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Demonic Attacks Are Real

Updated on September 22, 2014

Attacks in the Night: My Story

Many people no longer believe in a world that exists outside of the reality that they can see, touch, or hear. I, for one, know there is a spiritual world that exists, a world that we are oblivious to until we experience it for ourselves. I have had several experiences with demonic entities that terrorized me as a child and then recurred in adulthood: the following is my story.

Have you ever felt an unseen presence?  Did anything invisible ever touch you?
Have you ever felt an unseen presence? Did anything invisible ever touch you?

Grabbing Hands in the Night

I was raised Pentecostal and taught to believe in the spiritual world. My earliest experience with demons that I can remember happened when I was about eleven. I was in bed one night trying to go to sleep when I felt something grab my foot from the end of the bed. My eyes popped open but there was nothing there. I immediately screamed for my mother, who came in and prayed with me. It was a long while before I was able to go sleep.

Strange Smells in the Middle of the Night

Over the next couple of years, I had numerous experiences. My most common experience was of a smell that seemed to be present only at night. The best way to describe it is that it smelled like sulfur and vomit combined. Every night for over a year, I'd smell that odor when I was alone in my bed. The smell would be accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of fear. My heart would race and feel like it was beating out of my chest. Every night when I smelled it and felt the fear, I would pray. After I prayed, the smell would dissipate for the rest of the night.

When something talks to you in your sleep.
When something talks to you in your sleep.

Awakened by Whispers

Several times I was awakened by something whispering my name in my ear. It always sounded so real that I would get out of bed and check my room to see if my brothers were playing a joke on me, but I was alone. My brothers were always asleep, even though I knew it couldn't be them because I'd awake immediately and there wasn't enough time for them to get out of my room without being seen. Still, I always checked just to be certain.

Night Terrors in Adulthood: Frozen Muscles

When I turned 15, the nightly visits seemed to stop. I grew up, had some kids, and went about life as normal people do: work, home, kids, and maintaining my marriage. I had not had any inexplicable nighttime experiences for many years so I rarely even thought about it anymore. When I was 23 my marriage fell apart, we split, and I started putting the kids to sleep in my bed because I felt more comfortable having them with me at night for safety reasons. A woman living alone with small children was an easy target, so it made me feel better knowing that my kids were in bed with me in case something happened.

About two months after the split, the kids and I were in bed by 9:00. I was asleep in the middle with the kids around me when a cramp in my face woke me. It felt like my facial muscles were being pulled back into a grimace. I reached my hand up without opening my eyes and felt the strange expression with my fingers and massaged my face to relax it.

My first thought was I was just having a strange muscle cramp, so kept my eyes closed and tried to fall back asleep. A few minutes later I started feeling it again and this time, I attempted to open my eyes, without success. I thought, okay now, I must be dreaming, and continued to try to open my eyes and when I finally did, all I could see in front of me was black. I knew that wasn't right because I always slept with my bathroom light on in case the kids woke up during the night to go to the bathroom. I quickly closed my eyes again and when I opened my eyes again a few seconds later, I could actually see.

At that point, I was wide awake. I lay there for a moment looking around and thinking, wow, what the heck was that? As I turned to look toward my vanity, I saw a shadow pass twice over the wall. In my bedroom there's a wall I can't see from the bed but could see in the reflection of the vanity mirror, and on that wall, there was a shadow. The shape looked like a silhouette of a head and shoulders.

That's when I knew I had experienced an attack of some sort. I jumped out of bed and went to get the phone so I could call my mom. I was scared crap-less. I had never experienced actually seeing something, and it scared the bejesus out of me. I was unable to reach my mother, so I had my brother, who was staying with me at the time, sleep on a pallet on my floor because I did not want to wake the kids up and scare them, too.

When unwelcome things visit in the night.
When unwelcome things visit in the night.

How I Stopped the Terrifying Night Visits

The next day, I had both my parents come and bless and anoint my home. They prayed throughout the house, and when they were finished, my mom confirmed that something had been trying to attack me and had remained there after the episode. She said that now it was gone and would not come back on the property because of their prayers.

Since my home was blessed, I have not had another problem. I am a firm believer that there are demonic spirits that are out to destroy us. I believe that there are angels sent to protect us as well. It's the spiritual warfare between demonic and angelic spirits, the battle between good and evil, that spills onto the worldly plain, visible to anyone that is willing to look.

I would be interested in hearing your personal experiences with the spiritual world. Please leave a comment and tell me your story.

What about you?

Have you ever been visited by something in the night?

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What happened to you in the night?

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    • mayhmong profile image

      mayhmong 7 years ago from North Carolina

      You are not alone! I had something similar like that. Thank goodness you're parents had blessed the house and its best that the kids weren't awake at that time either?!

    • profile image

      stormo 7 years ago from timbucktoo, florida

      Thanks mayh, lots of people think your crazy when you talk about things like that though.

    • mayhmong profile image

      mayhmong 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Oh, I already have a crazy reputation, let them talk! ;)

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      I know the kind of thing you are talking about, especially the smells.

    • profile image

      kitteen 7 years ago

      i also recall the smells...

    • MarkHall profile image

      Mark Halliday 7 years ago from Australia

      It's more common than you realise - a lot of people have had similar experiences but aren't brave enough to talk about it. I'm glad everything is okay for you now - a lot of my hubs deal with this type thing. All the best to you my friend. :)

    • profile image

      DCB123173 7 years ago

      I believe they're real. For the last week or more I've been having intensenly violent and vengeful dreams and at even one point "dreamed" that I saw a demon. I had my pastor pray with me today and felt imensely better.

    • profile image

      stormo 7 years ago from timbucktoo, florida

      Glad to hear you got it taken care of DCB. Hope everything works out and you don't have anymore problems.

    • profile image

      pauls 7 years ago

      i have been to hell and back.been though all that in satans kingdom.still having them a bit.yeah that's were he attacks me while am asleep.even been rape by them.cant move but they are there doing mad crazy stuff to thing his the name of jesus they hate his name?by the blood.hell and back

      and i don't mean life its self.Jesus relly delivered me out of hell when i call on His name .satans draging as many he can down there.hell a lot of people down there .and thick wall of darkness.leave it there.

    • profile image

      Heather 7 years ago

      I know exactly what your talking about. I have had some experience with demonic attacks. I have seen some strange things, and have heard demonic voices as well. I have also heard the voices in my ear as well. My mother has had strange things happen to her also. I know that It's weird and this is my first time saying anything about it. But I hope that this does not sound crazy, but I am glad that I am not the only one out there that has dealt with this. Thank God there is someone out there like you. I truly have God in my life now, and that makes it better.

    • fen lander profile image

      fen lander 7 years ago from Whitstable

      May the good Spirit of light, life and love dispel all the shadows wherever they may lie, in whomever's life they have crept.AMEN.

    • profile image

      Kela 7 years ago

      I know what your talking about,I also know that GREATER IN HE THAT'S IN ME THAN HE TAHTS IN THE WORLD. I've had things like that happen to me at first I was scared because I didn't understand but as I began to read more of God's word I began to get revelation so that gave me strength. It still happens at times right before or after I pray with someone But Now I'm not scared!!!!!! God IS Good!!!

    • aslanlight profile image

      aslanlight 7 years ago from England

      I've had so many experiences but I'll tell you one. I was at a friends house and his neighbour came calling. She was upset, crying and in a terrible state. She said her two dead aunties were with her. We sat her down and prayed with her. I can see elemental spirits and so I saw them standing behind her, two demons. I ordered them out of there. As soon as they were gone she started hugging me, smiling and thanking me. I told her they weren't her aunties and they were gone. If we're full of light they fear us!

    • profile image

      brian appleton 7 years ago

      I would just like to share my exsperiences with you all. Te first supernatural exsperience i encountered was when i was about 6 years old. I woke up through the night to a brightly lit room and to the presence of a man lying on the bed beside me, i was very afraid not understanding what it was, although i now believe this to have been an angel. I remained calm as this man appeared to be sleeping, and i felt if i panicked he would wake up, i closed my eyes and tried to sleep but the fear kept me awake so i eventually shouted for my mother, she came into the room turned on the light and everything in the room around me was exsactly as it was before the light was switched on, she told me i was dreaming and to go back to sleep. When she left and turned of the light the room was in complete darkness. If it wernt for this reason i would believe this exsperience was nothing more than my imagination

      The second and last supernatural exsperience i've had was a few years ago when i was 17,

      it was about 9-10 at night and i had an argument with my mother and step dad, they wernt happy about me coming home late, being untidy and the group of friends i had, all the typical teenager stuff a lot of people get from there parents,

      and they wanted me to leave and find my own place to live.

      So that night i went to bed in a very negative mood angry at people and everything. I woke up through the night to being what felt like what i can only describe as being electric running through my body from the middle of my spine. It was violent, and painful and i also had paralysis, i could move but i really had to force myself in order to do it and i couldn't see anything in the room. It lasted about 20 seconds each time and about 10 times through out the night until morning. I was afraid at first, but eventually i came to realize there was nothing i could do, so instead of being afraid i felt courage and strong inside. I am quite a spiritual person which i believe is why it has only happened once. My best advice i can give to people exsperiencing simular things is no matter how powerful, evil they seem do not be afraid, i believe fear is what they need to get stronger. They may also feed on negative energy, stay positive, high in spirits. I have never seen a priest so i cant say if it would help or not but if anything ever happens to me again in the future i will consider it

    • profile image

      Dr. Joseph Grannum  7 years ago

      I have been involved in spiritual warfare before but recently I have had a similar experience as you did so I just Googled it to see if anyone was brave to write about it. Yep! The smell is sulphur and vomit. I also have experience of smelling Alcohol, and Embalming fluids. Not sure what each means from a religious point of view.

    • profile image

      louise 7 years ago




    • profile image

      PK 7 years ago

      Keep your eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ! He is the way the truth and the light! Do not entertain these fallen angel! Repent of your sin and Rebuke them in JESUS NAME!


    • Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

      The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments 7 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

      Demonic forces are most definetely real. As I was reading your experience, it seemed to be quite like a few of mine.

      Keep protected, pray often and keep God close by!

    • profile image

      MTC0973 7 years ago

      I just had an episode happen three days ago, it has been six years since my last. This one was more intense only by the fact that I actually felt pain and fear. I usually only have an overwhelming sense of fear. I immediately called my mother, she suggested the prayer of St. Micheal.

    • Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

      The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments 7 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

      I suggest that you skip over St Michael and go straight through Jesus to God. It is man who says to pray to St. Michael...not Jesus nor God. Stick with God for protection and safety.

      Let me tell you my friend, the world is waking up, vibrations are becoming intense now-the good and the bad. Pick your side of the team and stay there and get aint seen nothing yet!

    • profile image

      Someone... 7 years ago

      Ghost whisperer 77, you cannot be more close to the truth. This is a friendly warning everyone. Be prepared. you will see small signs everywhere. Don't let yourself be swayed to their side, for if you do, you are lost.

      keep your eyes open.

    • profile image

      ...... 7 years ago

      I haven't ever told anyone this but when i sleep and even sometimes when im awake i can see the shadow. It is more graphic when im sleeping.

      I have done my research and found that if you are strong you are able to fight them.

      I have a story and it begins back when i was 12 it was a long time ago. im now 20 and i still fight to keep them away.

      my most recent one was when i was asleep something behind me and something hovering over me. I wasn't able to speak or movie. i thought maybe it was a dream but everything was the same when i came to didn't seem real.

      I wasn't alone back then i had 2 other friends who have experienced it for them selves. we found if you be strong you can fight it. But it is dangerous.

      3 years after we discovered that it was real i stayed with them. because we all have been having the same reoccurring dream. we all slept side by side and the same thing came after all three of us at the same time. but being together we were not scared as much. But these things can kill you and my friend died. he was attacked. We didn't know that he was keeping a journal he left a letter for us stating that if anything were to happen to him not to give up we must keep fighting to end the battle between good and evil. when one door closes another opens. he left us a picture of a kid and told us to find him and add him to our group. to not just help us but answer to anyone else's calls that would need our help to fight this thing. we found the kid and as he joined our group has grown and we are still fighting to day. we have survived allot and i know this sounds crazy but its true in all this time almost 10 years we have lost friends and family members. be careful of who is around you they will hurt anyone close to you. just to bring you to your weakest point.

      we call our selves quoted Meaning (justice over evil)

      everyday i miss my friend and it makes me stronger to know that one day evil will not exist.

    • profile image

      wtfhax! 7 years ago

      I have a demon named Zetoh with me he says he is very powerful in hell, he has a friend named Zozo that come shere soemtimes Zozo appears as a skeleton made of mist... Zetoh is like a fleshy melted demon thing with fangs hard to describe...

      but when hes around i can feel it, it makes me feel like im immortal... i just love it! omg ... he shows me visions he is in my dreams leading the way but no one else can see him in there but me...

      i have the corner in ym room that i call the dark corner.. which is usually where he hangs.. i believe he has tried to kill me a few times in my dreams.. im in a boat heading to the end of a tunnel and he laughs at me and says "ill see you soon!" then ill wake up besause im not breathing anymore and ill struggle to get my breath back... he gets angry when i say im protected by Jesus, but if i say im protected by the blood of Jesus Christ he completely goes insane... he is a force not to mess with... he is a powerful powerful demon... who i have come to love over the years... he said he has plans for me when i die he explained what would happen... like

      I would die he would be there the demons would drag me down biting and ripping at my flesh.. i will get raped by other demons and succubus's... Lord Satan will throw me in the pit of fire for a few years (times goes faster in hell).. and yeah..

      he said he has plans for me before i die though which im pretty curious about...

      he isn't nice but he makes me feel good! these days i hunger for blood ... i am craving to cause pain to others and myself...i want to rape i want to feed on human flesh...

      Zetoh is my master now i am his .. we are there childs play...

      Don't talk to friendly spirits on Ouija boards because they arnt really friends only demons and spirits stuck in limbo(on earth not heaven or hell) use them ...They are a portal to hell.. demons can be in more then two places at once... they can show themselves as what ever they like...

      imonly used an oujia board because he forced me to he got a friend of his on earth to taument me and make him a portal.. he came, i changed, my life changed, i feel like i have work to do, i must hurt people on this world for the greater good i must go to hell i must be loyal to Lord Satan.

      I have already been to hell in my dreams Zetoh took me there showed me around.. there is no starts, moon or sun, its like on earth but without those just fire to like it up... i must be punished by The Lord i must die in pain.. i must carry out the work of Lord Satan.

    • raemay38 profile image

      raemay38 7 years ago from Miami, FL

      I have had an Incubus demon attack me and I have written a hub on here to let people know it is real and it does happen. What makes me mad is people out their summoning these demons to have sex with them I cant believe the desperate people or sex addicts that want to have sex with demons. I never summoned one I was raped by one and told it was a ghost but later realized a friend wanted me to believe this and I came to realize Ghosts do not have that authority to rape a person demons do. At least you were never raped by one. I opened a door to the enemy by believing in the supernatural it became an obsession in my life and a friend wanted me to believe it was a ghost and it was not. I never had the smell thing but had chills and other non-descript mentionables happen to me.

    • profile image

      jlg0404 7 years ago

      hello everyone i do not know if this is similar to you guys story but over the past 25 years i have had some unexplainable things happen to me. i was raised up in church when i was a child even went to the private church school. i remember my first experience being in my bedroom playing with action figures. as i was playing i watched a small toy fly through the air striking a glass jar that was on a shelve of mine and of course breaking into pieces.

      my father came in there and was shouting at me for the broken glass allover the floor. i tried to tell him i did not do that, but i was just a kid so how could he believe me? my next experience came when i was 23 i had just bought my first house and my wife and i were moving things in. we both feel asleep on the couch. i opened my eyes and saw her still sleeping in the same postion as when we laid down. i glipsed over the couch and saw a girl with long black hair. i could not see her face because she kept her head down.

      she was wearing some kind of dress and kept getting closer and closer to me. i could not say anything my wife was still sleeping as i looked over at her. the little girl finally got with in a foot of me by sitting on top of the couch and made a scream which had a low like growl. i snapped out of it and it was gone.

      my most recent weirdness occurred 4 days ago. once again i was falling asleep but looked over at my girlfriend (divorced now) to see how she was laying. as i fell asleep its like i woke up and everything was the same but i felt a strange prescence in the room. i could only move my head and saw someone with nothing but black on hood and all standing at the foot of my bed with some kind ofmaterial in hand doing some kind of whipping action with it at my legs. i could not do anything about. maybe im just crazy but i remember once when i was a kid someone calling my name as if he/she was right beside me. i answered... what? and it said come here, but as i looked around i saw nothing??

      maybe i need to see a doc or something lol, but all jokes aside its very true. can anyone explain any of it?

