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Delusional Faith

Updated on August 22, 2015

Delusional Faith

I once observed a woman who believed that she was going to win a car in a sweepstakes. She made plans around owning that car and spoke with great enthusiasm about how God was going to get her that car. She prayed faithfully about it and did everything she could to make sure that her name registered on the sweepstakes list including purchasing dozens of raffle tickets. You could hear the excited energy in her voice as she told everyone how God was going to get her that car and her life seemed to take on new meaning. She didn’t even get third place and her hopes were shattered. No doubt she questioned God. Is this fair? Does God really owe us whatever we believe we can have? Does God even trifle His/Her Godness with material matters? Does it even matter?

Anytime I see someone thinking that they can get something without putting forth proper time, effort, resources, and energy, I know that they will not make it very far before failure and disillusionment sets in. If no human will give you something for nothing, then why should we expect God to? Like God is our bitch for the taking. Why is it that people think that all they have to do is have this thing they call faith and they can have anything they want? Let’s examine faith a bit closer.

First of all faith and believing is more than a thought. It also involves emotion and action. It starts with thoughts that are in line with the universe. By this I mean that what you want has to fit into your divine plan. You cannot be a highly socially oriented person who loves working directly with people and hope to be happy being a great accountant. You can have all the faith you want in becoming a happy accountant, but reality bites away. The universe will laugh at you and you will have wasted much time and money and a lot of your life. So the first part of faith is having the right and proper thoughts about what it is you hope for.

Secondly, you must have the determination to ask, seek, knock, and go through. You must be driven to take persevering action to see your hope through to completion. Without energy infused faith you can never expect to gain anything but a lot of wishful thinking pie in the sky pipe dreams.

Next, you have to transfer that energy into actions that take you towards your goal. These actions must be realistic on many facets. They must be time proven methods of obtaining what it is that you hope for or you are putting your faith once again in pipe dreams. These criteria can help you to weed out faith that is delusional.

Unfortunately churches don’t teach about the proper way of having faith and many believers fall prey to ministers who base their livelihood on their members having the faith to donate money to them in hopes that they will receive a blessing even though the successful membership has already practiced appropriate faith perhaps for generations, while those who didn’t have that silver spoon and have to start from scratch usually remain in the lowest class of people who just cannot seem to get their lives together. They still pay tithes till the day they die and maybe they at least get to go to a congregational dinner, but their lives are none the better and that’s the stark cold reality of the masses for a very long time beyond that which I even care to look at, perhaps for millennia.

So now everyone looks at you and says you didn’t have enough faith. Maybe not so. We are hardly ever taught to seek out what the universe wants for us. Either that or we ask the minister or some other unqualified person who has no skill or training in getting answers from the universe. This first important step needs to be understood better by the helping professions. Indeed we must look to otherworldly experiences if we are to know a person’s life destiny. That other world may be as simple as looking within. We need to know who we are, what we are made of, and what makes us tick. If our faith isn’t aligned with this then we are on the wrong track and we will not succeed in producing happiness. We might not succeed at all as you will be swimming up strong current. There’s no quicker recipe for failure and you have the wrong idea and it’s not a proper fit so you are not likely to put the energy into it or the determination to see it through to the action that makes for the achievement of professional creative guru status. You will never be completely happy until you do find this. So why not do things the right way? Ask the universe of you, who you are so that you know what you want and what the world has in store for you. Then you will naturally have the drive, determination, and energy to accomplish all goals in the face of obstacles unto the actions with perseverance that will bring success.

Do not become fearful if a long time has passed and you didn’t do any of these things. Just ask the universe where you are now, not 40 or 50 years ago. It’s not too late to have the life you’ve always dreamed of. Just remember that dreams are very personal and only meant for you, so allow no one in on your dreams. No one has the right to judge your faith when it is done properly, but step into delusional faith and you will start a lot of discord in the universe. We all know that you want what the universe wants for you because the universe if pure love. Hmm…now who wouldn’t succeed with that kind of support?


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