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Crystal Faires speak on Divine Timing

Updated on August 29, 2011

The gifts we receive


Why could I not manifest the good that I tried so hard to visualize? What was stopping me? What was I continuing doing wrong? These were the questions that kept going through my head. Those were all linked to the concept of the law of attraction. The principles were diligently applied by me to create what I wanted. The results were minimal. I felt often that I was chasing my tail, and never could get a break. I did not know what I did wrong, but I felt it had to me. Exhausted from receiving lack constantly, I started to thinking about the Crystal Fairies concept of receiving. Through meditating on the concept of receiving, they gave me another topic to learn-Divine Timing.

My questions to them were; isn’t divine timing saying we have no control? Is everything up to God? If this is true, are you saying it is futile to try to manifest our destiny?

Their replies finally open a window of understanding for me. It was at this point that I began to learn that our thoughts are connected to our ancestors both of blood and society. Manifesting cannot be totally achieved if our subconscious is linked to them. Divine timing becomes a key factor. We receive gifts to help us free ourselves from these links that bind us. Their last explanation was the hardest one for me to understand. We have had a part in Divine timing, prior to this incarnation..

Divine timing is connected to our soul not to our ego. Prior to incarnation, we sat up certain conditions to aid us in carrying forth our agreements. These were set up through our Creator, as well as our soul –group. Divine timing is your contract with other souls. Everyone must be ready. Each lesson in ‘divine timing’ is to teach us to let go of out molded patterns that are karmic link.

Keep working on your goals and dreams, but at the same time do not enter a contest of when this will come along. It comes when it is ready.


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