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A Darkened World: Prelude to Utter Desolation

Updated on February 28, 2020
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

The Never-ending Darkness
The Never-ending Darkness | Source

Their Just Reward

Romans 1:21-22 "Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful, but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was DARKENED. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."

Destruction of  the Unbelievers
Destruction of the Unbelievers | Source
Zombies and Darkness - Hmmm
Zombies and Darkness - Hmmm | Source

Ashes, Ashes, They Will All Fall Down!

One simple verse, Revelation 8:12, with so many implications that it staggers the mind. On one hand we know that a merciful God is still calling millions to Himself while billions refuse to submit to the facts openly displayed before them. A long time ago, a friend, after watching the movie The Ten Commandments, stated that if he saw the water in his apartment complex's pool split in two, he would believe. I told him that he would be just like Pharaoh and his army; they watched the sea part, yet they continued on in unbelief to their death. Without Christ, we are such mulish creatures with hearts of stone and eyes that are blind to the Truth; seeking answers from any source other than from God. It is obvious that it takes more than sight, sound, pain, hunger or fear to make one believe in the God of Creation.

Just a note about where I am "Time-Wise": darkness is the judgment of the angel with the 4th trumpet which I believe is sometime in the first 3 1/2 years of the 70th week. I also hold that the 5th trumpet (the 1st woe) shall sound and it's 5 months of hell-on-earth will be complete within the same time frame. Whether the first 4 trumpets occur within the first year or with some respite in between, no one knows but I am very convinced that the 6th trumpet (the 2nd woe) sounds at the very beginning of the second half of the 70th week.

What are some of the implications of an increasing darkness within creation?

  • This is the first judgment that will require a great deal more thought to explain away in order to give the masses hope that this isn't the hand of God. The first three were supernatural themselves but not totally "unexpected" by the world.

Have you noticed how many science shows and documentaries are addressing doomsday events? Satan knows this is coming and a great many people are being "preconditioned" that these are scientific possibilities. Though I don't recall seeing one concerning a coming darkness but I am sure one or more will come.

  • Famine will have a new ally. The recovery for the trees is out of the question, for seven years is not enough time but the grasses may begin a comeback after a season or two. Lessen the rains and make fresh water more scarce what more could go wrong?... less sunlight. My home is in the middle of timber and during the summer we only get a couple of hours or so of sunshine on our gardens which severely limits what we can grow. I love tomatoes but they will not grow with the amount of sun we receive.
  • Pestilence and insanity will also welcome the lack of the sun's light. Just scan the Internet and you will find a multitude of articles describing what sunlight does for the human body and soul.
  1. Sunlight and whole foods send breast cancer into remission.
  2. The sun's light kills bad bacteria.
  3. Sunlight has a beneficial effect on skin disorders.
  4. Sunlight lowers cholesterol.
  5. The sun's rays lower blood pressure.
  6. Sunlight penetrates deep into the skin to cleanse blood and blood vessels.
  7. Sunlight increases oxygen content in human blood.
  8. Sunlight builds the immune system.
  9. Regular sunlight exposure increases the growth of children, especially babies.
  10. Sunlight can cure DEPRESSION!!!!!!
  • What is going to happen to people's complexions, general physical and mental health without some natural vitamin D from the sun and a dose of some joy from some friendly sunshine? Tanning salons may become a big hit but it will not be the same and the supply of vitamins is going to go the way of food availability; demand will exceed supply. I wonder if many of the world will take on the appearance of what we see in all these 'zombie' movies that are now the rage? Ashes, ashes....they will look the part of one who is a condemned prisoner.

Are you getting the picture yet; this world will not only be changed forever in its physical structure but its awesome beauty will be replaced with terrible incurable scars. The people will make the skid-row denizens of today an enviable lot. Think of a doomsday movie you have seen recently and the world I am talking about will make that imaginary world look like paradise.

