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Deliverance Against Witchcraft

Updated on July 9, 2018

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft, by definition is the use of supernatural, magical powers or spells against an individual, group or society. It was a widely known fact in early modern Christian Churches that witches are in league with the devil and so use their satanic powers to suppress, destroy, harm people and property.

Just like you can't judge how good a book is merely by its cover, you can't always know a modern day witch by her or his appearance. Most witches look, dress and act just like everyone else you encounter in everyday life. If you happen to see a pair of pentacle earrings on her ears, a strange mode of dressing, for example a male individual putting on earring, or plaiting his hair, you, especially a Nigerian might think in yourself that you have found a witch or a member of a fraternity. No, he or she could just be a non-witch pagan, since not all pagans are witches.

What if there is a wicked witch out there wanting to suck your blood or cause havoc in your life without you knowing. Would you know what to do? if you need help, call this numbers +2347067550237 in Nigeria and make your Prayer request. Like him also on this facebook page.

Identifying Witches

So how do I identify a witch?

Now, let’s see what the Holy Bible said about witches and witchcraft.

De 18:10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,

1Sa 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.

The passages above suggest that witchcraft belong to a group of people know for their involvement in magical arts (hence making a child pass through fire), involvement in divination and astrology or practices the craft of enchantment and invocation. This group of people often operates in secrecy or engaged in a closed door fraternity.

Those people, apart from their obnoxious activity (if you will agree with me) are usually known for being rebellious and full of themselves.

I must tell you even then that it is very difficult and almost impossible to identify them because my dear friend, 90 percent of the people you associate with daily are witches and wizards! 60 percent are unconscious witch, while 30 are ignorant of the evil powers working in them, against themselves and the people who cross their territory of operation.

Would you believe me that all those evil thoughts that had ever crossed your mind towards yourself or other persons are arrows and spells from the cavern of the spirit of witchcrafts? See, if you have ever disagreed with anybody and had an argument which grew so hot that you couldn’t take it off your mind till you went to sleep, you have carried that burden to the spiritual realm. And since your state of mind before you sleep determines where you go in the dream state whether you remember or not, you should realize the fact that you have carried that person’s matter to the cavern as an ‘ignorant witch’ and your earnest desire for score settlement will be implemented by these aforementioned forces of darkness.

Some Antiwitchcraft Tips

Therefore my friend, I am here now ready to be used by the Lord Jesus Christ to help you break the yoke of witchcraft in your life through my contact email and phone number supplied in this hubpages. All powers belong to Jesus Christ and he is ready for us to call upon him in our distress but we must first accept him as our Lord and Saviour, and then use his numerous servants to assist you in breaking that ‘secret spell’ web you are entangled in.

I am going to supply you now with information about life styles and things you’ll need to avoid in order to overcome these powers of darkness.


1. Never, and never receive or be involved in any blood transfusion again. Incision taking on a person; which is very common among African natives is simply a mark of secret oath and allegiance you have with the powers of darkness. Whenever you have any blood shortage and you are asked to receive blood donated or bought with your money, do not give in. I tell you, it is a direct ticket to hell and perdition. If you need blood fast here is something I’ll teach you to do now. Get some quantity of ripe oranges, pineapple, grapefruits about 21 each. Squeeze out the juice, then mix and filter them in a nice white plastic container with a cover. Wash a bunch of bananas fruit of about 21 pieces or more. Remove the peel and squeeze them with your well washed hands and turn the pulp into the first mixture. Add two teaspoon full of any edible alcohol. All these in one mixture refrigerated will give you adequate measure of blood you may need in the time of emergency within few hours. After all, blood transfusions mostly take an hour or more to be received.


2. Avoid by all means food which is served to you by anyone you may have quarreled with in the past or present. As difficult as this may be in practice, you must be weary of the way you receive food from anybody. You are responsible for any aftermath if you go against this warning I am giving to you because your visit to this site and reading this article is never an accident.


3. Sexual intercourse is another channel which witches or powers of darkness use to hook their victims. By this, a witchcraft operator seeks to create an attachment between the two of you. With this attachment firmly knit, you have become his or her soul mate and a slave in disguise, and so has right to penetrate your spiritual territory to cause havoc in your life or even kill you. Any married or unmarried woman you know that lures someone, or allow a man to make love to her in her menstrual period is a wicked witch ignorantly or consciously. This is an evil and very dirty method a witch can also launch a permanent hook on a person. Some in Africa, even during some crisis in their marriage or family curse their husbands or relatives using their menstrual blood to exorcise the demon spirit. This may sound uncanny to you but it is true.