    • profile image

      hrwilliams 7 years ago

      Thank you for sharing! I took all of this very seriously until I saw the goofy picture at the bottom of your story. I think it's kind of funny, but some people might think it's a scare tactic, so... watch out for that. :D

      God bless you!

    • AlienVisitor profile image

      AlienVisitor 7 years ago

      Awesome Hub! I enjoyed reading it, write more.

    • profile image

      mitch parks 7 years ago

      Hi I am a CHRISTIAN AND I'm really frustated no one in my church including my wife seem to understand how scary and weird this is and i need help so if anyone has any pointers from a strictly christian point of view that would be great i have this weird feeling in my stomach like a somthings in there i can only describe it as being pregnant with a demon and it is accompanied by voices telling me to kill people or hurt people i know its spiritual and its not just like because i am crazy i see black shadows all the time when i sleep i feel like things a groping me and when i touch the area that is being touched it feels numb there i have to drink myself to sleep every night because other wise i am too scared to sleep i also have sleep paralysis were i cant move and when i try to rebuke in jesus name i am mocked and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't like i said i have gone to several different people at my church they all just tell me i have authority and blow it off my wife acts like its not a huge deal and i feel like im going crazy it gets worse whenver i pray or try to dig in to god i have had three different delivernces but every time i sin or screw up at all i am under attack and i don't know what to do so if any one has any idea on how to make this stop let me know i would really appreciate it i just don't want to feel frightened anytime i'm alone i always feel like someone is in the room with me im not crazy i promise i do an ok job of living a normal life other than this and only people at my church close friends and family know about this so i quess you can contact me on myspace my name is mitchell parks and i live in oklahoma city thanks

    • profile image

      Montre de Nuit 7 years ago

      ick. I've had things happen over my entire life. It started when I was 6 or 7, I would see a figure that looked to be a woman. She would walk over to my bed and I would be so scared I couldn't move. Over the years it's just gotten worse. I find most of my activity are in the upstairs bedrooms. When I was a baby my parents were in my room and find that things were being thrown into my room, things like teddy bears and books. I'd wake up in the middle of the night around 2 or 3 to something whispering my name or touching my lower leg. It feels like I'm going crazy, so I decided to look up things with hauntings. With what it looks like, I have a demon or two here. It sucks :/ I often wke up with the most random of scratches and bruises :/

    • profile image

      Montre de Nuit 7 years ago

      I also feel like I'm always watched, I used to know someone who told me to perform a séance, bad idea. That was SCARY. So far, I haven't found any help only thing I've done that works is to be strong and try to put it out of your mind... it worked for a while but suddenly it just came back harder. I see not only white and black spirits, but human-like things that scare the crap out of me

    • profile image

      Katrina 7 years ago

      My experience happened last night, well this morning

      I'm 15 and I woke up at 6:30 this morning after I heard a male and slightly compelling voice asked me if I "Could handle it" right next to my ear, I turned and above me was an almost black smoky translucent figure, with its hands at my throat.

      I found that my breathing was fine, but I was unable to speak the words "Begone in Jesus name". All I could do was form the sound of a "B" followed by a gasp. I closed my eyes and pray for God to send it away in my head, then suddenly it vanished and I was gasping for air.

      I went out into the lounge where I found my mum and told her what happened.

      I'm really scared to go to sleep tonight because I'm afraid it will happen again.

    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      i had a different experence i was 8 years old and was playing with a quija board i thought it was all bull crap. how wrong i was i have ben choked, scratched, and punched in my face to where it would draw blood. im still trying to get rid of this even tonight my arm was scratched in front of my family i was just sitting their then my arm burned and then 3 scratched appeared if soe 1 can help me or lead me in the right direction please e-mail me at please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      hp 7 years ago

      Montre de Nuit: no way i had the same problem as you except instead of a women it was a man who appeared to be a colonial figure. i moved and i never have tht problem anymore so maybe if u move it will work for you to.

    • profile image

      amber 7 years ago

      ya i have a demonic spirit that haunts my family and me he likes messing with me it scares me a lot i don't do nothing to provoke it i leave it alone but it just keeps messing with me i get scared a lot

    • profile image

      Sara 7 years ago

      I too was attacked by a demonic spirit. It first appeared to me as a little boy. I thought it was my son and it was in the middle of the night, he kept calling me mommy and saying he was cold. So i told him to get in bed with me and turn off the fan. the fan went off and i flipped the light on there was nothing there and the fan was unplugged. fastforward about 6 months later i was laying in bed at night. I had taken a pain pill and had gone to sleep. I was awakened by something choking me. I looked at the wall all i could see was red eyes staring back at me. Finally i fought it off and blamed it on my pain pill. That is until the NEXT night when i had turned the tv off went to bed and i felt some chills going up my spine and all i could think was "oh god not again" then i felt something hit me in my back and it started choking me again. I fought with it for what seemed like an eternity, but in actuality it was only a few minutes by the time my husband got in the room it had stopped. He could hear me struggling but by the time he got there it had gone. I had a priest come do an exorcism of my house, but he told me if i ever moved the demon would more than likely follow me which it has. When i moved to mexico it pushed me down a flight of stairs. I am back in the US now and so far it hasn't made an appearance yet.

    • profile image

      Krystal 7 years ago

      My story is a little different. I have always had the fear in GOD in me but in a good way. I try very hard not to sin and to live for JESUS but it is sooo hard. Ever since I was little I have had dreams about the rapture coming and Im always trying to save people from being left behind. I have also had dreams about demons. With in the past few months sometimes when I sleep, mainly when Im taking a nap I feel parolized and my muscles tence up. I can feel my face tence up too and I feel like Im turning into a demon.. I can feel my voice grawling and talking real deap. I also feel like if I don't wake myself up I will be taken away or that I will turn into a real demon and stay that way. Recently when it has happened I know what is happening and I challenge myself to be strong and fight it off and it is very hard to do, but Its so real that I wonder if Im being stupid and I should just make myself stay awake because sometime I fall back to sleep so that I can see what's going to happen or to make sure that I can still fight this thing off... As a child I have always thought God has had this plan for me or this test for me and it makes me crazy cause that's all I ever think about. Anyone feel the same way?? I would love to hear that Im not the only crazy one. lol GOD BLESS US ALL....

    • profile image

      Pammy_Wammy 7 years ago

      Well I haven't really been ATTACKED on the level that every one here is speaking of. I do believe in God was raised a Christian,you know the works. My first experience was when I was 12. I was laying in bed and I couldn't move or speak. Barely enough to get out Jesus' name but the force didn't leave until sometime after. I've had many EXPERIENCES since then but there is one in particular that I would like to share. Last Thursday I was laying in bed. Keep in mind that the clock said 12:10 in the AFTERNOON. Iwas laying listening to ITUNES and all of a sudden there was a very Overwhelming presence in my room, just out of nowhere. I layed there WIDE AWAKE and I felt it climb on me and hold me down. Now this is where it gets even more weird. Remember when I said the time said 12:10? Well after I "fought the demon off" best I could(Jesus' name not helping me) I looked at the clock and it read 12:22 but according to ITUNES at least 35 minutes of music had played. A lot of people try to say its SLEEP PARALYSIS but the thing is I wasn't yet asleep. I'm afraid to try and get answers by studying Demonology because I don't want to open any doors. Especially ones that can't be closed. If anyone has any answers please feel free to hit me up :

    • profile image

      Kevin 7 years ago

      Demons are real. There is a lot to my story but I'll try to keep it short. I felt sorry for this new guy at work because he was going through a divorce. So I invited him over for an Xmas drink. He came a lot of times after the new year whereby my wife and I tried to help and console him. He became a fixture, and had access to things in my home. He would always talk about magic and spiritual stuff. I wasn't too concerned, but that was about to change.

      I noticed around summer my wife was getting all excited about the attention he was giving her. Although we had bar-b-ques and enjoyable times, I was keeping a watchful eye out on him. One evening, when he was coming over, I experienced hot and cold flashes repeatedly. I went to lie down, but every time she closed the door, I opened it. Eventually, he came over and, upon hearing some things, I got up and interupted something between them. I think they were trying to have sex in my kitchen. Anyway, he got kicked out, which made my wife sad, angry, and moody. Our relationship was going downhill. I found out after this she was meeing him, and I cornered him and threatened him. Didn't work, his hooks were in her and she fled the house.

      I was alone and then it started. The kitchen light kept blinking off and on in an erratic way. Electrical things were acting up, and then finally I felt this tremendous force hitting me behind my neck. My body was undulating inside. Hard to describe. I wasn't physically thrown, just great force like I was on a roller coaster. Scared to death, I cried out to God to help. I spent 5 days in utter fear, not sleeping, and my mind was starting to break down. I then had to get out. My sister invitied me to see a psychic, but I went a day early.

      Michelle touched my hand and pulled back like I shocked her somehow. She was able to read people by putting their names on a paper and holding it in her hand. She said he rooted her (I didn't know what it was, but eventually found out.

      (google rootworker) He had paid a voodoo priest lots of money to do this. She gave me holy water and said to bless every portal of the house, inside and out, commanding it to leave in Jesus' name. Scared to death, I did this. That evening I had the best sleep of my life.

      He guided her through the divorce. It was like hell on earth. They are married for some time and I believe she is bound by him and may even have been possessed by an entity. I think he was trying to get me possessed as well, but fortunately I was guided to the answer.

      Part of the puzzle was how he was able to do this. He placed something in my house. I found it about a month or so after he left. It was a dark quartz crystal, about 8 inches high, placed behind the toilet. For some reason, I happen to spy this out of the corner of my eye (otherwise, I would never have looked their). I believe he was instructed by the voodoo priest to put it there.

      I am not making this up. All I say here actually happened. And I am not crazy. However, you can't tell most people this stuff unless it happens to you. Oh yes, this demonic look crossed her face a number of times throughout the divorce. Very strange. I do believe she is bound to him and, oh yes, he took over everything and I wound up with nothing. Aren't demons just the best?

    • profile image

      cocksuxmyman23 7 years ago

      And I'm the tin man.....HEEEEELLLLOOO.........wake up...outta here......

    • profile image

      girlio 7 years ago

      I have had for about 12 years emotionally suffered a lot from 'other people's demons' attacking me, through what appears to be my being followed by a 'spirit of cruelty', you could say. Its kind of like 'persecution' where every person or group of people I meet no matter where I go, I'm always like the first person to be picked on, harassed, humiliated, bullied, treated with cruelty, or psychological attacks. Its so real and can bring one down if they don't stand steadfast in God's authority. Praise God He always finds me a way out.

    • profile image

      Not allowed to say name. 7 years ago

      I am 12 and when i 3 years old I, my brother, and my mother and I think my dad because it was a long time ago but we were living with my aunty and here house was haunted. My wanted to leave but we were homeless, so my mother hears me scream so she ran to me and was in the corner shaking but nobody remembers besides and what heared from under my bed was somebody saying "your mother is calling for you, you better go before i and my partners will spank you, and yes your family will eat after I'm done with you, ha ha ha". And the thing growed at my like a uncare broken up dog.

      Another true story:

      I and my family had a home and my dad had a dog and one night a tall demon was looking at the dog from all the way down stair and all you can see is his shadow and red eyes and the dog sat there like the Demon was owner or if the Demon was controling dog to not make him move, so our dog sat upstairs stairing and my mother look at the dog and our couch is next to the stairs so than my mother look where the dog was looking and saw the Demon and then my mother gasped so than my dad wakes up on the side of her and see the dog and my mother looking downstairs at the door and saw nothing so than my was trying to explain to my dad while she staired with the dog and than 30mins later the Demon walks away down the 2nd stairway so then the dog runs down with the Demon and had no brake from red and brown mouth so my dad chases the dog and still sees nothing while my mother is frozen and then my baby brother began to cry which unfroze my mother.

      Last true story:

      I and my family move to our new house that I really love and my room was haunted with a ghost or something that was my friend I would sneak food for her I would keep my room light off for her but you know when parents need to run to a couple place with me, so one we had to go to the bank and I was tell my ghost friend how much I hate banks and than I began walking out the door and my ghost friend says no in a horsemen way that began to scare me so I say I have to or else, so I walk out the door and she locks my door and drags me to my bed and says no your staying right here with me, so walk up and try to open my door again and then the door nob frezens my hand in a shoking way in my hand so I could not feel my had and then I try to turn on the light with my mouth and it wouldn't buj so she makes me fall and try's to drag me to my closet and I tried to scream but my voice was not going loud enough so I new I and my 7year old brother was the next bedroom from me so I tried th yell sincere and some how he could hear me so he yells what, and I say help me help me she wants to kill me help me get mom and dad help horry, and bust my door open and turns on the light and ran away and my brother says stop playing {and I was 10years old but anyways} then he sees me crying with a bruse on my leg and blood on my big toe and small toe and I wasn't able to move my hands. And ever since then I have missed her in my memmories and I am 12 and I still want to see her but I call her name And don't see her

    • profile image

      TheWise 7 years ago

      This is to wtfhax!

      Get rid of Zetoh.

      He is more well known than you think. I had a conversation with a demon on a ouija board that said he was afraid of Zetoh.

      Though you find his presence enjoyable, the relationship will end up in disaster. and your ' Master' will leave you.

      Trust me. a relationship of any kind with a powerful demon is bad news, especially one trying to make you do bad things.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      If you haven't 1st acknowledging that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of your life and asking him to forgive you for your sins. Declare that this territory belongs to Jesus. Ask God to reveal any area of your life that needs to be delivered and anything in your house or life that you have that has given the enemy the right to be there. You might not have given him the right but there is an existing portal or you are being targeted. Spend time finding and building a relationship w/ God. Spending time in the bible. Also seeking his presence - in a real and tangible way. that also can feel like electricity and tingling or pressure. Daily asking Jesus to spend time w/ him in his presence. Actually planning that time by not praying or anything else but laying or sitting down and confessing you want to spend time in his presence. Don't entertain any time of sin if you do confess. Jesus is crazy about you and is in hot pursuit to capture you in his love. The enemy doesn't want this and will war and give you a very hard time if you try this but stay steadfast God will prevail. Also if you know of anyone that prays ask them to cover you w/ prayer. Talking to leaders and Pastors of churches that are knowleadgeable in this area will help you. Keep searching till you find one. Ask God for help!

    • profile image

      stormo 7 years ago from timbucktoo, florida

      Sorry guys been awhile since I have been on here. I have read all your comments and would like to say thanks to K the last poster. Some of your comments really disturbed me especially wtfhax, and mitch. For those of you that are expierencing true demonic attacks please follow K's advice. It is the only way for you to find peace. Im not saying that dedicating your life to the lord will stop the attacks completely but it will give you true authority over these demonic forces. Ive had a new expierence myself since writing this post. I went through a breakup several months ago and i believe he left something in my home as well. Bout a month after the breakup I started expierencing my bed shaking from side to side in a gentle motion. At first i thought it was just my heartbeat. But my heart wasn't beating hard enough to make that kind of motion and I hadn't moved at all. Well after a few nights of this happening off and on I started having bad dreams involving demons. I didn't think to much of it till I had one particular dream that seemed so real it truly disturbed me. So before I went to bed the next night I got out my bible knelt down by my bed and prayed asking god to protect me and my family then I went around and anointed everydoorway in my home and praying along the way, rebuking and casting out any demonic spirit that was in my home in the name of jesus. I felt immediate relief when I was done and haven't had anymore bed shaking or bad dreams since. Well just thought I would add that to the pot of stories that you all have posted. Please email me if you would like to talk further about your expierence. I pray each of you will find peace and gods protection. Goodluck and God Bless.

    • profile image

      Grace G. 7 years ago

      My name is Grace/ Gracie..i first had my attacks wen i was in high school and one night while i was having one my parents took me to the ER because they thought i was having a reaction from drugs they thought i was taking. When we got there the doctor checkd me and told me i was fine & when it passed i was told i had an anxiety attack. I believed that and sort of learned to accept that until one day when i was 18 yrs old living in my own apt. i began to have an attack and actually seen a little girl appear in front of me and then she turned into a demon and wrapped her arms around me and i couldn't breathe. I thought i was going to die and i began praying for God to help me. After what seemed to be a long time i was released and at that moment something, and i say now it was God, made me realize that it was the Devil and demons attacking me. Im about to be 21 now and ive still had those attack from time to time, but i know that i have to get my life straight with God and that's the only way ill be completely free. But im always interested in hearing other peoples stories similar to mine.

    • pjk_artist profile image

      pjk_artist 7 years ago from Turkey Point, ON

      Do not try to bend the spoon, for that is impossible. Try to realize instead, there is no spoon, only YOU. --Albino toga kid in the The Matrix

      Same thing goes for demons!

