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Demon In The House

Updated on October 19, 2010


The story started about 5 years ago. My parents were living near to the coast and my dad’s health was failing fast.  They had a beautiful home, near the sea, quiet country lifestyle, nice pubs, sandy beach, just quite a nice place to be.  They both realised that they needed to come closer to their family, local hospitals and back to an area that they knew. 

My dad could not really drive very far, walk very far, or breath unaided for long so up and down the motorways looking for houses was not really practical.  They came up to London one weekend, stayed at mine and looked around.  There was nothing to match what they already had and the estate agents had given them all the sticky houses to look at.  My mum was desperate and a house, very close to mine, was for sale.  I went with them for a viewing; my dad was not impressed, neither was I.  I told my mother this and she stood and cried.  She said that if she did not buy this house she would never get home and be living on her own with sick dying man miles away from her family.

I saw the desperation in her face and knew they would have to make an offer.  It was a mock Georgian, 1970’s built terraced house.  It had been rented out to staff from the local hospital and was owned by a Doctor, it was shabby, old fashioned, just about clean.  It was a sorry excuse for a house and I felt a real pang of sadness for both my parents. 

My dad was deeply upset but kept it to himself.  He knew his money would not buy anything like what they had by the coast.  He seemed to distance himself from the whole experience and left it to me and my mum to sort it out.  The house by the sea sold pretty quickly and as the new property was empty they were moved in within a few months.

I remember the day that we got the keys; it was my first chance to look around.  It was truly horrible, vile in fact.  It needed loads doing to it, rewiring, new bathroom, kitchen, carpets, everything needed replacing.  I made the beds up with my mum, put my dad’s chair in the window, got his oxygen and nebuliser out of the car and then set to work trying to get the place fit enough to sleep in.

Eventually they paid for a new kitchen and bathroom, my dad tried to paint the walls and sort of managed it, and they put new carpet in and lived there.  It was Ok, habitable, but a bit of a come down from what they had left, mum was happy, dad was not.

Life went on for couple of years and dad’s health got worse.  He was dying and we all knew it.  We moved a bed into the lounge, got him fans, new oxygen machines, walking sticks, zimmer frames, had nurses and carers coming in every day, called the ambulance service weekly, got to know them well, some were nice some were grumpy with us but whatever, he ended being taken into hospital every few weeks.  He was eventually put into a hospice and died there.  It was a hard time for us all but after the funeral life went on.  I went back to work, my mum got her home back after all the equipment was moved out and that was it.

After about a year my mum fell over and cracked a rib.  I offered for her to come and stay with me for a while, she never went home....Her house stood empty for about 9 months.  She won’t sell it, she won’t go back to it, she will not make a decision one way or the other so we decided to just forget about it and leave well alone until she was ready to make some kind of decision about it.

Now this situation is very frustrating because you cannot make anyone do anything they do not want to, bribery sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t and with my mum is definitely doesn’t.  So me and my husband end up trying to look after two houses and making a mess of it all because we both work full time, get tired, frustrated and argue.

About 3 months ago my daughter asked if she and her boyfriend could move in until they found a rented flat.  I was a bit dubious about it, thinking it’s not my house and what if you never go, I am stuck with my mother forever and ever. On the other hand, it would mean the house was occupied, warm, aired and sort of looked after, especially the garden.  It was a deal so she moved in with the boyfriend.  They had been lodging with his mum but the relationship had turned very sour and the ‘mother in law syndrome’ had raised its ugly head.  Being a mum I thought I was doing the right thing and my mum had agreed, albeit, grudgingly to the temporary arrangement.

Now the reason I am giving the history of this house is because it has never really brought us any luck and has never been cherished, lived in, looked after and it has caused a lot of sadness, resentment, and upset for all of us.  Although my mum agreed to let my daughter and her boyfriend move in, she checks the house daily, she makes comments about their living mess, like washing up, and clothes drying and she always says in a very loud posh voice ‘Maiii House’.  It is sickening and it winds me up a treat.  She is rude to my daughter about it and then smiles sweetly and says ‘I owe her she is my granddaughter I don’t owe him anything, your father would turn in his grave if he knew she had a ‘boy’ living in his house’. It makes me feel bad and really upsets my daughter and she is moving on in a couple of weeks much to her relief and mine.  So the house will sit all on its own, empty, cold, and rotting away, but it will be ‘Maiii house’

A few weeks ago, my other daughter visited her sister and commented on how the house smelt of animals.  There are no animals in the house and there has never been.  I put it down to dirty football kits, wet shoes and never gave it much thought.  That was until I received the following text ‘We had paranormal last night’.  What sort of message was that, we had paranormal last night?  I started to laugh and thought she was telling me too much information, then the phone rang and it was her.  She was frantic, telling me she had not slept all night and was scared to death.

