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Daily Playing Card 16th April 2012

Updated on April 16, 2012

3 Diamonds

3 Diamonds
3 Diamonds | Source

3 Diamonds - 16th April 2012

Today's card is the 3 of Diamonds
This reveals the fact to me that you might be presented with all or nothing at all situations. This is concerning home, work and in fact all partnerships. In respect to just about any partnership that this card refers regarding your life.

I recommend and genuinely prescribe that both parties now or in the very near-at-hand future give each other a clear idea of their aspirations. They should certainly both feel free to vocalize with straightforward and truthful heart.

This card also signals that a secret will in the near future be made public. This will be most unexpected for all in question.

You are going to also learn reports of an illicit love, two people falling in love. They will most likely encounter or have met with an amount opposition.


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    • randasrendition profile image

      randasrendition 6 years ago from Southeastern Minnesota

      very interesting.