      Read my hubs for proof.


    • profile image

      niko little 7 years ago

      I found that after i started speaking in toungs it opened up a lot to me. i learned more and opened up more to god. with that came trial. i had visitations much like all of you, they became more frequent the more i tried harder to love god and live in his word. the devil will se you as a threat if you without a doubt love and believe in god. don't worry its a test and the turmoil you live in will be delt with by gods wrath. demons know what they rot and they want to bring you with them even if they have to go to durastic measures as to scare you from god. to bad wright. just remember its a test and you wont fail because you run to god ( = ... look up paul washer in you tube or go to you got the wholy spirit .com learn more about god and you'll find that this battle is so lopsided into gods favor that it will give you the strength to fight back with pride. were gods children, the devil made his choice.

    • profile image

      Theo Rael 7 years ago

      About five months ago, around September 2009, I was studying abroad in Brazil. One night I turned in early out of boredom. Around 3am I woke up being unable to breathe well, as though I was being choked and I tried to move, but my limbs felt like they weighed 1000 lbs and was unable to move anything, except my eyeballs, which I could only move very very slowly. I tried to call "Help!" But it only sounded like a whisper. So, finally I moved my eyeballs towards the top of my head and I saw what I can only describe as a Demon, which looked somewhat stereotypically like the "Death" character that is always in cartoons and movies, but with very shredded black clothing. However, as soon as I saw it, it quickly moved out of my sight and suddenly I could breathe and move my limbs again. The momentum from my straining to move and suddenly being released was enough to throw me off my bed. At the time, I was not a christian or one who believes in spirits in any way, although I was raised my whole childhood in the Methodist church with two minister parents. I believe in god(I believe god is the universe, but is not, as an aggregate, a conscious, caring entity) but through philosophy I have come to the conclusion that spirits do not exist(e.g.: how would an immaterial thing interact with a material thing?). I would prefer to think of this as a strange phenomenon that is solely attributable to my psyche. If that is the case, it makes me fear my own mind, but is still preferable to a reality of demons and hell. I am hoping it was temporary psychosis, and that such an event never occurs in my life again. Descartes pointed out to us that conscious experience is impossible to distinguish from unconscious experiences like dreaming and psychosis. I feel bad for some of you who have these experiences repeatedly and the ones who have vivid depictions of being taken to hell. I fear that you may have a form of schizophrenia, from mild to severe. Seek help, from priests, psychologists/psychiatrists, whatever you can.

    • profile image

      AL 7 years ago

      When God called me 6 years ago I had a lot of problems with demons, keep in mind I was never taught that this stuff was real/ I had to learn the hard way. All I can say is PRAY and praise the name of JESUS this will work. Keep a Bible close by to put on your heart when praying, very effective. GODS WORD WORKS! When I learned after a few years how to defend myself things got better and I started to make progress agaist the demons. Then one night at 3am I was awaken and my eyes were open total in the spirit. I could see everything and sitting on the bottom of my bed was the king of the demons the devil himself..... When the demons call him in you know you are making progress. Please keep in mind no need to be in fear. JESUS defeated him at the cross...... JESUS is REAL power.. pray pray pray.... e-mail

    • ideasformiami profile image

      ideasformiami 7 years ago from Miami, Florida.

      That is so scary, I wouldn't even have gone back to sleep, I recently had an experience also and I just wrote a hub about it please read it it was the scariest thing that has ever happen to me, I cant get over it.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      My sister had always told me about how something had held her down in her sleep when she was in her teens. Well, I have seen things before in the night, when i was very young, and my older sister saw an angel sitting at the foot of my bed watching me. That was a great comfort. I was raised to believe in the holy spirit, speaking in tongues, demonic spirits, and all that goes with it. It seems to me that when I have fallen and lost my closeness to God, and I begin to find my way back, like listening to christian music and praying more, that this is when I am faced with such a thing. Last night, I was dreaming, was approached by a handsome man and he seemed charming and kind, no one to fear.....until I found myself beneath him and he was forcing himself on me, my voice vanished and my cries were silent. The handsome man was gone, and I could only see a black silhouette. I realized I was only dreaming and told myself to wake up, so I opened my eyes, and looked up and there it was, still on top of me. I turned to my left, where my 7 year old daughter lay sleeping peacefully. I was shaking and fighting him, though my strength was nothing next to his. I could not budge. my face was soaked in tears and my heart beating from my chest. I could not breath. I have always been taught to rebuke any spirit or spirits of fear, in the name of Jesus, all I have to do is speak his name and they will flee in terror. Yet, I did nothing this time. I cannot ever remember being so terrified. I don't remember what made it leave me, I only remember the bed shaking from him holding me down and me fighting him. I think maybe my Chihuahua was growling and that's when he left. She went crazy smelling and growling from my bed to the wall near door. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night, have my tv now too. I have prayed and am going to pray again. My grandmother used to go beside every doorway and window in the house, and pray that God draw a blood line over each, and that no such unholy things, spirits, demons, shall enter in Jesus' name. Most people think this sounds crazy, but I truly believe that there are demonic spirits on this earth who prey on us. I am a single, divorced mother of 3, and I'm 29 years old. They may see me as a weak target, though they are mistaken. I am very angry that I was open to this thing, that he was free to come into my home, where my children were sleeping and try to attack me. I pray daily for my children, though I do not attend church anymore nor do I follow God faithfully like I should. I have found myself many times over the past 10 years questioning my faith. Wondering if God is really here, then why are my prayers left unanswered, why didn't he stop those terrible things from happening to me. Was on my knees sobbing, 20 years old and married, 8 1/2 months pregnant with a 2 yr old too. My husband had been fooling around with another woman, and left us alone with nothing. I was broken, my heart hurt so deeply that I truly felt like I could die from the pain. I cried and begged for God to please help me. And nothing. When I was 22, I now had 3 children, my marriage was falling apart, I had forgiven my husband for cheating, now several times, and I again found myself questioning my faith. My husband had just slapped me across the face, and I was hunched over hiding my face in fear of being hit again. He ceased and began apologizing. I forgave and weeks later he hit me again, this time with my 3 babies standing there to see. My son, who was 4, screamed out for him to leave mommy alone please, he then hid behind the couch shaking in fear. He yelled to him that his mother was simply a whore unworthy of anything good and that if I ever tried to leave him he would kill me. He then left and I took my babies upstairs and walked downstairs where I fell weak to the floor, begging desperately for God to save us. Again, nothing. Was almost 2 years before I got away from him, my oldest is 10 and youngest is 7. They are so damaged now, why would God allow that to happen? I could not understand, so I grew angry and let go of my faith. I felt he had let me down so severe. Now I am at a place in my life, I know there are times when I have to go through battles because I made decisions that caused me to be where I was. I have to believe that he is watching me from above, and his heart is aching to see me hurting so, but it isn't because of him that I am where I am, I made poor choices. I have to keep my faith and follow his word. The reason why I mentioned all of this is because I believe that I am seen as a great target to the devil. A once true believer who walked in faith, who was previously untouchable to their destruction, but is now at their reach because I opened the doors to to let them in, and closed the door on God. I will not lie, what took my body under control last night did put an amazing fear inside of me. They have made a huge mistake though.....I am a child of God, and NO ONE on this earth, spirit or not, will come near me to do me or my family any harm. How dare they be so foolish as to believe that they could walk into my home and come near my children, they are so mistaken. I prayed and rebuked and spirit that was unholy to get out of my home! I said it with force, and I repeated myself, I said I was not afraid. And as I looked around my room and demanded they leave in Jesus' name, I felt a coldness over my whole body and chills from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I am very careful about who I share these things with, to some they think it sounds crazy, and that it's impossible. But I do not agree. I felt comfort reading your post, thank you very much. You and your family will be in my prayers.


    • profile image

      annie 7 years ago

      i have been experiencing attacks when i doze off to sleep last night i was lying on the sofa and a picture on my mantle piece moved i thought it was going to fall off but it didn't then as i closed my eyes ifelt two firm digs on the side of my arm it relly shook me but the next three times i dozed it happened over and over i thought don't be silly and closed my eyes again i was listening to two and a half men on tv and i wasn't asleep just my eyes closed when i felt someone kissing me on the lips i opened my eyes and could see nothing but could still feel the pressure of thkiss i am not spiritual at all i don't even believe in ghosts or spirits but this has frightened me i got up and went straight to bed my husband was already in bed asleep but the tv was on in the bedroom as i lay down and turned towards the tv i saw a mist come out of the screen and my aunt appeared and dissapeared as quick she was wearing a white cardigan and floral dress just like she often wore when she was alive i told my husband about it but he just laughed at me but it was all so real the hitting on my arm had occurred several times but not the kissing am i in any danger my mother is 86 and has dementia and is very frail i am frightened these are messages has anyone else had any experience with this.x annie

    • profile image

      cassie 7 years ago

      just recently when i go to bed i have this great feeling of fear i have my boyfriend right beside me but still cannot shake the feeling i was just wondering if this is how any of your expierences started this kind of stuff scares the hell out of me what are your suggestions to help me over come this

    • profile image

      grimreaper5650 7 years ago

      just as im writing this there is something around me, i just got the smell and there isn't just one of them,

      theres 3!!!

    • profile image

      Sebastian 7 years ago

      I actually had a terrifying experience for the first time last night. I was sleeping with my girlfriend, and everything was normal. At about 5:13 we both woke up by an attack of some sort by something that wasn't there. I felt as if something was pushing my head down onto the bed very powerfully and was scratching at my face, and she said that something was scratching her back and her legs, which have cuts and strange punctures on them now. We both started to scream when it happened but for some reason no one heard us. neither of us could fall back asleep for hours after this happened, and i have never been more terrified in my life. When i inquired my family about not hearing us scream, it seems that this happened right after most everyone fell asleep. My sister who is in the room directly above me didn't fall asleep until 4:45 and neither did my brother. I find it strange that it happened right after everyone else fell asleep. I don't know what to do, I'll try blessing the house, i hope it will help.

    • profile image

      strongtheart 7 years ago

      i have a something i want to tell you since you brought that up...i was 15..asleep...i heard 3 to 4 voices whispering back and it seemed to come from the open space between my room and the next since i slept in the basement. But every night i would hear the voices and at one time i heard something fall from my brothers room and i went to check on him...nothing had fallen or was moved from it's original place and he was asleep. I went back to my room and i saw a blue-silver glow filling my room as i entered. I felt a sense of strenght of immortality and greatness fill my body. This i knew was not evil because it had let me see demons that walk this earth. But i also believe that some of us humans arent as we seem. We all have secrets but some of us have secrets so powerful and scary that we will not want to face the truth. I can feel at times something trying to claw its way into my chest and take my beating heart. I woke up many times and felt something trying to pull my soul out of my body. But I believe that when i began to feel stronger and immortal it also brought with it hope of survival....It will sound funny when i tell you this..but i, myself, fight demons. I know this because 5 people that i don't know...and go to different churches, 20 miles apart found me had came up to me and asked me to come to their houses and to rid of the demons that were infesting there. But I am not only part angel but part demon myself...Known as a half breed...I looked up to God one day and said, "Father, I know im not full angel anymore. But i am your son and i will fight for you...And no matter what...I will destroy as many demons before i come home." But i do get visions of hate and destruction and that's how i know i am a half breed...So there are angels out there...And as far as i know...I am a warrior of God...demon or not and i will protect my loved ones from the evil that walks this earth.

    • profile image

      Cody 7 years ago

      Demons can't do anything you don't let them do. And they have a lot more power if you think about them ;)

    • profile image

      lisa and tamara 7 years ago

      we are under demonic attack rite now. and we are trying to get an exorcist. me and my mother have heard voices call from under the pillow weve had things jump on us. mum hears it 24 7 and it imitates her deseased partner. its called itself the devil. its tried to strangle her it slides up on the bed like a serpant she can hear her spirit rebuking it. it has entered threw her mouth and from under the bed. shes also heard a deep voice that sounds like the devil itself it can hear her thoughts and that's only afew things. we are from australia and it would be nice to have some peace.

    • profile image

      tamara and lisa 7 years ago

      casie from personal experience i sugest you pray and have people lay there hand apon you. dont forget you are not alone i know its scary but believe in god and jesus.and pray girl i wanna start up a support group for people going through this because everyone needs to stick together and you need support because these things are serious and your not mad. it likes to attack woman mostly but men can also be attacked and people are so oblivious to it. no science can explain what is out there.

    • profile image

      cassie 6 years ago

      i don't know if i really am being attacked or if i am just freaking myself out i was just wondering if that was one of the signs that they might start i haven't had anything try and hurt me i just feel really scared but the fear just seems to be so overwhelming not like regular fear am i crazy

    • profile image

      Rae 6 years ago this article along with all the comments are in a way,scary yet comforting.I am saddened to know others are dealing with this,but I am comforted to know that I am not the only one experiencing these attacks.I have experienced attacks since I was a really young girl,I have very vivid dreams,some come true,when I have nightmares they are very vivid and very real.Psalm 23 became my protective scripture and prayer is a powerful tool.God loves all of us and we are protected by the blood of Christ.I know it can be terrifying to be in these situations,but I also know that if you can just remember that you are God's child,that strength and courage and protection will come with it.I know sometimes rebuking and praying and saying Gods name doesn't seem like its working,but trust me it is..Satan wants you to think it is not working because that is how he gains more control over you.

      I have always experienced attacks between 230am-5:00am and most of them have been in my bedroom as I am sleeping..I will wake to the overwhelming amount of pressure lay upon me,as if someone has just crawled on top of me,I feel as though my wrists are being held down,and there is almost always a hand over my throat choking me,I am mocked always to "call out to my God" and it feels as though I cant speak,but I keep repeating my prayers to God and rebuking in the name of Jesus Christ and then they will leave..yes it is a fight,its a scary,important battle..sometimes it terrifies me so bad that I cant sleep.I awoke one night to a demon's face right next to mine..its eyes starring right into mine and and I watched it start to crawl over the edge of the bed,and I immediately jumped back in fear towards my husband and I noticed something next to my window..two more demons..i drew the faces for my husband the next day..very scary..I scared him so bad when I jumped back away from the edge of the bed..I have had a lot of experiences and many witnesses to the things I have gone through,even last night was so scary for me :( thing I know for sure is that God is always there and there is power in prayer and there is power in the blood of the lamb.

      God bless all of you and I pray for your protection and well being.

    • profile image

      Baal 6 years ago

      Don't be afraid the more stress and depression you give off the better chance it might come back so becarful out there they are everywhere and they wil not stop till we all are dead the only way to fight it is put the past behind you and love and charish everything btw im the true beliver i can see them and i know im not mad because i have 2 souls 1 demonic the other angelic

    • profile image

      Angela 6 years ago

      Hi everyone!

      I'm so glad that this page exists, and that I am no alone in my experiences!

      About once or twice a year I experience physical demonic attacks. It always seems to be when something major is happening, and I am getting exceptionally close to God (i.e. fasting, retreats with other Chrisians, etc.). I get violently woken up in the middle of night, and when I'm wide awake I feel something choking me. I've always known to say "in the name of Jesus Christ, I comand you to leave", but I can't speak when I'm being strangled! Someone once told me that even if I couldn't speak, I could most likely still whisper- so I've tried that the past few times, but when I do "it/they" cover my mouth. This usually lasts about 5 min or so. I kick and struggle against it, while praying like crazy!! Eventually, it subsides enough that I can whisper and speak, and I begin praying out loud.

      3 nights ago was really bad- I wasn't just being strangled this time, but I was being tossed around like a rag doll. When it was finally over, my dogs (who usually sleep on the bed with me) were cowered in the corner of the room.

      I know that many people think that we're "crazy", and I've gotten some strange looks, and eye rolls when I've tried to tell a couple of people... but from what I've read on here, I realize that it happens more than most would like to think/believe.

      Thank-you to everyone that has shared their stories on here. God bless all of you!

    • profile image

      declan hedderman 6 years ago

      the foto is very close to what i met in the past,and i met worse,iwork for the good spirit world,and by gods grave and mercy he will destroy this evil lot that rape our women and children,they even posess priests and innocent people make them do evil then leave that personand the victim to pick up the pieces

    • profile image

      VivekSri 6 years ago

      thanks for the spooky and goofy hub. my kid would love that. he likes goosebumps.

