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Deliverance From The Evil Rulers

Updated on July 16, 2014

As My Uzaiah Dies.

Though most political task masters on earth's surface are commonly known as evil or corrupt leaders, they are not the subject of this write-up. The evil rulers in view are rulers of darkness of this world who are bent on giving their innocent victims sleepless nights. These evil rulers are found in high and low places ,around the door steps of every family begging to come in. In some of the families they are not begging they are already tap-rooted in the foundation., they are spokesmen and women,they decide what the future of that family,those children,that lineage will be. They are sometimes there on the invitation of the grandfathers, they are there to manage the covenants the forefathers made with the devil.

No wonder David in the bible wondered what the righteous ones could do if the foundation is evil, if the foundation is not sound, if the foundation is polluted, corrupt. In others words he insisted that in families and societies where the evil rulers are sitting comfortable, the righteous can do but little or nothing , no matter the size of the buble they carry or how frequent they visit the Church.

In his submission, David asked, what can the righteous do ? .Psalms 11:3 " If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? ,obviously with the arrival and departure of Christ the King, the righteous can pray and pray through, the righteous can stand on the authority in the name and blood of Jesus and destroy the evil task masters in the foundation. Only one righteous man or woman in the family is enough to drown the evil ruler of that family, and give the new generation a new name.

The wisest man, King Solomon also saw this anormaly and lamented thus

"There is an evil which I have seen under the sun as an error which proceeded from the rulers--Ecclesiastes 10:5-7.

Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich sit in low place. I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth." that is the handwork of the evil rulers in the family, in the societies and even nations.

It was until King Uzaiah died, that prophet Isaiah realized he was called to be a prophet and that he must hasten up too. And like Joshua and the famous Jordan, he got a message from God to cross over "This Jordan".

Evil rulers come in different colours, they could be close family members, they could even be a blood relation..Only after king Uzaiah gave up the ghost, that Isaiah began his ministry.

Isaiah 6:1 " In the year that king Uzaiah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his twain filled the temple. And when heaven announced a vacant position, Isaiah was there to grab the job.

Unseating and destroying the evil rulers of our father's houses must be foremost in the line up of our activities if we hope to make our calling very sure with heaven,if not the devil is there ready to waste you if fail to waste him.

Why not rise up today, and give the evil rulers of your father's house or your mother's or your in-laws house, the battle they never expected from you.

Apart from your father's house, the evil rulers of your mother's house and your's inlaw's house are not sleeping. They are equally ganging up to reduce your efforts in life to nothing. Reduce kthem to asehs before they reduce you.

Tell them enough is enough with these prayer points and choruse and see for sure what the Lord of heaven's army will do to them.

Now I must ask this question, who is my Uzaiah?, where is he or she ?,in which house is he or she hiding?. Where ever you are hiding oh wicked Uzaiah of my life, my prayers will locate and destroy you in the mighty name of mighty Jesus

Start the prayers with these choruses--


Jesus set me free

I cannot be bound [3times]

I cannot be bound.

Chorus 2.

I am delivered, praise the Lord,

I am delivered, by his word

Once I was bound By the chains of satan

I am delivered

Praise the Lord.

  1. I thank God for bringing this prayer topic on my way, I thank him for the salvation of my soul [ if you are not saved, endeavour now to give your life to Jesus.], I thank him for the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary, I thank him also for the power and authority in the name and blood of the Lord.

  2. I thank God also for visiting the sins of the evil rulers of my life and every place I have been,lived and will go-- in the mighty name of Jesus.

  3. I declear myself delivered from the programmed embarrasment of the evil rulers of my fathers house and etc

  4. I am for sure delivered from the activities of the evil rulers of of my foundation and enviroments... in the mighty name of Jesus.

  5. I boldly declear myself delivered from the reproach and shame from the evil rulers of my life , those in my father's house, those in my mother's house and those in my in-law's house [if married] in the mighty name of Jesus.

  6. In the name of that man of Calvary, JesusChrist of Nazareth, I declare myself delivered from every wickedness of the evil rulers and managers of my household, in the enviroment, my office,, and even in the church--- in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  7. May any evil ruler from any of the houses[ father's house, mother's house, inlaw's house ] sitting on my destiny and progress, die in the mighty name of Jesus.