4. The fourth channel used by witches and forces of darkness is your sleep management. It is true that the modern medical institution has advised us to cultivate the habit of good and sound sleep. But then it is wise for any spiritual minded individual to always wake up and pray at least once in every midnight. Many, I know will not agree with this tip. Let me share a little secret here. Anyone who stays awake while other people are asleep has 75 percent control over the spirit of those sleeping. Therefore, before going to bed everyday, always pray a fire-full prayer to vanquish any power of darkness in your vicinity, whether you are aware of their presence or not. Speak to your guardian angel. (Imagine or visualize a being of light, sing a very solemn hymn of worship of your church or fellowship). Tell him where you want him to take you and what you want to accomplish in that spirit realm. The fulfillment will be manifested in this world in due time. In order to be able to wake up at mid-night, try to use your mobile phone alarm and set it between 1:00 am and 3:00 am.

And lastly, set your phone to play Christian spiritual music at the lowest volume and place it far from your body but let the distance allow you to still listen to the melody. As you listen to the melody, you will sleep off but your subconscious (spirit guide) will still be awake protecting you from an intending witchcraft operator.


5. Now the last thing but not the least, you should avoid is receiving unwarranted gifts or borrowing of school kits, personal effects, kitchen, or household utensils. These can transfer negative influences into your life or even marriage if the donor or lender is possessed. This is called “transference of spirit”. If anyone feels he or she should give you a gift at least you deserve the right to know why he or she is giving such gift at such an uncalled for situation. Gifts are good and are good ways of sharing love and goodwill but for God’s sake your spirit must flow with and support such outstretched hand of charity.

Help From Jesus Christ

My friend, if you are being oppressed by witchcraft powers, Jesus Christ is there for you. Waiting and hoping that one day you will turn to Him for help. Don’t expect him to go out of his ways to show you that you need him. He had already done that once and for everybody. He will never go against the universal law of liberty and freedom of choice, to force you into accepting Him as your Lord. All the problems you are having are as a result of the fact that you have not known Him or have rejected him. And so as a sinner, you have harmed yourself by opening you gate to satan and his cohorts by ignorantly fulfilling the desires of the flesh which tends to the realm of darkness where Satan rules as lord.

If you wish to be saved from these predicaments, I advice you, after turning to the Lord Jesus Christ today, seek a Bible Preaching Church infused with power to break yokes of satan. You may choose to worship in any Bible Preaching and practicing Parish of Celestial Church of Christ anywhere in the world and let the Shepherd in Charge organize a deliverance session for you, so that our Lord Jesus Christ will intervene to severe and save you from the clutches of darkness. Call these numbers in Nigeria if you need help (07067550237, 07082033709 or 08116172900).

Mode of worship and prayer is unique in Celestial Church of Christ. The Lord reveals to us through the Holy Spirit the vision and mission of the Church in September, 29th 1947 during the eclipse of the sun in a village called ‘Agange’ while the founder, Reverend, Pastor Samuel Bileuwu Joseph Oshoffa was lost in the thick forest by 3:00 pm.

Here is an outline of our daily programme of activities.

Sunday: 10:00 am till Holy Spirit Release Glorious Day Service unto the Lord.

Monday: 5:00am till 6:00 pm – Bible Lesson and explanation of Celestial Church doctrine.

Tuesday: 6:00 am till 6:00 pm – Victory Prayers for various people and individuals.

Wednesday: 9:00 am till Holy Spirit Release – Special Service for those seeking the fruit of

the womb and special favour from God.

6:00 pm till Holy Spirit Release – Mercy Day Service unto the Lord.

Thursday: 6:00 am till 6:00 pm – General Prayers for various needs.

10:00 pm till dawn Every first Thursday of every month – New Moon Service unto the Lord.

Friday: 12:00 noon till 1:00 pm – Service for Power of the Holy Spirit and Gift of Prophecy.

3:00 pm till Holy Spirit Release – Pregnant Women Clinical Hour.