 She went on to tell me that as she and her boyfriend were drifting off to sleep they both heard what they thought was a baby crying.  He accused her of making stupid noises and to stop it.  She told him to stop it, then they both realised it was neither of them and was coming from somewhere in the room.  She told me she they both sat bolt upright and she put the lamp on by the bed.  Then without seeing anything they both became aware that something had jumped onto a chest of drawers and her mobile phone was pushed to one side, and a carrier bag with a t shirt in it was pushed onto the floor.  She told me they both sat and stared in disbelief at what they had just seen.  They both then quickly pulled all the bed covers off, searched frantically around the room but could not find anything that.

She told me the room was freezing, so cold that you could see your breath.  The outside temperature on that night was 14 degrees, certainly not freezing.  They eventually got back into bed and both pulled the covers over their heads but didn’t sleep a wink.  She ended her story and told me she felt shattered but there was no room in her life for this sort of crap and she was not going to worry about it.

I must admit I do watch a bit of TV about ghosts and stuff, Most Haunted, TAPS, Paranormal State and that sort of thing and have done since my dad died.  I don’t know why but I suppose I am just curious. I can sit and watch it all without flinching, getting scared or being frightened to go to sleep.  I suppose because I did not believe any of it and just thought these people were making themselves famous and making a bit of money with something that was interesting for them.  I wish I had come up with the idea.  I said to my daughter without thinking, ‘oh my god it’s a demon’. 

I was pulling on my third hand knowledge from some daft TV programmes, or so I thought.  We talked a bit longer and we oohd and ahhhd, and giggled a bit as I tried to make light of it to try and allay her fears.

The next day I went to visit, she was still a bit scared and said she had no place in her life for this type of thing and whatever was there should bloody well leave her alone.  Jay then came down the stairs and said ‘look at my leg’.  He turned his back to us and showed us the top of his calf muscle right behind his knee.  There was a horseshoe bruise, dark mauve and black around the edges and normal skin colour in the centre.  He said ‘It’s a bite mark’.  We both looked a little closer and clearly there were the teeth marks, square, blunt and about 1 cm in width.  He said he had never felt it happen and that he does not bruise easily.  He seemed genuine in his fear and then said look at the front of my foot.  There on the top of his foot was a two inch gauge with dried blood surrounding it.  He said I never felt that happen either. 

I looked at my daughter and she looked at me with her eyes wide and stated that this was ridiculous and again reiterated that she was not going to get scared of something she could not see.  I went to work and told a few people and was really surprised at how scared they seemed.  One work college showed me the hairs standing up on her arms, the other asked me to stop talking about it as she was terrified of this sort of thing.  I decided to shut up about it otherwise they might think I was absolutely off my head.

I tried not to think about it again for a couple of days but it would not leave my thoughts.  How the hell was I going to get my mum back home with a paranormal activity going on and anyhow how could I let an old lady go back to that without trying to sort something out. Jay and Sarah still tell me they can hear movements up in the bedroom when they are down stairs, and that the room is freezing every night, so cold they have to put extra covers on the bed and a heater, but nothing warms the room. 

Tonight she rang me and asked if I had any allergy tablets as she cannot stop sneezing, she said it stinks of animals in this house.  She is allergic to dogs, cats, hamsters and the like and always has been since she was a child.  So what is going on in that house.

I put a question on Hub because I truly wanted some answers.  People have been very nice and said the house needs cleansing, but I do not know how to do it, meditation can help, positive thought, being scared only feeds whatever it is, some say it’s just appeared, and can give no reason, others say it has followed someone in.  I think the house is a negative house and has been for a lot of years.  Medical staff had rented it before my parents purchased it.  Although it’s not all bad being in the medical profession can be traumatic, my dad was ill there and eventually died, my mum cannot stay and will not stay there on her own.  The house has a negative vibe surrounding it, I hate it because I have to look after it and it makes me angry towards my mum for not doing anything about it.  My mum is angry that my daughter and her boyfriend are there.  So much bad stuff about that house, maybe that’s what has caused it.

My daughter has a friend who is a Priest and she says spread virgin olive oil over the room, I say no I will have to clean it up.

I don’t know what the outcome will be I just know I am not going there on my own again and I have not even told my mother yet??


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    • lctodd1947 profile image

      lctodd1947 7 years ago from USA

      Very interesting. I would say that it is scary and to be careful. Of course I believe in prayer.


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