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Dance with Me

Updated on August 20, 2010

WIll You Dance with Me?

Dance with Me
By Linda Cross

Inspired by the Lord from a dream I had
as I awoke I remember seeing a man in a wheelchair
and a young girl wanting him to dance with her. February 21, 2009

It was December and under the Christmas tree,
was my daughter's present (an Ipod), she was waiting to see.

After a day of waiting for what seemed like a long while,
I said to my daughter, "OPEN IT" with a smile.

Excitedly, she screams "Thank You Daddy" with a glee,
After importing her music, she said, "Daddy, dance with me."

In a wheel chair I sat, and I started to say,
"I can't dance, you know, I'm this way."

She lifted my legs to dance with a glee,
she said "Daddy, dance with me."

"I'm just a cripple, can't you see."
She persisted, "Oh, Daddy, please,
won't you dance with me?"

"Molly, I can't walk or dance, as you do.
Can't you find someone else to dance with you?"

"NO, Daddy, I want to dance with YOU!
You're my Daddy, and I love YOU!"

So, she persisted with her sweet smile,
to make my legs and arms dance a while.

Then, she said to me that day,
"Daddy, I know Jesus loves you and with heal you if I pray".

"Jesus, touch and heal my daddy, cuz I love him very much.
Jesus, heal my daddy with Your loving touch."

She reached down with her hands and started saying,
"Legs be healed in Jesus name"
I know you hear me praying!"

Suddenly, she reached under my arm and said "ARISE"!
And the next thing I knew I was standing to my surprise.

"Daddy, dance with me. I want to dance with you: Dance
with me daddy, cuz I love you!"

Her pleading didn't stop as she held me tight.
With love, I pressed forward with all my might.

When with more effort my leg began to bend.
I felt strength, as if they were beginning to mend.

"Dance with me daddy", she continued to repeat,
I could tell in her voice there was no accepting defeat!

"Dance with me daddy, I love you very much.
Dance with me daddy, " Her will was very tough!

When suddenly, the room began to shine.
The heat in my legs was felt for the first time.

Molly persisted and with shoulder in mine,
She pushed me forward and said, "Now's the time!"

So, I stepped forward with a small step.
To my surprise, with hands raised, I lept!

"Dance with me daughter", I said with love.
"I've been healed by my Father above!"

In tears we began dancing to the music with joy.
I suddenly lost all inhibitions and danced like a little boy!

"Oh, daddy, Oh daddy", Molly shouted with glee,
"You're dancing, You're dancing, You're dancing with me!"

The Lord says, "There's no greater joy to see
than the faith of a child and belief in Me!

And now, my precious daughter, will you dance with Me?
Dance with Me daughter, for I love you, you see.

Dance with Me daughter, will you?
You, see I've been waiting too.

Dance with Me daughter let's have some fun.
Dance with Me daughter, for I'm the One.

I created you in beauty and with grace.
And placed the smile upon your face.

Dance with Me daughter, I'm waiting for you.
Dance with Me daughter, for I love you too!"

From your Father God with Love,

To his Sons and Daughters around the world.

Will you dance with Him?

2 Samuel 6:14
And David danced before the LORD with all his might. And David was
wearing a linen ephod.

With love,

Until next time,


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