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Crop Circles in the Times of the Ancient World

Updated on August 19, 2014

In the UK, going back many years, farmers say they remember seeing patterns in their fields, similar to crop circles, or what we now call crop circles, for generations, and there is even evidence of them from the Middle Ages and further back in time, possibly before recorded history. In the early 80's, British media reported this phenomenon for the first time.

Nowadays this phenomenon is a household word, as simple circles became huge and complex geometric formations. and has become a worldwide phenomenon and each year new reports come from a growing number of countries.

However, the highest concentration of this phenomenon of crop circles still remains in the 'holy' places in southern England and in particular places near Stonehenge , Avebury and Silbury Hill (the largest mound in Europe, made by human hands)

Research by the American biophysicist, Dr. William Levengood seems to suggest that microwave energy is involved in the process of creating these drawings.

Those investigating are always under pressure to innovate new theories and ideas to explain this phenomenon. Some of these researchers use meditation, music and color therapy to try to "communicate" with the new drawings that appear in the fields, in an effort to arrive at the ultimate answer to these crop circles.

Whether they can be proven with scientific-based evidence or not, crop circles hold a place in the our modern culture and they certainly claim public attention for reasons that may have to do with spiritual-alien nature, mathematical elements,and even as pretty artwork. They often are produced at night,in July and August, when the fields are ripe,and consist of flattened grain; skeptics claim they are a hoax and believers are criticized but still widespread interest in these mysterious designs are appreciated, documented and claimed as messages from another dimension.

  • Many people have had to remove them because they claim that once inside a circle, they loose their vitality and energy. 

  • People often perceive sounds if the middle ear is close to the surface where the 'fingerprint' was captured. These sounds and whistles have been recorded and analyzed.

  • Some researchers claim to have had "lost time", ie not remember anything during their stay in the 'pictograms'.

In the early 80's  these circles began to appear on the fertile fields of southern England, in Wiltshire, Hamshire, and Salsbury, among other places, always very close to the famous megalithic monuments such as Stonehenge, Avebury, and Sillbury Hill: in addition to being found  close to prehistoric figures in the landscape of other countries, where there are huge designs of people and horses covered with limestone, at an angle of inclination to be visible only from the sky, as in the case of the famous Nazca lines.

These circles were already known in the Middle Ages when they appeared in harvest time, and were called "Fairy Circles," which appeared traditionally accompanied by a strange buzz that was called "the sound of flying fairies."

People were warned of the danger posed to anyone enter these magic circles, as it could disappear and be imprisoned in the world of gnomes, fairies and elves. That sounds like a fantastic mythology, but ... is it hiding something more real?

What Do You Believe?

Do you believe crop circles are made by extraterrestrials?

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While initially there were circles of three to eight meters in diameter circles gradually these gave way to more complex figures, beautiful and enigmatic, they appear one day to another always in  perfect symmetry. They have launched a myriad of explanations, such as that product could be natural phenomena of terrestrial geomagnetism or climatic phenomena.  

As the evidence is generally provided by fields of cereals such as wheat, barley, oats and maize in some countries meadows  and on desert sand or earth. But the phenomenon evolves, with the passage of time changes in the design, which went from mere circles to circles within circles, circles connected with lines, Celtic crosses, to very complex and elaborate three-dimensional pictograms.

One of the most important researchers of the designs was the British engineer Colin Andrews. But they have also been thoroughly investigated others such as: Omar Fowler, Pat Delgado, Michael Hesemann, and many others.

Although there are many theories about their creation, no one has been able to explain exactly how to create these drawings. Maybe some of the most compelling evidence that there are several video clips that show small balls of white light hovering around the pictures or sometimes in and out of them!.

Many of these lights have been shot in broad daylight and seem to move with a sense of "purpose" and "intelligence" which could suggest the possibility that there is a clear link between the emergence of these balls of light and the formation these patterns in the crops.

But is this a new phenomenon in history?

Absolutely not. Ancient Egyptian records speak of "circles that trace the power of Ra." Many always regarded those texts as a reference to the solar circle , but a correct interpretation of hieroglyphics left, founded evidence that talk of circles drawn on the ground ... more precisely on cereal crops Ra "blessed" that way .

As well, some of the usual circles that adorn sacred objects of Pharaonic Egypt correspond exactly to figures appearing in grain circles today.

Stonehenge, although no longer set in a stone circle, suggests the possibility that they attempt to perpetuate, or make 'eternal' an ephemeral prehistoric crop circle.

However, the medieval stories are the ones we need the circle phenomenon is not new.

One prominent example, by documentary evidence is indisputable that, in the case of medieval book called "Liber Matus which goes as far back as the sixteenth century, which eliminates any possibility that it is a hoax.

One of the prints is amazing in it's clarity: In it we see with precision a crop circle phenomenon as we described, the 'witness' saw, according to the drawing, the lighting effects (which remind us " rays "of Ra Egyptian papyri) that evoke the balloons and brilliant light projections that witnesses speak of today, while on the field is drawn with absolute precision and without any doubt, that they are forming a joint circles.

Mutus Liber (from Latin: Silent Book)


Crop Circles Introduction Page
These and many, many other questions abound when one sees crop circles in the real or in pictures or reads about them. These circles and diagrams appear as if by magic in fields of grain. Some people have attempted to duplicate these circles, formations or patterns but the clue to an imposter is that there is no magnetic or radiation (slight as it is) in those fields, or non-breaking of the stalks, nor can the diagrams be duplicated so quickly! It appears making of crop circles taper off during the latter part of the year, perhaps because of the inclement weather in these places where most are seen and start up again around May of the next year for new crop of circles as the experts are referring to them.

Crop Circles Millions of words have been written about the crop circle phenomenon. Various theories about crop circles exist, attributing them to such causes as extraterrestrials, Earth energies, wind vortices or hoaxers. This confirmed in some researchers’ minds a link between the two phenomena, when in fact there were many conflicting theories about crop circles. The issue of crop circles has been raised in Parliament four times, by means of written Parliamentary Questions.


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    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 5 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      Once: Labyrinthine designs are a worthy topic for a Hub too! Maybe you could tackle it?

    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 5 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      Definitely worth a try! I wonder if it will make a difference in the taste?

    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 5 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      leann: You are welcome. This is a very favourite topic of mine as well and leads to all kinds of speculation and ideas about the world we live in.

    • profile image

      leann2800 5 years ago

      I love stories of unexplained phenomena. This is a very thorough article. I enjoyed it.

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      Grow 6 years ago from British Columbia - The Amsterdam Of North America

      I always grow my crops in squares .. but maybe I should try growing in a circle next time?

    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 7 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      once:me too! No one theory explains all of them which is such a mystery. Like many other things in life.

    • onceuponatime66 profile image

      Jackie Paulson 7 years ago from USA IL

      I am a huge fan of crop circles and it's a shame others are not. I also love lybrmiths, spelling wrong.