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Day 6, Hiring yourself a cheerleader

Updated on March 10, 2010

Hiring the best cheerleader

Hiring the best cheerleader


Day 6, Hiring the best cheerleader for yourself.

You are going to embark on hiring the best cheerleader for yourself. Before you hire this cheerleader, you will need to review the following criteria to see if they have your interest 100 %.

1.      Able to keep your goal a secret.

2.      Able to be very honest with you when the weeds start to need pulling out of your goal garden.

3.      Have your best interest always at hand.

4.      To hold you accountable for taking the appropriate actions needed each day for your goals.

5.      Will not baby you by permitting excuses.

6.      Will praise you for every little step you take forward in your goal.

7.      They must know your game plan daily. This involves having your affirmations, meditation tapes for visualizing your achieved goal handy for everyday use. They must be excellent at keeping a daily journal for you. The must be exceptional at making the appointments you need to achieve your goals. Drafting your progress weekly and monthly. Known the time element you have set on each goal. Making sure you follow through.

8.      They must never use your past failures as a weapon to discourage you. Yet, they must know about all past failures to warn you if you are starting to repeat patterns,

The only cheerleader you can hire to serve you the best is yourself. No one else can do this for you. To reach your goals, you have to learn to take responsibility for yourself. You must step out of the victim role and embrace your goals. It is too easy to blame another person, so this time around you will not be permitted too put any blame on anything outside yourself. This is your project and you will step up to the plate, even when you take a few steps backwards. Each backward step is a tool to help show yourself how motivated you can be.

This will take a lot of discipline; however without it achievement cannot be won.

Tomorrow I will discuss this journal, which will become your truth book. We will discuss areas of self –sabotage and the victim. You will be guided to learn to make these two characteristics your teachers and guides. They are here to teach you how to overcome areas that you have been failing in prior to planting this spring garden of goals.


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