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The Darkness of Mercury

Updated on July 15, 2017

Mercury rules communication, writing and our day-to-day interactions with members of our society. In other words, it rules the mind. It has been noticed that those with Mercury dominant in their chart make excellent writers, publishing agents, and anything to do with communication. Since ancient times, mankind has felt the need to communicate, to leave a mark, perhaps a legacy even. You could call it leaving memoirs of times long gone by. In astrology too, Mercury rules the head, how we think and communicate with others. Mercury, being the Latin name of the Greek 'Messenger' God- Hermes. Therefore, it is fitting that Mercury is considered to be the messenger in astrology. Which ever house Mercury is placed in one's chart represents the role of the mind in that house. Along with Venus, Mercury is the other planet that acts as a ruler of two astrological signs. While Venus rules Taurus and Libra, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. Interesting how these signs are Earth and Air signs. In Gemini, Mercury is cerebral, airy and concerned with abstract ideas- taking the shape of the air mode. The term 'mercurial' hence. In Virgo, however, Mercury is the practical analyst and realism. In this sign, Mercury is concerned with meticulousness and perfection- again Virgoan qualities. Both are logical signs though.

Yes, it is lovely indeed to think of Mercury as an efficient manager. But there is also a dark side to Mercury. Hermes, in Greek mythology, travelled in both worlds- the light and the dark or the mortal world and the divine world. Being perfectly capable of adapting, Mercury rules the light and the dark parts of our mind. Our mind is incredibly complex. Just as there is a light within us, there is also dark within us. Hermes or Mercury was known to be cunning and versatile. The darkness within us is both cunning and versatile. When not particularly good, Mercury is capable of creating havoc inside our minds and that expresses itself in life. Mercury is in many ways, like Pluto or Hades, the Greek God of Underworld. Unlike Mercury though, Pluto has no qualms hiding it and accepts the Plutonic darkness. Mercury can get creative with its darkness.

A lot of famous criminals have Mercury in the mix. Charles Manson has Neptune semi-square Mercury; Lionel Cardon has Pluto trine Mercury; Pedro Lopez has Mercury conjunct South Node; Richard Allen Davis has Pallas sextile Mercury, and Aileen Wuornos had Jupiter opposite Mercury. They were notorious, and poster-children of Mercury gone dark. And yes, Mercury when dark can be chilling to the core. Charles Manson as we know created a cult around him, and eventually unravelled. Lionel Cardon, a French murderer, killed doctors and his own wife. Pedro Lopez is a Colombian serial killer and rapist, suspected of raping around 300 girls. Richard Allen Davis is known for burglary, theft and forgery. Aileen Wuornos was an American serial killer who was accused and subsequently executed for killing seven men. A common theme of all these criminals was a hard childhood that involved alcoholism, abuse and desertion. Mercury, in all his darkness, can be unstable.

Mercury in Gemini, on good days, can be artistic, cerebral with an absent-minded Professor aura. The same Mercury, on bad days, can be prone to gossip, deviant and a con artist. Likewise, Mercury in Virgo, on good days, can be punctual, hardworking and practical and vindictive, slacker and critical on bad days. Mercury also rules mood. Yes, it is true that the moon is the marker of how our moods fluctuate, but Mercury can be particularly brooding.

We are left to wonder if the ability to travel in the light and the dark gives Mercury, a dark side. Mercury rules both brilliance and madness. The mind can be both the source of great beauty and utter destruction.


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