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Dare to be Christlike

Updated on May 21, 2012

Short and simple

Often times the best way to explain something is by being brief and to the point. Keeping this in mind I offer the following...Truth Is...

We "Christians" are well known for talking about Love; "Jesus loves you and I do too", etc. But do you? We expound all these wonderful things and then when faced with opportunities to actually DO some of the things we say, we balk, we draw back and look for the easiest way out.

Recently I began posting hubs on Facebook and a couple other social networks where there is no shortage of people claiming christian values and whatnot. They post all the catchy sayings and of course make up quite a few of their own, all seem to sound good and do express the noblest of ideals. But Then there comes a time when if you commit yourself in words to do something supposedly in the name of the Lord, HE WILL present you with an opportunity to as they say:"Put your money where your mouth is"; Truth Is...

Sadly I have found that to be a place where we as christian are really weak and lacking. We "talk" a good game, but placed center stage we get stage fright, we freeze. We start suggesting every e=avenue and excuse we can conjure up and seek someone else to take on the burden of being our brother's keeper except us.

"Oh Lord help me to be more compassionate to those in need and dedicate my blessings from you so that I can direct them to others" and so on. But when someone in need steps up we 1) ignore them, 2) suggest every OTHER place they should turn to except us, or 3) give them the third degree as to why they are in their situation.

I read my bible daily and have for nigh on 50 years now and I just can't seem to find the portion of the bible where Jesus did any of that. I recall him given mandates and saying "do", but none of the things above even came out of his mouth except the time he said if a man says to you he is hungry, do not tell him to go away and return another day.

Then there's the ones who post things showing embarassing moments of celebrities and others, or the terrible acts of people as a means of basically gossipping and ridiculing. But as the bible says: "You did not know us to be that way..."

We are living in the time of Christ's return, believe that. Take off the blinders and look around you and actually listen to something else besides yourself and those in your inner circle. This is NOT a time to espouse prosperity and sweet and wonderful things; it is a time of preparation for our Lord's return and you better be on your toes about your heart and your ways. God is giving you his chance now as He continues to develop you.

I also notice that on these social networks when someone posts one of those so-called catchy sayings they get all the "amens' and accolades; but when someone posts something that actually means DOING something Christlike or involves real self examination, no one responds. I immediately hear the words at 2 Timothy 4:3,4...

We are in terrible times and it is time for those who have not truly felt the impact to open their eyes and see that it is not long before they do and they must LEARN to love more freely and genuinely. That is something you can actually ASK God to give you instead of the car, house, job, or mate. Ask him to actually be more like Jesus! I'm just saying...Truth Is...

If you recall the Word says that the times will get so bad that because of the elect God will have to stop the progression of mankind's downfall.

Often I feel like Jeremiah, delivering God's message of impeding catastrophe while everyone else is "prophe-lying" about abundance, blessings and peace God is about to pour out his wrath, Jesus is coming with judgement, why are we lost in fantasy of pleasant times and abundance?

Jesus felt compassion, even and more so for the very worst of that society. They were in the worst shape and needed him most. The self righteous ones disgusted him. So why do so many of us today repeat their actions.Their behaviors and worse, their attitudes?

I suggest and encourage one and all to do some serious...SERIOUS prayer and ask GOD where you are in the scheme of things and does He have something for you to do to both develop yourself and also to help some of his sheep. What I am saying is GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Reach out to anyone that is NOT in your inner circle and display real Love, the type propelled by true compassion felt at heart. If you don;t have it you actually can ask God for it and this He will freely give and most immediate.




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    • daledad8 profile image

      daledad8 7 years ago from pittsburgh

      Our generatioon doesnt like to DO!

    • Segun Tewogbola profile image

      Segun Tewogbola 7 years ago

      Good hub. The bible talks about all that Jesus began to DO and to Teach. Unlike Jesus, our generation loves to teach before doing.

    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 7 years ago from Tennessee

      voted up & beautiful! Amen and Amen. If you can't live it then don't talk it, I like that...