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DC Dream Center to be opened by Pastor Mark Batterson

Updated on December 7, 2012

Plans for the new DC Dream Center were recently announced in November of 2012 by Pastor Mark Betterson. He is is the original leader of National Community Church located in Washington DC. This is the only church to own a theater location, and a coffe house near Capital Hill. A total of 7 theater locations in the city broadcast weekly services along with a praise and worship team led by pastors to attending church goers. The new center will offer help to house and assist those who are in need.

While I have been attending NCC for the last 8 months with my son, I have learned about Pastor Mark's contributions to an intrnational society. I was baptized by him and another associate pastor of the church this summer at the " Baptism at the Bay". I was interviewed individually jus as the other 46 people who were baptisted that day. The videos are avaiable on their website. Every week new news about world missions, and charitable acts to help those in need are introduced into Pastor Mark's sermons. The church has many planned volunteer obligations available for the church body to be involved with. The faith of giving is being shared every day inside of the community.

My first time at the Barrack Row theater location I was given a copy of Mark Batterson's book "The Cirlce Maker". It was the first book that guided to me learning about how the coffe house, Ebenezer's was bought and founded in DC along with his theater church. I would research online to learn that this was only 1 book of 37 that Mark had written. After reading his book I deceided to get baptized and continue to attend the church. My seeking to renew my Christain faith happened to led me to finding a new fellowship with goals that continue to keep growing.

In "The Circle Maker", Pastor Mark describes the type of miracles that bought the properties of the coffe house and the theate church. He explains how his following started from 25 people and grew into a body of thousands. Without using the practice of asking God in his prayers to help him start a charity to help world missions, he claims it would not have happened. It wasn't just God and Mark Batterson either. It was the body of his church and a benevolence of tithing from an open community that shaped the investment founding of his organization. The DC Dream Center is being founding on the same principles of prayers, public donations, and more prayers.

Weeks ago Mathew Barnett, the original Dream Center pastor in Los Angelos, California spoke in front of the NCC crowd. He told the story of how he got involved with the center. His story starts back over a decade ago. Today the efforts of the LA Dream Center help the homeless and those who are in impoverished financial needs. Reforming ex-felons and offering juveniles a place to go outside of foster care to face convictions is another focus. The resouce to help women find a way out of the sex industry from street prostitution, has made a large impact on may lives. The joking manners of Pastor Barnett discussed how he has seen people in trouble transform and become faithful Christains.

Now that the plans to build the new DC Dream Center have been made for southeast District of Columbia, donations are being sought. The property has been bought and the develpoments are under way. The building plans are not publicly announced yet on when the ground will be broken. This new function of National Community Church will have some of the same focus of the original Dream Center in LA. The congregation is excited about supporting Pastor Mark's decesion to help the community in greater ways. Weekly sermons of NCC and the full details of the DC Dream Center can be found at

Plans for DC Dream Center

This is the image of the completed DC Dream Center, created by Pastor MArk Batterson, it is available on his website.
This is the image of the completed DC Dream Center, created by Pastor MArk Batterson, it is available on his website. | Source


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