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Demonic Attacks Are Real

Updated on September 22, 2014

Attacks in the Night: My Story

Many people no longer believe in a world that exists outside of the reality that they can see, touch, or hear. I, for one, know there is a spiritual world that exists, a world that we are oblivious to until we experience it for ourselves. I have had several experiences with demonic entities that terrorized me as a child and then recurred in adulthood: the following is my story.

Have you ever felt an unseen presence?  Did anything invisible ever touch you?
Have you ever felt an unseen presence? Did anything invisible ever touch you?

Grabbing Hands in the Night

I was raised Pentecostal and taught to believe in the spiritual world. My earliest experience with demons that I can remember happened when I was about eleven. I was in bed one night trying to go to sleep when I felt something grab my foot from the end of the bed. My eyes popped open but there was nothing there. I immediately screamed for my mother, who came in and prayed with me. It was a long while before I was able to go sleep.

Strange Smells in the Middle of the Night

Over the next couple of years, I had numerous experiences. My most common experience was of a smell that seemed to be present only at night. The best way to describe it is that it smelled like sulfur and vomit combined. Every night for over a year, I'd smell that odor when I was alone in my bed. The smell would be accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of fear. My heart would race and feel like it was beating out of my chest. Every night when I smelled it and felt the fear, I would pray. After I prayed, the smell would dissipate for the rest of the night.

When something talks to you in your sleep.
When something talks to you in your sleep.

Awakened by Whispers

Several times I was awakened by something whispering my name in my ear. It always sounded so real that I would get out of bed and check my room to see if my brothers were playing a joke on me, but I was alone. My brothers were always asleep, even though I knew it couldn't be them because I'd awake immediately and there wasn't enough time for them to get out of my room without being seen. Still, I always checked just to be certain.

Night Terrors in Adulthood: Frozen Muscles

When I turned 15, the nightly visits seemed to stop. I grew up, had some kids, and went about life as normal people do: work, home, kids, and maintaining my marriage. I had not had any inexplicable nighttime experiences for many years so I rarely even thought about it anymore. When I was 23 my marriage fell apart, we split, and I started putting the kids to sleep in my bed because I felt more comfortable having them with me at night for safety reasons. A woman living alone with small children was an easy target, so it made me feel better knowing that my kids were in bed with me in case something happened.

About two months after the split, the kids and I were in bed by 9:00. I was asleep in the middle with the kids around me when a cramp in my face woke me. It felt like my facial muscles were being pulled back into a grimace. I reached my hand up without opening my eyes and felt the strange expression with my fingers and massaged my face to relax it.

My first thought was I was just having a strange muscle cramp, so kept my eyes closed and tried to fall back asleep. A few minutes later I started feeling it again and this time, I attempted to open my eyes, without success. I thought, okay now, I must be dreaming, and continued to try to open my eyes and when I finally did, all I could see in front of me was black. I knew that wasn't right because I always slept with my bathroom light on in case the kids woke up during the night to go to the bathroom. I quickly closed my eyes again and when I opened my eyes again a few seconds later, I could actually see.

At that point, I was wide awake. I lay there for a moment looking around and thinking, wow, what the heck was that? As I turned to look toward my vanity, I saw a shadow pass twice over the wall. In my bedroom there's a wall I can't see from the bed but could see in the reflection of the vanity mirror, and on that wall, there was a shadow. The shape looked like a silhouette of a head and shoulders.

That's when I knew I had experienced an attack of some sort. I jumped out of bed and went to get the phone so I could call my mom. I was scared crap-less. I had never experienced actually seeing something, and it scared the bejesus out of me. I was unable to reach my mother, so I had my brother, who was staying with me at the time, sleep on a pallet on my floor because I did not want to wake the kids up and scare them, too.

When unwelcome things visit in the night.
When unwelcome things visit in the night.

How I Stopped the Terrifying Night Visits

The next day, I had both my parents come and bless and anoint my home. They prayed throughout the house, and when they were finished, my mom confirmed that something had been trying to attack me and had remained there after the episode. She said that now it was gone and would not come back on the property because of their prayers.

Since my home was blessed, I have not had another problem. I am a firm believer that there are demonic spirits that are out to destroy us. I believe that there are angels sent to protect us as well. It's the spiritual warfare between demonic and angelic spirits, the battle between good and evil, that spills onto the worldly plain, visible to anyone that is willing to look.

I would be interested in hearing your personal experiences with the spiritual world. Please leave a comment and tell me your story.

What about you?

Have you ever been visited by something in the night?

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What happened to you in the night?

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    • profile image

      truthsatanas 12 months ago

      What is a demon?

      "In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons. -Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship"

      Daemon is also Demon, the Daemon of the Greeks was the inner divine spirit, the serpent power. Note Dae, Day from Dyaus the sun god. Mon means Moon in the ancient world. Deamon means Sun-Moon. We see this in the Dagaz and Manaz rune as well. Dagaz means Day. Man or Mon, moon. Dayus is also Deus from Zeus.

      The serpent was both sun and moon, male, female.

      We see this with Agathodaemon, the name of the Androgynous God, Dionysus.

      Agathodaemon means: Good serpent or sacred serpent.....The Good God.

      "Demon" has only become corrupted with the advent of the Judeo-Christian religions. For thousands of years prior, demon was simply a title of the pagan Gods. Humanity is naturally gifted with spiritual abilities. Some of us more than others can access this power. Much of this has been locked through the Abrahamic religions. This is why witches and others were murdered in the Inquisition. It was an attempt to destroy the spiritual knowledge and to keep man subservient to the God of Israel. This is also why Christians are told to never delve into the occult. It is all about fear and withholding of information, keeping you in the dark, unable to see the truth for yourself, unable to liberate yourself spiritually. Visit to learn more.

    • profile image

      Unknown 22 months ago

      About a year ago I was sitting at my buddies house watching a movie. I was leaning back in the recliner when I felt something grab my arm and pull me up out of the seat. I thought my buddy was messing with me so I ignored it. A minute later it happened again, so I told him to stop. He says ,"wasn't me." So I said b/s. Suddenly my ankle starts twisting and turning on its own almost to the point it was hurting me. I could also see what looked like a hand wrapped around my ankle twisting it. It scared me to death. I begged him for help and he said if i needed medical attention i would have to leave... so I took off in a bit of a panicked mode. This thing was grabbing at my right ankle and I had to drag my leg to get into my car. As I was driving down the road this dark figure appeared in the passenger seat of my car. It started poking me in my sidexperience and telling me if I didn't do as it said it would hurt me. What it was poking me with felt like a sharpened stick. It also said it would use me to hurt the ones I love if I refused to do what it wanted. I was sitting at a stop sign at this point. I refused to help it. This thing then seemed to climb inside of me as if my body were a suit. I felt it enter into my right hand and this heat going through every inch of me as it entered me. I felt as if it were pushing my soul out of my own body. The pressure was pushing out through my chest so hard I could barely breathe. Now that it entered my body my head started twisting to the right as if it were going to make me go somewhere I didn't want to go. I was able to overcome it enough to go left instead of right. I was going to my parents and this thing wasn't going to stop me. I needed someone else to see what was happening to me. When I got there, I woke my mom out of bed to get her to see this as it was holding on to my leg to keep me from moving. She grabbed my arm and started to pull me down the hallway. I could only more my right leg and I fell to the floor as she was pulling me. When she touched my leg where it was holding me, it would release its hold on me. I was able to get into a bedroom and lay down where it tortured me for a couple of hours. She would pray over me and where it as attacking me she would touch it and it would release its hold. Several times it would enter into my body and start trying to push me out. It felt like this thing was trying but not strong enough to do the damage it was trying to cause. My back would arch towards my stomach as this would happen and it would be difficult to breathe. After maybe an hour or two it seemed to give up. I have no reference for time as I fell asleep because it drained me after this happened. This event only reaffirmed my faith in christ and I now know what I must do to stop it the next time it happens.

    • profile image

      gepeTooRs 2 years ago

      Wonderful issues altogether, you simply received a emblem new reader. What would you recommend in regards to your put up that you simply made some days ago? Any positive?

    • profile image

      Alexandria 2 years ago

      I have been needing someone to talk to about the situation I am in cuz I am going through something very similar I'm surprised I am still alive the smells you are describing I smell them all the time sometimes they will smell like sulfur sometimes like decaying flesh or rotting flesh apparently I am dealing with two female demons that are demons of lust one claims to be a high priestess and the other one Idk I tried everything I smudged and annoited the doorways with cumin felt one portal close but, there's a portal coming from the ground that is still open there were orbs coming up from the ground when I filmed what was going on. To be honest though, this all started when I was at my friend Crystal's house she is into witchcraft and had a box by her nightstand and she told me if I opened it I would die I was kind of hesitant about sleeping over her house and now I know why I had some weird inkling that she was messing with something that she should not have been messing with. I woke up the next the next morning with an exploding headache and heard voices of what sounded like a man and woman fighting it was weird this was nothing like anything I experienced before. I have feeling something from that box followed me as well as some evil spirits from a school I went to called Warm Springs. Folks demons are very real please be careful whatever you do be careful of how much alcohol you consume please stay away from drugs and try not to watch any movies that have anything to do with demons or the devil you know like the exorcist and drag me to hell or the rite movies like that oh yeah Amittyville Horror is another one that can have the ability actually to open doors any movies that you watch that have to do with sex, drugs, alcohol, or the devil and or demons. Ever since I got out of that school I developed a cough that kind of comes and goes which is kind of weird.... I have developed this thing where I am constantly cracking my chest and it is really weird I didn't have that before and I have been hearing voices and some of them imitate people like my brother is actually still alive they also imitated my aunt Ann's voice that recently died but, it was when she was still alive. My ears would ring on certain occasions everything sounds louder than it actually is sometimes and then I would feel like I am in a daze and when I would wake up and I would still be in a dream like state and when I would stay in the day dream state also experience moments of confusion and burns on my skin my head would feel tight, random aches and pains especially in the stomach. But, I would have nightmares about being chases by things like black hooded people Haunted houses with werewolves and evil spirits lots of nightmares the only time I actually have good dreams is when I have garlic under my pillow or when Jesus is present pray to Jesus he will come and comfort you. Do things that will bring good things into the house like I suggest praying to St. Jude the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ himself if anyone else is a Christian like me and having similar experiences please post. Don't act afraid though the more scared you are the more the feed off your fear because they are out to destroy anything that is good Satan hates the bible he hates you and he hates Jesus. Right now I feel like my head is being used as a spiritbox which is a form of demonic mind control to this day I resent messing with that thing to be honest you guys it's no different than a Ouija board really not please stay away from that shit I'm warning you especially if you a Christian and even Christians fall into this trap please stay away from it from witchcraft, Scientology, Satanism just stay away from it an occult that is not of God and that doesn't worship the Lord Jesus Christ please stay away from it I know it sounds like I am blaming everything on that school it was Haunted for sure and not all spirits were good my ex boyfriend tried to kill me I honestly think he was possessed by a demon because the guy I dated wasn't the same guy I came back to he was sweet when we dated then all of a sudden he started acting sinful cheating on me then breaking up with me it was just bad.

    • profile image

      Marko 2 years ago

      this is very real. i had 3 experiences recently in my room where i could see every part of room vividly including room objects that are same as in materil world. first time something grabed me in bed and lifted me to the air choking me, second time i was pushed on the chair nearby instead and last time i just felt evil presence...every time i would promptly wake up wondering why this happens.

    • profile image

      concerneddad 3 years ago

      here just recently my 7 year old daughter has been having these fits where she gets real evil,she has been biting us and kicking us and punching us and she dont remember most of it, i i had sleep paralaysis when i was young and didnt have it until i got custody of my daughter, ever since she been staying with me i been having sleep paralasis whats i notice thats different is i see a dark shadow moving from the corner of the ceiling and it spreads out over the whole ceiling, it starts on the corner where my daughter sleeps, we been taking videos of her fits to show her and her eyes are different and when we said something about it she looks at us and it appears she has crazt looking eyes through out the fit but when we say it she looks at the camera and says dont look in my eyes and then she like blinks it away and shakes her head a lil bit and you can see her eyes change!!!!! and she is disoriented for about 3-5 seconds like she didnt know what was going on!! i know my daughter and this is new and it creeps me out, we recently started going to church alot before we came aware of this we were doing alot of commuty church events we were at church or servince christ 5-6 nights a week, we recently moved and this bad energy got way worse. im thinking about posting the video and asking for help, because we have tried physicatric hospitals therapy counsling no one can help, nothing is gonna make us quit being a family, it is rough, i guess were just n the wrong side of heaven beacuse nobody will try to help break the curse!!!

    • profile image

      erik 3 years ago

      I had sucking entity on my neck about 60 lbs of pressure brissly hait.was awake but froze couldnèt move my arms.i had to will it off.then got up looked in closet othing parents door was locked.not a child about 23 yrs at morning my mom had same experience at night dad said 2 people canèt have same dream.

    • profile image

      d.alahmadi 3 years ago

      I was frozen, I saw it touching me and I felt it touching me.. My dog was freaked out! (So was I)

    • profile image

      fi 3 years ago

      i don't like talking about this much but many years ago I met ppl who were involved in the occult and after that i always had night mares every night ( really bad ones, which i had every night for just under ten years) and poltergeistic stuff and weird coincidences....things were hard and it was scary and I drank a lot to deal with the fear. Then i met a christian who prayed for me. As he prayed he said the Holy Spirit had told him there was a curse eon my life and thats why those things wee happening to me. Then in the name of Jesus he broke the curse from my lkife. I thought it wouldnt work and felt quite cynical when he prayed that but that very night was the first night without a nightmare for around ten years... also the weird coincidences just stopped over night. I didn't feel or hear anything when the christian man prayed for me but I can tell you all that after that that stuff was gone from my life. Although I wasnt a christian then i cold see that there REALLY IS power in Jesus' name and that every power on earth has to obey Him and leave when His name, Jesus, is used. Since then, nearly 20 years ago, I have believed in Jesus and He has helped me on two other occasions... Jesus is real and He will help anyone who calls on His name... Hope this helps... God bless x x :)

    • profile image

      To J 3 years ago

      I wouldn't advise offering a demon a battle.... & fyi your all ready in one, we all are.... some of us armed.... some of us oblivious.