One last note: there is another judgment of darkness coming and it will add the dimension of INTOLERABLE pain.


The WORST is Yet to Come


God up to this point has withheld the full wrath of His judgment. We have just seen his mercy in judgment: only a third of the trees, a third of the seas, a third of the springs of water and a third of the light have been impacted up to this moment. A true revival is going on world-wide and His 144,000 are wielding the Word as hearts are turning to the living God as He fulfills all prophecy before their eyes now opened.

What wrath He has withheld so far is going to change in a heartbeat as God turns up the heat. The first of three WOE's is about to be unleashed upon a wicked world and there will be no scientific explanation available that could make sense to a normal humanoid. Unfortunately, the mass of humanity by this time could not be considered normal but a sorry sight to behold.

Creation Corner

Out of Nothing
Out of Nothing
Mesozoic - Within the Memory of Man??
Mesozoic - Within the Memory of Man?? | Source

How Old Did You Say It Was???????

Did you ever stop to consider where in the world do "rational" scientists come up with these amazing dates?

More well known and published evolutionists quotes tell us a great deal.

How old is planet earth? "The age of our globe is presently thought to be some 4.5 billion years, based on radiodecay rates of uranium and thorium. Such "confirmation" may be short-lived, as nature is not to be discovered quite so easily. There has been in recent years the horrible realization that radio-decay rates are not as constant as previously thought, nor are they immune to environmental influences. And this could mean that the atomic clocks are reset during some global disaster and events which brought the Mesozoic to a close may not be 65 million years ago but, rather, within the age and memory of man." Frederic B. Jueneman, FAIC, 'Secular Catastrophism'. Industrial Research and Development, June 1982, p. 21.

I am celebrating my 27,000 birthday!

I don't look a day over 10,000.
I don't look a day over 10,000. | Source

Isn't Carbon-14 a Reliable Dating Method??

You gotta' love this one. "Carbon-14 contents as low as 3.3 +/- .02 percent modern (apparent age, 27,000 years) measured from the shell of snails (Melanoides tuberculatus) living in artesian springs in southern Nevada are attributed to fixation of dissolved HCO3 with which the shells are in carbon isotope equilibrium." [Ed. note: In other words, these living snails "died" 27,000 years ago.] Dr. Alan C.Riggs (formerly of the U.S. Geological Survey, now on the staff of the University of Washington, Seattle), 'Major carbon-14 deficiency in modern snail shell from southern Nevada springs'. Science, vol.224, 6 April 1984, p. 58.

The ages of mummified seals found in Antarctica when put to the carbon-14 test ranged from 615 to 4,600 years as well as a freshly killed seal at McMurdo station in Antarctica had an apparent age of 1,300 years. What they found, was the sea surrounding Antarctica has significantly lower carbon-14 activity than that accepted as the world standard. What I want to know: who set the standard, where and why is there no significant data available from observation to show that the world standard has remained constant and applies to everywhere on earth?

The Modern Scientific? Mindset

Danger Will Robinson (Lost in Space)
Danger Will Robinson (Lost in Space) | Source

A stupid answer deserves a stupid question.

Rocks & Fossils Are Always Done with Circular Reasoning
Rocks & Fossils Are Always Done with Circular Reasoning | Source

The Fossil is How Old Because the Rock is...

From R.H. Rastall (Lecturer in Economic Geology, Cambridge University), Encyclopedia Britannica, 1956, vol, p. 168. "It cannot be denied that from a strictly philosophical standpoint geologist are here arguing in a circle. The succession of organisms has been determined by a study of their remains embedded in the rocks, and the relative ages of the rocks are determined by the remains of organisms that they contain."

Desperate times require desperate measures and when one's life and work is based on the denial of a creation by a Creator, logic and sensibilities must be discarded and replaced with unfeigned faith in themselves. Actually, if Christians would exercise their faith as rigorously as the evolutionists have exercised theirs, what an impact we would have.


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