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D I V A S - Part 1

Updated on December 31, 2012

DIVAS Going To The Next Level In God

The acronym DIVAS was the subject of a message I preached to a group of fiery women. DIVAS, as defined by them was divine, inspirational, virtuous anointed sisters. My topic was, We are DIVAS going to another Level in God. This is the first of a three - part series as presented.

I am honored and delighted to be here as this is a God ordained moment for me to be at this place, in your midst, at this time, to minister this Word to you, my sisters. I realized long time ago that we have choices and on a Saturday morning - well, we could very well have been under the keevers (covers). Now, give yourselves a hand for being here - for pressing your way!

Let's Pray: Heavenly Father, the God of Sarah, Ruth, Rahab, and Mary, we entreat you today to pour out your Holy Spirit afresh on us today. Do a quick work and use me to give forth your word. Thank you for your faithfulness in Jesus name. And the females of the Lord said Amen

The Call

It was several weeks ago on a Friday, I received a call from your Pastor, one of my former Seminary Professors. He called and said I have emailed you and wanted to know if I had the same address. I said it is the same. He did not identify himself, but just kept talking. I however, recognized his voice as I have taken several courses from him. I then said how do you know, that I know who you are? He said now who else from Northern was going to be calling you. Anyway, he had talked to me about ministering 2 or 3 years ago. He requested that I email him as a reminder and I did. So a few years later I received a response - This is a God ordained moment! And, here I am for such a time as this!

Now, that was a word for somebody right there! I don't know what you have been waiting on God to do, but this I know; that the Bible states in Gal. 6: 9 to not get weary in well doing, for in due season, you shall reap a blessing if you faint not. . . .Don't get fainthearted.

I have come to give a Word to the marrieds and the unmarried, not to tear down, but to build up; not to discourage, but to encourage. I realize thru prayer, about today, that there are those who just need to hear something, anything, from the Lord about any and everything. Well, he sent me and told me if I would open my mouth, that he would fill it. So it is open, and he is filling even now! Amen!

I want you to know sis - that today is your day. We are DIVAS.

This has been declared "DIVAs For a Day" in the heavenlies. Because you are here, the Holy Spirit has downloaded an extra level of favor. Just open yourself to receive it, by Faith! He has given us Special Diva Favor, that far, and beyond Favor - Divine Diva Favor. The psalmist states that Favor surrounds us like a shield. When we think of a shield we visualize a type of covering, and that what our God has done for us today . . . .

I have several points to make, therefore, let's get out pen or pencil and paper, and takes some notes.

I will address:

  • What is a diva?
  • What does she look like?
  • What is her purpose?
  • Who are DIVAS?



Diva is a word that originated in Italy. It makes reference to a female who had attained great fame in the performing arts in the opera. It also means a prima Donna, a temperamental, conceited person. Over the years, the word has evolved to include all female performers with great fame as well as in other categories of life. The word is probably overused in the media today. Sisters in the Spirit were lead by the Spirit of God to "reinvent" the word, that is, to redefine it to mean Divine, Inspirational, Virtuous, Anointed Sisters.

Wow! We are Divas going to the next level in God - that's you!

Let's look at each attribute.

I know many of you have been waiting on a text, so here it is. The Proverbs 31 text is the scripture basis for the Word today. The entire text is probably a very familiar one to many of us. Some are intimidated with her, jealous of her, and some may even get very depressed with trying to be her. Well, I am here today to let you know that you are that woman and more. We are DIVAS with many of the same attributes of this woman whether you are married or unmarried.

The Bible states in John 10:10 that Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. We are Divas', and God is taking us, to the next level of blessings, in Him! Let's give Him the Praise!


When we examine the Proverb 31 woman, we see some one who has the DIVINE nature or Character of God. The text describes her in verse 30 as having a reverence for God. That word divine means having a godly nature or being god like. The bible states that we are wonderful and fearfully made in the image of God . We are a "reflection of his Godliness". We look like Him.. some have said that the Proverb 31 woman was a superwoman. Well, the God that we serve can take natural and change into a supernatural being for him.. Is there anything too hard for God? He is a supernatural God. He is a great big God. He is the God of the universe. He is the God of me and the God of you. He is eternal, He is everlasting.

  • That mountain before you is nothing to Him. That impossibility is nothing to Him,
  • That Red Sea is nothing to Him. That Pharaoh army is nothing to Him.
  • That drug addicted son or daughter is nothing to Him.
  • That marriage that is on the rocks is nothing to him,
  • That cancer is nothing to him, that Aids is nothing to Him.

God says is there anything to difficulty for Him? We have his divine nature with a divine connection!


The word inspirational means a supposed creative force or influence. We find the Proverbs 31 woman having that attribute, as she interacted at home, and in the market place. She was very industrious as described in verses 18,19,21,22 & 27. This woman had her own home based business. Something anyone can have if we chose so today - I can hook a sister up if you are interested.

She was trustworthy, diligent, independent, and generous. She owned property. She was a worshiper. She worshipped God by giving her tithes, offering, and alms.

We are DIVAS, that are women of influence; whether you know it or not, and whether you like it or not. God has created us that way! We are world changers and a history makers. All of the adversity we went thru, is an indication that God has raised us up, for this season in our lives! So, stop asking why it happened to you. Why not you?!

We find many women, in the Bible, who were women of influence. There is Abigail in 1 Samuel 25. She exerted great influence over David when she persuaded him not to kill her husband, Nabal. David later recognized that Abigail changed the direction of his life.

Then there is Deborah in Judges 17 and 21. She was considered a counselor, a judge and a prophet. She advised her people, planned a military strategy against the Canaanites, appointed a general, and then led the victorious battle. She inspired others within her sphere of influence.

We had Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks who influenced a nation. And the women with high visibility and influence, are people like Oprah Winfrey, Condeslesa Wright, and Barbara Walters to name a few.

There are many women who have made their mark, or they are making their mark! Like Esther, the enemy could not destroy us. He could not destroy our destiny. He could not destroy our voices. The enemy tried to destroy my voice about 2 weeks, when the General Manager of a fast food chain, dipped my beef sandwich in the juice of hot peppers. I took one bite and my throat was on FIRE! I ended up at the Emergency Room. What God, has for us is for us. What God has for you is for you!



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