      Read the Bible & all is explained, Jesus is our only chance with supernatural evil.

      I understand both sides of the supernatural battle & we are the chess pieces so to speak.

      Do not offer demons in..... sure if you understand the battle you might beat one, then comes it's colleague stronger.... beat that & you get another & another & another.

      No human can win, the game is in their ballpark, their home, their rules........ The Devil runs this planet & Jesus would tell you the same.

      However their are rules given by Jehovah to the Devil.... as he gave the earth to Devil..... & we can exploit these rules, it's intricately clever.

      Read the Bible & arm yourself spirituality....... then you will see & believe.

      Peace be with you Amen

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      Hmm. I don't believe all of the stories here. I think some are just trolls, or disturbed people, but after what's been happening to me, I'm starting to worry that this may be true.

      I'm not religious. Never have been. As a child and up into my twenties, I was plagued with persecution nightmares. Apocalyptic dreams, and dreams about monsters as well. You know the kind; the ones where you're powerless. I always thought they were just nightmares, although I'd had a couple episodes of waking up and seeing images. I figured it was just a sleep disorder, and never put any thought into supernatural possibilities. I never believed in that stuff.

      In my mid-twenties I

      happened to come across a book about lucid dreaming. I read it, and began practicing the techniques. I found immediate relief. I had power in my dreams, and was able to fight and defeat the challenges in any dream.

      For years, things were ok. I went about a decade without a problem. Then, several years ago, I started having bad dreams again. Worse than ever; dreams about monsters; demons and human monsters. They were just...bad. I'd start waking up feeling like something was watching me. Then, one night, I awoke, and couldn't move. I saw a bizarre figure floating over me, while I lay on my side. It had it's hand over my head, and I managed to growl 'Get the F@#% out of here!' at it. It immediately backed off, hovering away, and disappeared into the wardrobe.

      Since then I've had no waking images again, but I get that creeped out feeling often. I have been using my lucid dreaming techniques, but they no longer work. I am still able to affect my dreams, but the assault is continuous; ie destroy one monster and another appears. Wake up, resolve to combat the challenges, fall asleep, have more bad dreams. Same thing. Every night. One night a few months ago, I woke up, angry, and told the darkness about my confidence and power. I told it that if it's a demon, I'm going to annihilate it's spirit, or absorb it into me and destroy it, or grab it and pull it out into this world. It's gotten even worse since then, and a couple weeks ago I had a dream where I had to grab a spirit and pull it through a doorway with me to keep it from terrorizing innocents in the room. Now, something has been TOUCHING me in my sleep; last night, I jerked awake when something grabbed my waist. The pressure was strong enough to wake me, and I'm a deep sleeper.

      I'm sorry about the wall of text but I wanted to explain my situation, and get some feedback. Is this demonic persecution? Did I do something wrong by antagonizing/defying it? If this is real, and I'm starting to seriously wonder, what the hell do I do? I believe that confidence, a just heart, and mental strength and power are important, but I know there's something not right, because I shouldn't be having such hideous dreams; I definitely shouldn't be feeling things grab me. I'm in the best place I've ever been in my life, and have never felt more confident about my situation. Thanks

    • profile image

      To Toni..... 3 years ago

      I've noticed that Toni.. beat one minion & the next ones stronger.....If your getting that sort of attention your spiritual journey is going ok... it's a brilliant'le never beat them, Jehovah know's you won't but only wants you to try, they'll make you stronger & stronger as you go up (or down) their demonic ladder, Jesus Christ was the only person on this earth to resist the top Demons....& they hated him for it.

      Interesting point there about the 7 demons....

      The Devil has 7 heads.....

      Satan god of anger

      Lucifer god of pride

      Mammon god of covertness

      Ashmodius god of lust

      Leviathan god of envy

      Beelzebub god of gluttony

      Belfegor god of sloth

      The 8th head has not yet shown it's self...... it's name is Distruction

      WARNING....I give this information to help 'all' understand who & whats behind most any problem they have, these are not names i throw around wili nili.... i now have to put my head in a Bible for 2 hours just for wrighting them names.... say them or research them & they know you.

    • profile image

      To Alyssa.... 3 years ago

      Stop smoking & walk lots.......

    • profile image

      To Rob A Marsh 3 years ago

      An old wife's tail suggested that those close to death would experience seeing supernatural things..... who knows

      A 'truly world class' master of meditation & astral projection says that we see these things when we are low on 'yang' Chi...

      Stab wounds would have affected your Chi.....

      Chi is our life force energy that flows around us...... (for those who don't know)

      The man in quistion is Jhon Chang of the Mo pai meditational system..... (not much out there on him)

    • profile image

      To Gavin.... 3 years ago

      I (like you) am a man of God 'Jehovah' who became obsessed with the 'cough cough'........

      I came to understand very quickly.... even speaking a demonic name will get you noticed by that entity & it's minion's, keep on & thets say you get more than noticed....... it will appoint you a follower.....

      so many people walk this earth with no idea what's latched onto them over the years..... They follow... 'you entertain without understanding'... They enter you.... They control our life situations within that remit.

    • profile image

      Toni 3 years ago

      I use to experience this too as a child and now that I am an adult I have become stronger and can deal with it much better. First of all I would like to say that "All seers are prophets but not all prophets are seers" I pray them out or war them out but "You" have to take dominion over your home and situation. You see my mother too and her ministry use to come to my home and bless it just so I could stay in my home because I would be so afraid that I could not move, the terror was that great. I would not sleep because I was so afraid and they do have an order depending on what your dealing with, some do smell like a sulfa, porta toilet, or just a bad stench. For some people it could be because they opened a door to give them access, for others is may because of who they are dealing with because people can deposit junk. It's like the Bible scripture when your house is clean and you don't fill that empty space with God's Word then that demon will come back to occupy that space with 7 more demons more powerful because it knows you were to powerful for it so it brings back a posse. There is so much on this subject that I can not get into all of it and yes people do think your crazy, my family did all through growing up but now they see too but I am what they and some ministries call "The Seer". People find a church home and get a personal relationship with God. It is not enough to just believe in God, you have to believe Him. You are all probably Prophets and don't know it. Remember as in the natural as in the spiritual and what you bind on earth you also bind in Heaven meaning what you release and what you loose here on earth you also loose in heaven.

    • profile image

      Alyssa 3 years ago

      For the past month I've been waking up at like 2 or 3 am and I can't breathe. I feel like someone's choking me. I smoke cigarettes and I have a smokers cough kind of but it's nothing like how I cough at night. I'm scared and I don't know what to do.

    • Penny G profile image

      Penny Godfirnon 3 years ago from Southern Iowa

      When people talk about ghosts, I tell them , no I do not believe in ghosts. God does not let souls roam the earth. HOWEVER, demons are another thing, satin runs that troop. I have had many attacks in several homes,as well as at my work, it actually made people quit!

    • profile image

      nana in mo 3 years ago

      Hello to all. I read many of the storied on this site. I believe only some of them. To those of you that are making up stories we are not amused. You could better use your time calling your mom or something.

      First let me tell you a little about myself. I am a grandmother now and have always had visions of things to come. I see airline crashes, grandkids getting stung by bees, flat tires, fires etc .... Usually bad things, but sometimes I can prevent them. I can hear spirits but not see them. I can smell things that shouldn't be there. I get goose bumps when spirits are around. My mother also has heard spirits at the same time as me. Also, my sister. Although my sister can actually see them.

      I lived in a big old house with a pool. I moved there in 1999 with my four children and husband. Within two weeks the knocks started. A small child would scream out to us. I could feel a child when I was in the basement doing laundry or just hanging out. The pool was just outside the walkout basement and I would normally here screams coming from that area. I finally did some digging and found that a young female child had drowned in our pool about 36 years earlier.

      One day when I was watching my grandson instead of following me inside the house he headed for the pool. I opened the back door, threw the toys inside and hollered at the same time " Don't get close to the pool". Immediately I heard a little girls voice say " don't get to close to the edge". And she repeated herself again. It was very clear and loud. I could not tell where the voice was coming from, it sounded like it surrounded the area. She made her presence known the whole time we lived there. Then the day I was moving out, my mother and I were cleaning up a bit. We were the only ones home. It was quiet, no TV, no animal noises, nothing. At the exact same time we hear a young lady, maybe 30 or so, say very clearly "hello". Didn't follow up on this one cause I was leaving the next day. Now I am in my new house, which is an old house. I live with my sister. My kids are grown and gone. And we have a new ghost. But this one is different. I smell sulfur. She sees a ghost and I get the goose bumps. Everywhere I have lived and everywhere I go there are spirits. People that know me well know that I have something with visions and that they are always correct and I can hear spirits and sense them. I don't care if people don't believe me. I can't turn it off and on. I wish I could. So to all you believers, thank you for reading my story. To any non believers, Why are you reading my story?

    • profile image

      Darren 3 years ago

      I can sense them/it

    • profile image

      Karoline 3 years ago

      Out of respect for you and your spells I must make this testimony know to all. I've been to other spell casters and psychic readers before, but in my opinion you are the best. I just wished I came to you earlier, but hey I got the best for last and that is Lord Osaze. My ex was gone for a year and I went everywhere and other spell casters for help but no result until my friend introduce me to Lord Osaze. After that Love Spell and Break Up Spell was done I finally gotten calls from him out of no where within 12 hours. Him and the other lady broke up and we are going on a vacation together... Thanks and I love you for helping me. To everyone who is looking for a real spell caster contact "spirituallove@hotmail. com"

      and he will help you..

    • profile image

      Rob A Marsh 3 years ago

      I always kinda new god was real but then I met MTV an thought I had to be some gangster ass sorry "for swearing " drug dealer then I had a son an I love my son any way I always had feeling about things people places the works it all kinda seemed like a movie an lil Wayne states "life is a live that I seen to many times" anyway an to mention I had a pretty shitty child hood I was an still am being humbled everyday but now to my main point I always knew something would happen to me when I was 25 well my birth day is on Nov 11 I got stabbed 9 times by some little punk cause I was trying to save my friend from getting stabbed I'd do it for anyone but anyway he's a light weight that dude would have killedy friend I'm 6'3 300 I could handle it lol wrong he stabbed me 8 times in my back going thru a lung an stabbed me in my main artery in my heart it dropped me on the spot a part of me died that day I've never been the same an my premonitions or wat ever they are are getting to the point I get light headed an my hearts pumping a million beats a min an I've tripped am ate x an ate mushrooms if been around the block wit drugs wish I never did but one day I tryed k2 it enhanced it I've never been more afraid in my life now things r so much worse its messing up my marriage an I love this one she's my soul mate but that thing I'm going tthru is maken me not even trust her man I hear things that I know I heard but I be like wat no way or I see something out the corner of my eye I know on not crazy I need someone to talk to someone that will believed an understand me HELP please I'm going insane

    • profile image

      real 3 years ago

      My experience was way worse because the day I got of work and the kids were still at school I decided to take a nap on the couch but then I saw some thing run into my daughters room so I thought I was just seeing things but then I heard foot steps and childish laughter so I get of the couch and go into my daughters room only to find every thing just the way it was supposed to be but when I go lay back on the couch I the laughter again but now I hear whispers so I think maybe I'm just on edge so then I hear a bunch of noise come from my daughters room this time I think its a robber so I grab my firearm only to find her toys broken the dolls all have been dismembered cotton every where her mirror had been cracked and I go to the closet to see the clothes all under her bed then I look in the closet only to see these words come and play with us forever in some thing that looks like blood I called the police and they still don't have an answer for what happened

    • profile image

      luther2 3 years ago

      You are not alone! From birth was raised in a Pentecostal church. I am now 45. I have served in the military with an honorable discharge, and am nearing retirement as a law enforcement officer. I still to this day specifically recall one night before I began Kindergarten. I was five years old. My father had passed away in a car accident, so I lived alone with my mother. Both my maternal and paternal grandparents were devout Pentecostals. I had already been taught the Lords Prayer, and was asked to recite it each night before going to bed. On this specific night, my mother was awake in the living room watching television and asked me to go to bed. I asked to be able to stay up and watch tv with her, but she said "no." I even said "please," but she still said "no, you must go to bed." I conceded to go to bed but wasn't happy about it. As I was leaving she said "be sure to say your prayers." I remember being upset that I couldn't stay up with her. Keep in mind I was only five so I replied "NO!, I am not going to pray ever again." I then went to my room. As I was the only child at the time, I am not sure why, but I had a bunkbed in my room, and always enjoyed sleeping on the top bunk. It was just two or three feet below the ceiling. I got into bed and had not fallen asleep. Suddenly the drywall of the ceiling above me shattered leaving a hole about two feet around, just above me. Peices of the ceiling was all over me, my bed and my blanket. There was a slight white mist dusting the air from the ceiling basically exploding. Out of this hole came a demon. It was about eighteen inches tall, and had a body of three round segments. It was like looking at a snow man, however; the segments were black. On its head section it had antenna, like an insect. It had slits for eyes and a mouth that glowed red. It said to me "Pray, or come with me." if you can imagine the higher pitch meow of a cat, but actually saying words as opposed to meow, that was the voice. I was terrified. At that young age, without saying it, I knew the being ment that it would kill me and take me to hell. I said in a frightened young submissive voice, "O.K., I will pray." I then began to recite the Lords prayer, as I had been taught. The being went back into the hole, then suddenly the ceilling peices sucked back up towards the hole and repaired itself. As if the hole were never there. This was a terrible experience for a child, and as a middle aged adult, I still can picture it vividly. But, I did have it's blessings. I can quite quickly and easily discern good from evil. In theologies, people, possessions, and places. Some refer to this as a "spirit of discernment." It also affirms my religious beliefs. As my beliefs are not based on "faith," I know demons exist, therefore, I know god exists. The best advice is to pray daily and put on the whole armour of god to avoid the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:11-12)