  8. May any evil ruler of my fathers' house or elsewhere, attacking me, my family, the church ,attacking my children fall into the pit they dug for me, the pit of evil and perish- in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  9. May all the evil rulers , either from the family or from the enviroments and contacts I have made, attacking my progress and hidering me from reaching my God's given goals, loose their grip on me and die – in the mighty name of Jesus.

  10. May all the evil leaders hindering me from realizing my programmes stumble and fall for my sake, in the mighty name of Jesus.

  11. I break with authourity in the name and blood of Jesus any unlawful sentence passed on me and my generation by these evil rulers, from any of the houses i belong .

  12. From today I celebrate and dance the music of victory over the evil rulers of my father's house and my life in general in the mighty name of Jesus.

  13. My days of suffering, days of lack of harvest, days of poverty, days of weeping, days of financial lack, days of reproach and shame, and days of compalining amongst others are over ... in the mighty name of pour Lord Jesus Christ.

  14. Any evil ruler with his or her collaborators, insisting they will not let me go, let the plagues of Pharoah's Egypt follow them up-- in the mighty name of opur Lord Jesus Christ.

  15. I decree that any error created in my lineage, foundation, future,my children, my wife and life in general as a result of the activities of these shameless evil doers and rulers,must be deleted and corrected in the name of Jesus.

  16. All the confusion that the enemy created in my life and ministry in order to penetrate me, must cease to be in the mighty name of Jesus.

  17. Let the territorial evil rulers and their networks never locate me or my territory again,let them burn by fire, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  18. Fire of God, fall down and lick up [ with the tongues of fire] the strength of any evil ruler of darkness following me and my family about in the mighty name of Jeus.

  19. Fire of God, search and burn down all the hidding places of the evil rulers of my fathers's house,my mother's house and my inlaw's house and our times, any where they may be , in the mighty name of Jesus.

  20. May the great presence of God follow me and my family and children in the day, in the night and all the days of our lives in the mighty name of Jesus.

  21. May the power, the anointing and grace and mercy of the Lord be my portion as I go on demolishing the evil rulers trailing me – in the mighty name of Jesus.
  22. Oh God, give me the necks of thses evil rulers that I may utterly destroy them, in the mighty name of my Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.
  23. Let the evil enterprises of the evil rulers and covenant keepers of the three houses [father, mother, inlaw] where I belong recieve fire and burn to ashes in the mighty name of Jesus.
  24. May they never be able again to perform their crfty enterprises on my and my children again in the mighty name of Jesus.
  25. Let their ways be dark and slipery and let the angels of the only living God chase them, persecute them and send them to abyss in the mighty name of Jesus.
  26. I plead the blood of Jesus on my father's house, my mother's house, my in-law's house.
  27. I plead the blood of Jesus on my own house, my wife, my children and my endeavours.
  28. From today, any evil ruler of my father's house or my mother's house or my in-law's house, that will try to revive the evil activities I have demolished, is cursed in the name and blood of Jesus.
  29. From today I am delivered, praise the Lord, I am delivered by His blood, once I was bound by the chains of satan from my father's house, my mother's house and or my in-law's house, but now I am delivered set free,..praise the Lord.
  30. I am sure that my Uzaiah have died like the biblical Uzaiah
  31. You Uzaiah, do not go away with anything belonging to me, drop them now in the mighty name of Jesus.
  32. I cover this prayer and the points I have raised with the blood of Jesus, in the mighty name of Jesus..Amen.


Do not joke with this prayer, pray , and faint not, you will certainly see the fall of the wicked set ups around you, all composed to hinder you and make your life miserable , they have failed woefully.

In summary I plead with you again not to play witht these prayer points, this prayer will certainly hit targets and give you the testimonies you have not said.-- pray in the name and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.. THE RIGHTEOUS ONE.


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    • Lady_E profile image


      5 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks, I said a lot of the prayers above. I have prayed and prayed for years and I am still waiting for victory in certain areas of my life. Sometimes, I use that book called Prayer Rain, by MFM.

      Thanks for being a Blessing.


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