    • profile image

      lisa and tamara 6 years ago

      thank you for posting yor coments its nice to know that not everyone is an ignorant skeptic and people of all beliefs shood realise the spirit world is fact and not fiction.and demons are real wether we like that fact or not but if there is an existance this evil there is also a divine creator out there by the name of god so call apon him and his son jesus and they are sure to help you we are still looking for sum1 to get rid of our nasty problem and we will keep you updated

    • profile image

      Azraella Tryggvason 6 years ago

      Ive been having simliar experiences. But the smell is like a urine smell and then a smell of death. I don't have any pets and the smells come and go

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I have had some VERY frightening experiences with a demon myself (pretty sure it was just ONE of these powerful, dark entities). I have unfortunately endured many attacks during my teenage years (think about how vulnerable teens can be in their angst and insecurity--I believe I was an easy target), but here I will only mention the most frightening one; the one that, when I recount what happened, still gives me chills and makes my eyes well up to this day.

      One night, when I was 16 years old, I was jolted out of a peaceful sleep around 2 or 3 AM. Something slammed my headboard against the wall of my bedroom so as to immediately elicit my undivided attention. Needless to say, with that alone happening, I was scared sh*tless. It was then that I become immobilized by an incredible weight pushing down on me. At this point, I could still look around and breathe but it felt as though I was cemented into the bed. Up above me I saw a menacing foggy, black mist hovering close to the ceiling--I immediately squeezed my eyes shut out of fear.

      Once I shut my eyes, the wind got knocked out of me and I felt like I was being strangled. Simultaneously, an intense frigid burst went straight through me as I lay there struggling and helpless. I could still move my mouth, but there was nothing coming out but the faintest gasp--barely any air was moving, so the demon had a tight grasp on my windpipe. In my mind, I screamed at the demon and shouted for help from the lord and for my parents to come help. I kept cussing at the damned entity out and begging "God save me!" and "Jesus help me!" and "Go away!"

      After minutes of struggling it just left and, instinctively, I sat up quickly to get air back in my lungs and get my bearings. I was of course bawling and shaking because of what had just happened to me. My skin felt utterly frigid to the touch--under a down comforter! I felt like a cadaver.

      Once I caught my breath I ran downstairs to my parents and, as best as I could while crying, I told them what happened. Of course they didn't believe something attacked me, but they saw the state I was in and knew something very bad had just happened to me. It had happened on a few other occasions before and after that, but that was by far the worst attack.

      The terror you feel in having no control over your body and your survival is the worst feeling, it is utterly indescribable. I'm a guy (a formidable 6'3"), and it takes a whole f&*king lot to make me cry and tremor like that. This something I pray nobody else should EVER have to experience. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced.

      My family has two dogs, one of which was new at the time. Both NEVER go anywhere near my room, as they have been scared terribly by their own experiences in there. During the stint of attacks, the door would just SLAM shut, very loudly and abruptly (our house is not old nor drafty, and we never have the windows open), scaring the dogs immensely. The newer dog was just a puppy and the door slammed on him one time and he pissed all over the carpet in my room. He absolutely HATES me now and avoids me like the plague; I think this is because he associates me (through my room) with that terrifying experience.

      The other dog (the older one who already knew, loved, and trusted me) was in my room during the stint and was with me when I was attacked one particular night--he apparently saw it because I clearly heard him growl and whimper at the bedside defensively while it was happening. After it was over, he bolted over to the door, sat against it, and wouldn't stop barking til I opened the door and let him flee. This dog, because he knew me before, doesn't hate me; he just REALLY does not like going into my room at all anymore.

      My brother, who was older and, at the time, more spiritual than me, stayed the night in my room one time and said it creeped the f&*k out of him, even though (thank God and knock on wood) nothing of the sort happened to him. He felt very uneasy, as if he was being stalked like prey, and found it extremely difficult to fall asleep.

      He then asked me if I had ever screwed around with our Ouija board. I said I had and he was like "you 'tard, you NEVER screw around with sh&t like that." I had used the Ouija board in our basement playroom, which is directly below my room two floors down. AND I had also dabbled in magic/witchcraft IN MY ROOM. Two no-nos I paid dearly for. The next morning he went into my room and read aloud a few psalms to try and pry the daemon out from the walls of the room. I started doing that habitually as well.

      I think little by little this worked as the attacks became less and less severe until stopping altogether (knock on wood). I also prayed a lot more every night before bed and asked God to surround me with his white light and protect me from forces of evil. Having gone through something like this, I know how terrifying it can be and how disruptive it can be in your daily life (some days I was too much a mess to go to school, but it was like I was trapped, because I NEEDED to leave the house too, as it was something IN the house that was causing me this torment). I pray no one ever has to deal with anything like this--try to keep happy, remain faithful in God and the power of goodness, and stay away from things that may attract daemons into your life (Ouija boards--yes even Parker Bros. edition, spells, occult, magic, negative people, etc.). Always know that no matter how much a demon can shake you up, it can't win--God isn't on its side.

    • profile image

      unknown 6 years ago

      i would say the demonic spirits/ evil spirits are satans/the devils angels they are not satan himself, to god you are everything but to satan you are nothing,

    • profile image

      cttensti 6 years ago

      There are different levels of satanic attacks some more servere then others. I have been under this for 14 yrs. Love the Lord. 24/7 tormented and tortured

    • profile image

      Demons are real indeed 6 years ago

      I've been under demon attacks for about 3 years. The first year was most painful. But I prayed much and thanks to that it's almost gone.

      Some experiences:

      1. Someone shouting my first and last name, painful feeling like squeezing out my soul.

      2. Pressure with big area on my stomach, so you almost can't breath.

      3. Pressure with small area, which hurts me more, because it's about the same weight.

      4. Pressure with even smaller area, like bees, moving under my skin.

      5. Holding my feet, so I can't move or get awake, using sharp fingernails, like spears almost, on my skin.

      And more.

    • profile image

      Believer7 6 years ago

      ive had something like thiz happen to me. actually yesterday about 4:00. im 13 and i am christian. but it wuz weird i didn't fall asleep i just layed thr in my bed. thn i moved n changed my position to were my head wuz kinda in my pillow. ryt afta i moved that way evrythng began. i hada bunch of night mares of rape,murder, evn freddie krugar on "night are on Elm st" but thn i remember i neva fell asleep so idk how i had nytmares but anyways afta the nyt mares as weird az that sounds frm head to toe i went completely numb ina split second. aftr that i reliized i couldn't move, it wuz lyk something wuz restrained me frm moving any part of my body. afta that i relized i wuznt breathing. i tried to move n i tried to breath but i couldn't. n thn my eyes strted to shut i cudnt keep them open. i wuz wide away, it welt lyk my eyes wer those old castle bridges with the chaines. well my eyes wer shuting n i cudnt keep thm frm shutting no mata how hard i tried. thn afta that i noticed i wuz getting pushed into my bed az if i weight 2 million pounds. well u no how under ur matris u hav the bed frame n iz rlly hard? well i kud feel my face n body pressed against it az if wuteva wuz pushen my body had pushed my so hadr it made my matriss lyk az thin az a tortilla. n thn i paniked i sat thr thinkn wut the hek iz happnen to me. n thn lyk about 10 seconds later evrythng just stoped. i went to my moms room n told her n she sed thingz like that hav happnd to her before n they hav alzo happnd to my grandmother apperantly but she came out wit kutz on her rist. n its weird az i ryt thiz i see figurs in the corner uv my eye but wen i luk thr gone.

      if anyone can help me with thiz plz plz plz let me no wut iz n y iz happng.

      n im sry for all the mizz spelt word lol i txt A lot!

      but rlly if u kud giv me advice dat wud help

    • profile image

      ImNedBigby 6 years ago

      Hey, I know and believe that there are these evil spirits. Im a Christian, and i didn't have the exact same experiences as you do, but I had dealt with the demonic before. In fact, we're dealing with the demonic everyday. Not just physically, but spiritually too. My mom had experiences when she was younger back in Guam (if i spelled that right) and she dealt with two demons before. it's kind of hard to explain, but she had experiences before, and not just with those two demons, but also with a ghost in this hotel that she, me, and her ex-bf spent the night in. (oh, and she's afraid of snakes) and well, one of the demons, was trying to choke her, and the other one was going to um.... rape her or something O_O while she was pregant... which was sick.

      -_-" and as 4 me, when i was like either 16 or 15, i went to the beach to ride this ride, and after i got off of it, i was really scared, because it was a ship that goes up high and low, and what happened after that, i end up getting a lot of bad thoughts in my head, that was out of control.

    • ImNedBigby profile image

      ImNedBigby 6 years ago

      Oh yeah, and well for you and everyone else here that has gone through that, I pray and hope that everything will work out just fine ^^ God bless you all! :D ^.^

    • profile image

      DeoGratias 6 years ago

      You're a fake, NedBigby!

    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 6 years ago from North Carolina


      I have daily contact with the spirit world ..but only one demonic rape. I became strong In Gods love and now I know the demons are there.....but they don't hurt me any longer. Glad to know the ugly has stopped for you and your family!

      Wishing U well


    • profile image

      mitch 6 years ago

      if you honestly wanna talk about scary stories message me at my stories are real i swear it and scary there worse than this guy no offence im sure it was scary but im only 16 now and it has been getting worse

    • profile image

      Joslin 6 years ago

      Hey everyone...I have been having spiritual attacks since a very young age, 6.

      I have been held down, unable to move or speak. Actually every attack it happens with a combination of other things.

      I've been tossed like a rag doll, I guess it was in the spirit, as I woke nothing was broken or moved. However, I felt the pain of being slung and dragged up and down my bed.

      I've hear demons wicked laughter and snarls before they attack me, whispers and different languages in my ear, and they have screamed in my ear it sounded like a train.

      While on my knees praying the Word of GOD I have hear hoofs running away, as we know satan and his demons/unclean spirits hate the Word of GOD.

      While living in a dorm, a blk sea urchin of sometype ran across my pillow, the room was totally blk while outside was daylight, summer time 5'6 o'clock!

      Keep praying, keep seeking GOD... it may not stop completely because God is preparing us. WE are warriors of GOD. please contact me if you would like to talk or need advice.

    • ImNedBigby profile image

      ImNedBigby 6 years ago

      @ wtfhax O_O what the heck is wrong with you?

    • profile image

      JD 6 years ago

      I am a lucid dreamer. Last night I woke up being strangled. As the force left, a taste and smell of sulfur came to my face. Today, I had a reading, and the woman told me I had challenged a “demon” and it has followed me from the dream world or another dimension. I also bought a fire agate stone, and have been concentrating on protection and meditating.

    • profile image

      elementalheroneos 6 years ago

      @ JD really?

    • profile image 6 years ago

      Christians are not immune to enemy experiences. Satan puts many things in our path to try to get us off course, discouraged and tired, waylaid and delayed…all the while hoping we will give up. The Lord allows this to help us to grow, overcome darkness, and find HIM. We cannot find Him without resistance. The two go hand in hand.

      We have entered a last days war between good and evil. The witches gather at midnight and send curses, etc upon the Christians from 12 AM - 3 AM. Much of a Christian’s warfare at night is due to this united onslaught. Start taking authority over your sleep and bind the forces of witchcraft sent against you and your loved ones in Jesus Name.

      Rev 21:6-8 NKJV

      He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son.

      Rom 12:21 NKJV

      Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

      Proverbs 3:24 NKJV

      When you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet.

      Jeremiah 31:26 NKJV

      After this I awoke and looked around, and my sleep was sweet to me.

      Demonic doors open to demonic dreams when:

      1. We have a defiled conscience.

      Acts 24:16 NKJV

      This being so, I myself always strive to have a conscience without offense toward God and men.

      2. When our behavior gives opportunity for the enemy to speak against us.

      1 Tim 5:14-15 NKJV

      ...give no opportunity to the adversary to speak reproachfully. For some have already turned aside after Satan.

      3. When we make choices and doubt or wonder if God approves, it is sin.

      Rom 14:23 NKJV

      ...for whatever is not from faith is sin.

      4. Intentional sin lifts the hedge.

      5. When we choose entertainment that is impure, violent and carnal.

      Isa 33:15-16 NKJV

      Who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed, and shuts his eyes from seeing evil: He will dwell on high; his place of defense will be the fortress of rocks; bread will be given him, his water will be sure.

      6. When we do not guard our eye gates.

      Matt 6:22-23 NKJV

      The lamp of the body is the eye . If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

      7. When we choose the desires of our sinful nature.

      Gal 5:19-21 NLT

      When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, your lives will produce these evil results: sexual immorality, impure thoughts, eagerness for lustful pleasure, 20 idolatry, participation in demonic activities, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, divisions, the feeling that everyone is wrong except those in your own little group, 21 envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other kinds of sin. Let me tell you again, as I have before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

      8. When we focus on bad news.

      Prov 11:27 NLT

      If you search for good, you will find favor; but if you search for evil, it will find you!

      9. When we do not forgive.

      Matt 18:34-35 KJV

      And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him. So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.


      Job 33:13-18 NKJV

      Why do you contend with Him? For He does not give an accounting of any of His words. For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction. In order to turn man from his deed, and conceal pride from man, He keeps back his soul from the Pit, and his life from perishing by the sword.

      Authentic God given warning dreams will have some aspect of heaven covering and protecting the person in the dream, so they feel secure and safe. They may hear the voice of the Lord telling them not to fear, they may have an angel standing with them. Jesus may be pointing and telling them to look. There may be a message of redemption for those who repent, or how to stay safe. They will be validated and backed by other confirmations of 2 or 3 witnesses.

      The most important thing to remember about an authentic warning dream is that God always provides a way out. In some way, there is a redemptive quality, even in the worst news, because that is Who God is.

      Neh 9:18-19 NKJV

      Even when they made a molded calf for themselves, and said, 'This is your god that brought you up out of Egypt,' and worked great provocations, yet in Your manifold mercies You did not forsake them in the wilderness. The pillar of the cloud did not depart from them by day,

      To lead them on the road; Nor the pillar of fire by night, to show them light,

      And the way they should go.

      Jer 15:1-2 NKJV

      Then the LORD said to me, "Even if Moses and Samuel stood before Me, My mind would not be favorable toward this people. Cast them out of My sight, and let them go forth.

      Num 14:20-23 NLT

      Then the LORD said, "I will pardon them as you have requested. 21 But as surely as I live, and as surely as the earth is filled with the LORD's glory, 22 not one of these people will ever enter that land. They have seen my glorious presence and the miraculous signs I performed both in Egypt and in the wilderness, but again and again they tested me by refusing to listen. 23 They will never even see the land I swore to give their ancestors. None of those who have treated me with contempt will enter it.

    • Spirit Believer profile image

      Jeni Burdett 6 years ago from U.K.

      Wow, I have never seen so many comments on a single hub like this before. Well Done! :)

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago

      Yes. Why so many comments? We have a need to say the "un-sayable". Why un-sayable? An unbelieving world tries to reduce these experiences to the ravings of the insane. But it is the unbelievers who are out of their minds: let anyone of them try to prove that the demonic does not exist! It would be at least as insane as trying to prove that unicorns don't exist. How can you know? Maybe in some far off planet unicorns herd, mate and frolic: no one can "prove" this, no one can strictly "know" that unicorns don't exist. Yet, "knowing" the non existence of demons (or angels, or God) is even further beyond the pale than declaring dogmatically the non existence of unicorns. You have to be insane to say "I can prove demons don't exist". It is lunacy to say it with a certainty that goes beyond reason and enters the realm of "faith", no, better, of "anti-faith", a "faith of denial". I hold a lost aborigine in some forgotten island of the South Pacific, who sincerely honors a stone idol as divine, to be more rational than the irrational, complacent Westerner, who dogmatically rejects the possibility of the spiritual world.

      I have found it a comfort to read and comment here these experiences -- of which I could say so much more, both mine and of others -- it is a healing experience I think many of us need. I am not into the idle curiosity of these thinks and hope those who enter with that mentality check themselves. Here and in many other places on the internet we find an accumulation of testimonies validating what humanity has always known. Evil spirits exists, and it is rather the fringe of humanity, consisting of the authentic freaks and misfits, who deny their existence.

      Ah, how good it feels to say it.


    • profile image

      ChristianPowerRanger:D 6 years ago

      Very scary, but true O_O. and @ ericbarcel thanks for telling this =]

    • ImNedBigby profile image

      ImNedBigby 6 years ago

      I wonder how things are going now... hmm...

    • profile image

      St Peter 6 years ago

      As a christian you are putting yourself up for demonic attaks that's your test for hevan, can you stay pure or will you fold.

      REMBER THIS, demons are scared of you if you follow Jesus, they know what's instore for you and it's power beond thir wildest dreams.

      Demons feed of fear that's what keeps them coming back to you, Jesus said "fear not"

      Your faith can grow 1000 fold in a second by TRULY trusting Jesus, so next time you are under a demonic attack in your room or where ever do not be scared instead see the big picture, satan's demons only attack your mind, they will make you think and act a curtan way so here are some pointers.