    • profile image

      Gavin 3 years ago

      Last year I became obsessed with demons and the supernatural, I read every article, forum, passage, watched hundreds of videos late into the night about demons and things of that sort. I'm a christian and don't know why I was so obsessed with it, but I probably would have tried to summon a demon at some point, which freaked out and excited me at the same time, its wierd. Over the next month or so one of my younger brothers told me that in the middle of the night he looked over the side of his bed and saw something short, maybe three feet tall staring at my other brother sleeping in his bed. A week later that sleeping brother told me he snuck downstairs to watch tv and out of the corner of his eye he saw a dark and shadowy figure about three feet tall and was terrified and kept trying to stare at the tv. This freaked me out because he didn't know about what my other younger brother had told me. I thought that somehow I was inviting demons into my house. One night I was sleeping, and around 2 :00 in the morning i opened my eyes to see my bedroom door at the foot of my bed (which I always keep closed before I go to sleep) open silently and a dark hooded figure about 7ft tall sort of stepped in, but its hard to explain, he was sort of transparent but wasnt. He didn't have a face i could see, just two glowing eyes. He didn't speak to me but I heard clearly in my head a voice that said these words exactly, "Do not mess with the unknown." Then the figure reached towards my leg and touched it, instantly causing a searing pain in my leg causing me to jump out of bed clutching my leg in pain, but when i looked at the door, it was closed and the figure was gone. My leg hurt me for the rest of that day. I havn't looked into anything to do with the demonic and supernatural since. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, did it really happen? Am i crazy? By the way this was about a year ago and nothing similar has happened since this happened. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone?

    • profile image

      Cindy 3 years ago

      Nea, let me ask you a question . Do you have a good prayer life? How often do you pray? The more u pray, the lesser and weaker the devil will become. So don't panic, just keep pray hard for u n your mom and the devil cannot do anything to you. It only tried to scare you. All you need is to pray , pray, and pray..

    • profile image

      Nae 3 years ago

      Please help.. I am used to sleep paralysis. I had an OBE during one when I was 8. That was one of the few times I was spooked by one. I used to think something was out to get me but They went away after I turned 14.. Exactly A month ago, I had a NDE. I saw alot of things during that experience. It changed me.They came back but this time, I felt something in my womb. it was like I was giving birth. In my dream I was giving birth but when I opened my eyes I still felt the pain. Then I felt myself coming up like I was pushing something out. I may have seen something as well but I'm not very sure. It was storming when this started and when it ended the storm went away. I can tell because I was sleeping beside a balcony. A lot of weird things have been happening to my mom too. She says a little girl talks to her. She's very out of herself she doesn't act the same. I am scared please does anyone know what is going on?

    • profile image

      Cindy Nguyen 3 years ago

      As reading your story Brian Hume, iam so sorry that this happened to you. Y only advise to you is keep praying to God constantly and you will find peace. Once you have your peace, your worries will be lessen .

    • profile image

      Brian Hume 3 years ago

      I will be brief as this was awful. I have been in the White light to visit my Grandmother and then many other out of body and sleep paralasis situation. One night I was resting and then saw 3 Demons rotten scum they are. I was then in the middle of them. One of them was about 7 or 8 ft tall and as I tried to get by him as he seemed to be in control a green hand came out from the ragged clothes and blacked out face and pushed me back. The scum Demon touched me as he did so. My life has never been the same please help as I feel I am being snuffed out bit by bit from all types of sickness, even divorce. I was thrown out of the house one week after incident then another week I was almost dead from pancreaitus, then intestinal block, broken bones, onset of arthritis, diabetes, chronic pain, depression and this list goes on and on. Will someone help me please. My email is I am so depressed that if it was not for my daughter I believe I would have already killed myself, however I will not do this and ruin her life. My Brother did it and it put me in a severe depression. I still get sleep Paralaysis so can someone reach out. I cant take much more of this.

    • profile image

      rodrigo 3 years ago

      yes my friend i hear you !! its terrifing but we all have had experiences and sometimes sometimes we have experience more and worse than those you have mentioned!! you have a purpose here.. you will do great things!!!! your cross will be heavy to carry... ii think people that experience those things are blessed to have known them... caz in your future lays great battles and God will led you thru them caz you my friend know the truth and the existence of hell!!! People are consumed by materials things when in reality , we should be consumed by faith!!! i am a sinner just like you !!! but we can repent before too late...

    • profile image

      john 3 years ago

      I have been through similiar things. At one time i thought it was spiritual. To me it felt worse almost like im looking right at the paranorma with many other people as audience. I think its other humans now. It seems weird but science has been around a long time.

    • profile image

      jade 3 years ago

      When I was a kid myself and my sister shared a room she's a year and half older then me I will never forget that night I woke up from my sleep to see her in her bed fast asleep but yet she was standing at the foot of my bed staring at me but had a look of anger and hate it was intense evil it couldn't have been her looking at me I was in such shock couldn't believe what I had seen kept looking back at her laying fast asleep in her bed and then staring back at this thing that looked just like her but I know it wasn't the eyes were souless so hateful and toward me.

      The next day I never mentioned it to anyone then a few years later when I was in my teens something lifted me to sit upright in my bed and hugged me and stroked my hair anf face but this time I didn't feel fear just pure love and I couldn't open my eyes I tried so hard but could not get my eyes to open it vanished after hugging me and only then my eyes opened.

      Then about 2 years later I woke up from coldness and fear only to find a black thing next to me it happened so fast was there for a few seconds and just dissappeared it was like a black blob with red eyes when I tell ppl these stories they say it must be my imagination but I know what I saw as crazy as it sounds!

      The last time I've experienced something was a year ago something was in my room with me and it wasn't good felt like a bad presence I started praying and it went away.

    • profile image

      Yeshua Is Alive 3 years ago

      My grandfather had shamanic ties. My family became Christians after my father, who had denied that Jesus was the son of God, became paralyzed for three days after he cursed His name, and after the 3rd day, he confessed that he believed that Jesus was the Son of God and the was able to get up and move.

      When I was a child, after we started going to church, I dreamt about Jesus. He came down from heaven and I started to dream in color thereafter. Previously, my dreams were in black and white.

      My grandfather, with the shamanic ties, used to send blankets as gifts to my family.

      I didn't always have a demonic experience when I used one of my grandfather's blanket, but my demonic experiences always happened when I was sleeping with one of those blankets.

      The devil would come for me in dreams. He sometimes came in other forms: a wolf, a tiger, a Mormon preacher, etc...

      I could always, with the help of the Lord, keep the devil from coming inside.

      In high school, during my senior year, I "woke up" with the sound of static all around. I felt hands all over, gripping the blanket from all sides, trapping me. I felt paralyzed. I saw to the left that there was a black cat close to my face. I felt it scratch my face, and I remember thinking, I am going to have marks on my face tomorrow morning when I go to school. How would I explain it?

      I heard a voice, and demonic laughter, and the voice said to me, can Jesus save you now?

      It was with great effort that I cried out the name of Jesus. In that moment, the spirits disappeared. They looked like the ones in the movie "Ghost" that take away the bad guys except.

      I never smelled sulfur or vomit, but whenever I would have an experience like this, there is always a static sound accompanies the presence of unclean spirits.

      Call on Jesus, yes you can use the Anglicized version, or Yeshua, the Hebrew version. It is the spirit of your call that matters. If you believe that Jesus can save you, He will.

      He has already paid the price for all people from the beginning of time to the end of time. We all belong to Him whether we acknowledge it or not. Everyone has the His blood on them. Those who follow evil have not claimed their right to be His children. We are called to show them that they are forgiven and not give the devil anymore trophies.

      Jesus loves us and the devil cannot take that away. Let us live to show others His love.

      Demons will come to those who have been particularly touched by the Lord for whatever reasons. They will persecute those who are the most threat to Satan. Keep in prayer, and have comfort that God is the Creator and All Powerful.

      And be glad that your names are written in the Book of Life and that you are the beacons for those who have not yet repented.

      The world has become very, very dark. There are traffickers of drugs, people, and like one of the posters, have demonic appetites. We must collectively pray for those who are lost. Those who the devil have influenced to hurt, kill, rape, become cannibals, and do unimaginable things to their fellow brethren. We need to pray for them as well as those who have been persecuted because of His name sake.

      Demons are vapors. Jesus is the rock of ages.

      "The greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart and mind and soul. The second is to love your neighbor. All the commandments are founded on these two."

      ~ Jesus

    • profile image

      Marian 3 years ago

      My partner always shouts at me and accuses me of ‘being up to something’. Things got so bad a couple of weeks ago that he started to harm himself in front of me. I think he did this to frighten me and it’s worked but what can I do now to help him?

    • profile image

      Myawallace 3 years ago

      I know exactly what you guys are talking about. I'm battling a deeeeeeep demonic battle and It's only by the grace of God why I am still alive. Some christian don't understands. I'm tired of hearing voices in my head and things touching me in my sleep. The devil is a liar and a defeated foe. Jesus Christ is powerful then the devil and will always be. No matter how bad the battle is, Jesus came to set the captives free. Deliverance is the children bread.

    • profile image

      Mariya 3 years ago from USA

      Pray in Yahushua's name. Yahushua is the Messiah (in Hebrew means Yahuweh saves)

      "Jesus" is not the Messiah's name.

      Demons know His name and shake before Him.

      Do not be deceived.

      Yahushua is the Messiah!

      Yahuweh saves!

    • profile image

      orla kelly 3 years ago

      I've had lots of spiritual experiences since a child , some scary ... My hair being pulled ... bedclothes taken off my bed ... and both my hands being scratched by someone ... and ive seen dark figures and men and women ...

      Ones that's really bothering me which I can't understand ... One night my son was lying beside in bed and I feel asleep ... My son Owen seen a white cloud come out from the wall and into my mouth and back out again ... I really don't no what is was but my son was not scared ... My be someone could explain that to me ??

    • profile image

      Johnc704 3 years ago

      I discovered your blog site on google and test a number of of your early posts. Proceed to keep up the excellent operate. I simply extra up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. Looking for forward to reading extra from you in a while! eegeggecdecf

    • profile image

      DEMON SLAYER 3 years ago

      I used to have spiritual attacks where these demons would attack me with an electrifying sensation, kinda feeling that was very painful and used to happen to me almost every night between the hours of 3am til about 5am every morning since I rededicated my life back to the lord Jesus. I would always know when they were about to turn up to torment me and all I could do is lay there and get smashed by them. This happened every night for about 6 months until I went to the Pastor who I recommitted my life to Jesus with and he laughed thinking I was joking until his wife had seen the conviction in my eyes and said to him Ken I think he means it and I said of course I mean it I haven't had a descent nights sleep since I gave my life back to Jesus, any who cut a long story short I found the key to beating them here it is for real, when they come and you will always know when they are about to turn up you have to wake yourself up, get up, raise your hands to the Lord and ask in the name of Jesus, Lord please reveal the demon spirit that is attacking me and God will reveal the spirit or spirits. For me the spirits attacking me God use to bring it into my thought of mind. When he does you have to bind that spirit in the name of Jesus and command it to go back to that place which was designed for it and never to return in the name of Jesus. For me I had several demons one was the spirit of violence I forgot the rest of them but this one was pretty hectic and I also seen the black figures too. Sounds crazy I know but guess what I was there going through it and now they don't mess with me because I'm strong in the spirit and they pretty much crap themselves now when I'm around. I hope this helps someone going through it too and for those of you who don't believe it thank God that you haven't had to deal with these type of things amen!!

    • profile image

      Ralphael 3 years ago

      hey i have a friend who says a ghost watches her sleep since she was 10, and she isnt very religous. i am just lookin for some answers like who is this ghost, which i think may be a demon or somtin, because the other night it scratched her on her thigh, and it left 3 scratch marks. the middle one is scarred too.

    • profile image

      blessedforever 3 years ago

      Please if you desire to come to Nigeria for prayers beware of fraudsters, do not pay money to anyone just call the church an make your enquiries and then use the agent you know from your base for processing your visa and tickets.

      Watch this ...

    • profile image

      blessedforever 3 years ago

    • profile image

      blessedforever 3 years ago

      Dear People,

      These things are existing but we are over comers in CHRIST JESUS. check sites below for help from emmanuel TV....

    • profile image

      Sara Bartolino 3 years ago

      Alexis, demons exists, bad spirits exists. They feed on fear, whenever you feel a presence just sit down pray to God outloud or in your head and don't be afraid.

