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Daily Playing Card 14th April 2012

Updated on April 17, 2012

9 Diamonds


9 Diamonds - 14th April 2012

The card that I have drawn for today is the 9 of Diamonds. From this I can easily see that you are absolutely going to be taking the part as a pioneer in some aspect of your life. You may certainly must be more brave and even more courageous. Please attempt to remember to approve this role by having an amount of humility. Do not let it go to your head, bear in mind the greater you rise the further you have to slip back down.

You are revisiting and finding yourself interested in both old and brand-new pastimes. You will certainly identify a lot of more new possibilities introduced to you; this might be in work as well as in our confidential private life and also entail some of your pastimes. A quest will be organized and planned - this will definitely be most advantageous to you.

Please prepare yourself today and get ready to take all opportunities. You are going to feel an enhanced level of energy around you. You will certainly think of brand-new and intriguing new concepts; several of which are going to emerge as truth. Be sincere in all your dealings for the best outcome. I do anticipate some great surprises relating to money matters.


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