future.


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