    • profile image

      Alexis 3 years ago

      I'm so glad I found this. I don't even know where to begin. I am 18 years old and I never thought things like this could happen. But I've always known there was something about me, something I had connections to. Something of the unknown, not of this work that exists. I guess the earliest memory of anything would have to be around when I was 6 or 7, my dad had just passed. One night I was laying in my parents bed and my mom had gone to the bathroom. But there was something at the end of the bed. A man, some kind of figure that was just standing there looking over me. I called out for my mom Becuase at first I thought it was her, but It wasn't. She was in the bathroom and my step dad was sound asleep next to me. After that I can't really say anything else happened. My parents had then split and I moved into a house with my mom and her boyfriend. While staying there I had a horrible dream where something had picked me up and was flipping me around in the air of my room. I tried running though the house to get to my mom, but in my dream she just stared at me. Like whatver it was, didn't want me to be safe. I then moved out to my boyfriends and nothing has happened. Until a few days ago, including last night. My boyfriend has left for college and I had to go back to my moms. A few days ago I had heard something in my room, and I thought it was a mouse. But then all of a sudden I had a feeling of terror. Like something had taken over my body from head to toe and I've never screamed so uncontrollably and terribly. I convinced myself I was just freaked out and it was a mouse, Becuase I had discovered some droppings. I had convinced myself I was okay and that nothing was trying to get me. But just last night I was perfectly fine and layin in bed and all of a sudden something exhaled in my ear. Something breathed in my ear.. And again I felt a terror of chills from head to toe and screamed a blood chilling scream. Scaring my mom and her boyfriend. I hope and pray to go for protection. I don't know if I'm crazy or what's happening to me.

    • profile image

      Sara Bartolino 3 years ago

      I believe you, I had my own experience with a demon. In 2004 I used to live alone on rent, after a few months living there, just like any night, I went to bed and that night is when I dreamed the worst dream of my life. I dreamed that I was washing dishes in the kitchen sink, there is a window wich I could see the backyard and a street, that's when I saw what looked like hunters, chasing an animal, I couldn't make what kind of animal it was, all I know is that it looked black, so the animal ran from these hunters and I saw it pass Under my window and entered through my back door wich the door is in the kitchen. That's when I woke up to go to work. The day passed, the evening come, I closed my tv the lights and was going in the bedroom, the moment I wanted to enter my bedroom, I felt something or someone stopping me from entering the room, I couldn't understand why, but I just couldn't go in. My mind did not even go to the dream I had the night before. So I didn't make much of it, and went to sleep on the couch and since i always keep a blanket on the couch I was good. The Windows were all closed as well. So I finally fall a sleep and I don't know how long it took for to fall a sleep, but at a certain point a felt a breeze moving the blanket that was on the side of the couch. Something told me not to open my eyes, I concentrated on that Wind and there was someking of a breething and it was a breeding of a bull. I had my head partially covered and I looked through the blanket, that's when I saw the splitting image of a black bull with hornes breething down on me, that's when i realised that the reason that I couldn't go in the bedroom, it's because there was a demon waiting for me and who know what was going to happened to me, instead on the couch I felt safe. All week that week I slept on the couch, at the end of the week I was talking with my mom on the phone and told her what was going on in my appartment. She's a believer and thanks to her, that same night the demon left and I went to sleep in my bed. I'm having gose bumps just writing it. I never saw this demon again, but now that I live in a house with my dog and my husband, I feel presence and with the light of my cellular in the dark I see orbs, but my dog sees the orbs when I go to bed, he sits on my bed and looks left and right following the orbs and I know theres a presence in the house, particulary in the basement, when I go Watch tv downstairs, my dog staires at the back room with the frecnh door closed and growls at it. I believe in demons, I'm not afraid of them, that's why the demon can't touch me. Believe but don't be afraid.

    • profile image

      olga 3 years ago

      Hello... For the past couple of weeks I have had nightmare after nightmare... Then the other day my house smelled like sulfur, But I could not figure out why until now. Then last night I was demonically attacked. This demon was trying to rape me. I thought someone had broken into my home... Until I realized I was frozen and could not move. It kept saying I got you now, I got you Now. I tried to wake up my husband... But I was frozen I could not even move tounge or my mouth. When I realized this was a demonic attack I was frightened. Then I at first called the name of Jesus in my mind. The my tounge loosened up a little and I started to say, In the name and by the blood of Jesus.... This I repeated over and over. Immediately the sexually attack stop and my tounge was loosened but I was still frozen and I seemed to be blind. All I could see was utter darkness. Then finally it released me while I was saying In the name and by the blood of Jesus... I laid there in the bed in shock. I was trying to decided if It was a dream or was I awake. I went to the bathroom trying to shake this feeling. I could still feel the demons presence this was no dream. I check on my children and began to pray until it left... There was a strong spiritual battle going on. I could feel it. I have not had an attack like this since I was saved over 14 years ago.

    • profile image

      pete devost 3 years ago

      how to deal with spirits.I have had experiences since my early teens i'm now 50. The lifting up, groin pulling.weight on the chest,seeing blue, green and red spirits with my natural eye etc. They still buzz me once in a while when i'm dreaming like jumping at me or try to be intimidating . i usually roll over and go back to sleep. Now as a believer i would call on the Holy name of Jesus rebuking them in his name, but for the demons that persist strong worship and high praises to the Lord will give you freedom and power from and over them. They never get in my space any more the Holy Spirit lets me bash them if they do. Sounds nuts except for people who go through it. thanks pete

    • profile image

      ken howell 3 years ago

      Demonic spirits are for real, They invade our privacy, interfare with our sleep, etc. But we have assurance of God's protection, against them if we trust Him to keep us safe.

    • profile image

      Prophetess 4 years ago

      Am from Africa and have had experiences with the spiritual world since I was young but its not necessary to narrate them. What you should know is that satan and his troop fear, cower and flee at the name of Jesus Christ and the summoning of the blood of Jesus. 2 Kings 2:21 Elisha anointed water with salt and healed the land of death and barrenness. If you are attacked, take a glass of water, pour in salt and pray over it for the spirit of God to change it into the blood of Jesus. Sprinkle all over your house in faith declaring the blood of the Lord Jesus. You MUST also live a holy life

    • profile image

      12345 4 years ago

      this stuff is real i saw a shadow person and was paralyzed at my sisters house sleeping along side my wife every night for about a was horrible.if this happens say GOD'S true name JAHOVAH or his son JESUS or JESHUA it work through his power and your faith.My parents house was attacked before i was born and they were not shy demons they attacked the house by slamming cabinets rattling blinds, pretty much like a movie and in front of my cousins ,my sis and bro. crazy but we need to always know that JAHOVAH IS THERE FOR US.GOD BLESS.

    • profile image

      DeoGratias 4 years ago

      Alex, give an email address and I'll write you. A temporary email will do. Liberating people from these sort of night mares is what I do and your privacy need not be compromised. Yours, DG

    • profile image

      Alexander 4 years ago

      Please respond

    • profile image

      Alexander 4 years ago

      Ok im came to this website because I've been haveing some problems....I don't believe in god or any of that crap however I do believe I ghost and other things. Ok when I was little my sister and I meet a demon named nom he's back i am now 15 years old I am being flowed watched and now im seeing and seeing things and have a sleeping problem I can only stay awake at night and im have a veary hard time staying awake in day and its getting worse idk what to do. GGG

    • profile image

      Kaylahk 4 years ago

      I know this post is petty old, but i had an experience where i'd see like something tryna attack me in my dreams and i'd try to fight it and lose. I kept dreaming every night about that until my maid told me it's something trying to attack me. When i knew i prayed and it was gone..then i dreamt while being half awake that a male's voice was laughing at me. Havent seen anything as such again, thank God

    • profile image

      Kaylahk 4 years ago

      I know this post is petty old, but i had an experience where i'd see like something tryna attack me in my dreams and i'd try to fight it and lose. I kept dreaming every night about that until my maid told me it's something trying to attack me. When i knew i prayed and it was gone..then i dreamt while being half awake that a male's voice was laughing at me. Havent seen anything as such again, thank God

    • profile image

      Natalie Popova 4 years ago

      I have a friend that had a demonic attack before a year..the demon was into her.when she heared the name of God,she was strugling and nervos, she couldnt look at a crusefix,she was trying to escape from the people who belive in god,3 times she wanted to kill herself but her boyfriend resqued migth night she went in a hill next to her house and she was calling the wolfes..the demon made her talk something she usuarlly dont talk and make things she usuarlly dont make..the last time when the demon was in her was in a night in her home with her boyfriend and he said to her you can come with me and god or you can suffer with the evil..and with the last power she stand up from the bed and went to her bf and she fall down infront his feed..that the demon in her tried to get away with her body crawing away and than she pould the chair to fall on her neck but in that moment her bf put his hand on her neck and saved her..after that night the demon never shoewed up..before 3 months i start to hear strange sounds, i hear people talking at night but theres no people,i hear cars stoping but theres no cars ,starnge things are happening ,i cant sleep,i feel like someone is in the room,but theres no one,im afraid it comes for me..

    • Sophie Bennett profile image

      Sophie Bennett 4 years ago

      wow I had the exact same experience as jlg0404 when I was about 3 when a demonic voice said come here

    • Sophie Bennett profile image

      Sophie Bennett 4 years ago

      wow I had the exact same experience as jlg0404 when I was about 3 when a demonic voice said come here

    • profile image

      Pamela Mendoza 4 years ago

      my dad is experiencing some stuff just as evil but this is because he is cursed. hes lost his house, he distance himself from all his family, yet we still love him and care for him its hard to help him when hes a grown man and doesn't want no help. Many strange things have been happening this week, he lost his girlfriend, hes being sued by his landlord, hes sick very sick, everytime I text him he tells me he's dying. He went to a good witch person to get a limpia and the lady said "i dont know why you havent died yet mr. mendoza, you need to change your ways, the devil has you in his hands and he is choking you, you must get out of your house now that how is evil, i normally ask to bring me one egg but i need two from you, you must come today to me at 6 pm i will meet you, either that or you will not make it through this" so he went. And im not going to lie, we cant help him because he has a really bad drinking problem, he's going to do 2 yrs in prison aswell so they want to sentence him so hes just depressed right now, especially because his girlfriend left him this week too. So he goes, my little brother gave mes details on how it went, I prayed and so did my mother and older brother for him. My little brother said the person who did the stuff on him was a man, he told him to close his eyes and what he saw, he said he saw a eye ball. So then he made him crack open the other egg, and as he did an eye ball came out with back on it, he took off the black in one of the eye balls but the other remains as a curse that was put on him several years ago so he can never be happy, never successed in life, always fail. So he said this one was going to cost money, because its evil, passed evil. My dad said he would come back in a few days with the money, so yesterday I texted him "dad, are you ok" , his response "im very sick" so now he told my mom he saw a "girl at my corner of my room, she was all blue crying, she was a demon and when i came close to her she looked up at me and...." well i will see for myself today. Im very worried for my dad right now, if anybody knows anything please reach me on my email at

    • profile image

      Dennis Teel 4 years ago

      while I believe that demonic attacks are real,i also disagree with legalistic Christians who claim that it happens because of these imperfect Christians watching bruce willis movies or lining to aerosmith..these attacks have zero to do with those things and it's a bondage to the law(which is a spirit) that evokes such replies from people...most of the time these attacks occur because of something a person is doing right not wrongly//if the devil is attacking you it's not because you're doodling around fact,that's what the enemy prefers.he's not going to attack you and cause you to strengthen yourself as that is a danger to him..he's angry and sees an open window ,but unless you're so addicted to movies in a way that's effecting your relationship with Christ,then it certainly isn't movies you're watching causing the attacks..the same with music,whether it's rock,rap or opera..isn't it funny how so many Christians are so brainwashed by legalism that they really believe that Jesus is hardcore against someone writing songs that aren't about Him..which means if you write a song about your boyfriend or girlfriend or dog ,then you're sinning..i get sick of these idiot legalists..if any Christian tells you you're watching movies or listening to secular music is a sin,then remind that idiot that if they partake of sugar,caffeine, or shop at a store without first being certain that no gays work there,or if they go anywhere in public wherein there's a chance of hearing someone curse,..remind them of what a sinner he or she scripture says that our bodies are a temple and Christ dwells within ..if they wnna play legalism ,then play right back at 'em...demonic attacks generally occur when the devil sees that god is either using you or..GOING to use you in the future.the devil,apart from god,is the best psychologist in existence..he sees when god is going to use you by the steps he sees god taking you through..and when he senses this,he strikes hard..otherwise he'd leave you alone as he'd have no use to scare you whatsoever.he's lazy..he doesn't attack unless given good reason or when a guard is let down..this has nothing to do with the movie or cd you bought at're not required to be 'perfect',people who believe so are of he notion that god judges us by our performance..that's's not even scriptural and it's legalists that chase people away from god,not the other way around.legalists believe we'ere judged by our sacrifice and performance ..that's a shame.get rid of these attacks by asking the lord's blessing over a cup of water(using the name of jesus) and sprinkle it on your bed at the each side ,under and atop somewhere and as you sprinkle it verbally bless the areas in jesus name.verbally claim victory over the devil in jesus and thank the lord for being your protector and savior..ask of the lord to have heavenly angels watching you as you sleep to protect you from these attacks.Please don't use words like thee and thou and ye verily..i'm insulted by other ministers that preach in this fashion..after all,even if they're in England ,nobody speaks the king's English anymore..kings English isn't holy and it hasn't been spoken in years and has nothing to do with jesus or spirituality..if the holy scriptures had been unearthed today and published(in America let's say)it would be interpreted in the fashion we speak in America right now.