      1, keep sin to a minium, this helps keep the door to the mind closed.

      2, keep fit and stay off drink and drugs.

      3, DON'T FEAR DEMONS, Jesus scoups them up like dog shit's, do you fear a turd on the floor.

      I am someone who is under attack all day every day, they hate me and want me bad because im with Jesus but i have found ways to torment them, when a demon steps in to my mind to get me in an area im weak [like revenge for past wrongs] i'le say "this dr pepper's lovely demon you tasting that, oh i forgot your burning in hell aren't you" or "god this bed's lovely, are you nice and relaxed demon oh i forgot you cant can you" or "this pizza sure is filling what do you recon demon oh i forgot your eternerly starving aren't you" get where im going with this, the way i see it is if they want to tourment you tourment them right back, they will soon leave.

      ps DO NOT USE OUIJA BORDS we are ment to be closing doors not opening them. AMEN

    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 6 years ago from Georgia

      You are not alone...the spirit world is real and demons are real...Thank God for Jesus and the power He has given us over all of the works of the enemy....

    • profile image

      krys 6 years ago

      How do I live for Jesus?? Stupid question I know... But I have lived for Jesus before. Now I drink again smoke pot and have sex with my boyfriend and I cant get the Holly Spirit back..I ask God to help me and to do whatever it takes to help me bacause I am so scared to die and go to hell for eternity but it is soooooooo hard when everyone you love is not living for Christ. I feel like Im just like everyone else again.. I know you are suppose to give everything and everyone up that holds you down but how?? Please help!!!! Thanks for reading:)

    • profile image

      To Krys from Peter 6 years ago

      How do you live for jesus, well do you truly belive in Jesus and he's way, if yes and it seems like yes to me then you need to impress him, satan's mob have attacked you because you lived for him, they want you living thir way cos then your not a worrie to them and your lost.

      we live in satan's world, that's our test, satan makes it very easy to live his way, drink, drugs, sex, violance, he has programed this world for these things in order to get souls and prove we are worthless plane and simple, people will make it very easy when they want something from you, take the car sales man, nice as pie until he gets your money then he could'nt care less about you, well the devil's gona switch on you aswell and that's one you don't want.

      Living for Jesus is not easy, and when i say impress him

      for you that means cutting out the drink and drugs to start with, [replace it with fitness] and do this for the lord, like a personal gift to him, in time if you are true you will get one back, but do not give to receve give because you love him.

      Try to learn more and more about him and he will show you how to repell satan's attacks and make it easer for you to follow him.

      Jesus is the only way, you will see be patient.

      Try listening to Dr stanley at, he is very close to christ, that would be a good start for you. god bless

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      @ Peter, yeah, you're right =] Jesus IS the only way to God, into Heaven. I remember He also said that He's the way, the Truth, and the life ^^ and I know that no matter what happens, we can always pray to God at all times ^.^

    • profile image

      To Jennifer from Peter 6 years ago

      Thank you Jennifer, Praying to the lord is good but walking with him is even better, why phone him from time to time when you can be with him day and night, i'le see you in heaven god bless.

    • profile image

      St Peter 6 years ago

      Reading about these physical attacks is awfull and they need to be addressed, i've never personaly had this happen alough have had smells and some very evil presences from time to time, info on why this happens would help.

      Realistic dreams could explane some of it, if you are not sleeping propely try some pills for a while.

      On the other hand you may fall in to a more serious catergory like if you have been messing with ouija bords or some one in your house has or some one who lived there before has, if this is the case seek blessing your space. [ some friends of my sister baught a house, this house needed decoration and for two weeks while they were decorating they both felt wrong, ill, angry at each other, unnesserley scared, and could not sleep, after they had painted the celings and walls it was time for a new carpet, on lifting the old carpet they found a giant pentangle engraved on the floor with bloud stains and markings] make of that what you will.

      Another reason for these attacks could be a personal grudge against you or your bloud, these can follow your family for hundred's of years, look into this if your attacks are persistent, these are very rare and usuly caused by murders in the past and an unforgiving sprit, [you and your family may be the purist people, dosent mean your great great great grandad was, awfull i know]

      Also if a person dies unexpectedly they can stay in limbo

      and if you are now living in there space this can cause problems.

      Jesus christ will stop it dead if you ask him right. Bless you all with this problem in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Sprit amen.

    • profile image

      Eric_Todd 6 years ago

      I started getting attacked about 13 years ago,

      I'm 40 now. Around the time I started experimenting

      with methamphetime. I had no background in any

      spiritual teaching or knowledge. I admitted myself

      twice to psychiatric hospitals, before I understood

      that it was coming from inside, the mental world.

      I took some the the anti-psychotics, which I didn't

      like much, plus anyways I'd been a drinker/alcoholic

      most of my teenage and adult life, so just drinking

      helped me to cope for over 5 years.

      My first reaction to combat it was reading the

      Necronomicon that was 2000, because theres stuff in

      there about exorcism's, and I thought I'm gonna be O.K.

      now. I believed that somehow if I read and spoke this

      stuff in this ancient sumerian language it would work.


      I left the city and state I was living in, and was

      "homeless" or "residentially challenged" whatever.

      So this place I moved to there was a christian group

      that would come to the park and hand out food,

      I would listen to them, but I still believed I could

      take care of myself with the Necronomicon, draw a circle

      on the ground, and banish evil spirits.

      Then I met another guy who lived in the woods too,

      he was a yogi type guy that didn't speak, like a

      Buddhist monk, he smoked pot and so did I back then,

      we became friends, we were getting high one day and

      he handed me one of small gideons bibles, the orange one,

      and opened it and pointed at verse in Luke.

      I took that as maybe some sort of message like maybe

      I might be in some sort of trouble that I have no clue

      of it's nature.

      Well, maybe a couple months later, I learned about

      forgivness, I know it didn't come from my own understanding, it had to been from going to this

      chrisian prayer group a few times, one day I was

      walking down the road really stoned and realized

      I had a resentment against my Dad for quite a few years.

      I believed that was Jesus helping me.

      I don't want to go into details about physical and

      mental symptoms, but here are some; non-human "voices"

      repeating like machine the phrases, "dead", "i hate you",

      "asshole", "stop", "let me tell you something",

      "wrong", "you raped a baby", "he eats", "give me that"

      "that". etc.. etc.. ad infinitum. And my birth name,

      if I copy the demon and speak it it comes out of my

      mouth as jealous ass. I think the demon keeps trying

      to attach to my root chakra located at the base of the


      Anyway, I started to research everything on it I could


      psychoanalyst Otto Rank `The Double`

      Tibetan Book of the Dead Bardo Thodol "Liberation

      by Hearing on the After Death Plane" W.Y. Evans-Wentz

      Dr. Timothy Learys Tibetan Book of the Dead

      William S. Burroughs

      The Western Lands

      Aliester Crowley

      has some practical knowledge. see Note by Scribe.

      of what not to do when attacked by a demon.

      But this stuff seems to be really powerful, I came

      across it about a year and a half ago while dumpster

      diving one afternoon in California. The internet u.r.l.

      was inside, it looked like a punk rock fanzine.

      Titled God'd Wrath Revealed

      The enemy just hates it.

      I have another one in my email titled

      Refuse the Symptoms the Enemy Sends

      it doesn't seem to be on their site anymore,

      the enemy just hates it.

      Well, even as I type this, I'm still afflicted.

      Some days I don't want to be a human, never been born

      on this planet, never existed.

      Literal darkness, deafness, blindness, and madness

      is not fun, its eternal.

      But I know its not on my side and can never be on my side, the side of Life Love and Light.


      here's another helplful buddhist sutra

    • profile image

      BornagainC 6 years ago

      Wow what a revelation this has been. I started out wanting to research the incubus,coz of that happening to me bout 2 yrs ago, thought it was my imagination. The worst SIN for me was that I enjoyed it...I have finally come to understand that i was violated and this happened to me at a time when I backslid in my faith...needless to say i have come back full force since and will continue praying in the Lord guides me..

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      O_O @bornagainC you enjoyed sin before?? man... that sucks.. but at least u relaized u did wrong, and @ least u continue to pray. keep it up! :D im sure God will always be with u like He is with me,and with everyone else ^^

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      @Peter yeah, ur right about that n thnx! ^_^ and well, i knw th@ we can do both. walk with Him by faith, nt by sight, and continue to pray to Him. i've learned that the Enemy (the Devil) doesn't want us to continue to pray to God and connect with Him. O.O so im definetly going to keep praying to Him on all occasions.

      even for forgiveness, because i admit that im a sinner, saved by grace, n i knw we can all be forgiven by Jesus if we confess our sins to Him, repent frm the sins, He will forgive us and cleanse us ^^ =]

      also, i hope everyone on this site is reading this btw

    • profile image

      op 6 years ago

      My sister was attacked last night. She's, 21 yrs old, not crazy (but I can't help what you think). Since we were children she's complained of hearing noises and whispers calling her name, happened on an off. She's slept with her radio on so she can drown out the noises for the longest time. Her little disco-lamp thing turned on a few years ago without it being plugged in and started spinning. She's also heard a voice from a lady ask her "what are you looking at?"

      But last night around 4:30am something woke her up. It held her down by her throat and laughed at her for around thirty seconds. She had red marks on her neck like from the pressure. They didn't stay too long though. She started praying and commanding it leave, and it laughed, then she said finally a black figure just kind of went out the window. She was scared shitless. Everyone in my family believes her, as do I.

      I'm quite intrigued. I kind of want this on video camera or something.

    • profile image

      to peter from krys 6 years ago

      Wow you are awsome!! Thank you soooo much. I will let you know how its going. As of today I am done drinking I hope. Done with the pot witch I hated anyway... Thank you again and thank you Jesus. Please pray for me, please, please please....

    • profile image

      Joey  6 years ago

      i'll pray 4 anyone about now =] and everyday. i believe there r demons around us and they're after us. but im glad that the Lord will always be with us n He'll protect us frm those evil jerks.

    • profile image

      To all from Peter 6 years ago

      Hello Jennifer i could talk to you for hours and it's obvious to me you know how to deal with the devil, " let him who is without sin cast the first stone " but every day as christians we aim to minimize that sin until it exists no more, i try to live like a saint but in this age and with the devil on full attack it's hard but then i love a battle especially when im fighting for the lord, my sin now is minute as is the devil's power over me and it's our job to pass our skills on in Jesus's name, we are the " salt "

      Hello Krys, excellent it sound's like Jesus has started working in your life again, he never left you he just wanted you to realize your own mistakes, you called, he came, he is your very best friend and much much more, many of your friends now wont be in years to come so don't feel you have to please them, you please Jesus and he takes care of the rest, don't forget you are going to lapse from time to time we all do but you will soon learn who is behind it and why he does it, God bless, keep fit, keep sin to a minium.

      ps listen to Dr Stanly [] he is a foghorn of knowledge in our misty existence.

      To OP, medicaly your sisters voices are called auditry halluciaations caused by an overactive frontal lobe, if she see's the doctor they will put her on anti-psycotic drugs that will make her drowsey, don't bother just tell her to totally ignore the voices, i only say this because you said she has had them from a young age, she is probaly very intelegent or a very quick thinker.

      As for her getting pined down by the throat i would ask her if she has been messing around with a ouija bord or was she present when someone else was or has she been dabbleing with the occult in any way, if yes, buy her a cross and have it blessed by a pastor or vicar because only Jesus can help her and he will, if she belives in him. [ also check the history of your house ]

      May whatever this problem is leave her, in the name of the FATHER the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT amen..............

    • profile image

      Lena 6 years ago

      Wow ths s so great. By the power of God's spirit i happen to browse onto ths page and it encouraged me so much spiritually. Bless u all.

    • profile image

      Bob 6 years ago

      you are a nutjob...P.S. demons are not real.

    • profile image

      @ Bob 6 years ago

      Does Bob stand for 'blody oblivious boy' you are spiritually switch'ed off.

    • profile image

      to bob from mum 6 years ago

      good boy, P.S you play with the wee-jee bord if you want

    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      To Bob, if you think that demon's are not real why have you come to a web page that would sugest they are, you must be unsure, do not judge what you have no understanding of or no belief in.

    • profile image

      Krys 6 years ago

      To Peter, so I gave my life back to the Lord and went out over the weekend and did not have one drink and let me tell you it felt so great. Sun I went to church and listend to the best service ever, you know the ones that seem to talk directley to you lol... Anyway I just thought I would give you an update. Dont get me wrong the devil is here and I am fighting him as we speek. Please continue to pray for me. Thank you!!

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      @Peter. well, so far im learning more and im trying to avoid the devil's attacks. i don't know all of the attacks, because sometimes they could be in a form of good, when it's actually evil O.O and ur right about that. So keep it up! :D keep on depending on the Holy Spirit for help, guidance, and a lot. im trying to do the same thing, too, and of course sin is always going to be around. but no matter how much u sin, u can repent and ask Jesus to forgive u for ur sins. He'll always 4give u ^^ and @ Krys: hey, i'll pray 4 u too! =]

    • ImNedBigby profile image

      ImNedBigby 6 years ago

      @ Bob n his mom o_O actually, demons are real. and they don't want anyone to believe in them. just like they don't want anyone to believe in God. and His angels.Satan and his demons are fallen angels who exist to destroy the plans of God and the people of God. In order to defend ourselves, we must put on the armor of God (Ephesians 6) and resist the devil (James 4:7) in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    • profile image

      Peter  6 years ago

      To Krys, that is quite something, must have been hard not drinking, an immense amount of control from yourself and probaly why you got spoke to directley on sunday.

      Impresing the lord is one thing but it sounds like you've blown him away, going to a bar or club with drinkers and not drinking is [to a christian] like walking through a lion's den and not getting a scratch.

      Don't forget if you are with the lord that good you are going to get some attention from the Devil, but i've got a strong feeling the lord's gona take care of that for you.

      I will be leaving hubpage's now and will see you in heaven, God bless you Krys

    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      God bless you Jennifer.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      @Peter thank u and God bless u 2 ^_^ n hey, check this link to this video of "God With Us" by MercyMe ^^:

    • profile image

      Krys 6 years ago

      See you in heaven Peter........... TY! :)

    • profile image

      Krys 6 years ago

      Thank's Jennifer!

    • profile image

      Sabrina 6 years ago

      The first encounter I had was when I was 4. My father was out the country to visit his family so my 2 sisters and I slept with my mother. All I can remember is waking up all of a sudden, sitting up and seeing 3 figures on a white horse moving up and down the room, needless to say I was afraid at first, but then I almost got a reassuring sensation from them and then I fell back asleep.

      When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was tell my mother what I had seen. Only years later did she tell me that the same night she had a demonic attack, the kind where you are paralysed and can't speak or cry for help. She eventually broke free and I'm assuming the demons must have vanished the moment the angels were present in the room.

      I'm now 21 and in the past year I've been witnessing a lot of attacks, most leaving marks on my body and most I can actually see what they look like. I admit that I had turned my back to God and I must have been an easy target to them so whenever I don't pray at night they visit me. Tonight's attack was different, I felt the demons hands round my neck and instantly started praying and it vanished so I got up to switch the light on and the electricity in my whole house didn't work. It could have been coincidence, but I doubt it.

      My mother, aunt and I are the only members to have seen supernatural things and I'm sure tonight is not going to be the last night time I see them.

      Believe and open your eyes, this is just a start and soon we'll all be wishing we had prayed throughout our lives.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      @Krys no problem! :D and check this song out:

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      @ Sabrina woah, that's what happened?? o.O and no one else in ur area havn't seen them b4?

    • profile image

      damon 6 years ago

      i remember having a dream that a demon craweled under my door and threw me out my window . before i hit the ground i woke up . i looked at my t.v. and saw that george lopez was on then , it went to static and i heard a luagh that tottally scared me

    • profile image

      jennikifm 6 years ago

      @damon what happened after that? what did u do?

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago

      I think that those who deny the existence of demons are demonic, because Jesus Christ spoke of demons, commanded demons, and suffered, died and resurrected so as to liberate us from sin, death and the demons. You call Jesus Christ a fraud when you deny his Word, and that is the specific role of Anti-Christ, to deny the Christ. Are you in league with the devil, oh atheist? Are you spawned of the devil, your father, who is in hell? You are, even if unaware of it! Your are a demonic. Your un-faith makes you so. Your contempt for God and your betters makes you so.

      Even apart from the Gospel, all the human race has attested to the existence of the demonic from time immemorial. What "evidence" can the non believer give that they don't exist? The mindless jeers of those who take themselves too seriously? The scorn of a lunatic like the old German philosopher, F. Nietzsche, does not convince. He said God was dead, and died in the thralldom of an appalling lunacy, kissing a donkey as his parting act. Is Nietzsche's "testimony" your evidence, atheist? I think ours, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, is better.

