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Dealing with Holiday Blues.

Updated on November 20, 2014

Loved ones who are gone.

We all have had someone who we have lost at the holiday times. Is it any different than losing them at a different time of year? Yes.

Holidays and especially Christmas, is meant to be spent with your loved ones. So, how do you deal with it? You feel lost without them, especially if it is a child or a parent. How can you be happy and joyful when the circle has been broken?


Christmas without you.

We can go from a full photo of our family to one with someone missing. It will make you sad and depressed, and it's supposed to.

But, how do we continue on with this Christmas and be joyful? It is not an easy task but we can do it. First of all, think about the one that has gone, and think about how they would want you to be. Most would want you to continue on as if they are still here. I do believe that this is the way to do it. Bring out photos of them and place around as if they are still here. For I believe they are, if only in our hearts and memories.

Talk to them. Tell them how you are feeling.

Hold conversations with them!

Are they really gone?

They are only gone from their physical body. I believe they are still here in their spiritual body. Have you ever awakened from a dream and thought, That sure seemed real! Who can prove that it wasn't, no one.

My grandson was born this year on July31st. There was a lot of us in the delivery room waiting and watching. The baby's other grandmother's mother had just recently passed away. I had never met her but I had heard a lot of wonderful things about her. During the delivery it became very bright in the room. There was a presence or presences's in the room that 4 of us felt as the baby was born. The hair on my neck and arms was standing straight up and I had chills all over me! We all looked at each other with a puzzled look on our faces until I finally said, Did anyone else feel what I felt? All at once we were all saying the same thing! We all said there was a spiritual presence of one or more spirit's in the room! How could we all be wrong? It was surely a spiritual feeling that we all felt, and it was awesome!

I have never felt such a religious, spiritual, and a closeness to God and Heaven as I did that day, and to know that other's felt it too was so calming, peaceful, loving, and an awesome experience! Were we over excited and maybe imagined it? No way, because we all blurted what we felt at the same time! Coincidence? Again, no. This was real as real gets! Believe what you want, we believe what we felt and seen!

Kick those blues!

Imagine you have passed away. Would you want your loved ones to be sad at the holidays? I know I wouldn't! I would want them to rejoice that we have been saved by our Lord! I would want them to know that I am fine and missing them as much as they are me. I would want them to talk to me as if I were still beside them. I would want them to hug my picture and say I love you to me! I want them to miss me but not to the point of depression or sadness all the time! There is a grieving process of time after everyone passes, don't let it consume your life!

Kick those blues and get back to living! This is what your loved one ,who is not with you right now, would want you to do!

Merry Christmas to everyone and happy holidays!!


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