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Curse Of A Black Wolf: A Nightmare For 13 Years

Updated on October 19, 2010

 Ever since I was about six or so, I've had a dream about a large black wolf hunting me. Sometimes the dream would occur night after night, and sometimes it would disappear for a few days or weeks. However, the dream was always about one black wolf searching for me. In these dreams, I either watch it or hide from it or run from it or try to save someone from it, but I know that it is always looking for me and that if it ever finds me, it will kill me.

For example, in one dream of this wolf, I was not where it was, but I saw it on a large, dark castle on a dark, rainy night. It crept up behind an armored man that appeared to be guarding the castle and killed him, then grinned at me.

Another dream, it was leading a large back of black wolves, and they were attacking my school, where I had to try to get my friends away to safety and not get killed myself.

Other times, it would be hiding somewhere, such as in the woods in my back yard, and my sisters would try to go out and I had to convince them to stay with me and not go out or it'd kill them. This didn't always go so well, and I dread these nightmares, as there is nothing worse than knowing the danger someone is in and having them not listen.

In other dreams, it's looking for me, and I am hiding as it gets nearer and nearer, or am running and trying to get away. In some dreams, I get away by hiding in a tree or my home, or in one dream it was in my room where there was large pieces of bulky furniture and I was hiding in them.

I cannot describe how large this animal is, or how frightening it is to me. It's perhaps my greatest fear in dreams and in waking, other than my claustrophobia. I don't have a fear of wolves, I'm actually very fond of them and have wolf blankets and t-shirts. And yet, I have been stalked by this one throughout the course of my life. Sometimes it is very far away, sometimes it's right outside my door.

I wonder if any of you have any thoughts on this? Perhaps an interpretation of what it might mean?


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    • profile image

      Nightheart 13 months ago

      Have you ever considered (depending on religion) that this could be scene from the past life? Again, this meaning only really works for someone if they believe in reincarnation, like me. I've had some recurring dreams, but nor many. It's interesting to me what this dream may mean, as I have always had an interest in the meaning of dreams.

      You may not be having this dream anymore, as it has been seven years, but that doesn't mean the dream doesn't have a purpose still.

      In a shorter answer, you may be having this dream because it was a scene from your past life, or maybe you were this wolf in your past life.

      I hope you find this solution helpful, and take in the thought of it.

    • profile image

      Isaiah 2 years ago

      I have the same dream. Exactly. Every dream the wolf gets closer. It reoccurs every 2-5 weeks. The last dream it found me and was biting my leg. I then temporarily scared it away. But I know next time I have that dream, the wolf will do everything in it's power to end me for good. It is very large 6 feet head to back and 4 feet in it's tail, which is very bushy. I can sense it's a male, and it's trying to find a way to bring me to it's dimension, or to come to mine. The only difference is the settings, which are always other dimensions; most are fantasy but one is like a downtown city but it's deserted and has scrap metal like from fantasy armor and air ships lying around the whole place. But at a certain point in this dimension, there is a river and grass and flowers grow around it and a bit further to it's right. I feel like this is the wolfs home dimension, and it's sad because it's people have left it their after doing something horrible to it. I don't know what they did to the wolf but I know that it wants to kill me and can put up a rivaling fight. I wish to know more about it and it's giving me time to do so until it runs out of patience; then it will finish the job.

    • MiseryHinata profile image

      MiseryHinata 4 years ago

      I wonder what it is about wolves that gets so many people

    • profile image

      trine 4 years ago

      i have this dream were there is a pack of wolf hunting me just before the Black wolf gets me i wake up, tehis dream was gonr but tyhen we move and it came back :(

    • profile image

      Shaquille 5 years ago

      I had a dream where it was a late at night and i was going home, i got to my blocks door and suddenly a black wolf was behind me and it just stared at me, i was scared but i was not fully scared. i tried to open my door as quick as possible,then i woke up. Then like a week later, i was coming home back from my friends house it was really late, as i got to my door i had the same sensation which i had in the dream and a chill just went up my spine i just wanted to open the block doors and get into my flat as soon as possible

    • MiseryHinata profile image

      MiseryHinata 5 years ago

      that's very fortunate for you ^-^ wish this wolf loved me

    • profile image

      victoria 5 years ago

      it werid i have the same dream but the wolf loves me

      and i send it out to keep me safe

    • profile image

      Jack63 6 years ago

      i've had similar dreams, even day dreams. but for me the wolf was more of a gaurdian/ companion, even a mentor in some ways. thank you very much for sharing this dream; i hope you can find some meaning behind it in time.


      p.s.- hunters always get thrown off when the prey hunts them back, its worked for me in the past. maybe it will work for you.

    • MiseryHinata profile image

      MiseryHinata 6 years ago

      Of course :)

    • profile image

      DarkAngel 6 years ago

      Is the picture of the wolf open to the public? 'Cause I want to use it for something.

    • MiseryHinata profile image

      MiseryHinata 7 years ago

      Your thoughts are very true and thank you so much for sharing your dream and giving me some thoughts to ponder on. I had never thought that a dream could represent a person, but I will give that some thought. I hope that your dream has stopped bothering you now that you've figured it out :)

    • profile image

      Ghost32 7 years ago

      A few thoughts:

      1. "Standard" dream interpretation texts usually aren't much help...because what means one thing to you may mean something totally different (even the direct opposite) to me.

      2. However, one thing is nearly always true: Recurring dreams are there for a reason and do need to be understood in order to solve the puzzle they represent.

      3. I can share a "black critter recurring dream" of my own in order to stimulate your pondering:

      Growing up--though it happened only occasionally in later years--I had a dream every so often about a black panther hunting me. It was moving (in most cases) stealthily through thick underbrush or sometimes timber, stalking, stalking....

      Many years after the dream had mostly quit bugging me did I "get it". I'm the eldest of 3 children, having two younger sisters, and I was NOT always the nicest brother to the middle sibling. Consequences? Hah! Not a chance!

      But finally the truth dawned: My sis couldn't really take me on very well in the waking world--but she could and did take her revenge in the dream state.

      Yep. The black panther was her, all right, mocked up as a giant cat, creeping up on me like I was at best a cottontail rabbit slated for serve as a snack, maybe with Ritz crackers on the side.

      Not saying your black wolf persecutor is necessarily a relative, but it might be a place to start thinking....

      Voted up, useful, and awesome.