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Death is Not What We Have Been Conditioned to Believe

Updated on June 20, 2016
Richard Singer profile image

Richard Singer is an award winning author and trained psychotherapist. His new book eastern Wisdom Western Soul will be released in August.

Throughout the developmental stages of our life, we are conditioned to believe that death is “bad”. It is the “end”, it is “final”, and it should not enter our waking thoughts or be discussed in our everyday conversations. Most importantly, we do not want death to arrive too soon for us or the people we love. Thus, we exist with this underlying, oppressive fear and trepidation, living a life devoid of genuine awareness or freedom. Our beliefs and views concerning death are extremely critical in our lives; it is important to assess the societal myths that we were taught and urged to believe without questioning. Without becoming conscious of these faulty views, it is impossible to gain a clear understanding of what death actually is. Death is surely not this dark moment at the conclusion of your life, where your soul is swallowed up to never experience anything again.

What exactly is death then, if it is not the most atrocious moment of life, waiting to finally bury us deep within the earth as our interminable resting place? First, I invite you to take a look at the perfection of the Universe as it surrounds you. Does it make the least bit of sense that you, miraculously and almost unbelievably, developed from one cell and an egg into an extraordinary human being, much less that you consistently age until one day when you may simply be buried in the ground and depart from existence forever? Not quite. Death is many things, but it is not the end. Death is simply another moment in the infinite life of the soul. It is similar to the rest of the mystifying moments in your life; although at the precise moment of death, you make a transition to a higher dimension of being--a dimension where you continue to evolve in your soul's personal journey of growth and development. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with explicit details because this is an individualized process, but I assure you that you will be at home in this new realm of existence. As for those individuals that die around you, they do not leave you. Yes, they are gone in physical form, but that is merely a temporary vehicle for their spirit. Communication continues if you remain open to the vast channels of communication contained in the Universe. Remember, you are a part of a Universal consciousness that always remains united; thus, communication is forever possible.

Death also acts as a powerful catalyst, which has the capacity to improve our present lives in physical form. Death is a great teacher, teaching us to live fully in each moment, because we never know when our transition may come. Death gives meaning; when we act with courage and confront the reality of death, we enhance our motivation to live with a greater awareness and clarity of purpose. Finally, death gently persuades us to act immediately, rather than putting things off for another day. Death is inevitable and will visit you when it is your time; your task is to live to the best of your ability , in the here and now, and when death does arrive, you will be prepared to take the next step in the eternal journey of the soul.

Is death the end?

Do you believe that death is the end to everything about us as human beings?

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    • Richard Singer profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard Singer 

      2 years ago from Plains, Pa

      My belief is that we retain awareness definitely and continue our evolution of spiritual growth. I think it is a pure awareness not involving the ego at all.

    • cheaptrick profile image


      2 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      I've read a few articles about death;yours is clear and well organized;thank you.

      The question I've always wondered about has to do with awareness after death.Do we remain self aware after death or do the elements of who we are return to wherever they came from?I consider this the foundational question because without self awareness nothing else can be experienced and therefore does not matter.I'm no expert on this question of death but I am approaching that age where it definitely crosses my mind more often than it use to.What is your opinion on self awareness surviving death,I'm curious to know

    • profile image


      2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      A nice revealing of truth. We are all one in conscious. Death is not the end. Thank you Richard singer.


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