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Deconstructing Evolution

Updated on October 22, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Scientists agree that a species can be an arbitrary category only, within which there is room for genetic diversity. They also agree that species change gradually, adapting themselves to environmental variations as successful genetic strains outbreed the less successful ones (pg. 12)

This, in a nutshell, is the basic argument that supports and describes the evolutionary theory. Species change over time. In this article that quote will be deconstructed bit by bit to show that the evolutionary process is not true.

#1. Darwin & assumption

Scientists agree that a species can be an arbitrary category only, within which there is room for genetic diversity.

It was his short trip to the Galapagos Islands that put Charles Darwin on to the natural selection aspect of the evolutionary theory. He saw the different Finches and how similar they looked but they had minor adaptions that made them better suited for some individual islands over others.

Unfortunately for him, he only saw the then present-day location of those birds and never saw any adaption take place. He assumed adaption took place, but he could never verify it.

Assumption is a dangerous activity to partake in because usually there is no physical evidence to support the pre-drawn conclusion. Any supposed physical evidence could not be verified as being real evidence to support the theory that adaption took place.

What was taken as evidence became vulnerable to eisegetical methods or the reading into any physical remains. Whatever Darwin and future evolutionists wanted the evidence to prove, they built-into those physical remains in order to take their assumptions from fancy to supposed fact.

Aside from the presence of those finches, and they are not evidence for adaption, there is no evidence for the evolutionary idea of adaption or natural selection. By extension, there is no evidence for genetic diversity.

The differences in the finches that Darwin observed and assumed took place, were already part of the genetic code created in the finches. We know through the study of genetics that cells, DNA have multitudes of genetic options available to them.

For all Darwin knew, the birds simply flew to another island where the food was easier to reach and bred in those locations, shunning the other more difficult food sourcing islands.

#2. Science and gradual change

They also agree that species change gradually

This is another assumption made by those scientists who reject God and genesis 1. It is a good escape route for them to take when these gradual adaptions cannot be observed. Even though evolutionary scientists have taken the fast reproducing fruit fly to 40,000 generations those experiments do not prove the above point.

In fact, you cannot even classify those experiments as evolutionary as they were not done in a true evolutionary method. Evolutionary scientists forget that they claim all species developed by chance without any outside intelligent being’s help.

These experiments all had outside intelligent being’s help who also pointedly introduced different specimens to alter the reproduction of the typical fruit fly. Nothing was left to chance as the evolutionary scientists claimed took place over millions of years.

After 40,000 generations, all the evolutionary scientists had in their labs were more fruit flies. These experiments only prove what an intelligent being can do to a life form’s genetic code. They did nothing to support evolutionary thought.

#3. Evolution & the fossil record

adapting themselves to environmental variations as successful genetic strains outbreed the less successful ones

If this were true, it would be wonderful to study those lesser species and see what made them tick. But it isn’t true as the finches on the different Galapagos Islands, merely separated themselves from each other and continued to breed like they were designed to breed.

Also, the fossil record does not produce one fossilized form of these lesser species who unsuccessfully tried to continue as a species. All fossils represent are those species that we know about and who have gone extinct or continue to live today.

Then with the rarity of fossilization, the evolutionary scientist has an out. They can still believe in their fake alternative theory while declaring that those unsuccessful species were not in the right area or conditions to be fossilized.

But without the real physical evidence to verify their claims, the evolutionary scientist uses faith that they are correct while having no hope of proving their claims true. Deformed fossils are not physical evidence and any claim they are is just read into the fossils.

The evolutionary scientist has no hope in proving those fossils back their claims. The fact that some lighter and smaller animals fossilized in supposed earlier strata than heavier ones are also not proof for evolutionary development.

It is merely proof that not all animals fossilize. Also, there is no way for evolutionary scientists to prove the dates of the different eras they claim to have existed. There is no way for them to determine how that dirt and its fossils came to that position when those fossils were uncovered.

All they have is another assumption.

Some final words

No matter how hard the evolutionary scientist tries to prove their false alternative theory, they cannot overcome the lack of real scientific observation or real physical evidence. Darwin did not observe adaption in progress or in its conclusion.

He observed similar birds on different islands and leapt to a very faulty assumption and conclusion. Nothing supports the theory of evolution or species adaption. Extinction is not proof for evolution either. It is just evidence for over hunting.

Genesis 1 is true, and God did not use a cruel theory to develop life. He used his power as he said he did, and we can strengthen our faith because of that truth.


Quote- The Animal World, (1986), The World Book Encyclopedia of Science, World Book Inc, Chicago

Darwin- “Charles Darwin in the Galapagos”, (2019),

© 2019 David Thiessen


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