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Crystal Ball Scrying for Beginners

Updated on August 22, 2015

For thousands of years crystal balls have been used for scrying. Scrying is the art in which a person or persons will look into a reflective surface such as, water, glass, mirror or crystal to gain mystical insight. Mostly everyone would have seen the typical imagery of a gypsy fortune teller looking in to a crystal ball to tell somebodies fortune.

The imagery seen within the time scrying, however is not a look into the future nor does it hold mystical and magic powers, but rather images of ones subconscious and most deep emotions that are portrayed in to the crystal.

The imagery that is often 'seen' within the crystal isn't on, or within the crystal at all but rather made up in ones minds eye.

How to Use a Crystal Ball

First of all, we need to be prepared for our time of scrying, Most people find crystal ball gazing is easiest to perform and find best results when scrying in a quiet, dimly lit room. People will often have candles burning and incense burning to help relax ones mind and to make the room seem more comfortable.Reflections of the flames from candle light may help to summon images as the lights reflections bounce off of the crystal surface. Not all of this is important to do, but you have to remember that you aught to be in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

The key when scrying and crystal ball gazing is that you must be relaxed to the point as to where your mind and imagination is clear of day to day thoughts and allowed to run and develop freely.

Whilst you are performing any form of scrying or divination you are summoning forth forces from deep inside yourself and to many, the spiritual realm.

To start scrying, get yourself in to a meditative state of mind and relaxed with your crystal ball in front of you on a stand, or cushion. Once you feel that you are ready to start, Pick up the ball and hold it in your hands a while to energize and strengthen the bond between you and the crystal ball. Once you are ready and feel as though you have a strong bond, you can begin to start thinking the questions and topics that you wish to see, visualizing it in your minds eye or speaking it softly aloud.

Once you have asked the question that you want answering an you feel that you have asked enough, place the crystal ball on to it's stand or cushion and now you can begin to gaze in to the crystal ball, relaxing your eyes, closing your mind and going into a trance like state.

After a while you should witness your crystal ball, starting to fill with a light mist or fog with imagery beginning to show as the fog fades away. Keeping your eyes fixated upon the images, don't strain your eyes or mind to try to figure out what they could mean, Instead, put the imagery on hold in the back of your mind whilst you search for other images within your crystal ball appear before your eyes.

Once that you are happy in seeing the images that you have been shown, relax your eyes and close them, bringing your mind set back in to this worlds and thank the ball for what is has shown you.

Storing your Crystal Ball

A crystal ball is very personal and should not be touched by anybody but the user. Touching of the ball by anybody but yourself could lead to contamination of the ball where subconcious thoughts and energies of others could be passed on to your ball and interfere with your thoughts.

When not in use, wrap your ball in dark cloth and keep it in a light-proof box in a place where it will not be touched by others and preferably out of sight.

Energizing your ball

Crystal balls have been known to work best after they have been charged or energized by nature. this can be done by placing the ball in the light of a full moon when the light is at it's strongest for several nights.

Do not try to energize the ball in sunlight as this may render the crystal ball useless as it will remove all of the magnetic energy from the ball and lead it to not being able to produce images.


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