    • profile image

      jozy 4 years ago

      my name is Ira DeFord and I was sharing my life body thoughts dreams fears, well everything with a man named Jimmy Torres. His birthday is July 16 1987. I live in Miami Beach. I had starting recording our conversations early on as to help hi be a better communicator. through the year my phone started recording a lot without me knowing it. I have always had strong feeling. Clairvoyant you could say. The important aspect of this all is that until a few days ago I was still thinking from a fleshly world. I now know that could cost me greatly. I had a knowing he was having an affair with a woman I knew. From the day they met I felt it. I am a MTF transsexual and I have my insecurities about it on top of others that are common for all people. They met April 13 2013 I have a recording from the next day where he talks of story and my naïve self am asking questions and interested when all the while he was talking about me and her and him. How I was a man and he wanted to degrade me and I was stupid. In the hours an hours of recording I have you can hear him say her name when discussing a woman he had a vision of and how a man not a woman in a tuxedo, he means me and her cats name is tuxedo, tried to stop them from dancing, how she looked like Marilyn, this woman Alba Jaime has posters of Marilyn everywhere. He would usually taunt me never being straightforward but other times he would say it plain as day under his breathe quickly. I am under attack right now. After months and months of "friend" calling or texting at just the right time for it to be anything but his control over them. HE seduces with eye and flesh I need help. I need a group or people who believe and who fight because the are coming for me. My email is I have been awakened and I will give the rest of my life to Jesus and help others in everyday life and to become aware that this is real if I make it out of this ordeal.

    • profile image

      rakesh 4 years ago

      i too once felt that someone is whispering my name from very beside of me but i couldn't see any.that's really strange and i've felt really spooky.thank god i wasn't harmed yet.noe only that i'm having other experiences also.

    • profile image

      Tony 4 years ago

      To make this short if any one saw the movie paranormal activity the first one well every thing up till the powder on the floor has happened to me plus more. I've seen a dark shadow figure a women and I made the mistake of communicating with it. This started when I was 19 years old. Its tried many things moved, threw, and nocked things over. Its tries to pull me off my bed to try to choke me and its followed me every place I moved and when I got married it got real mad, but when I got divorced it went back to normal but as the years past by I saw it less and less but seeing is it was only after men I did the dumbest thing possible I invited it inside me to share my body so it could live again and I tried making a deal with it to get some thing in return. I did it to protect my son and my self and family and get something in return but it only partially worked I have some abilities I didn't have before but it fights me for control or my death and comes and goes as it pleases when I sleep another test I did. I thought about getting rid of it but its been with me for a long time, I'll be 34 in may so its a part of me now. There's a lot more but I'll keep it at this.

    • profile image

      Gigi4Me 4 years ago

      You are not alone! Just the other night, as I turned out the light, I started to drift to sleep when suddenly my eyes open. I saw a figure with legs and a face floating right above me. As I looked at it trying to figure out what it was, it looked at me and it lowered itself to look at me in the eye. That's when I screamed and it disappeared.

      Several years ago, while in college, i was studying for an exam while laying in bed. I just started to drift to sleep. My knee was hanging off the bed. I suddenly felt a big nudge on my knee. I thought it was my German shepherd. I opened my eyes and was pretty irritated. I looked and didn't see Lulu standing there. I looked on the floor and saw a tiny black toy poodle like dog looking back at me. I screamed and moved to the other side of the bed. It looked like the black dog stood up and was peaking at me. It had a look like it wanted to jump. I was going to throw something when it suddenly disappeared.

      Another time, as I started to go asleep, I felt like I was pushed. I woke up and saw a pair of hands right above me and they suddenly disappeared into a hole in the air. My lights were on this time, so I saw everything in detail.

      I am skeptical by nature, but I can't explain what I saw.

    • profile image

      Tim M. 4 years ago

      I really need help on this... someone email me at

      I take naps at college and sometimes i wake up to a burning or a feeling like i got punched in the face. It's so hard to describe but it's simply just pain in my face. When I was 15 I heard almost demonic latin being spoke in my garage and looked at the space where it was coming from but nothing appeared. Yes say I am lying, but I can't dream this. It was just a presence that made me unable to move. I think it's coming back though. Not sure what it is, but I feel differently when the lights go out and I don't really know what to do. The voice was a women's voice and certainly wasn't any dialect someone can speak right now nor the voice nor tone could be replicated by any human. Just thought it was interesting and anyone is welcome to help me out.

    • profile image

      cat1964 4 years ago from Belleville, Michigan

      Yes I have experiences every day. Vomit smells and garbage smells and sulfer smells. I feel huge snakes around my shoulders. I have to pray in the Name of Jesus and plead the blood. It is a daily experience. I really get worn out at times...

    • profile image

      Lee 4 years ago

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      Raymond and his Exe. are and can invade US citizens privacy and freedom of speech, demonically implant, sell your sex, harass and torture you. Is there a worse crime a Gov. Official or any human could do?

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    • profile image

      CD 4 years ago

      I have had several experiences with the super natural and demons throughout the years. I have been sexually assaulted by a demon until I overcame the spirit of fear and commanded it in Jesus Name to leave my home. Normally when the demon came upon me in the middle of the night the fear paralized me and I was unable to speak, move or open my eyes, but when I finally called on the name of Jesus I actually seen this ugly creature with human features. I watched it slither away. This happened in 1989. I have had no visitation from a demon again until last week. I went to bed at 3:30 am and felt like something was trying to force me to sleep. I felt like I could not move, speak or open my eyes. I felt very fearful and felt a strong evil prescence in my room. This happened last Monday night. Then on Tuesday night it happened again I felt paralized with fear. Then on Wednesday night it happened again, but this time it was worse. I felt something holding me down and then it took the blankets and covered my head and I could not breathe. I felt like I was suffocating. I tried to yell for my husband but I couldn't open my mouth. I couldn't open my eyes. All I could think in my mind was help me Jesus. I tried to get my arm and hand free from under the covers. I thought if I could reach the light on the headboard of my bed I could make it go away. I was drenched with sweat and thought I was going to die because it was suffocating me. I kept calling for Jesus in my mind until my mouth opened and I called on the name of Jesus. I then was able to free my arm and reached my hand to turn on the light. I commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus and when I turned on the light I felt the evil leave. My bed sheets and pillow was soak and wet from sweat and I never felt so afraid in my life. Needless to say I slept with the light on all night. Now I pray before bed and sleep with christian, praise and gospel music every night.

      Terrified and very real! I know I am not crazy just a very spiritual person!



    • profile image

      Stormiecat1206 4 years ago

      Stormo, I was also raised in the Pentacostal church. That struck me when I saw that. I have been having pretty severe, I think, demonic attacks over the last few years. The first and most memorble one was when my marriage ended and my kids and I moved home with my Grandmother. My two year old was sleeping in the room with me in her little youth bed. I was woken up by sudden pain and discomfort. I went to sit up and was pushed by by intense pressure on my right arm. My right arm was up in front of me and something was biting down on it. Hard! I felt the pressure, could her the fabric on the bed moving with it and I could hear the growl. And worse, I could feel the teeth. They weren't cutting in yet. But I went crazy trying to get it off of me. I was terrified. I didn't know what it was. Ny first thought was maybe an animal somehow got in the house because we live in the country. I couldn't I,aging how one would but that's all I could think of. And I knew I needed to get my daughter out of there. I pulled my feet up and pushed at it with my feet. Ill never forget the snarling sounds. And I said Oh God cuz I was scared. And when I did it just released and ran of the bed and under it. I felt the weight of it on me and on the bed I felt it when it jumped of the bed and I could hear its claws scrape against the wood floor as it ran under the bed. I froze for a moment cuz I was scared to get out of bed to turn on the light. But I knew that I needed to get my daughter out. I jumped off the bed as far as I could and flicked on the light. My heart was racing out of my chest. When the light came on I looked at my arm and there were scratches all over and little teeth intentions everywhere. I took my daughter in the room with my grandmother. And we went and checked my room. There was nothing there. We looked all over that room and yo under the bed. Nothing. We found nothing at all. People look at me like I'm crazy but I know what happened and I wasn't asleep. And now I'm remarried and our bed will get bumped. Hard. He has felt it now too which is comforting to. It worries him. Right after the attack I became very very sick and have been ever since. Drs can't figure out what's causing all of it. Me and my husband have heard growling. I woke up one feeling a man's hand on the side my face pushing me down and it said "Hush". After a couple of seconds it was gone. But we do have very clear pictures of something in our house. We have quite a few of them. Now my kids are starting to see things. It's truly terrifying. I want it to stop. I would love to talk to you , Stormo. No one believes me except my husband. And things just keep happening.

    • profile image

      psychic warrior 4 years ago

      Before telling you my story, my advice everyone would be please do not ever jump to conclusion. Always investigate by yourself or with the help of others you trust. Try to get a scientific explanation to any strange activity happening around you; if necessary seek medical advice if possible for some of the ailments or psychological effects. I was reading somewhere that only a tiny percentage (less than 5%) of our problems are the direct result of demonic activities.

      My mother who was born in the 1930s used to tell us many stories about witches, demons, zombies and many other strange things. I (born in 1960s) used to laugh at her and my mom was not very happy; I wish I had not been so cruel to her.

      My personal problems started 5 years ago following my separation from my ex-girlfriend with whom I have a son. I was somehow kicked out of the house and went back to my personal home that was being rented out at the time. The tenant did not want to leave, so I agreed to give her a few additional months whilst I settled in a small flat in the same building. For the first 6 months I slept like a baby. Then the problems started: plenty of hammering noises (up to 25 knocks per minute) throughout the house, sometimes unable to sleep all night long. You wake up put on the light and the noise stops. The moment you get back to bed the knocking starts again, in the ceiling, the corrugated iron roof, the water pipes, etc. I do not know how many things I was putting into my ears to block the noise but it was no use; I would wake up in the morning totally exhausted and unable to go to work. To make matters worse when I travelled to other countries it seems the thing was following me. In one hotel in Geneva I remember sometimes at night there were several doors knocking in the corridor (I would go out to see but everything was calm) and there was a lot of noise from the room above mine (I went up to the floor to get that specific room number) but reception informed me that the room was empty. Back at home the tenant started accusing me of hammering even at 3 am; I explained to her that it was not me and she get scared. The tenant, her child and some of my guests were hearing the noise proving it was external and that I was not crazy. The situation was getting worse and suddenly the tenant told me she was leaving for good. After taking over full control of my house and doing a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that the tenant’s friend (friend of my ex) had invaded my home and introduced a wide range of cursed objects (charged objects containing demonic entities); over the years I have discovered many objects in and around the house (coins, strange rocks, corral, marbles, metallic figures, small liquid-filled jars and bottles, etc) and since then I have to wear good gloves and boots whenever I go out to do gardening (otherwise touching any of those items bare-hand makes you extremely dizzy, almost collapsing). I also discovered that many of my clothes and other personal items that I brought back from ex’s home were having a strange effect on me (pain, sensation of insects crawling on me, dizziness, stomach upsets etc). I had to burn many strange objects and a whole suitcase of clothes. The situation did improve significantly. However soon there is evidence of remote psychic attack (from a distance) whereby demons are sent to attack someone, producing a variety of symptoms . The issue regarding strange smells is real: sometimes you have a strong irritating smell (like ammonia) but at other times it is like rotting plants (a bit like what you get when flowers in a jar start to rot in the water). I have never seen any dark figures but the noise + smell + physical sensations gives the proof that there is some invisible negative energy in my house. I kick them out but they (or others) finally come back. I am now in the process of developing capacity to ensure that I can kick those things out forever. There are very few good teachers around: almost all of them (including many religious leaders) are useless or fakes. Many are more interested in making a fortune on the misery of others. My enemies have said they will kill me to ensure that my son (who lives with my ex) can inherit my home and property that they can sell at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some people have advised me to sell my house and leave but I am a fighter and would wish kick more demons butts before I do anything else. If I have survived for more than 5 years, it is because I have the Lord Almighty and his mighty angels supporting me.

    • profile image

      Scarlette 4 years ago

      Actually, I had what I believe what was a demonic attack in class today.

      I know that sulfur is associated with demons and in my chemistry class, we were testing sulfur. One of my tablemates commented on how they hated the smell. I'm sick, so I couldn't smell it at all. I carried through with the lab and, while I was washing the equipment, the sulfur touched me.

      Immediatly afterwards, I got extremely dehydrated and nauseated. The room started spinning and I got very lightheaded. My teacher let me go out and get a drink of water. After that, my vision started blurring until it was all black.

      I'm sick, as I mentioned, and I know a few things about demonic attacks, so I know that being sick makes me weak and susceptible and I had the worst urge to close my eyes and just fall to my knees right then. But I'm stubborn and I kept fighting it. The feeling passed soon afterwards. I only have a little cold, so I was doing some research as to if the sulfur had brought out this reaction when I came across the suggestion that it was a demonic attack.

      I don't know what happened but it certainly wasn't human.

    • profile image

      floyd 4 years ago

      can someone email me i have had many experiances

    • profile image

      psychic warrior 4 years ago

      Apart from prayer, spiritual connection and love it is very important to fight against fear. If there is fear the demon, spirit or whatever is harassing you, will feel stronger. Strong faith in the Lord Almighty will destroy fear. Also it is important to fight against guilt. Many people (including religious people, priests, pastors, etc.) do not try to understand you or they tend to jump to conclusion when you approach them for help. Most of the time they tend to consider you to be the cause of the problem, leading to you feeling guilty and this may lead to more problems, including depression and suicide. It is true in some cases it could be because you have stayed too far away from the Lord, but it is not always the case. Bad things do happen to good people. Most of the time it can be a psychic attack from your enemies (or friends?) who are jealous of you or some very wicked people using witchcraft to destroy you, for no reason you can think of. Yes, witchcraft is still around....some people have the power (with the help of Satan) to deal with demons and you need a very good shield from God to defeat the demons or send them back to the sender...