6:00 pm till Holy Spirit Release – Power Day Service unto the Lord

Saturday: 6:00 am till Holy Spirit Release – General Prayers for various needs.

Bitter Gourd Plant

Spiritual Prayer Against Wicthcrafts

Here is a powerful spiritual prayer exercise you can do to help you vanquish the powers of

witchcrafts from your life. Look for a plant called gourd plant or calabash (Jonah 4:6-10).

6 And the LORD God prepared a gourd, and made it to come up over Jonah, that it might be a shadow over his head, to deliver him from his grief. So Jonah was exceeding glad of the gourd.

7 But God prepared a worm when the morning rose the next day, and it smote the gourd that it withered.

8 And it came to pass, when the sun did arise, that God prepared a vehement east wind; and the sun beat upon the head of Jonah, that he fainted, and wished in himself to die, and said, It is better for me to die than to live.

9 And God said to Jonah, Doest thou well to be angry for the gourd? And he said, I do well to be angry, even unto death.

10 Then said the LORD, Thou hast had pity on the gourd, for the which thou hast not laboured, neither madest it grow; which came up in a night, and perished in a night:

It is also called ‘igba’ in Yoruba language and Momordica Chorantia in botany. Cut the fruit

and leaves into pieces. You can visit this link to learn about some of its health benefits.

You may dry this if you wish but any condition it is before usage is alright for this kind of

exercise I want to teach you.

When you are close to sleep every day for seven days, take your bath with toilet soap and

Then make small incense fire in an incense burner that has charcoal. You can improvise for

an incense burner by piercing holes on a milk tin if you don’t have one readily available. Now after your bath, proceed to burn some of this powdered item in the hot charcoal fire in the burner. Begin to pray and rebuke any form of witchcraft spell or charm that has been working against your life. Ask God to send your guardian angel to lift you in your dream to destroy their works against you or anyone you mention. After this you can then sleep off in peace. You may and may not have a dream, but if you have it surely must be a victorious one in Jesus Christ name.

God does not need your mighty faith for him to deliver you. Your faith and trust that has inspired you to carry out this prayer is enough for your victory. Halleluyah!

If you want to bless the work of God, you have more questions or prayer request you wish I could do for you please feel free to call my mobile number +2347067550237 from 6:00 am to 6:00 Monday to Saturday West Central African time.


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    • profile image

      oshodi f. o. 

      3 years ago


    • profile image

      Mr. Austine 

      3 years ago

      In fact my brother, Mr. Michael Adewale, you sound very solid and pure in explanation, may the good God bless you and increase your wisdom and knowledge to help the people of the World.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      God will kill all of them now now now in Jesus Marvellous Name . Amen

    • micadeolu profile imageAUTHOR

      The Dream Interpreter 

      4 years ago from Nigeria, +2347067550237.

      There are Lybrah, different levels of witchcraft. Anyone who takes advantage of another through the use of some hidden or known laws of nature is a witch. Even a pastor or a prophet who uses his anointing to take advantage of his client is a witch.

      We have blood sucking witch, witch doctors, necromancers, voodooism, juju witch vendors, etc. All of these and many more use their powers (oppose to natural love) to oppress and suppress other people. In the book of vision given to me by the Lord, a witch is being described as one who lives with cancer-worm and also sends it into other people's lives.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This was an interesting read. I once went to see this psychic who told me that my Chakras were out of place and that they needed to fixed by a certain time, or I would never meet my soulmate. She wanted $500. I was young and real dumb, so I gave it to her. She gave me this prophecy that I was going to meet someone in August and be engaged by Christmas, but that never happened. What got me was that she had a huge picture of Jesus in her office and said she was a Christian. I really wish I could get my money back. She really took me for a ride.

      My point is that it is hard to tell in these days who the witches are. I guess they are the psychics, but some are fake.

    • safiq ali patel profile image

      safiq ali patel 

      5 years ago from United States Of America

      I think your hub is absolutely superb. So full of detail. In some parts of the world even in developed societies people place the power of witchcraft over and above the power of love. And over gods true lasting power. I have really liked this hub. In fact it is probably one of the most informative hubs I have ever read. Voted up and awesome and I will follow you hear on hub pages too. Best regards from Safiq Ali Patel.

    • micadeolu profile imageAUTHOR

      The Dream Interpreter 

      6 years ago from Nigeria, +2347067550237.

