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Deciphering Time: How Long is Forever

Updated on June 19, 2012
What is time for you?
What is time for you? | Source

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Time is a relative concept.

I came across a truly fascinating friend in college. She loves to write prose and poems. She would stitch together strings of words and come up with a vivid painting of her views on life, love and almost about anything.

I have picked up several maxims she would often throw at us when we had lunch on some bench in U.P. Diliman campus. “Forever is however long you want it to be”, this one stuck like glue and I carry it until today. I’m not really sure where that line came from but I will always associate it with her. The remnants of her insights still knock on my head just as it did more than 15 years ago.

Forever is however long you want it to be…

As so called professionals in this baffling world of ours, we consume ourselves with deadlines and targets (or the fruitless attempt to reach it). The “grown up” stuff that we do seems to never end. We eventually simplify our lives with technology which gives us more time to do more “grown up” stuff. We find ourselves at the same situation as when we had no technological aids – having no time at all. As hilarious and ridiculous as it may sound, we just made our lives more complex by simplifying it. The 24 hours in a day appear to be increasingly insufficient each day. We utilize each minute to accomplish our tasks but we do not really create lasting moments with each minute passed.

Meaningful moments may happen in just a blink of an eye but it will last a lifetime. We often hear people express their elation on and on with something that happened momentarily – perhaps recently or long ago. Some as vivid as when it occurred, others with simple but equally emphatic day dreaming smiles. They say time flies when you’re enjoying. But doing something you innately detest is excruciatingly painful even for an instant. Forever can be as short as a blink of an eye.

I often fancy time as just a man-made concept to organize our work. Cycles and patterns provide us with a certain level of security. It provides structure where there seems to be none. In this apparent disarray we call life, holding on to something intangible as time provides a blanket of comfort. It provides us with something to look forward to in the future. It provides hope, anticipation, excitement, and other psychological handles that we can think of just to keep us positive and encouraged. We must hold on even onto a less than infallible notion of the future. And future extends up to how long forever you want it to be.

Forever is however long you want it to be.

I rarely get the chance to talk to Remcy nowadays (in spite of the World Wide Web). But from time to time I get the chance to say hello to a friend who without her knowing has profoundly influenced my perception of time. Maybe, I can be fortunate enough to get a new insight from her…even from a short hello.


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