    • profile image

      L23 4 years ago

      Hello Everyone,

      I have had several spiritual attacks through out my life and it all started when I was in High School. The first experience was the night of my High School football game . But earlier that day I was hanging out with one of my good friends who liked to smoke weed all the time and was peer pressuring me to try it. I was fed up and I told her that I was going to later that day because she kept bothering me about it. So when the time came she waved the joint in front of me to take it. But I had a bad gut feeling so I said no!...Furthermore, that night I fell asleep until I felt my heart pounding so hard and my breathing increased that I can hear myself. I knew something bad was going to happen. Out of nowhere I hear this denomic voice speak to me in my right ear with a different language that I couldn't understand and out of nowhere in the pitch black I can see a demons face appearing to me it looked human but a evil and ugly one. In my mind I could hear myself talk so I started to pray and it went away. I felt hat the devil got mad because I didn't try that joint!but it can be other stuff to who knows.

      And from there on I have been having other weird spiritual battles

      when I am asleep at night.I had a spiritual battle last night. I had the same heart pounding as if it was going to come out of my chest violently and I can hear myself in my mind very clear. Then out of nowhere I feel a pressure on my back and I started to pray but I was kinda distracted because I was scared because I wasn't able to move. As I prayed more I felt that the demon was getting more mad and was putting more pressure in my back until I said "JESUS HELP" several times and thats when the pressure went away and then there was a flash of light from the darkness. I woke up started praying and opened the bible and told myself God guide me and I ended in Psalm 121 : I lift up my eyes to the hills where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth. He will not let you foot slop he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD watches over you the LORD is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The lord will keep you from a all harm he will watch over your life the LORD will watch over you coming and going not now and forevermore. AMEN. I was analyzing the experience and I felt that the flash of light was an angel that was battling against that bad spirit and overcame it with prayer. I also was analyzing how I was sinning before going to bed like looking at things I am not suppose to and stuff like that. Therefore, My dear friends we have to pray and astray away from the sin we are accustom to I know it is hard because I myself struggle from this day by day. Prayer, spiritual connection. Love. is the 3 components to having a connection with our Jesus Christ savior. No one said it was going to be easy but it is not impossible.

    • profile image

      Daveyboy7 4 years ago

      I suffered for years with visits in the night from demonic forces but when i give my life to Jesus He defeated them and praise God i have never had them visit me again.

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 4 years ago from North Carolina

      Stormo! This is Alastar Packer. Do you realize you have visited my demon experience story over 300 times now? This not normal or healthy behavior. Please desist in future from this weird activity. Best of luck, you can do it, Stormo. Regards......

    • profile image

      Desi 4 years ago

      Hello, I just read the initial post, and I will also say that yes, there is a spiritual world and many people that encounter the types of spiritual warfare listed. I will share an experience I had with a Dark shadow that lasted about 4 years. About 13 years ago, My son was taken from me in the middle of the Day while I was at work, and because of this tragic event in my life I became angry, and I wanted nothing to do with God. I wanted nothing to do with a God that would allow this to happen to me. About two months after this tragic event I began to see this dark shadow in my bedroom at night. Not just some nights, every night and at first it was at the doorway or in the hall but as I progressively became more angry with my situation the figure got closer. The figure got closer every single night until it was at the foot of my bed and then in my bed. I would at times wake up and have the figure on top of me, and I would struggle to push it off me. The figure would touch me and pull my feet. It would cover my head with the blanket and tighten the blanket around my body. A few times it covered my mouth and then it began to laugh at me. I could hear it laughing at me, telling me I was his. I was terrified to sleep. The figure would appear every night for years, at times would say nothing just stand there, and other nights it would just mess with me as if I were a toy.

      Then one day, I was given a book by a co-worker about giving thanks, and I started to read it. I started to think on things, and my situation a little differently and then I was invited to church by my boyfriend. That was just crazy because, I still had wanted nothing to do with God and he knew that. However, eventually I went to church and people prayed over me, and I cried for about 30 minutes like a baby. Later that night, the dark shadow came to me and said, you belong to me, you belong to me and just kept laughing I woke up screaming no, but when I woke up the dark figure was still there and before he left he pointed at me and said you belong to me. I was so scared that I could not move.

      I had spoken to my boyfriend about what was happening at night, and he said," go to church and start praying," he began to explain to me about this thing called spiritual warfare and of course I looked at him like he had seven heads and was crazy, but I listened; it could not hurt that is for sure.

      I continue with this fight for another few months and one night while we are both asleep I wake up from another episode and my boyfriend wakes up and immediately he starts to pray. I could not understand what he was doing, I was in shock. When he was done he told me "I saw it, I saw the figure coming for you." My hairs stand up now even as I write this. I was in disbelief that he had seen it too.

      One day the church that I was attending had a weekend retreat, and I went. We were put into groups, and there was about eight girls in my group, most of which were raised in the church and had known God. The group leader asked us to share with the group a need, when they got to me I told them about my troubles with this dark figure. As I am telling them about the dark figure and the things that have happened to me one of the girls just blurts out she is telling the truth, I saw it. I looked at her, and her eyes swelled up with tears, and she said, last night that shadow came over our bed and told me that one their she is mine. She was afraid for me. The girls began to pray for me and my kids. The following night the figure returned; I could see the girl talking to it, I could not hear her but, I could see her talking to it and till this day I believe I was completely awake. The retreat was life changing for me; it was very impactful and life changing. I returned with a strange peace about my situation and my life and began to read the bible.

      The figure did not come every night anymore, but when it did it wanted me, except now I was less afraid, and had memorized some of the word of God for protection and used it to fight back. Some of my encounters after that were very powerful and very real; I remember one night he almost killed me. It was one of those dreams where you know that if you do not scream out or wake up you will surely die and my boyfriend saved me, he grabbed me and began praying over me speaking to the figure and eventually the figure was gone.

      I don’t see the figure anymore. I pray and read the word, but it doesn’t mean that it is not lurking out there waiting for another opportunity. I still have bad dreams but the dark figure is not in my bedroom.

      I stand on Gods promises and every day I will put on "The full Armour of God" to do battle.

    • profile image

      Mel 4 years ago

      I don't know if you still check this, but I believe I was cursed at the fetal stage by a possessed woman who told my mother she and I would die if my mother gave birth me so she offered to pray for us and placed her hand on my mother's stomach. I know it sounds like a good thing. But I don't believe in coincidences and I've had too many incidents where it seemed like something or someone was trying to lure me to evil. Please contact me. If nothing else, I'd like to get some kind of info. This was the best result on my search.

    • profile image

      justin 4 years ago

      when i was maby 6 or 7, i was laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep. I had a bed that had maby 4 inches between the bed and the head bored to where you could look down to the floor under my bed. My pillows where big heave black pillows, maby 8 pounds a piece. I was still awake when something hit the back of my pillow and knocked it along with my head up what felt like 5 inches off the bed. This was crazy and at a young age i had no idea how to respond to what had happened. I knew then as a kid that it was implosible for that to happen and i still have no idea of wtf was messing with me. I had forgot about it for years until a year ago when me and my mom were telling each other storys of stuff that had happend to us that we could not explain when see told me that when i was young one knight when she was laying in bed with me that after i fell asleep somthing had hit the back of the pillow and scared the shit out of her. Now i had never told anyone about my encounter with this even after it happend and for my mom to tell me years and years later, me now being 24 that she had the same thing happen when she was laying in bed with me. I was speachles, and am still not sure how to take this information. That encounter keeps me from having my bed off the floor to this day. Im not afaid of the dark or anything and have to have the lights off to sleep at all and consider myself to be of sound thinking. im pritty open minded and will lissen to peoples encounters with unexplainable events but am very skeptical and leave them up to somthing we dont understand or at the very least cant use science to explain. This one along with one other event in life keep me thinking that there are things out there that we cant see that can mess with us or worse and that makes me pay attention when my hair ever stands on end.

    • profile image

      will todd 4 years ago

      idk wat to say, sum of those stories seem stange or odd but I will share my experience idk wat ur lookin for I mean like I said strange (out their) but y not I keep lookin for answers I cant seem to find none.. I will tell it anyway .. wat I have went thro.. I myself remember comin into this bodie.. I came out of a hole from the ground behind a garbarge dumpster beside a picket fence onto a sidewalk into this bodie they call will!! When I was 3yrs old I was visited or experience a hooded demon an a girl could not see her face but I could see her hands an the demon cut my hair an kept it, this went on for alittle while yes it put alittle fear in me but one day I finally got up when they got finished collected more of my hair an I followed them into the bathroom an I pulled the curtian back an the hooded demon punched me in the face an I bled but wat I cant understand y did they need my hair an for wat reason im finally askin questions ive looked under everything witchcraft, voodoo, demonology.. an found nuthin remotely to wat I was askin ive ask my aunt but shes out their.. but y not ask the mentally unstable she told me resurrection ok I ask my other aunt she said sacrafice or essence.if thatz the case wat for an y!! Sorry seems alittle unorthodox. .. if im askin or tellin the wrong beings I just have quetions that needs answered..

    • profile image

      Anthony 4 years ago

      Hello, I think I may be of some help?

      I say this because I am going through something similar but very different. I'm 16 years old and I think I'm in the process of being possessed. This is a long story so please bare with me? Because to be honest, I think I'm crazy...

      One night some friends and I got high, we smoked weed. I toke a few bong hits and then after a while, it started. At first I thought it's just the high, but I felt something come into my body from my back and my body went completely numb and frozen cold. But it was like my mind was trapped inside it's self? And I had no control of my body. We then went to the car to go home (and I'm yelling in my mind trying to warn them) and I'm acting normal? But I'm not talking tho. And eventually my friend looks to me while we are in the car and his face was pure horror. He looked away and started mumbling to himself and he started crying. Later on I asked why was he crying and he said I looked like I was dead. In the car he felt my pulse but he said I didn't have one. He was in a panic and he was hitting me trying to 'wake me up'. I then suddenly got the evil grin and he said it was unnaturally big and wide. He swore that my eyes were a different color. I started to feel energy build inside of my mouth.. And I knew what the demon was about to do, kill my best friend.. And then my friend said "*my name*?" And in a voice that was far from mine, "he's not here any more"... And he then started to cry even more and I went back to 'looking dead'. Our friend came back from his house and back into the car and looked at us and said 'what's wrong with y'all?' And my other friend didn't answer. And neither did I.

      We drove home and when in the driveway--- this is wear you need to bare with me--- I looked at my friend and his eyes were black and I was screaming an he took my car fender off and before it hit me, time froze. And everything played backwards until we were smoking. And I fell over and my friends ask if I was okay. I said yea just got dizzy. And in truth I was totally off balance and my friend said we should go. (And in my mind I was like- what just happened? And I now think that I had a vision?) but anyway. Everything happend like I saw it. But this time in the driveway I started freaking out because I thought I was about to die. I was yelling demons and help like my life depended on it (cause I thought it did!). After my friends got me inside my mom was worried and she's a very religious person and she laid me down in the couch and we all started praying. But In my mind I'm still traped? And so I end up fighting the demon for control. Then I felt this warmth come down upon me and I felt an angle save me. The cold went down into the ground and I then blacked out. I awoke the next morning and questioned everything, I thought I was crazy. I still think I am!

      During the time where the angle saved me. She talked to me and said I have been chosen to spread the word about the future. The next blood moons, when The Lord saves us. The devil will rise and if we are not ready for The Lord then all is lost.

      I have had another experience since then. I was smoking with friends and then I felt the same thing start to happen. I ran out the room and found my mom and told her and she was praying and I began to shake like crazy. Long story short- demons.

      I am going to many head doctors because some think I'm crazy and some think I was possessed. I hear voices in my head now all the time. And I'm scarred I might hurt someone. But the thing is the demon is making me think my Younger brother is a demon? And I'm scarred.

      And I'm an Eagle Scout, and am in a lot of school programs. I'm want a good life, but if god has chosen me. That comes first. I must spread the message of The Lord but I need your help!

      Please don't let anything happen to your family!

    • profile image

      ahill9221 4 years ago

      I feel like I have something following me. I have felt like this for years. Occasionally I'd see a black mass watching me in the corner of my room as I sleep. But I dont think it was anything which was trying to harm me. I have a friend who can see spirits, and has told me she's seen three entities in my house: a teen, a figure who doesn't do anything but feed on energy (like all spirits do) and a black mass which she suspects is a protective spirit who has attached itself to me. (This was before I told her about the spirit.) I believe that this spirit, whoever it is, guides me and protects me. I dont know about demons, but I believe that there are two kinds: demons who are truly sadistic and love to cause pain, and those that wish to rehabilitate themselves and become good. I believe this from my friend, of course. That's my story.

    • profile image

      Jose 19 yrs old 4 years ago

      Tonight I felt something messing with my face too. i thought my mind was messing with me so i continued sleeping for about a minute. and i felt as if a palm was pressed on my cheeck and as if someone was holding my head like a basketball with one hand. so i opened my eyes too see 4 shadowy people surrounding my bed. they looked like pure darkness. 3 of them where crawling about the size of a person and the one that was holding my face was standing really tall. i quickly jumped up on my bed. i was full of fear. and yelled at them why they where here. nothing happened they just stood there staring at me. (my brother is a pastor and he told me a when i was younger 'all demons must bow at the word of jesus') so i screamed the name of jesus as loud as i could and they fell to theyr knees. and i screamed it again and said i cast you back to the pits of hell to where you belong. a dark hole opened on the floor and the 3 crawlers got sucked in crying and screaming. the tall one still stood high and grabbed me by my arms and held my face up to his (my feet are not toutching the ground anymore) i looked and saw a skull as his head. he dropped me and walked into the hole. my brothers and mom are still asleep. they didnt hear anything that happened. im scared because i believe the tall one was the reaper.