      Thanks Jean Bakula. I appreciate your objectivity. You see, power; in its truest nature is neither good nor evil. It is raw and pervades the whole creation to the minutest form 'atom'. But how do we classify power to know which is evil or not? This is usually known by the motive and also sometimes its effect whether it be positive or negative.

      A new wisdom and knowledge is coming to the world very soon, then there will be a clear cut demarcation between good and evil. This has nothing to do with religion or faith, but pure knowledge (sound doctrine) that comes from God Himself

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      6 years ago from New Jersey

      What do you think the Wise Men were following? The "Star" was a conjunction of planets, showing more brightly than usual. Astrology was used by the Babylonians. The Church just wants to demonize women. The Jews believed in the kabballah, a mystic tradition. The Bible, while interesting as a history of events, is also allegory and parable, and has been translated into many languages. I would allow for some variation in meanings. I'm not exorcising demons, I'm telling people where their strengths and weaknesses are. But I admire your faith, and mean no harm. I have read the whole Bible, and find the history part of it fascinating, and Jesus to be truly inspirational.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      6 years ago from New Jersey

      My interest and what I've learned has not come from bloggers. It's from all the experiences in my life. I don't think the Bible was meant to be taken literally. But everyone has different beliefs. We can agree to disagree. Take care.

    • micadeolu profile imageAUTHOR

      The Dream Interpreter 

      6 years ago from Nigeria, +2347067550237.

      Jean Bakula as much as I respect your opinion over this matter of which you may uphold so much I still stand firmly upon what I have written here. It is your belief that witches are as harmless as a scarecrow as defined by some online bloggers. But my faith does not rest on the views and knowledge of bloggers save for my bible and respected institutions who have taken pains to write the bible dictionarie for our consumption. I have placed an extract which defines Withes and Wizards here:

      WITCH and WIZARD

      Our best exposition of these terms as found in the Bible is in the narrative of the witch of Endor. She was widely known as "one that had a familiar spirit" or an attendant demon, and was thereby professedly able to summon departed souls from the spirit world and converse with them. From this it appears that the essential character of witchcraft was a pretended commerce with demons and the spirits of he departed. In this respect it is identical with modern witchcraft and with spiritualism; and all the condemnation pronounced against witchcraft and with spiritualism; and all the condemnation pronounced against witchcraft in the Bible falls equally on these and every similar system of professed commerce with ghosts and demons.

      To this practice the ancient witches and wizards joined the arts of fortune-telling and divining, and a professed knowledge and control of the secret powers of the elements, heavenly bodies, etc. In order to give color and concealment to their pretended commerce with spirits, they made use of drugs, fumigation's, chemical arts, incantations, and every mysterious device to awe and impose upon a superstitious people. Their unlawful arts were near akin to the others forbidden in De 18:10-11: "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer." It would appear from this catalogue that all forms of superstition were as prevalent in the East in the days of Moses as they now are. Those familiar with the Syria and Arabia of our days inform us that old and young of all sects universally believe in the potency of "the evil eye," of incantations, charms, amulets, serpent-charming, and exorcism; and that these superstitions exert a prodigious influence on oriental life. Even modern mesmerism has its counterpart among the pretended magic arts of the East, practiced, like many other existing superstitions, from time immemorial.

      Such follies and knaveries are all strictly forbidden in the Bible, and many of them in the Jewish dispensation were punishable with death. They are all idolatrous- ignoring the only true God, and seeking help from foreign sources. They are sure to prevail in proportion as men lose a calm trust in the Almighty, and an intelligent loving obedience to his will. He that fears God needs fear nothing else; while he that, like king Saul, departs from God, finds help and comfort nowhere.

      This is taken from

      American Tract Society Dictionary

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      6 years ago from New Jersey

      This is just silly. Wiccan people worship nature. There is nothing about the Devil in Witchcraft. Your so called "Witch Logo" is a pentacle, a symbol of womenhood from before the time of Jesus. There were Goddessess who worshipped in the town Jesus was born, and before the Bible got around, there were many matriarchal societies who lived without war. The Bible has much taken out of it, by men who wanted to repress women and make them feel inferior, because they could bear children, and seemed to have powers which scared men. The bible leaves out the Gnostic gospels, which tell of Jesus's marriage to Mary and their children. A "pentagram" is the symbol of the Devil.


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