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D.I.A.L - Devil Is A Liar

Updated on August 7, 2016
The Devil Is A Liar
The Devil Is A Liar

Blessings to all the spiritual people who believe in righteousness over religion. For righteousness feeds positive energy to our soul while religion creates boundaries, barriers and confusion in our hearts. One thing many people of faith can agree on is that we are living in times of desperation, failure, lies and deceit. We are living in a time where the thoughts of the devil are spread far and wide. A time when the existence of humanity is at threat because of societies and special groups. What could the devil be telling these loss souls which makes them believe that the way they live will lead to something fruitful and prosperous? My friends, the Devil speaks to many in many different ways, his lips are honey sweet with magically coated bitter sweet lies. But if the devil speaks to us,what does he say and what are the mediums which he uses to pass on his wicked lies. Lets look at these mediums below.

1. Gossip And Rumors

Let me tell you brothers and sisters, gossip and rumors are part of the devil's comedic entertainment. He takes pride and pleasure to make sure that untruthful things are spread fast and furious across the planet. A simple rumor is enough to destroy anyone if you are not strong and do not posses a willful soul to overpower the negative effects of bad rumors. Let me enlighten you on what a rumor is; A rumor is always something false, while fact speaks the truth. So if we were to say the devil spreads rumors, we could then say the devil spread false information. When we talk about the devil spreading rumors and gossip, please do not think it is that deceptive picture one always paints of the devil dressed in full red with a blazing pitchfork, long pointy tail and goat horns. The rumors whispered in your ear may come from the sweetest person you know. Remember, the devil is also the biggest user, and uses simple people to do many of his bidding, some willing and some unwilling, some knowing while others unknowing. People who are intrigued by Gossip and rumors are employed by the Devil to lie, and finds great pleasure in globalizing lies.

2. Religion

If you actually believe that God or The Christ State for that matter is religious you have just been mislead. God nor the Christ state has nothing to do with any form of religion. Religion is man made and the reason why religion fails is because it is been used by the devil to spread his propaganda, lies and to help boost his ruthless agenda of murder and segregation. If you should follow any form of Religion, it would lead you into a cult like confused state that speaks segregation. This segregation comes in the form of "My religion is the right one and yours isn't." Or, "I worship the right God and you don't." The beliefs is what makes the religion what it is. Different religion believes in different things, so there and then we now have created segregation. The devil uses this to divide and rule. Spitting lies to religious people daily, giving them false hope and then eating away at their very spiritual essence. Remember my brothers, anything created by man will never be perfect, Satan knows this and uses our imperfection for his own advantage. Do you honestly believe that the one who we say is God, a kind, forgiving, loving, merciful and peaceful Lord would have told anyone to go kill another human? Do you believe that this same God who marched angrily in the city and kicked over gambling tables, freed the birds, would ordain slavery? These are acts of the Devil.

3. Television

What is it about television that makes people believe anything they see on it? Well, the devil is a master of science and knows that people learn and retain things better and longer when it is visual. So he uses the television as a medium to also spread his lies and deceit. Look at all the abomination that broadcast on the TV. Homosexuality is at its best on television. And those who are not for homosexuality seems to get black balled or black listed by the powers that be. That same power is the power of those controlled by the devil to allow his agenda to go through. What i know is that not because i am in disagreement with your lifestyle means i hate you. We are still all humans and all humans deserves to be loved. But my first priority in life is to ensure that the human race has a good chance of survival. The devil is smart, he knows that a world filled with non heterosexual people will eventually dwindle the population of the human race. He would then begin his mass cloning agenda to make humans without souls so his angels of hell can manifest through them. Television spits deception everyday when it is turned on. From fake news to misinformation in the world of science and propaganda made up wars and terrorist attacks. The devil is a liar my friends, and he uses the television to mass his lies.

Devil Uses Fear
Devil Uses Fear

4. Music

Music today is like dieing and going to hell and making love to the devil over and over. The strong sexual content in the music industry which targets our youth is unquestionable the work of Lucifer. Famous singers who have alter egos and give them names (demons) to hip hop and rap artist constantly singing about jewelry, money, shoes, and busting a cap in someone's flesh. Entertainers make music videos filled with demonic symbols and blatantly worship the devil in many of the songs they sing. They do this because they know people do not care what people like me have to say, People who try to wake up the sheep to let them know that the shepherd they follow is leading them to the slaughter house. The music is filthy and evil. No one sings spiritual music any more. I am not talking about gospel music, i mean Spiritual music. Music of reality, music that enlightens and brings sparks to sleeping souls. Music that wakes up nature, open our eyes and to learn from. Instead, the devil seeps his filth in the industry, uses it to brainwash the youth, bringing them to a world of glass, where their reflection is not recognized.

5. Fear

The human race is a fearful race. We fear everything that we do not know or understand. If we had the bravery and faith of an ant, we would be a million times stronger than who we are today. The system was created under the Lucifer model to keep us humans docile and living in fear. Everything we do as humans have some fearful effects:

  • We fear death
  • We fear Love
  • We fear sickness
  • We Fear Other Races
  • We Fear The Unknown
  • We Fear Disaster
  • We Fear Living
  • We Fear Loosing

There are so many things the general human fears, The Devil knows our fears and designs a system to keep us in control by exploiting our fears. He lets us see and feel the pain of those fears. When we see and feel the pain of those fears, we do everything possible to hold on to the system so as to not go through the experience of these painful fears, But as usual, the devil is a liar and all that exist around us is an illusion. Once one begins to accept the fact that we are living in a Lucifer model and an illusion and finally wakes up, then i can tell you that there will be nothing left to fear and the devil will loose grip on power over you.

Lucifer Deception

Do You Believe The Devil Is A Liar?

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The Devils Real Power Is Deception

Don't you know that the devil has no real power over you? And can only act when you allow him too? His real power is deception and he has been using that power for ages. He used deception in the garden of Eden and he uses the power of deception today. Fearful humans, grabbing hold on to the thin string of what we perceive as reality. My brothers, cut that string today and let the devil fall. He is a liar, a cheat and an abomination to righteousness, which is a characteristic of the God state. Don't be fooled by his lying gossiping tongue. Break free.


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    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      23 months ago from Jamaica

      Yes my friend, alwaysexploring, the devil is a liar and the trith is his demolition.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      23 months ago from Southern Illinois

      There's so much to think about in this hub. I believe if we follow our heart's and ask God's guidance we will be ok. I hate gossip. We are to love all people and let God be the judge. That's the way I try to live each day. This is thought provoking and reminds us that Satan is alive and well....

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      23 months ago from Jamaica

      hey franko....long time

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      23 months ago from Shelton

      Jive Clive another good entry my friend..Lier is rare—it in fact appears more commonly as a surname and as a misspelling of liar

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      24 months ago from Jamaica

      Hello Venkatachari M, yes, the devil is a lier and uses these mediums all the time

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 

      24 months ago from Hyderabad, India

      Very interesting hub. It is true that most of all these mediums are used by Devil (or perverted people in the hands of the devil) to spread filthy things and encash on them.


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