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David the king

Updated on December 7, 2015

David. Yes, the David you know from the Bible, from your grandmother and from your sunday school teacher.

Yes, the David you once admired and you once took a role model of. Yes, that David. You may think I abominably defame him, but no, no, no. I ain't.

As a matter of fact, I like him. I like him for his romantic sentiment with lyre and heroic morals. David had a gut to play music in front of his enemy king Saul who were consumed with jealousy, and he had a charm to let his deadly enemy slip off his hands when he let go of Saul.

What a marvelous human being is he!

Well, that's what I thought. At least, there is no controversy about his moral in those legendary events. David was the man God himself took to his heart. Good for him!

But it is more difficult to see him in one window. If you are willing to try various ways to see things, especially of learning more and more about religion and their agendas, your hero may not be the same. Whether or not you admit it, you already know that your divine parents are not the most beautiful and honorable creatures in the world.

David's fantastic sides and admirable virtues shine in low key. David and his marvelous son Absalom are a fantastic pair of drama characters whose power game cost thousands if not tens of thousands. When the great Herod killed his own sons, he might have killed them like pigs, but he certainly saved thousands by so doing.

You may wonder if David killed off his beautiful son Absalom at the first sign of princeling's mishap. how many lives he could have saved. Caught up in between father, the son of bitch, and his son, the spoiled brat of that same bitch, people chose sides at the sword's point and perished called traitors.

Walking the trail of tears, the king pulled a stunt of epic drama, with his bare feet and made all spectators feel pity to the once glorious king. Yeah, you shouldn't blame him. He didn't stage all of them; he was just a victim. Right, you never blame raped victims because they behaved bad enough to attract crime upon themselves.

Look! He is weeping. Weeping like a she-bear who lost her cubs, David suffered undue afflictions. Don't forget he was granted all rights to be sympathized. Yeah, I've got that. After all, all must die for the king.

While David resorts to his morally comfort, people behind the curtain are forced to choose sides perhaps at sword's point. They are all branded with scarlet letters, whores and traitors while he pulled off an epic drama. I am sick of it. The legend of king David begin shrinking as the sun is up high to melt everything made of ice of petty glory.

Why did people run around fighting for factions? What would actually matter even if some stupid ass were made of a king of Israel? What made any difference among Israel kings there anyway so that we should bother the long struggle between Saul and David.

God who troubled himself about king's imperfection so much so that he should produce such a drama with David and later gave a shit to others no matter how bad those bastard kings would become since.

I do not doubt his sincerity. I do not doubt his grief. I do not underestimate his suffering. Nevertheless, what pisses me off is his innocence to that alley he was granted to shun. Yup! That's right. The innocence David wears may give him immunity of being guilt of countless deaths.

In the name of politics, the father and the son were responsible for hundreds of death, if not thousands, because of their stupid politics. If you love your son like your life, then why could't you get killed so that half of casualties might have been saved. Or just getting rid of that early seed of rebellion could have saved many lives.

Sentiment of a father who lost his only son due to unforeseeable tragedy ain't suit him for the life of me.

Yeah, you are king. Tens of thousands should die for you, and that's for sure. Then, be a good man to make yourself a crazy bastard dictator like Herod who didn't spare his own sons for the stability of your kingdom; that could have saved more lives, and did your people a great favor.

What is your opinion on King David?

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