    • profile image

      gone where 4 years ago

      One big rule that helped me extend my life. Do not talk back to or fight in ur mind or get angry . try to keep calm and clear ur mind and go about ur life and not pani. they it feed off fear and damaged and panic . do not paly wise or fool. they feed off information u give out when ur in panic . also aout others , they look for info you have on wealth others they want to use against you and friends wh might help you. this is a person and a mean person but not super human. they want to appear so.. but are weak and have issues .. or they would not do this.. they do not loke to lose at their own game just like these rastas who wanted to take me for fool .. do not let them suk energy and keep calm. if u have support of someone who knows road best. go there and not be alone i was left alone . make that person see taht drs care for your wounds and needs.. take heed of drs hearing voices in your care do not drop guard at all.. test water and sense i first.. if u can help another person and hace escaped and survived this that is the road to go. the do not like to be known or seen or over power.. or have someoen up on them.. dont feel its not real. the less info and panic that u give mor strong u can become..... pray

    • profile image

      gone to where 4 years ago

      i see this is a page full of people with this same thing. why is there no group and i have had contact iwth a man who claims to do work with demon and a cop. who worked with the man in excorcist , cop ralph Sarchie. a few years back i tried to find that man and then found this man in october. however i dont see that RS has a deep interest like the person someone said....... or \.... that this kills people it seem all about movie and money and other. a real person would know what to do. i knew what to do but i could nto get a dr to put me in a hospital when i was at onst of attack when i was still a healthy talented nyc artit with a normal life and winner. months ago. if i had a dr reat to the issues no demon could find me. they look for wounded weaker or alone person and someone with asset to them just like this pimp in Negril and any bully . this i sa bully persona and someone who is stronger can run a bully from a person and protect them fact is my drs were working for the devil and so is my family ..... if there is a group and strong leader of allianc with this . they can not get to far. i wanted to be that strong one to get to kick shit and trace your demon to its route and see that you do not feel ur insane. but asi had n one like me to go to . they got to me again and 19 years of free life from a arieal castro absue situation is nothign to sneeze about. my ugly sister sneezed at it and also at death of my sister who i feel was also a target.. i worry also because my friends died and i feared also people who were able to affrim my real identity died in accidents and things like this..i feared for others who an affirm mmy real identity.. about a month ago i escaped this person and i was stil i light of god, i had an identity face and spirit and intellegence and he was leading me to my death and loving it. a sick sick evil person with charm.. i see through charm and wanted him out .. finaly i pushed him out after he stole money from me. i thanked god it only cost that much.. but i still was in danger and in shock. i was also sufferint siezures or seemed like. but i kmow that they were not seizures but someone twisting my head and mind so terribley that my brain siezed and was left disabled fro months, i would fight back and it woud happen again. usually to make me funtion backwards. drs igonred me and it finaly coast me my brain and life sanity healty on xmas this past week was the last attak on me and im left in a place very much ot like who i was just two months ago. two months seems like 38 years back in time and i can not recall real time or life. like in one flash i became someone else forever and cant fight it this time or turn back to me.. i called my dr to get urgent care just friday a neurologist i had hoped would remove me before i died and care about what was going on . but beena year and i hae not seen him. fool.. that lead for me to fall into sad place and this force take over. i was althletic and a tomboy and not go down and i filmed it also inside my brain with my eyes and up to this week when the darkness come an take my soul out and leave me someone else. i was a person just a few months ago a month and holding on to me while they dragged life out of me and sucked mmy soul out and begging for helpt o people who deaf eared me.. it was like Nicholas gage in wickerman.. for same reason. i feel this is very real. i feel that like the persons i met in jamaica who felt they to could enter my midn and use their will on me. this is a person who saw me and need to abuse same way.. with no remorse and corrupt they also walk around preach god at same time. so do not fall for wolf in sheep clothing or anyone een if they say they work with demons..

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      gonetowhere 4 years ago


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      ..........()56799 4 years ago

      I see a girl in a white dress in the corner of the room she has pitch black hair and talks to me I don't understand but my friend wakes up with bruses at her house people whisper in her ear and there are hand prints on her back I wake up with cuts on my lips and yea I woke up this morning a pain in my neck and cuts there was a broken fingernail polish bottle in the floor it was red and glass was every where setimes I see little kids in my backyard swinging I look twice and there gone

    • profile image

      DirectionManiaX 4 years ago

      I would just like some advice, so im 16 years old and i saw what looked like a man at the end of my bed when i was around 7, i just assumed that it was my grandad who had just passed away because my sister told me you normally see a ghost of your loved one once they have passed, so i just put it to the back of my mind but ever since i saw the man weird things have happened to me and my family but mainly me.. Iv had really bad nightmares and it got to the point where i had to see a doctor as i was waking up every night in tears, the doctor told me that its normal everybody gets nightmares but i knew that my nightmares weren't normal i could always smell vomit as well mainly during the night when i was alone, i could here continuing banging and doors shutting... Iv woken up with scratches on me especially triangle shaped scratches and claw marks iv seen the same ghost or demon a bunch of times, iv also been touched on my arm by something and all this mainly happens when im alone in the house, speaking of houses when all this first started happening i thought the house was haunted but then we moved and it got worse a family friend thinks i am being followed by a demon but being only 16 im not sure because it doesn't seem that bad to me but it is in reality no one comes over to our house, it sucks sometimes they don't come round because of me they say that i don't act like me sometimes and that i get moody for no reason and act strange.. My dad told me that i once also came down stairs in the night and sat on the floor but i have no memory of this i said "i was probably sleep walking" but he said i wasn't because i kinda spoke to him an he just said i looked awake but also ill which still confuses me to this day because i can't remember it all, My sister did an Ouija board to which i told her not to do but she still did.. And Im a big believer in god i am catholic i go to church and read the bible and pray! Nothing works though, im sick of it its scary and horrible i hear growling, my name being shouted waking up in pain sometimes like someones punched me.. I just don't know whats happening and don't know what to do please help me can't cope anymore! Im worried because it isn't normal its started hurting me physically now and i can't take it anymore please someone help

    • profile image

      Jimmy 4 years ago

      Here's one I had couple of years ago, I was getting ready to lay down I started crawl into bed I'm still wide awake my friend and his girl in their room, instantly as I reach the middle of bed it's like I was flip on my back and everything dark, I start cnt breath, now this been happening all my life before I ever went to kindergarten, as it happening I come to can see can't speak or breath yet like Im restricted than as soon as I cn see theses little demons like creatures bust in door, hopping running whatever, sound like laughing, I don't panic cause all my life this have happen, than they come to me hop in bed,sound like they laughing, and on to my chest in my face close up teeth like one in pic on here no type of color really just dark look very weird I bet anyone else it probably scare living shit out of them, ok my fault after hop on chest in my face I immediately able to speak out of no where I started reciting scriptures, how I know the scriptures I don't know, as I speak the scriptures these creatures demons started screaming hi pitch sound yelling in my face look scary like want rip me apart, they try cover their ears they tried to stop me from speaking the scriptures but when they got close the words forced them bacc it seem as it cause them pain, after first verse 3 of them went into my friends room I hear screaming the 3 in there with me still trying get me stop I speak more I speak louder they speak stop as they try get close, more and more scriptures it was hurting them one actually right befor the last time I said a scripture it raised its hand like it going Attack me they tried when I finished they perish, now when this happen remember I was awake eyes still open everything goes back like it was right in front of me I cn breath I can move I hop up immediately run into friend room I damn near fell when I went in they laying down and they ask what going on I ask if they ok, said yea, told wat they looking like I was crazy and was like naw nothing they watching tv. Thank god. I said to myself and told them never mind. I'm 29 now and this being going for longest like 2 years close to it out of life I hvnt experience. I pray that it stop but if it hvnt by now might not what I do know is that it come when ever they want I'm prepared and I won't go down but go up speaking the word untile they them evil demons what the f****ever perish for good. In gods name the Holy Ghost and Jesus name. Y this happening I don't know if I ever have kids I some afraid for them cuz how much it came to me. But I feel I must tell them about it when I do have some so just in case it happens they cn talk to me about it so they won't have to be alone are frightin in this spiritual fight and know that god is the only way to defeat rise above and perish these evil demons evil period. And people calling crazy for wat they say know that they not. Shit many said I need be careful people start think u crazy... But in fact I know the truth. But don't wnt my seeds go through it how ever when ever I and we be prepared.. With all that said this what about say not evil but good throughout life I than always had dreams with visions r messages from god through certain ancient people most of time I find my self in a spiritual world in one spot observing I will say this spiritual war is real and going on as now. With wat I seen people please put god in ur life Jesus n god in ur heart thank u. God blessed everyone this world lords know we need it.. Apologize so long other than few mean few people I told dat I trust n don't call me crazy this is the very first time since I talk publicly about this since some adult when I was young tried make it like dat I was crazy, tryied embrasseing and laughter about it. Thanks again and god bless in god,in Jesus, and Holy Ghost. Aman

    • profile image

      Felizsha 4 years ago

      Just last night i had a dream about being paralyzed in bed and spiders attacking me which i connected to my problems. I told my mom to sleep with me because of this and she told me earlier what she had felt and heard while being with me. Sometime at night when she turned over towards me she claims to have felt a somewhat bad spirit that she claims to be Satan, the devil. She is religious person and similar things have happened like this before and usually when she sleeps in my room with me. After that she prayed to her self and read from the bible which she said helped. Not long after she said as she lay down she heard that spirit laughing in our restroom which is across my room. After hearing it she prayed more and said that heavy steps on the roof could be heard. She told me that it was if he was leaving our home. I'm 15 and not so religious but i'm curious as to what is happening. Should i change and do something about it? Should i start going to church more and pray more and stop my active teenage life? I'm terrified after she tells me these things and worried that next time it will be worse.

    • profile image

      newday 4 years ago

      Thank you for all the people posting here, all my trouble started after someone did black magic on me, is just a living hell. Wish I knew before.

    • profile image

      Blank 4 years ago

      I think everyone at some point in their lives have experienced strange things. But at the end of the day if those things/incidences keep happening, you have to pay attention to what's happening, whose company you're keeping as well as who is in your life. Long story short I never grew up with my biological family. I had brothers and sister I didn't know and finally met them when I turned 22. It was exciting on some levels because all my life I yearned to meet people that looked like me as well as "behaved" like I did. When I met them I was kind of disappointed as I did not resemble any of them, neither did we really have anything in common. I felt no different than I felt living with the strangers I was with for the last 20 years. I know fate had everything to do with my biological mother giving me away and keeping the rest of my siblings.....why? because more than likely I would have experienced a worse hell. I came to learn as well as witness things that they experienced all the time that I never experienced. All of my siblings have dreams that are terrorizing that involve spirits trying to kill them. My youngest brother is a terror awake, so I can only imagine what happens to him when he sleeps. I said all of the above to say I know what my siblings experience is no coincidence as I'm quite sure someone in the family is responsible for that. Whatever energy that person carries is responsible for what is happening to them, but my siblings aren't doing the math (like most people) and I'm guessing neither would they want to believe whatever reality. I did the math when I first met them because I never have night mares and I had a nightmare that was so real when I woke up I was so angry and for me being angry regarding any situation does not produce good results. I should have left that house immediately and returned to N.Y. but I didn't. Instead I became more cautious with my surroundings and the people that were in it. To believe that whatever you're experiencing, dreaming or going through is a coincidence, will do you more harm than good. Do the math as well as spring cleaning (even though it may be winter) with who you're entertaining in your life.

    • profile image

      Kyle H. 4 years ago

      At around the age of 9 I had experiences with demons I remember waking up terrified so I went sleep in my parents room I woke up again sweating heart racing and I looked over and saw a black dog with glowing eyes I was frozen in place I could not move and I felt paralyzed and not only that my mom had experiences with this "dog" and very recently my mom met with the people who bought the house from her and they said they thought it had demons in the house without her even bringing anything up

    • profile image

      Rev.Dennis Teel 4 years ago

      I had many ..too many encounters like this and worse when 17 years of age qnd later in life as name a few..spiits that were in the oom that looked like matchstick people but moved about fast as in a frame by frame the kind of movement under a strobe light except the lights were on when these things appeared.i've heard voices,seen ' and 'things' and seems whena person is sleepy,they're more sensitive to the 'other side' and it's goings on./these things that occur have little to do with one watching horror movies or listening to hard rock.while those things might be open windows to the enemy in some people's lives that's not the case in everyone's life.I'm now an ordained minister and am charismatic and believe in and practice the gifts of the spirit in prayer,but don't believe they're a necessity for one's salvation.I also am not a legalist and don't believe that sacrificing movies and the music one listens to is required unless the lord requests it of someone directly and in such a case (contrary to what most church's teach)won't leave the person depressed or empty ,in a state of depression or in a state of lonliness due to the sacrifice.that isn't god's nature to ask of a person a necessary action of faith if it's going to depress them or cause emptiness..I've not given up the movies I watched (except for X movies) and I still listen to the same music I listened to in the 80's(rock music).It's silly to believe that it's movies and music that has demoralized the world when it's movies and music that are the products of sin in the world not the,we didn't see nudity on the screen in the 60's cause the majority were against it.It was only when people as a majority said they want it that it made it's appearance on the it's the product NOT the cause.people don't kill and stab because of a movie they saw and if they do it would have been another trigger down the line somewhere to set them off.same with music.but make no mistake about your topic claiming that spirits are real.bu t greater is jesus who is in us than the evil butt head who is in the world!!( okay so I paraphrased it...but it means the same thing)

    • profile image

      pookers74 4 years ago

      I know its been four years. But I hope you get this, or anybody else who is exsperiencing this.. if you havnt found the antidote or cure, .. how ever ... I may actually I know I can help.. but it cant be an act, or a way you think you will out smart these tormentors. ?

