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Crystals: Who knew they were used in the Bible?

Updated on October 7, 2012

The Breastplate of Aaron

As a young woman I was initiated into the university Greek system. My sorority never fit my conscious personality but on a deeper level it met needs that were quite unknown to anything but my subconscious mind. The initiation ceremony was oddly removed from the modern day Panhellenic issues and activities. It was ritual defined. It was Occult in nature. Nevertheless, it struck a chord in me that I have never forgotten. And then there would be another component of the organization that would take hold of me even more intensely: Jewel Degree. The degree was for Alumni status.

Christian Scripture was revealed by an older alumni during the ceremony. I did not have a book or chapter to refer back to. Rather, my lack of knowledge was quaint enough to create a giant curiosity for me. When I immersed myself in the Charismatic church in my twenties, I did find stones mentioned in the Bible but I could not tie anything to my sorority's Jewel Degree.

Recently, I found a piece in a metaphysical study of the Bible by a man named Robert Krajenke. He spoke of the breastplate of Aaron (Mose's brother) from the Old Testament. The breastplate had 12 stones (crystals) in it that corresponded to each of the 12 tribes of Israel that Aaron was spiritually and physically responsible for.

The Urim and Thummin were carried in the breastplate. They were tools to speak directly to the Divine but not audibly. The pieces were most likely jewels. Aaron would stand in front of the altar with the Urim in one palm and the Thummin in the other palm. They interacted with the candle flame and they produced 24 combinations of flashes of light that reflected onto the breastplate. This could produce strings of letters and they "spoke" to the high priest. Most likely Aaron would experience sensory information.

Aaron was attuned to his people through the unique energies. He was like someone tuning a radio station. Each frequency associated with an individual tribe would give Aaron insights about his people that filtered through the stones on the breastplate directly into Aaron's heart chakra. Aaron was intimately connected to his people.

Crystals have been a fascination for me since my senior year in high school. From 1988-1992, I found crystals and the occult very captivating. Then I experienced an outbreak of Bipolar Disorder and I shifted completely away from the fascination. I met my ex-boyfriend in 2001 and shortly thereafter I began slowly...slowly...slowly getting interested in it again.

Crystals are an organism. They heal, receive information, emit information, calm, protect, etc. Many have Divine frequencies. There is extensive research about stones. All the stones correspond to chakra centers.

God was using crystals in antiquity. People are using crystals today. They are one in the same.


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    • violetheaven profile image

      Jessica Ellen Holbrook 5 years ago from Newark, DE, USA

      very interesting. Definitely cued and interest in researching more on the Jewels in Biblical history.