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Demon Possession In The New World Order.

Updated on July 3, 2012

Underling Control Method.

I have asked myself ,Why a man or woman would deliberately cause harm for profit? I also wanted to put a human face to the question rather than opt out with the old "The Devil Made Me Do It" Please ! Will the Psychoanalyst sit down and let me finish.I am looking for an answer to this question specifically in regard to understanding the motivations of those members of the New World Order that I see cavorting across the Political/Financial front pages of life.They do not laugh or jeer (ex president bush excluded) they do not even appear smug & all knowing.They do not even deny the existence or functions of the various subgroups of the (NWO),or the implicit ramifications that the existence of these various Cabals imply.

On top of that we have a constant stream of the usual suspects that keep floating to the surface no matter who is in government and there are never any of the top names being publicly punished to stop the "Great Unwashed" (I include myself) from becoming overly suspicious.They just do not care what we think as long as we work & pay their taxes.

These people are not only elected national leaders ,but also the next level down,Advisers,Financial experts and Specialists.None of them ever breaks the circle of silence,not even in their Memoirs when they are beyond the reach of justice.They have no compulsion to clear the air and have a clear conscience or even to say sorry when it can no longer effect them.

It is my contention that the (NWO) is no longer in control of itself.The vast majority of the people that we see on the Idiot Box making sweeping statements that dictate foreign policy and international fiscal plans, are nothing more than puppets that have at best enough control over themselves to take the occasional toilet break.I believe that when they are young,they are initiated into the various secret organizations that we hear so much about in conspiracy theory books.These groups deliberately infect the new members with specific types of demons so that by the time that they reach puberty they are fully under the control of the top leadership and never have a chance to grow up and make an adult decision for themselves.

However I think that this system was devised thousands of years ago by a very small select group as a way of maintaining total control of their minions.Over time however I think that the core group that was in control has died out,leaving the first tier of demon controlled minions to run things by default.This has led to the dogs breakfast that the (NWO) has turned the world into.

They have no ultimate plan.There is no "Upper Level " of control.The (NWO) upper echelon are all demon possessed and as a matter of routine ensure that their offspring are also demon possessed and who knows how long this state of affairs has been going on for.

One thing is certain,we must never look to our elected leaders for guidance about anything.They are not fit to lead,not because they are stupid or corrupt,you never know,one honest man/woman might have made it through the election process.But because the vast majority of them are sick,They are demon possessed and as an elected representative all their actions must be considered to be suspect.They must be permitted no free will,but rather they must represent the will of their voters and nothing else.What they do in their free time is their own business I really don't care.

I could say that we should place them in Quarantine so that they can cause no more harm to the world,but until we can train sniffer dogs to detect those of them that are infected I think that we will have to pretend that we think that they are innocent until proven guilty.

Finally I think that we do not have to fear these people,but rather we must never trust them to do the best thing for their voters and we must check their work constantly as they are not by nature trustworthy.In conclusion always remember that it is very unlikely that there is a "Master Plan",just look at how incompetent they have been up until now.

New World Order


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