      It seems unlikely that all the people commenting above spent the time simply entertaining themselves... they could have rented a dvd. Why go to the trouble?

      They are confused, you say? Why don't you try out this other hypothesis: you are confused and messed up more than any of them!?

    • profile image

      Skilletfan 6 years ago

      hey deo, you're actually right. and for that person that said God was dead, is wrong. Jesus is alive, and forever there.

    • profile image

      delish 6 years ago

      I have had a lifetime of different spiritual phenomena happen, the earliest at around two. These days they have given up on the attacks but I have had some extreme moments from hands around my neck and paralysed to auditory experiences and faces appearing out of ether, oh and that smell thing too, it is wrong, It invokes images of death and it is so strong when it happens it wakes me immediately.

      I have had some of these with other people but most alone, and some with animals, particularly dogs who were sensitive to what what happening also.

      I am not a bible freak, no offense but each to their own. I do however have a deep spiritual knowledge and faith.If anything these attacks only strengthened that so maybe that's why they have stopped.

      But I will tell you what I did and how they eventually lost their potency and effectiveness. I thought of Love. I know it sounds so corny but really its very easy because all of us have an experience of it. Its going to feel weird doing it, but no more weird than being attacked and it works 100 % of the time.

      I think of all the things that bring me most joy and love, not just happy things but things that well you to tears, I feel it, i invoke it,i switch off to the demon activity and I breath it LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE then when I feel full and strong and protected.( for where there is love there is light there is God) I send it to the demon. Yes even crazier, be kind to a demon, what the ?!?.... well that's how I think about it, now I can see some christians realing at that thought, I know how hard it is to be selfless to another human being let alone some freaky thing attacking you, but IT WORKS.

      I see my self as a channel of that light and love and spirit, completely safe just scared.

      I say strongly in my mind or out loud if I'm not paralyzed (sorry if this sounds a bit religious but)...... I am covered in the blood of the lamb , anything that is here with me and is not from God for my higher purpose I send back to it's source. This is way too strong.

      I then say the lords prayer and by the time I have done my little ritual it has gone.

      To all you who suffer from this, take courage they cannot hurt you only scare you. You are made of light, they are not. I hope it helps you.You must believe you are stronger.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      @delish hey, i don't think anyone should really be nice to demons, because they're not nice to us, and they really hate us, and they're out to destroy us. by tempting us to do wrong, and for anyone who hasn't accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.

    • profile image

      belive in jesus 6 years ago

      ive been attacked by a demon i can never see anything but its still weird because it attacked me physicly here's how it started

      first of all i died for 3mins as a baby and then when i was 2 my mum was talking about the time i died and then i said jesus brought me back to life but i was only 2 at the time and had talkin difficulty so i talked when i was 3 so a few years later we moved into a new house when i was 11 and my auntie was there so we was all sitting down close to each other because we was looking for a cd then something whisperd raachel which is the name of my auntie so that scared the crap out of me then a couple of days later something roared in the house it was really loud i thought it was my dad so i left it then my mum and dad said what the heck was that so i legged it downstairs and crapped my self then a few years later we moved into another house and i lost faith in jesus and felt evil now this had happened since we moved in the house then my mum had enough because i was really horrible so she sad when we was all arguing you're stroking the demon i said stroking it what you on about then i started screaming get out get out in the name of jeses you have no authority so a couple of seconds later all i could see was red then my mum said i was talking in demon language andd then after that i felt relived and happy then i felt somethiing jump on top of me and i was being strangled my mum legged it into my room and i was turning purple then my mum put her hands on my neck and said leave him alone in jesus name and it stopped then i few weeks later i was angry because it felt like ever since i was deliverd kids have been nasty at school and the sataninst i knew was barking like a dog at me so i came home and it was at night and i started getting angry then i started praying with the bible saying leave this house i am with the eternel light then at first i was lying on my bed and i felt something push me by my hip and my brother was in the room so i said GET MUM QUICK ITS ATTACKING ME so he started crying in fear then it pushed my left shoulder and it started strangling me again i was trying to grab it at me neck but i couldn't feel its hands so my mum came in when it was strangling me and said leave him alone in jesus name and my mum sat me up then i felt as if something ran and jumpedon me and it threw me back and started strangling me then my mum prayed for me and it went then i went into my bros rooom and i had claw marks on my should as if i was scraped so now i cant even get a little bit angry or it trys to posses me again which is irritating what should i do cause it attacks physicly i have been a lot happier since i was deliverd though

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago


      I think you're religious. The essence of religion is loving God, and you are there, and of course that will terrorize the demon. Loving the demon! Hah, that's the most repulsive thing you can do to him.

      Loving is a God-like act. God is Love (1 John 4:8). And God loves all his creatures, you, me, and yes, even the demons (much to their annoyance), for we are all born of God's love. His infinite love holds all things in existence. If he stopped loving each of us, or thinking of us, even for an instant, we would cease to exist, and vanish back into the nothingness from which his Love and all powerful Word called us forth. In loving (authentically, not egoistically) we participate in God's life, nothing less.

      So in loving you became more like God, yet more, you became more filled with God's loving act participated by you. Of course the devil had to run from you!

      I believe you are far more religious than many of us who think ourselves religious. I checked out some definitions of "religion" on the internet, and they tend to read something like this:

      "Religion is the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or a set of beliefs concerning the origin and purpose of the universe.[1] It is commonly regarded as consisting of a person’s relation to God, gods, or spirits.[2]"


      I think this is not religion, but only a list of its characteristics, just like a man is not defined correctly as a "featherless two-footed creature" (Plato's sample definition). What if a man loses a foot in an accident? He is still a man. A definition must point to what a man irreducibly is, not just to a list of typical accidentals. If the definition is not satisfied, then the subject is not the thing defined. So religion is not so much about a "system of beliefs" but of living in God, who is love.

      Your comment about "the blood of the Lamb" points to the core of Christianity itself. If you believe that the Blood of the Lamb -- Jesus Christ -- destroys sin and death, and creates the eternal covenant (more or less a "marriage contract" with God) by which we are adopted sons of God, inserted in God and living God's "love-life" by participation, then you are hard core religious by my reckoning. And I think you should thank God for it, not apologize or be ashamed. Religion is not a matter of "core beliefs" but of living, and that is done not by memorizing a "multiplication table" or a "rule book" or "core beliefs", but by life in the family whose Father is God himself. Now, are we members of our own family because we accept the existence of Dad and Mom, or because we take that for granted, and live together and cooperate in the mission of mutual love and respect proper to our family? Like family life, religion is something lived more than intellectually believed -- although beliefs are certainly characteristic of religion, religion is much more. You are living the core of religion. I suppose if you love God, you do in fact love Someone, not an abstract idea. You love your Father in Heaven, and in your heart.

      Best regards, Deo Gratias.

      PS. I thought I should add that witchcraft, necromancy, holding seances, using ouija boards, or practicing anything in the occult is NOT religion. Religion is LOVING SUBMISSION to family life UNDER GOD's PATERNAL AUTHORITY. To this the occult is diametrically opposed, because its attitude is contrary to religious submission. Witchcraft and other forms of the occult seek, not to submit, but rather and above all, to DOMINATE God, others, and nature, to substitute oneself in place of God. This is what Lucifer attempted and therefore was condemned by God, becoming Satan, the Devil, the eternally frustrated loser. I have had "white witches" try to convince me that they use their magic only for good, and that therefore they are good and their practices part of their "religion". No. Motivating all occult practices, even its most "innocent", is the lust for control and power of things unlawful for us to dominate. The underlying attitude of such spiritism is rebellion against religion. It is therefore anti-religion, or if you prefer, acts of pseudo-religion in which the worshiper, perhaps without realizing what he is doing, tries to substitute God with his own measly little person as the center of the Universe, that is, at the center of the "family of God". May God give these unfortunates light to see, and grace to convert.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago


      I think you're religious. The essence of religion is loving God, and you are there, and of course that will terrorize the demon. Loving the demon! Hah, that's the most repulsive thing you can do to him.

      Loving is a God-like act. God is Love (1 John 4:8). And God loves all his creatures, you, me, and yes, even the demons (much to their annoyance), for we are all born of God's love. His infinite love holds all things in existence. If he stopped loving each of us, or thinking of us, even for an instant, we would cease to exist, and vanish back into the nothingness from which his Love and all powerful Word called us forth. In loving (authentically, not egoistically) we participate in God's life, nothing less.

      So in loving you became more like God, yet more, you became more filled with God's loving act participated by you. Of course the devil had to run from you!

      I believe you are far more religious than many of us who think ourselves religious. I checked out some definitions of "religion" on the internet, and they tend to read something like this:

      "Religion is the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or a set of beliefs concerning the origin and purpose of the universe.[1] It is commonly regarded as consisting of a person’s relation to God, gods, or spirits.[2]"


      I think this is not religion, but only a list of its characteristics, just like a man is not defined correctly as a "featherless two-footed creature" (Plato's sample definition). What if a man loses a foot in an accident? He is still a man. A definition must point to what a man irreducibly is, not just to a list of typical accidentals. If the definition is not satisfied, then the subject is not the thing defined. So religion is not so much about a "system of beliefs" but of living in God, who is love.

      Your comment about "the blood of the Lamb" points to the core of Christianity itself. If you believe that the Blood of the Lamb -- Jesus Christ -- destroys sin and death, and creates the eternal covenant (more or less a "marriage contract" with God) by which we are adopted sons of God, inserted in God and living God's "love-life" by participation, then you are hard core religious by my reckoning. And I think you should thank God for it, not apologize or be ashamed. Religion is not a matter of "core beliefs" but of living, and that is done not by memorizing a "multiplication table" or a "rule book" or "core beliefs", but by life in the family whose Father is God himself. Now, are we members of our own family because we accept the existence of Dad and Mom, or because we take that for granted, and live together and cooperate in the mission of mutual love and respect proper to our family? Like family life, religion is something lived more than intellectually believed -- although beliefs are certainly characteristic of religion, religion is much more. You are living the core of religion. I suppose if you love God, you do in fact love Someone, not an abstract idea. You love your Father in Heaven, and in your heart.

      Best regards, Deo Gratias.

      PS. I thought I should add that witchcraft, necromancy, holding seances, using ouija boards, or practicing anything in the occult is NOT religion. Religion is LOVING SUBMISSION to family life UNDER GOD's PATERNAL AUTHORITY. To this the occult is diametrically opposed, because its attitude is contrary to religious submission. Witchcraft and other forms of the occult seek, not to submit, but rather and above all, to DOMINATE God, others, and nature, to substitute oneself in place of God. This is what Lucifer attempted and therefore was condemned by God, becoming Satan, the Devil, the eternally frustrated loser. I have had "white witches" try to convince me that they use their magic only for good, and that therefore they are good and their practices part of their "religion". No. Motivating all occult practices, even its most "innocent", is the lust for control and power of things unlawful for us to dominate. The underlying attitude of such spiritism is rebellion against religion. It is therefore anti-religion, or if you prefer, acts of pseudo-religion in which the worshiper, perhaps without realizing what he is doing, tries to substitute God with his own measly little person as the center of the Universe, that is, at the center of the "family of God". May God give these unfortunates light to see, and grace to convert.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago

      Sorry about the double post. It's long enough as it is!

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      Sounds like sleep paralysis to me. There is always a rational explanation you just don't look for it.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago

      Explain what reason is, and therefore what is reasonable and what is irrational. Is existence as such "rational"?

      I challenge the assertion that all is reducible to what is "rational", especially because I see it used by "rationalists" to impose their subjective reason on the rest of men who, in general, do not pretend to be so "rational", and in this at least, they seem to be more "reasonable" than the "rationalists" who dare say so much of themselves.

      As for sleep paralysis, I do not care to discuss whether it exists or not; in fact, I think there is something to it as an explanation. The question lies in WHAT CAUSES sleep paralysis: is it entirely the function of material causes, or possibly, in addition to these and on occasion, a function too of other spiritual causalities beyond the sensible order? Can you PROVE that all cases of sleep paralysis never ever derive in part from a spiritual influence?

      To show what motivates my own "skepticism" about "rationalism", I ask: does the carpenter's screwdriver explain all there is to explain about the turning of the screw, or do we "rationally" need to appeal to a more "transcendent" causality, namely, that of the carpenter who turns the screwdriver? In no way does the screwdriver autonomously turn the screw.

      Likewise, "sleep paralysis explains the phenomenon described above, but cannot it also be due to other transcendent causes, like demonic spirits? Logic alone does not permit us to deny that this last may occasionally occur.

      Does sensible, material reality "rationally" explain all there is to explain about material reality itself? Not at all, no more than the screwdriver by itself explains the turning of the screw. Indeed, does "the rational" explain all there is to explain about "the rational"? Is rationality itself absolutely self contained, needing no more explanation? If so, rationalist, you have some explaining to do: either (1) you are identical to rationality or (2) you are not. If (1) you are identical to rationality, allow me to suggest you have an exaggerated opinion of yourself... let's leave it at that. If (2) you are not identical to rationality, then you are either (2a) entirely ignorant of rationality or (2b) partly in the know and partly ignorant. But in both cases (2a and 2b), you cannot say as you do that "there is always a rational explanation". As partially or completely ignorant of the rational, you cannot possibly know that there always is a reigning rationality covering all things with its intelligibility. So you see, no matter how you cut it, your statement contradicts itself. You simply cannot know so much about reality and rationality.

      Chris: your assertion that "there is always a rational explanation" does not explain itself, or prove itself. What is the "rational"? Is it sufficient to show itself "rational"? I say no way. There is a necessary connection between the rational and reality, I'll grant it, but for a merely human mind to say that everything is absolutely rational -- which is implied in your statement -- is self contradictory, unless you are God's Mind, which is identical to rationality itself (condition 1 above). And this is a touch exaggerated, don't you think?

    • profile image

      Joseph  6 years ago

      Most of these demonic attacks stem out of some spiritual bondage that we need to deliver ourselves from, through the grace of Christ our Saviour and Lord. My advice would be that those experiencing such disturbances need to examine deeply in themselves, through prayer and meditation on the Word of God, any unrepentant sin(s) they have experienced in their life. Some may also be connected to sin(s) within the immediate family or a generational curse. Satan always tries to find this loophole! It's important that we invoke the presence of the Father, Son and Spirit and pronounce very loudly in the presence of God and the hosts in heaven, that we want to be delivered from this sin and seek the Holy Spirit to call to mind such sin(s) so that we can be delivered from such bondage, through Grace. Please be reminded that this is not a one-off thing and involves a repeated process. Meditating on the 'Our Father' the prayer that Christ himself taught us, is a good starting point. Consider Acts 2:38-39.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago

      Yes! I know someone who struggled with satanic bondage for years, without realizing what it was. He tried all the psychological techniques he was told to try. Then when he confronted the authentic root cause, which was demonic influence due probably to a curse that was laid on him, he was freed from his bondage literally in 10 seconds, or as long as it took him to say: "Unclean spirit, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ! In the Name of Jesus I bind you and forbid you to operate in or near me! In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave me forever!" (Note: you must first confess your sins before attempting such a command yourself, otherwise the results can be disappointing or worse!) My man learned this from Rebecca Brown's books. The undue influence of the night spirits afflicting him never returned again (though normally the demons return several times until convinced that they'll get the same rough treatment, and choose to avoid any future humiliating defeats, out of fear of the pain of humiliation, not out of respect for the afflicted person).

      Brown's website and bookstore can be found here:

      God deliver us from the psycho-babbling rationalists, who with their ignorant recommendations of psychotherapy and tranquilizers, and their pretension of knowing the "science" of the workings of the human person in the most intimate spiritual matters, in fact do nothing other than help the demons cage us permanently into demonic bondage.

      What helped this friend of mine was a reading of Rebecca Brown's books on deliverance. In them she tells of the deliverance even of people who have been years in the black arts, witches and warlocks. Her message to these poor souls is that they too can be saved, because Jesus Christ came to set us free from all bondage to sin, death and the devil.

      Any reader of this site having problems that a simple prayer or command does not suffice to resolve should consider visiting her website and purchasing her main books.

      Catholics may find some of her assertions offensive. I would still recommend her books to them. Unfortunately, the official Catholic Church at the moment is suffering a shortage of exorcists and ministers of deliverance. Nevertheless, there is the great book recently put out by Rev Fr Thomas Euteneuer (Catholic priest) titled, "Exorcism and the Church Militant", which may be the best thing available right now on the subject. Although this gentleman to whom I referred is Catholic, Brown's book served him well. Find Euteneuer's book here:

      He explains that there is a difference between "deliverance" and "exorcism". Brown and I recommend "deliverance" over "exorcism" for most cases, for reasons I should not get into here.

