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Daily Playing Card 23rd April 2012

Updated on April 23, 2012

10 Diamonds

10 Diamonds
10 Diamonds | Source

23rd April 2012 - 10 Diamonds

Today's Card is the 10 of Diamonds ♦

As a Master of Cartomancy I really enjoy doing playing card readings, they are indeed so much more powerful in my opinion than the readings of the Tarot Playing Cards or other cards of fortune. Many people offer fortune telling online, including myself; however I think people are now starting to really enjoy the Daily Playing Card readings that I am publishing.

During this day and throughout this week you will discover that this time will prevail as a milestone in profession, employment and business interests. Anticipate and prepare to encounter travel involving work and career matters. No matter what you do in business and career you will at this time find that you very much enjoy just what you are doing. You will most likely experience more pleasure than you have possibly done in a very long time.

At this time you will need to prepare and be ready. You have to take action on vital plans. You will be receiving very important communications that will need your immediate attention. These communications will come to you via correspondence, email and phone. Be ready and above all be prepared. This is the start of a time when you will be very busy and there will be lots of movement and activity in your life. There is now to be great movement within your life. It is positively a time to proceed forward.

In the following seven days perhaps you or somebody around you will declare or commence planning to go forward with regards to a change of residence. This will be remarkably favorable for all concerned.

Do not be surprised if you learn that someone is concerned or tackling a legacy in some shape or form.


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