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Daily Playing Card 4th May 2012

Updated on May 3, 2012

5th May 2012 - 5 of Clubs ♣

I am sorrowful for the absence of daily playing card interpretings - This has been due the truth that I had to fly at short notice to an extremely far-off area of the globe to offer help and support to an old family friend. I came home yesterday so am right now going to continue my very best to give you your day to day feed of Daily Playing Card readings.

5 Clubs

5 Clubs
5 Clubs | Source

So today's Card I find is a most fascinating position as today's card is the duplicate as the card I drew previously the 25th April 2012.

So to begin with Spirit guides me to tell you truth be told there is a message here. Quite possibly when I initially shared that card, it did not resonate with you and Spirit wishes for you to consider once more. Or if it did resonate with you then it wants you to search even deeper amongst the significance of it.

So I shall now give even more information on its significance.

The card initially associates with concerns of money and working to a much more appropriate possible future. You are in reality going towards a much brighter future in relations to finance. So you need to look into more possibilities that are already open to you, or look out and identify them when they are volunteered to you. Really try to think outside the box on this matter. Is there some plan in your mind's eye of a different way to bring cash in?

Is there a new vocation or business prospect that you keep denying yourself. Do you have a skill that really could be made use of to bring in more cash? Relax and reflect on this. Ask the Divine to show you exactly what you need to identify to be capable to take the required action and enhance your circumstances in terms of economic stability. If any of this speaks out loud with you then this card has been drawn with you in mind. On the grounds that its the second occasion its been extracted in the week, Spirit genuinely is screaming to obtain your attention, so please sit up, pay attention and most of all commence reacting today!

The 2nd message in this card is one regarding planning and organization. With superb preparation you can achieve near flawless results. You will need to concentrate on how organised you already are. Could possibly your be plans be stronger and more straightforward. Are you as organised as you would certainly like to be? Which area's in your way of life show the greatest amount of turmoil? Just what can you do to alter this? You might need to sit down with a big pot of coffee and a put down everything you wish to achieve in the following months and the thing that you have to do to accomplish success. Its an occasion for reflecting upon, planning and the administration of plans.


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 5 years ago from trailer in the country

      Very interesting...and it is good advice. This card really speaks to me today...thanks.