      God bless and protect those of you in trouble with these nasty, delinquent spirits. Deo Gratias

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago

      I better specify Brown's books by their title. In order of publication:

      1) "He Came To Set The Captives Free"

      2) "Prepare For War"

      3) "Becoming A Vessel Of Honor".

      These are still available at her website. I am afraid that some other titles are no longer there, and probably unavailable, though you can check with other book stores. More advanced books in satanic combat are missing altogether from the website, such as

      4) "Unbroken Curses"

      that's about identifying curses that you may have unconsciously provoked and breaking these sources of bondage in the Name of Jesus Christ. Yes, curses exist and can be awfully destructive.

      Then there is this book that is not just about spiritual warfare, but about living under God's Covenant (the Eternal Covenant in Christ's Blood) and making covenants, that is, covenants made between you personally and God. We Christians must know and live this doctrine more actively not just to protect ourselves from evil, but to fulfill what St Paul says in Acts 17, namely, that "in God we live and move and have our being". This dovetails with what I said in an earlier post (addressed to Delish) about living in God's Love, because God is love.

      5) "Standing On the Rock. The Power Of God's Covenants".

      The booklet,

      6) "Protecting Your Fortress"

      summarizes in a few pages the "sins" or "doorways" we must confess and purify so as to close possible entries into our lives and homes of evil influences and vexations.

      Brown also has a CD series on spiritual warfare ("Graduate Course in Spiritual Warfare") that is excellent, but may prove too costly at a $120.00. The above booklet is a good substitute. I would also like to recommend for the spiritual reading of any Christian, Brown's booklets (about 100 pages each), "Glimpses of God", both volumes 1 and 2.

      As long as I am on a roll, an excellent book on deliverance for Catholics is

      "Resisting the Devil. A Catholic Perspective On Deliverance", by Neal Lozano, published by Our Sunday Visitor ( This complements Fr Euteneuer's book mentioned in my post above.

      God's Peace be with all of you. Deo Gratias.

    • profile image

      Jack 6 years ago

      Hi im jack im 14 not long ago i had a experience where i woke up at the other side of the bed sat up very quickly and inhaled very deeply. Still half asleep, BUT the important part i soon realised the blankets weren't shuffled everywhere they were normal as if i had slept normally as if i had crawled out of the blankets as if i was awake. I have no record of sleepwalking im a normal deep sleeper no idea how this happened. I wasn't sure on the time.

      However in the past my Console games have went missing at christmas. There was a case where my grandad had placed his present on the bed walked out went to the bathroom came out it was gone. About one hour later it was there again. Thanks for Reading and please give me ideas on what it could be

      Yours sincerely Jack

    • profile image

      rawrbabyyy 6 years ago

      Omg. That is awesome. I've had a similar experience happen to me 3 times in the last, I would say, 9 years? 2 which happened in the same town, and the 3rd one happened about a mile away from my hometown. I would like to include that I just turned 18 a couple months ago, so this was happening to me when I was just a kid.

      I would be sleeping (with a light or a nightlight, I was afraid of the dark because I kept seeing shadows and hearing weird unexplainable things) And I would suddenly be rudely awakened by this weird pressure on my body. It would start off small and increase intensely. I would open my eyes and would see this deformed shadow on the wall, on top of my body, and I couldn't move any of my limbs, or even scream, or breath.

      A few moments would pass and the pressure would slowly go away.

      I didn't think of those attacks of anything until I recently saw The Haunting on Animal Planet, where a man gets attacked by a succubus and explains his attack, which is the 'not being able to move his arms or legs' and it got me thinking to my past experiences.

      I also remember my dad telling me that in the Philippines, they would do black magic and voodoo (my family has a crazy past) and he remembers his aunt (the one doing all the crazy stuff) telling him that if he ever told anybody on what's going on, his first born daughter would be attacked by demons and have the ability to get possessed faster than a regular human being.

      Believe it or not, but now I know I'm not crazy. (:

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      prayingforhappiness 6 years ago

      Tell the "demontic entity" that it holds no power over you! You'll feel like your instinct is almost telling you to "give in" to "it", DON'T!!!! I had lost faith in god, because my fathers suffering from lou gerhig's disease (ALS). But when you cant take crazy "occurances" anymore (only I was seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, knowing things I didn't nor was suppossed to feel) took me a year of seeking help from mediums, sensatives, churches, paranormal investigator groups(dont EVER call upon their assistance, all they do is piss it off, make it stronger thru fear...just dont), I even had the house blessed, everything was fine, for about 3 months....then I almost died in a car accident. Something latched on to me. I was constantly depressed, angry, sad, hoplessness feeling throughout my entire mind body & soul. It was back, stronger and pissed off and wanted me. One day after hearing noises, I grabbed out my cell phone and recorded a 15 second video clip. After uploading the video clip onto my computer & playing it.......I heard it...the sound of its voice was...well the sound clip was my evidence, that I wasnt crazy, that this stuff was real, that I could no longer keep trying to comeup with long elaborate scientific explainations for all the crazy occurences That'id been experiencing over the past year.

      So, i did what any normal person would do. I googled. LOL. But I found a powerful & semi-famous sweet as can be amazing & very very REAL medium, she called me the next day. I told her everything. She said okay, Im going to say a prayer for you over the phone right now, she got 2 words in when....I threw up, broke out in sweats, felt weighted down, headach, nausea...i had noooo idea what was happening to me, feeling terrible i mustered up the strength to thank her and tell her i'd call her back, she replied im not going to stop praying for you. I feel to the ground...its wierd to say but I actually felt like something was holding on to my soul as it was being pulled out of me. I was only 25 at this time and fearful not of "spiritual forces" but of having a heartattack or something...I thought I was dying and began to actually pray (i hadnt prayed in...phew like 10 yrs...amazed that I could even remember them) but I COULDN'T PRAY!!! It was soooo hard for me to get the words out, i felt myself fighting to finish the "our father", every word I said was a battle to get out. It finally stoped, after about 10 minutes. For the next 20 minutes drained of ALL energy, I cried, shaking, still laying on the floor...

      The next morning I was in the bathroom, when I felt sudden fear....(i was on the toilet) i quickly stood up, zipped up my pants, turned around and saw that my f**king eyes were...christ! my eyes were all black!!!!!!!! I remember gasping for air at the sight of it and realizing that I was having a hard time breathing(i have ashma and have had my fair share of panic attacks) this was not either, as I felt stearing, mindblowing buring pain on my back. I was on the ground in my bathroom...begging the medium in my head (lol i guess hopeing she'd hear me) to STOP praying if she was doing so, because it was hurting. After an hour, I called the medium and asked to if she was praying for me 1 hour eariler, she replied YES! I you battling it again and immedietly began to pray for you.

      Thats when I realized it was prayer that was hurting me!!!!!!!!!!

      Reality kicked in! If prayer is real, and works...than that means that there is good..if theres good, then GOD must be real.....(I was okay with that)....but then I realized; If there is good in this world spiritually than there was bad, evil.......and I was dealing with something evil

      I was told that i was being "oppressed" not "possessed", by "it". and the ONLY way I was going to get better was thru prayer, believe in god, and bettering my life, watching only happy tv shows, listening to only happy music, being happy.

      Being helped by the most famous sensatives, mediums & demonologists in the country I learned A LOT & that YES, these thing are scary but once you realize that you have god on your side and angels protecting you, and the blood shed from jesus on your head, you sense the fear in it! lol oh and, by saying to "it", "YOU ARE JUST JELOUS BECAUSE, GOD LOVES ME, AND HE HATES YOU!!!!!!!!"...PHEW!....that pisses them off but keep praying, no matter whats happening, even if its chocking you!

    • profile image

      prayingforhappiness 6 years ago

      Tell the "demontic entity" that it holds no power over you! You'll feel like your instinct is almost telling you to "give in" to "it", DON'T!!!! I had lost faith in god, because my fathers suffering from lou gerhig's disease (ALS). But when you cant take crazy "occurances" anymore (only I was seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, knowing things I didn't nor was suppossed to feel) took me a year of seeking help from mediums, sensatives, churches, paranormal investigator groups(dont EVER call upon their assistance, all they do is piss it off, make it stronger thru fear...just dont), I even had the house blessed, everything was fine, for about 3 months....then I almost died in a car accident. Something latched on to me. I was constantly depressed, angry, sad, hoplessness feeling throughout my entire mind body & soul. It was back, stronger and pissed off and wanted me. One day after hearing noises, I grabbed out my cell phone and recorded a 15 second video clip. After uploading the video clip onto my computer & playing it.......I heard it...the sound of its voice was...well the sound clip was my evidence, that I wasnt crazy, that this stuff was real, that I could no longer keep trying to comeup with long elaborate scientific explainations for all the crazy occurences That'id been experiencing over the past year.

      So, i did what any normal person would do. I googled. LOL. But I found a powerful & semi-famous sweet as can be amazing & very very REAL medium, she called me the next day. I told her everything. She said okay, Im going to say a prayer for you over the phone right now, she got 2 words in when....I threw up, broke out in sweats, felt weighted down, headach, nausea...i had noooo idea what was happening to me, feeling terrible i mustered up the strength to thank her and tell her i'd call her back, she replied im not going to stop praying for you. I feel to the ground...its wierd to say but I actually felt like something was holding on to my soul as it was being pulled out of me. I was only 25 at this time and fearful not of "spiritual forces" but of having a heartattack or something...I thought I was dying and began to actually pray (i hadnt prayed in...phew like 10 yrs...amazed that I could even remember them) but I COULDN'T PRAY!!! It was soooo hard for me to get the words out, i felt myself fighting to finish the "our father", every word I said was a battle to get out. It finally stoped, after about 10 minutes. For the next 20 minutes drained of ALL energy, I cried, shaking, still laying on the floor...

      The next morning I was in the bathroom, when I felt sudden fear....(i was on the toilet) i quickly stood up, zipped up my pants, turned around and saw that my f**king eyes were...christ! my eyes were all black!!!!!!!! I remember gasping for air at the sight of it and realizing that I was having a hard time breathing(i have ashma and have had my fair share of panic attacks) this was not either, as I felt stearing, mindblowing buring pain on my back. I was on the ground in my bathroom...begging the medium in my head (lol i guess hopeing she'd hear me) to STOP praying if she was doing so, because it was hurting. After an hour, I called the medium and asked to if she was praying for me 1 hour eariler, she replied YES! I you battling it again and immedietly began to pray for you.

      Thats when I realized it was prayer that was hurting me!!!!!!!!!!

      Reality kicked in! If prayer is real, and works...than that means that there is good..if theres good, then GOD must be real.....(I was okay with that)....but then I realized; If there is good in this world spiritually than there was bad, evil.......and I was dealing with something evil

      I was told that i was being "oppressed" not "possessed", by "it". and the ONLY way I was going to get better was thru prayer, believe in god, and bettering my life, watching only happy tv shows, listening to only happy music, being happy.

      Being helped by the most famous sensatives, mediums & demonologists in the country I learned A LOT & that YES, these thing are scary but once you realize that you have god on your side and angels protecting you, and the blood shed from jesus on your head, you sense the fear in it! lol oh and, by saying to "it", "YOU ARE JUST JELOUS BECAUSE, GOD LOVES ME, AND HE HATES YOU!!!!!!!!"...PHEW!....that pisses them off but keep praying, no matter whats happening, even if its chocking you!

    • profile image

      stormo 6 years ago

      Wow, thanks everyone for your comments. I had no idea that my hub would get so much attention. To all of you that are expieriencing physical attacks on a regular basis. Please seek help from a christain that is equipped to deal with the issue if you ask for help from someone that is not totally in the spirit, and when i say spirit I mean the holy ghost, (holy spirit). The spirit that the Lord gave to us to help us to fight these battles. If you are trying to fight any kind of possession without it the demons will keep coming back and sometimes the physical attacks will even get worse. Again thank you all for commenting.

    • profile image

      Rose 6 years ago

      I think all of you have a mental illness and need to get help. You all sound so sad and pathetic.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago

      And you read all these posts, thinking all the while that they are sick? You must be into sickness...

    • profile image

      amit_kosti 6 years ago

      really nice hub thanks


    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 6 years ago

      This is from another website that I hope no one minds I block and paste below. Find the whole thing here:

      "I need an honest answer. Anyone out there have experience in spirit lovers? I am recently widowed, and as of Aug. 1st I am inundated with spirit lovers – not without choice."

      [Upon questioning, the writer explains more...]

      "My age is 47 and I am female. For about six years, my daughter and I felt walking on the bed and other surfaces that we sleep on. My husband and son thought we were nuts. It would happen while we were completely awake or even just getting into bed. The walking would be light and sometimes the bed would wave. A couple of times, during that approximate six years, I would wake up to find something sexual happening. At that time I would shake it away. My husband had been sick for the last five years (stroke and other complications), and this past December passed away. A few months before he died, I found him sitting on the side of his bed looking ashen. He had told me that something jumped on his bed. It had happened before and he always blamed it on the cat, even though the cat was not in his room. This time he believed and was shaken. On August 1, 1999 the entities were back in my bed, and this time I relented at a weak moment. I can’t understand how I could have because the thought of it frightens me. The first few times, my heart was beating like a drum. Once it started, it never ended. I developed an insatiable appetite for sex and didn’t stop thinking about it 24 hours in the day. Neither did “they.” I rationalized that it was friendly spirits of the universe, but I knew in the back of my mind differently. For three days, going on four, I had constant sex. They did not enter for long and then the next one would come. I could not get enough. Literally, I could not function normally. The turning point came today. I was at work and something that was cold enveloped me starting at my feet and ending behind me. My hands, which were trying to type at the time, were frozen in place, not paralyzed. The thing seemed to scare the others away, like it had some power beyond theirs. It had sex with me while I was sitting in the chair, but it was different. More mellow and soft. It scared me tremendously because it was outward and not inward, like the others. This is all going to wear me down if I don’t find some serious help. This is all true."

      Following after this passage you find the tiresome and by now predictable hypothesis that all these are "unscientific" claims, and easily explainable in terms of "sleep paralysis" and "hormones" profusely secreted during the night. But the attacks even happen during waking hours in plain daylight, and the victims realize that prayer impedes the attacks... Does anyone really expect me to believe that nocturnal and unconscious secretions can cause a person and her companions to experience "spirit" attacks during the day? And that invoking God in prayer eases the attacks? If the attacks are just the result of perky hormones, how does a simple prayer stop them? Now if I could permanently give up peeing just by saying a prayer, then maybe I could be convinced of something so nutty. No, demonic attacks are not so easily dismissed, anymore than peeing. Demonic attacks like urination have a necessity of their own.

      I reported above of a man who expelled the nocturnal spirits oppressing him with a single command in the Name of Jesus Christ. Why do the atheist fools insist in reducing these experiences of so many people to biochemistry? Their insistence on their own "seriousness" and "scientific outlook" only makes them look more idiotic. They must have no sense of human respect if they can parade their stupidity so openly in public. And they are shameless in treating us as school children in their pretension of being "scientific", and browbeating us. I believe I have answered my own question. The atheist fool remains obtuse because he/she is that: a fool, a word that I do not use lightly; but Holy Scripture uses it, "The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no God'".

      If you are suffering any kind of "spirit attack", "unscientifically" rebuke the infernal offender in the Name of Jesus Christ with such words as (for example) "In the Name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you, unclean spirit, and I command you to depart at once", or anything similar so long as you invoke Christ's Name. If you have any faith, you will be able to scare a whole host of demons; but watch out! You'll also get yourself diagnosed as "psychotic" by these idiots.

    • profile image

      chosen 1 6 years ago

      i have seen a demond in my dreams, in real, and i also had a dream of god telling me to becareful of them.

      some of you might of not do anything but pray.

      i woke up at three ocklock, hearing banging. i see a human body, but it was a demond. i tried to punch it, but it disapeared. i have been followed by the next year.

    • profile image

      Ms. Stewart 6 years ago

      I've had spirtual confrontations before and to this day since I was about 6 years of age. The most terrifying experience was I was spending the night at my mothers house and I just layed down for bed. While I was in the process of getting comfortable I saw a small creature run into the room really fast and run back out. In my mind I was thinking, "What in the hell was that?!" My moher did have a dog but it was way to small to be her dog. The creature then ran back into the room and then stood up on its hind legs looking in my direction. It looked liked a bore/pig in the face, but the scary thing was extremly hott. The heat that was coming from this thing was making my skin feel like it was about to fall off of my body. The creature then got down and began to walk along side of the bed coming fowards the front end of the bed where my head was. I was soo terrified that I couldnt think of any prayers to speak say aloud. It then ran out of my room. I then jumped up and told my mother what happened and the responce I received from was mind boggling! She said in a nonchalant manner. "Oh that was a deman. I see him all the time." My jaw dropped because she said that as if that was her new pet or something... I have always had strange things come visit me in my home holding what seemed to be a hand over my mouth and nose preventing me from breathing to wake up casping for air. What is happening? Is my mother doing this to me im concerned because my youngest child is starting to have experiences in his sleep. I need and want this to stop!! Please help.