      Im so glad you posted this, I was beginnig to think I was alone.. as long as I can remember , maybe as young as three yrs old, I knew god. I didnt go to church or had any teachings, besides christmas, and jesus was born. Mom was pentecostal. My father an Irish Catholic. So the figured it would be my choice,,,, .. I was so fixated on jesus, I would stare at are nativity, the little baby, I would sing jesus loves me, my mom said I would tell her im gonna be a priest. ?

      My mom seemed so frustrated, she said I was a freaky child, (scared).. "stop being so sensitive"... 4 to 5 times a week id wake screaming. For somebody.. preferably my dad or older sister till she moved to her dads,, recently she said that move tore her apart, when she had to leave me.. for so long in my mind I turned those demons into creepy wicked witches. Thats what id tell my parents or sister .. they were in my closet and around my bed..

      I turned them into nightmares. ? And only 3 or 4 yrs ago I realized .. they were real and the were demonic creatures...

      Now """ huhh? Why can I see them ? Whats the purpose.?

      Still my mom telling me " your so sensitive " shed laugh and tell stories .. my nickname has always been pookers" """ Pookers would make pallets on the floor till she was sixteen" ! "And she woul work herself up cause she" hated school,. "" my heart would ache.. I think to my self"( if I tell them demons were messing with me all night) sometimes so much I was physically ill..") would vomit" it always smelled of sulfer.. ironically im deathly allergic to sulfa, sulfer, ... "

      So my point , three and a half years ago , Lets just say an incident took place where I had to become super mom , I was a mother bear towering over my cubs ! Maing sure they were safe willing to go any length to sheild my boys.. becoming a women with armor a brave knight,. And losing everything we owned.. I become humble.. god stripped me of mans ways, yet taking all my fears.. a trial so bold ..

      At one point id givin in up,. Ill never fix this.. id hit bottom, feeling the heat from the depths of hell, so sick losing our jobs, from economic fail.., to renting a place that was in foreclosure, , that property management, slumm, sccum basically stold everything we worke so hard for, .. I lost almost all my hair wrnt from super sheild mom to never wanting to wake up just wanted to lay in bed till I died..

      God ,, help me" clear as if somebody used a megaphone"" "" my child rise up, you are stronger than ever you have surrendered all mans doings, material things " none of which truly will be of use or have value in our kingdom" You are now ready to live my child" I felt so full of light ,, an energy that illuminated with so intense even my husband was full " we actually giggled as if drunk, tipsy on wine.." in that moment everthing had meaning this earth was more beautiful .. every breath I took was of reason.. " god said, now do you see, ive instilled way of life in all.. my understandings.. you let go and fully trusted me you thoughtvyou gave up.. but you finnally completely gave it all to me in free will. Trusting me to fix it.. out of flesh whole heartedly you truly live in soul. ?.

      From that moment I no longer had anxiety, was afraid to close my eyes at night, but now living in soul demons dont torment me, they flee.. I see them hovering over others , in others not on a every day basis,. But one night my husband his friend and I were taking in his friends yard, it was late maybe even past midnight.. an old friend of my husband pulled up across the street with three other men.. these guys got out of the car and my husband was call his name, " I said are you sure that paul?" Just then paul turned around as did three other guys,. " I saw it , it clicked "" I said thats not paul anymore" How this next thing happened I still dont know but my husband and are other frien saw what I saw ,, what ive seen , as long as I can remember. They were in flesh , but now demons, had taken up home . They told me go inside, I looked back at my husband and friend . "NO YOU TWO GO INSIDE" THEY BACKED UP IN I THINK CONFUSION. but I looked straight in those demons eyes "I no longer feared them, they snarled then realized I could see them and didnt fear them ,, they left flee 'd .. ... my husband, and our other friend never questioned or mentioned it but" I dont understand how they saw them,.. my husband said he believes me , 100% now.. he hasnt seen any more.. but said he ren into paul.. and paul was ok now.. I saw him to, seemed a little confused when he looked in my eyes.. but shared that soon after that last time we saw him he got off heroin, and changed his life...

      Everybody has spiritual gifts, some stronger than others , but god only gives what we can handle..."LET GO OF YOUR FEARS"LET ANY BOUND WORLDLY WAYS GO." YOU ARE SPECIAL. NO WEAPONS NEEDED.. JUST IN THAT SECOND WHEN THE DEMON REALIZES YOU SEE THEM, THEY FLEE,, THEY DONT UNDERSTAND. I THINK THAT SLIT SECOND REALIZES, , WE ARE COVERD IN GOD ARMOR, IT REPELLS THEM.. THANKFULLY I RARELY SEE THEM.. IM GUESSING WHEN MY SPIRITUAL GIFT IS OF NEED HE PLACES ME THERE,. .. you may not see it now or undestand.. dont the only one you should fear, is the trinity, in one.. he created us, he can truly only judge us.. he writes the book of life.. give whole heartedly, no questions, no doubts,, truly put all your trust, never second guesss.. just go with gods plan.. are free will , and his will will be done... every single soul is such a beautiful irreplaceable treasure. Gods treasure, .. god bless,.. let his will be done .. no more life stresses. Yes you will still have ups , downs, your up will be plenty, .. downs will manage.. be a god person, you wont ever be forsaken. ?

    • profile image

      Chris Joyce 4 years ago

      Maybe you can help me out. The other night I was watching t.v. with my family and all of a sudden my stepbrother was flipping out because we were talking. My step mom then instructed me to turn the t.v. off I did. After that he instantly and when I say that I mean in a matter of 1 second his eyes and face turned blood red. He screamed as loud as he could for 1 minute and when he was done he said he hated all of us and he wished we were dead. He was sent to his room and we could here him talking to himself but he wasn't. He was clearly having a conversation with another being. Ever since when I am sleeping in feels like something is choking me and when I wake up it is still going on. Things have been creaking in my home when I'm alone and there are huge thuds coming from the attic. Lately I have heard something scream my name when I'm alone and wide awake. I'm scared and as I'm typing this things keep happening in my home like something is angered by me talking about this. It is starting to open doors and grab me and slap and scratch me. Can somebody e-mail me with suggestions and to let you know my house has been blessed I feel this thing is to powerful for a priest to get rid of. Please help me if you can.

    • profile image

      Aqnisakeye 4 years ago

      I was attacked I know I was the worst night of them all I woke up hearing this loud eco noise then all of a sudden my body was flipped and I was on my back staring at this

    • profile image

      Robin Bednarczyk 4 years ago

      I've been being attacked by something for the past few years now, and NOTHING has gotten rid of whatever is here, and my step dad is a preacher and even AFTER he blessed my home, it didn't leave, and NOW my parents won't even come here anymore AT ALL. This thing is draining all the life energy from me, I have no motivation, no energy, I'm ALWAYS sick as in puking, my vision is messed up and I have 20/20 eyesite. I get this very bad pressure behind my eyes that will stay with me for days, the kind of pressure that makes you NOT want to open your eyes. My head hurts ALOT, and there is CONSTANT turmoil in ALL my relationships. Even people who come over, OR USE TO, would leave here and then bad things would start happening to them. Two years ago, my best friends son was in town on leave from the Army and he stayed here for a couple of nights because I was scared at that time, FOUR days after he left, he had a stroke and to this day he is in a nursing home being cared for because he never recuperated from the stroke, and he was only 23 years old. Something awful is here, and it affects EVERYONE. My cats won't come in the house anymore, and if I try to make them, they start hissing and growling, drop to the floor in a defense type stance, and dart out the door as quick as they can. I HATE MY HOUSE, and NOW I hate my life.

    • profile image

      Marie 4 years ago

      I'm the most lonely and scared person in the world right now.

      When I was 18 I met a man, he was a Muslim I fell in love with him he treated me pretty badly.9 years&he decided he loved me&did everything the right way. I was patient and loyal to him he realised I was worth it. I moved to be with him&met his family they were not overjoyed but were friendly considering their religions attitude to 'kaffirs'Never gave the religious differences much thought but as I started to get to know them all I realised why he'd been the way he'd been for so many years& I  realised that Islam is the greatest trick of the devil and the greatest divider and destroyer. I started to research it, for example 'halal' is the name of Satan in the original Hebrew text I read the Quran too. One morning I woke up with the words '77 days' in my head. It felt profound I was moved to open my bible to psalm 77 it talked about crying out to god in despair it encompassed all the feelings I'd been having.

      From that day on I began to randomly open my bible I started to voice my opinion to my partner about the evils of Islam&about his need for Jesus the great wiper away of tears the great comforter. I told him it is ok to cry to be weak to be human. As time went by every day I'd open maybe 5 or 6 times&it was always specific to my life. As this happened my partner began to become aggressive&volatile and sometimes just silent. Spiritual warfare was present in my home. One example is he grabbed me the once by the collar of my coat&threw me ro the ground. I opened to job 'he grabs you by the collar of your coat&throws you into the dirt'

      One day he got angry& tore up my bible. I rebuked him in Jesus name&he fell to the floor&sobbed like a child. That night he apologised for the first time ever in 12 years (by that point) he told me lots of awful things that happened to him as a child. I kind of knew he'd been abused it's part of the religion this superiority&godliness given to the men of the family that makes them believe they can do whatever they want. I held him tight&we agreed to get a new bible the following day. When I woke up there was a rainbow I felt entirely filled with the holy spirit I felt amazing despite all he'd told me the night before I felt truly blessed. When we got home after a very emotionally close day we prayed together and then out of the corner of my eye I saw a page from my bible under the ironing board&I started to weep and said to him look that's a message for you. I had cleaned the whole room the night before. I was so excited so filled with the holy spirit. It was Isaiah 48&yes it was for him. He was visibly moved but got angry&stormed off upstairs for the evening. I praised god. Things got worse&so I left him for a week and he didn't call me even once& I was tearful and sad but walking down the road I saw a lady who looked extremely out of place standing on the corner dressed in purple. She smiled at me&waved&I felt an amazing feeling of love like ive never felt from anyone in my life. I went into the pub and saw a man sitting on a stool. He looked very Jewish. Round olive face, hooked nose he was staring at me almost through me I was terrified I felt he was watching me. Anyway in time my partner called and was upset and said he didn't want to lose me. We spoke for five hours and I guess thats where my rebellion began. He said he wanted to get to know Jesus. I sent him home&when I slept that night I felt Jesus arms around me. I had a dream that I could t get across a lake&my partner told me he couldn't carry me over& Jesus was standing across the other side staring at me sadly. I had a friend at this time a male friend who was loving and kind&understanding I think I was starting to have feelings for him just a feeling of being understood. I wish now that I had realised the one who understood me the most was my lord and saviour who could see right inside my heart and soul.

      So I went back to my partner and things were great for a while but everytime I tried to tell him who Jesus was he flipped out and so I thought this guy is wasting my time and I will not have Muslim children or children influenced in any way by Islam. He insisted they would eat halal meat I said that gives them a strong identity as a Muslim its not going to happen. So one day he beat me so bad that I couldn't open my mouth I cried out to Jesus and again he fell to the floor weeping. This was not his style he usually was unashamed and unapologetic but I guess I knew the demons were within him. That day he was looking up and down the stairs holding me over them like he was trying to assess how damaging the drop would be. So I opened my bible and was told to leave. So I did. I told him when we argue I have nowhere to go so I got myself this little caravan a hundred miles away or so and he was very cooperative he said he just didn't want me to leave him&that when these things happened it's like a darkness came over him like he wasn't in control. I understood that I was preaching jeuss message and the demons within him did not like it because only in that last two years was he ever physically violent towards me. When we got to the caravan I'll never forget the look on his face it was appreciative like 'this is a new start' he left me a beautiful note the next morning saying he loved me and would see me soon. I read in my bible 'stay close to god'

      I did not.

      I spent the first week in severe physical pain and being sick I did not call out to Jesus to help me it's like I forgot him. My reasons for leaving became more about the abuse than the religious differences. I became a bitch. Within three weeks I started a relationship with my male friend. I started chain smoking I didn't ever leave that caravan and I moped and let this guy pander to me and love me and do things for me. I told everyone what my ex had done to me. Meanwhile my ex started going to church and opening the bible at random and recording his feelings. He also started going to counselling. I defamed him to everyone we knew I was so tired of being let down by him. I became his enemy. I used to work with him&I took a redundancy payout from him rather than getting off my lazy arse and getting a job or doing some good for others. I became the devil. I was lazy, unkind, ungodly, bitter, tormented day and night by visions and dreams - fear is of the devil there is no place for it in the kingdom of heaven. His family even called me to apologise and tell me he could not live without me. This was my chance to be a Christian. Did I take it? No I was hostile. My ex started to really get into church and feel loved by Jesus I should have held his hand and stood by him. Did I go to church? No. I was reminded of this one day in the caravan as the bells rang for 45 minutes solid. I thought 'I haven't been to church for a while' then they stopped ringing. Meanwhile for the first time ever I felt empowered and like I didn't care

      Several times my ex came down sobbing wanting to talk to me wanting to share gods word, leaving extracts from services he'd attended outside my door. I didn't read any of them. He even followed me around town the one time while I pretended he wasn't there. My physical ailments continued I had the oddest medical problems going. Oh how often I defied god in the desert. One morning I woke up sweating I had a dream that I was pregnant&god said 'call him maher shalal hash baz' my name, halal and my exs name. then in the dream a huge tall evil man said 'when you are deliriously happy I will strike you down' when I awoke I looked this name up online and low and behold in Isaiah there is a prophetic child born to a prophetess called maher Shalal hash baz which ironically means speed to the spoil quick to the plunder.

      I went on holiday with my new man to a place renowned for lose living. The day before my whole face broke out in welts and swelled up but nothing was going to stop me

      My ex had found two shells on a beach and made us pendants out of them. The one night we were sitting at the table me&the new man and the lighter dropped onto the cloth&burnt a hole into it exactly the same shape as my exs pendant. I have photos. It


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