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Daily Playing Card 10th May 2012

Updated on May 9, 2012

Today's Card is the Ace of Hearts ♥

The Ace of Hearts is indeed one of my preferred cards. It is a card filled with a lot of expectation and opportunity. It will sympathize with either your present state of affairs of forewarns of a new standpoint transpiring in the region of love and relationships.

I see great fulfilment born out of a brand-new or ongoing intimate relationship. This could be an extremely new intimacy or it could indicate the reunion of a previous companion, forfeited passion or a good friend arriving back but in a different scenario.

No matter what the communication; there is indeed awesome sexual and physical chemistry present in this partnership. The feel of a delightful accumulation of unresolved sensual tension will be an indication of who this concerns. I furthermore, can envision great intellectual affinity between both people. These two will most likely undoubtedly burn the night oil conversing and communicating till the darkest hours of night.

This can develop into everything their hearts wants. It is truly the card of karma and serendipity. Certainly there can be no sidestepping; these two are fated to join. They are intended to become one. I see much feasting, drinking, celebration and emotional pleasure. This is the card of Romeo and Juliet, it is the card of romance and lovers. It is filled with a lot of sentiment, sex and euphoria.

The merging is so remarkably intoxicating. It will be a total requirement for these two to delight in intense embraces, sweet kisses, the most exhaustive of love making. They are to taste delirium at the most active level. Some have even suggested it can possibly be similar to out of body encounters. They become spiritually in tune and well balanced. Each provides what the other frantically needs. Each obtains something so strong and powerful it knows no restrain. Physically and emotionally they join up into one fusion and one body.

They can and will certainly summon such degree of inner peace and tranquillity. Life undoubtedly will not ever be the same again.

Possibly you have already come across this unison, in which this card prompts you to look again at your circumstances and cherish the gift bestowed upon you. Or if you have not yet come across this level of communion, be readied; open up and ask the Divine to reveal and bestow to you this gift so personal and priceless. Blessed Be.


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