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Cultish Brainwashing

Updated on February 23, 2013
Joshua J. was imitating the Hasidic Jews. He looked just like the guy in this pic
Joshua J. was imitating the Hasidic Jews. He looked just like the guy in this pic | Source
Amish Woman (The Amish are a Cult). Allyson B. looked no different from the woman in this pic.
Amish Woman (The Amish are a Cult). Allyson B. looked no different from the woman in this pic. | Source
The Torah (in Hebrew)
The Torah (in Hebrew) | Source

Cultish Brainwashing

(This is an extract of a conversation that I had with A. B., and her friends, who seem to be trapped in a Jewish Messianic cult. Any born-again Christian who reads this will know at once the great damage that cults can do to your brain, your heart and your life. Cults are bondage.)

Allyson B. (her opening post): “Yashua is Ha-Mashiach.” =D

Krista WW: And, haTorah!

A.B.: Amen!

(At this point I step in, as Roland N.O., and say…)

R.N.O.: Using Jewish terms doesn’t really bring you closer to God.

Joshua J. (who looks like a Hasidic black-hat bearded Jew, intervenes): And using pagan titles does?

A.B.: It’s Hebrew; not Jewish.

Jessica S. (intervenes): And posting rude comments does??

Jessica S.: Sorry, Allyson, I just had to say that. You are such a wonderful person. I hate that unsupportive people choose to badger you.

A.B. Thank you, sister.

R.N.O.: The truth sounds rude to those who do not understand the Truth.

J.J.: I’ll say this. I don’t believe she uses Hebrew to grow closer to the Creator. I believe she does because it’s true. The Messiah never had a Greek name. His name was Hebrew. You should ask her why she uses Hebrew.

(What about the millions of Christians in the last 20 centuries who used the name of Jesus in their native language? Are they all wrong, because the Messiah’s name was Hebrew, and you have to address Him in Hebrew only?)

A.B.: My God has a name…and I will use it. My Messiah has a Hebrew name that means something; and it isn’t pagan (like the name Jesus?). And I use that instead.

R.N.O.: Being Jewish does not help us one bit! But being truly Christian brings us closer to God! Only Christ brings us close to God!

J.J.: ‘Christian’ was never a title the original disciples ever took.

(So I guess I shouldn’t use the word ‘Christian’?)

R.N.O.: So all those English people who use the words ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christ’ are fools?

A.B.: Seriously? Disobeying His commandments brings you closer?

J.J.: When you know very well that those things are false, using them still is where the fault comes.

R.N.O.: And all those millions who use the name of Jesus in their native language are all wrong?

R.N.O.: Allyson, you have got yourself into a cult, I believe. I told you long ago that you MUST BE BORN AGAIN. It is obvious that you have NOT been reading your Bible and the Bible is still a closed book to you!

J.J.: You, sir, are in the cult. You are making accusatory remarks with no basis.

A.B.: His Hebrew name (Yashua haMaschiach) is not hard to say…and has no negative history.

R.N.O.: Allyson, I feel sorry that you've gotten yourself into such a MESS.

A.B.: Thank you for your concern..However my Messiah did not preach against Torah and if He did then how can John 1 be true? (It’s obvious she doesn’t understand a bit of John 1. John 1:17 goes against her false beliefs.)

J.J. - Sir, why will you not answer any of the claims I have made?

R.N.O. - My concern is for Allyson. She needs to know the TRUTH. Obviously she is being brainwashed by Jewish CULTISTS.

Tonya M (steps in): - I’m in the same cult she’s in and we couldn’t be in a better one! ;)

Krista WW: LOL! Scripture was written by "Jewish" Cultists! HA!!!

A.B. - I have been grafted in! I love this 'cult'. As Tonya says there couldn’t be a better one. All of Scripture is written by Jews.

R.N.O. - It is tragic that people like Allyson are allowing themselves to be led by the nose, as asses are!

A.B. - Be nice...please, brother... We are being nice to you as we ought to be.

R.N.O. - Allyson, it is not a question of being nice. It is a question of being truthful. And the truth hurts. I tell you it is dangerous to play with fire (cultish doctrines).

A.B. - It's going to be one big 'cult' with YHWH over it all! So you can’t do that without name calling?

Erin K. (poor Erin, she is confused. She feels that A.B. and her friends are wrong. But this is what she says): You know no one in a cult will say it's a bad thing because it won't FEEL bad. Whether or not this is a cult, I don't know.

