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Creepy Sri Lankan Legends

Updated on February 11, 2012

The Element of Fear

Have You ever wondered what makes you afraid when you're alone at home or walking down a creepy road!that feeling that you are being watched or that someone or something is following you!

This particular fear is the result of a memory of something you've watched on tv, read about,heard about or experienced.

and if you're going to continue reading this then your probably looking for more stories to creep you out the next time your alone!

Legend 1 : Mohini the oh so famous lady in white

Just the thought of Running into a lady fully dressed in white on a creepy dark road sends chills up your spine..

The Sri lank-an/indian legend goes like this:

A girl who commits suicide because of a failed love affair happens to become a vengeful spirit and preys upon men by charming them and then kills them by means of strangulation or drinking their blood..other stories say that they lure men to the spirt world where they are held captive forever.....

There is also anther story of a woman who stands by the road with a baby in her arms and will generally ask you to do her a favor by holding her baby for awhile and then dissapear or eat her own child.......

The smell of jasmine flowers is also a sign that Mohini might be around>

legend : 2 Mahasona: THE DEMON

It starts with the apparition of a black dog! and then a slap that'll knock you senseless and a mark so you wont forget it!

Mahasona is a demon that appears as a man with the head of a has the ability to shape shift into a dog or turn invisible...

The demon is said to be the spirit of a warrior who had his head cut off in a dual and was buried with the head of a bear.

Several people have reported sightings of this demon and some people even claimed to be stuck which often results in fever and other illnesses

Legend 3:The mysterious prince of darkness

The "kalu Kumaraya " or Black Prince is the Sri lankan form of an icubus....

it is said that this spirit follows young girls to entice them and then possess them causing them to commit promiscuous acts.there are also other stories that this demon may kill or cause their victims to commit suicide.

Although we can't be sure of where this spirit originated.There is a rumor that a prince who tried to kill his father escaped prison and jumped of a cliff to his death before become this supernatural being.


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    • TMApsey profile image

      TMApsey 5 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Very interesting hub! Welcome to Hubpages! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!