J.J.- Do you not realize that most of us here were formerly Christian? That we STUDIED for OURSELVES? No one seems to remember that.

(That’s how people get themselves into a cult. By ‘studying for themselves’. Using their own defective reasoning and imagination. Not allowing the Spirit of God to work in them, and disregarding the truth as it has prevailed for the last 20 centuries!)

R.N.O. - (replying to E.K.) Well, I know. And seeing the remarks of Allyson's 'friends' I know that they are CULT people. And Allyson has got herself stuck in the mire of dangerous doctrines.

A.B. (to Erin): - Read the Scripture is the truth and not a cult. They are my brothers and sisters, and I’m happy to know them. Study it, Roland...come to the truth.

J.J.- Rowland, the Messiah you follow had a Hebrew name, followed a Hebrew Torah, taught that everyone should keep Torah, and spoke Hebrew. So, are you rejecting him because he was "Hebrew"?

A.B. - You read Acts? (Obviously she doesn't know her Bible!) He kept/followed/observed the Torah. Nowhere did any in Scripture say to give up following the Torah.

Krista (terribly offended): Y'shua haMashiach IS a Torah observant Jewish "cutlist"! HA!!!

A.B. One way only to see the truth…

J.J. (tries to finish the sentence): Original languages, kids. :)

(Which means we don’t need translations. We have to read the Bible only in Hebrew. That means Greek is out! And we must become Hebrew scholars. I don’t think J.J. or Krista or Allyson know any Hebrew for that matter, except for saying ‘Yashua ha Mashiach!’)

R.N.O. - I know one thing: Jesus is the Son of Man. He is for ALL MEN. Don't restrict Him by calling Him a Jew. In the church and in the kingdom of God there are no distinctions like Jew and Greek. Read your BIBLE!

R.N.O. - Erin, there is only one way to the Truth, and that is JESUS CHRIST. John 14.6

A.B. (responding to me): Why not? That is who He is. (i.e. He is a Jew). We are grafted into Israel. (I thought we were grafted into Christ, the True Vine.)

Krista W.W.- ‎"Salvation is OF THE JEWS" -Y'shua haMashiach (Meaning to say that we must become Jews to be saved?)

R.N.O. - And if Salvation is of the Jews, then why was our Lord Jesus Christ crucified by the Jews?

Tonya M. - We love Yashua; we know he is the only way to heaven, we keep the Torah cause we LOVE him and scripture tells us if we truly love him WE WILL KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS (TORAH)

R.N.O.- Absolutely wrong. Jesus transcended all earthly distinctions. He called Himself the SON OF MAN. He is for all men.

A.B. - Paul taught the Torah. He was a 'judaizer' and a 'cultist'.

R.N.O. - It is really stupid and ridiculous to go around spouting Hebrew terms and Jewish phrases, believing you obtain added piety by doing so.

A.B. - It’s better then the pagan names..and we don't use it for piety.

Tonya M: - I called him Jesus until HE brought me to his truth. (What truth? That He should be called by His Hebrew name only?)

R.N.O. - Well, you jokers can stop reading the New Testament because it is written in GREEK. You are so obsessed with JEWISHNESS, that you have never understood the TRUTH about Jesus Christ!

A.B. - There is debate on what language it (the N.T.) was originally written in...(Good heavens! This lady knows nothing!)

A.B. - We are obsessed with the Messiah...but He happens to be Jewish...

R.N.O. - Allsyon, you mean that you don't know that the New Testament was written in GREEK. You think Paul wrote his letters in Hebrew?

A.B. - Why not? (So she believes that Paul wrote in Hebrew?)

Krista (tries to check Allyson): It matters NOT. Do not get sucked into the party line, Allyson!

R.N.O. - Allyson, be happy with your deviant religion. Be sure that it is not the True Faith. Not the faith of the Bible. But a dangerous CULT.

©Pratonix/Roland N Oliver

Note: It is hard to talk to cult people. They are so blinded. I put up this conversation, because it shows how people are so ignorant of the word of God that they easily fall into dangerous doctrines.

Note: The words in italics (in brackets) are my comments on their responses.


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    • profile image

      Rob 6 years ago

      Cult versus cult, very funny.

    • profile image

      Elizabeth N 6 years ago

      hmmm...sounds just like a family I know. He suddenly became 'enlightened' and now reads the Bible but it is specially written to never have the name of Jesus in it. He doesn't allow the 'word' (name) to be spoken in his house. He even didn't go (nor allow his wife to go) to one of his daughter's wedding because the name of Jesus would be spoken!!!