    • profile image

      Jesmared 6 years ago

      My question I have been told I have a "third eye" because I do see people who are deceased I have never physically seen them but they are in my mind as if I have (if that makes sense) I have also had encounters with demons and while I was pregnant my mother and I had a horrible encounter with a demon dog outside of my bedroom window and now my son has the ability to see things also my very religious grandmother said I am like a constantine the devil wants me and god wants me so they are fighting for my soul is that true?

    • profile image

      Jesmared 6 years ago

      My question I have been told I have a "third eye" because I do see people who are deceased I have never physically seen them but they are in my mind as if I have (if that makes sense) I have also had encounters with demons and while I was pregnant my mother and I had a horrible encounter with a demon dog outside of my bedroom window and now my son has the ability to see things also my very religious grandmother said I am like a constantine the devil wants me and god wants me so they are fighting for my soul is that true?

    • profile image

      To Jesmared 6 years ago

      Your right..........about your soul.

    • profile image

      To Ms Stewart 6 years ago

      Read earler posts here by Peter for some good info.

    • profile image

      Micheal 6 years ago

      Im 20 years old, and attending college. I stay on campus, and on the weekends I'll visit my parents. Last weekend I went to bed around midnight, and became consiously aware around 8 am. I didn't open my eyes, or move, I just layed there because I was still waking up. Then I heard sniffing right above me, for about 7 seconds. At first I thought it was a cat, but my parents don't own any pets. As soon as I realised this, I felt so much weight push down on me, I felt paralized, and I couldn't breath. I remember hearing about a similar situation on t.v. So I put all my effort in trying to breathe. About 10 seconds later I finally let out a breathe, but my body felt completely week, and I couldn't move for about a minute. After that I ran out of the bedroom, and into the living room. I have had many spirtual experiences but this was the most recent, so I have been googling similar situations.

    • profile image

      Ashes 6 years ago

      I have had strange experiences sense i was 7 years old. Brueses when i wake from what i thought was a night terror. There was always a dark figure above my bed floating. no legs no face I thought as a kid it was the reaper coming for me. My family was religious all except for my mother who is an an anti religion type. So i had no real view on what i was experiencing. I wake from being choked and restrained i thought it was all in my head. I dont wanna be talking about this really cause it just makes me feel like i am a freakin crazy person but this has to be more than night terrors. this happens to me twice a year around Christmas and around 2 days before my birthday. I had one last night and i seen the face for the first time the figure appeared and i seen the face it looked like a floating nightmare i am now 27 and am screaming in my own home. Either i am going nuts or i have an element following me. Which makes me fear either way cause i am a mother looking to protect my kids.

    • profile image 6 years ago

      I have read articles on demon possession, seems interesting. I have a friend who writes on demon possession. She has been to many powerful prayer house all across India. She has wrote a blog '' Believe it or not''. One can fairly conclude that demon possession is an common occurrence. One needs to protect ourselves from it.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      I had an experience 2 days ago, a Sunday night, I came home from my friends house around 8, and went straight to bed, cos I had been away for the new years party, soon after lying down I felt a presence in my room, but I thought nothing of it, i was facing the wall, and at the back of my head i had a vision of my room, and a black shadow watching me, i turned around, nothing there. This carried on but in my vision the shadow got closer, after looking about 5 or 6 times, my feelings and visions were telling me it was very close, so i rolled onto my back so i could see my room...

      and at the corner of my eye I saw blackness next to my head, and something in my head said "Oh god its right next to you"!!

      It happened so quick, I went paralyzed, my whole body was limp, and all of a sudden this thing was screaming in my ear, all I could think was Jesus blood, I'm Gods child, Get him to leave in Jesus name, but i couldn't move my mouth, with my tongue I was saying "oh Jesus oh Jesus oh Jesus oh Jesus"

      and It went away, I sat up and prayed in the name of Jesus, and called my mom, the time was exactly 22:00!

      My mom fetched me and took me to her house, were she prayed over me and binded the demon in Jesus name, I went back to my flat yesterday and prayed around my flat and put crosses in in olive oil... still havnt slept there yet, but I'm still alittle shaken up!!

      Any info about this sort of attack let me know

    • profile image

      Anonymous  6 years ago

      Ok so I experience what most of you get during these attacks (paralysis and chocking) but have they been accompanied with music? I dont even know what to call it. Its like what you's imagine alien/outer space type music to sound like. I know it sounds silly but it fills the whole room and it will only go away once I mention the name of Jesus.

    • profile image

      Marcus 6 years ago

      Hello, I would like to inform some people on demon attacks. You should seek aid with prayers to Lord Almighty, and trust on his help, it worked for me. I had demon attacks for about 3 years, I didn't pray much about it, but once I did every night they didn't feel anything. All attacks were there, but they had no effect. I would also recommend you to become a nice christian, since you already believe in demons. If there's one side there's another you know.


    • profile image

      Marcus is spot on 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Ali 6 years ago

      Saludos, tengo 32 de edad y he tenido muchas experiencias no muy gratas... He visto, olido, sido ahorcada hasta casi sentir que moria... Todo lo puedo en cristo que nos fortalece xoxo


    • Giftformen profile image

      Giftformen 6 years ago

      Geez! The world is a crazy place if you think about it. Glad I havn't gone through anything like that.

    • ImNedBigby profile image

      ImNedBigby 6 years ago

      @ giftformen yup O_e i think it's worse going through things physically than spiritually

    • profile image

      altın çilek 6 years ago

      God bless you Jennifer ;)

    • profile image

      vajina daraltma 6 years ago

      It happened so quick, I went paralyzed ;)

    • profile image

      Stephanie 6 years ago

      My husband was attacked last night at a hotel room. Around 3am, he started breathing super heavy, so thinking he was just having a bad dream, I started shaking him gently. He wasn't responding and then started crying out. I shook him harder and after a few minutes, he said he was awake and nearly jumped out of bed. I asked him if he was having a bad dream, and he said no, he had been attacked. He thought that I had gotten up out of bed because he couldn't feel me next to him anymore and then said something jumped onto his chest and pushed him down into the bed. He said the only thing he could do was cry out. I didn't get up at all and was next to him the whole time. After that, we prayed and asked God to surround the hotel with angels.

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      i had that feeling of inability to open my eyes, but i thought it was a dream as well. I think it may have been but i was completely awake and my mind was still wandering into the dream world, but regardless how hard i tried they wouldn't open. But the kicker of the situation is 2 days before that, my ex girlfriend had a demon manifest in her shell. This demon, for some reason, attacked me at first. I was bitten, scratched, thrown. This continued for what seemed like an hour, but couldn't have been anymore than a couple of minutes. But throughout all the thrashing, I never bled, I never ached and I never fought back. It was, in my eyes at the time, my g/f doing this and I couldn't make myself raise a hand to her i'm just not that kinda guy. It wasn't untill it spoke to me through her in its own voice, which was frightening in its own way, to taunt me. Only taunting the self conscious things that my gf didn't know about me. The demon continued its one-sided conversation until i chimed in and informed i wasn't afraid and that no matter what it tried it couldn't hurt me. It, instead of attacking from the taunting, decided to try and recruit me to evil through words and lies to create a false sense of grandeur in working for Lucifer. When it finally stopped trying it let slip that we're in for the end soon enough, not me.....US..... That the world is to soon come to its unmaking. I'm sry to say i don't know what to believe but i do believe that the demon was afraid of me if it was to try and recruit me... plz someone tell me i'm not crazy. btw, this was about 9 days ago.

    • profile image

      To Joe 6 years ago

      Have you been playing with Ouija bords or useing drugs and watching scary films, the first one is a big NO NO...

      As for what the demon told you, I belive its right, I have known all my life that i would see the end of days, the Devil will rise from the east and the americas will colapse from within, fear not if you follow jesus because we will have it 1000 times better, its just the end for the demons and they know it thats why they have upped thir game, Jesus said he would be back in 2000 years that gives us about another 20, GOD bless you and your girl........Demons run from gods people!!!!

      PS dont give your job up im not 100% on the timeing

    • profile image

      Jen 6 years ago

      About 20 years ago I had a friend move in with me and my 3 year old son. When she moved out the room she lived in had something in it. The room was always dark because as soon as I put a new bulb in, it would blow out. It was noticably colder in the room and when I'd reach into the closet sometimes it sounded like a wolf growling at me. I saw a black shadowy figure in the doorway of the bedroom. It had a head and shoulders but dropped straight down from there. It was almost as tall as the doorway and it would stand there and watch me in the livingroom. No one would ever come over anymore because everyone was scared and it creeped them out. One night my digital clock's numbers started spinning really fast (minutes were like seconds). One night me & my sister were in my bedroom listening to the radio and talking. I shut the radio off and there was scratching all down my wall (on the other side was the bedroom closet). It spoke to me one night. I came home from a party and begged my boyfriend to stay with me cause I was scared. He wouldn't because he was scared too. I got in bed, closed my eyes and it felt like something was swirling above me chanting "Say it, say it, I love satan, say it, say it!" I was too scared to open my eyes, so I prayed that God would protect me and let me fall asleep. I did.

      My sister spoke to a teacher at school about my problem. He was familiar with the paranormal and said that it feeds off my fears. I needed to be forceful and tell it that it's not welcome and get out of my house. I did, and after that I felt like it was gone.

      I moved about a year or two later and never went back, but the neighbor who lived above me I still see now and then and she's said no one lives in my old apartment very long. I don't know if it's really gone or if it just left me alone after that.

      My email is if you wanta talk.

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      Raghu Meshoch  6 years ago


    • profile image

      tüy dökücü 6 years ago

      I moved about a year or two later and never went back ;)

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      Samantha 6 years ago


    • profile image

      clayton 6 years ago

      There is a movie 'THE HAUNTED' 1991 show with Sally Kirkland. The 'Smurl' family was the supposed family attacked (in real life) back in the 1980s. During the 'house cleaning' in part 8 of the movie the invisible screaming lady began her ordeal. It was quite real. Mrs Lucifer will be there probably (in real life). She is a psychic lady at the Berkley Psychic Institute in Santa Rosa, California. We were sitting in a line doing psychic readings. Mrs. Lucifer (as I call her)was doing the readings. Michael, a leader, says to me, "Clayton, you're on the 'hotseat'". Mrs. Lucifer, with eyes closed says, "I know what he knows. I can't control him." Holy word, cross, church. So some of the christian church leaders are into dominating others it seems. Or to quote a prophetess somewhere else, "When you see leaders of my people falling dead, you won't rejoice, and you won't stop my hand."

    • ImNedBigby profile image

      ImNedBigby 6 years ago

      O_O Joe, i hope you'll be ok. that's just scary what was going on. O_e

    • profile image

      messenger 6 years ago

      Hi everyone I've had experiences with demons attacking me since I was around 10yrs old. My first experience I can never forget it felt as if someone was pushing the air out of me then pulling me out of my body all at once. I prayed about it and asked GOD if I can fight beside him because I HATE the devil and all that he stands for. One night as I was sleep an angel came to me pulled me out of my body no joke I could actually see me laying there asleep the angels were sooo big and beautiful they took me to what I believe was heaven. There I met our lord and man was he HUGE the feeling I felt was sooo warm,embrassing, and a love that no man can give. His face was bright and looked like a bunch of stars with a crown elevating on top. He gave me a water gun and some water ballons I guess because I was just a kid then the angels grabbed me and we took flight straight into the bottomless pit. Once inside I saw miles on miles of endless fires then we got to the center where I met the devil himself. The feeling I had was a mix of fear and hate towards him I looked into his eyes they were empty and had the complete opposite of what GOD's present felt. As I starred at him he looked at me with a look of disguist this guy is REALLY scary looking he resembles the likes of alot of beast all in one. Anywho by then I had enough of the starring competition so I threw the water ballons at him I'm assuming was filled with holy water and I squirted him with the water gun only for him to unleash a howling scream that shook everything around us it was similiar to an earthquake. The angels grabbed me and we flew out at the speed of light then I awoke and thought it was a dream until I saw a bright light leaving out of my room. I've never shared this story with no one except my very close relatives now I'm sharing with you guys only to alarm you GOD IS VERY REAL SO IS SATAN. If you believe in christ our lord you will always be protected satan doesn't want you to believe this is why he's always tempting and deceiving us so we may fall astray as he did. Satan embodies hate and GOD is love be blessed you all GOD loves us all and wants us to be with him forever its your choice. Choose a winning team and that is GOD

    • profile image

      Black_Recluse 6 years ago

      I dont think that your crazy . Fight back with everything you have. And learn the name of Christ. For it is not Jesus. The letter J is only 500 years old, so anybody beyond 500 years never said the name " Jesus "

    • profile image

      BlizzarD 6 years ago

      I'm having a recurring dream about provoking demons in my grandfathers house, it's always his house. I used to live there for like 8 years. I now live somewhere else for a long time now, I never dreamed about provoking demons when i was living at my grandfathers house. But, the last couple of years I've been experiencing these dreams more and more.. It's usually the same. I'm in the basement and I'm yelling at the demons and throwing things around, I feel so scared in my dream that i have goose bumps all over me when I wake up. Now they seem to being getting more intense last night my grandfather said to me in my dream that he's seen it too also later in the same dream my dad said the same thing to me, they are both deceased. The other night I had the same kinda dream but this time i was walking out of old room and I felt the demon pass beside me, as it entered my room. I decided to go back into the room when I started to push the door open the demon was behind it was pushing the door towards me, finally I forced the door open, pushing the demon into the wall, pinned down by the door, it starts to scream.(what a horrid scream it is) it continues to scream as I push it towards my bed and then I wake up in FEAR AND PANIC with goose bumps all over me. At first I was just provoking the demons in the basement now, it seem to be free to roam around the house I can also hear it growling in the basement when I'm upstairs. This is the first dream that I've actually seen the demon in. When my dad was young he lived there and he also said he seen something in that house, he said he wasn't dreaming tho. He told me this many many years ago before he died. Also my grandmother said my grandfather told her that he also seen something in front of him when he was laying in bed. So I'm not sure what is going on I don't know if it's just me the house or something else. Kinda weird that they both came to me in my dream last night and told me the same thing. I never really believed it until I started having these dreams. Now I don't even want to go to sleep because I FEAR these dreams. Even when i was a kid i remember running up the basement stairs as fast as i could feeling that something was watching me or following me up the stairs years later after me and my brother moved I was telling him this and he told me he felt the same way when walking up the stairs. So my question is if my grandfathers house is haunted, Why do I have dreams about it even tho I don't live there? Wondering if it followed me.. I dunno..sigh.

    • profile image

      BlizzarD 6 years ago

      Update* I was doing a little bit of research about what my dad seen. I was talking to my mother about it and she said that he told her he was laying in bed sleeping and was awoke suddenly by something, as he looked to see what it was he seen figure near the closet and said it looked like a little girl. I was also talking to my grandmother today after my first post and from what my grandfather told her he also seen what he thought was a little girl. After she told me this I remember hearing something about this when I was a kid. Both of them said they weren't dreaming. I dunno what to make of all this, all this revolves around that house.. Which I do visit from time to time. I was sitting here after I got up thinking about my recent dreams, drinking a cup of coffee and my grandmother called to see how I was doing I just thought it was kinda weird because I was just thinking about calling her and talking to her about my dreams and how they seem to be linked to her house. I also wanted to tell her what my dad and grandfather said in my dream.

    • profile image

      chris 6 years ago

      oh man! i didnt expect to find that so many people experience what i did last night. it was the 1st time i experienced anything that wasnt drug induced, or that i can take serious bc i was sober. i was trying to go to sleep and was laying face down. i looked over to check the time (3 something am) and then layed my head down. immediately i couldnt move and i thought sleep paralysis that id never experienced b4 but was well aware of from an ex girlfriend that had. but then i was like, i just layed my head down and im wide awake! then i knew what it was. i couldnt talk so i prayed to myself for help, every time i would do so it would get violent and the bed was shaking something fierce! my dog is part of this story because i could feel him trying to get up at my feet but the bed shaking keeping him from doing so. well i try a couple more times to pray it away and it just got worse each time. i thought to myself, why is he not helping me and then thought, maybe he wont and it immediately stopped. i took it as a message that they stopped when i thought that. if im crazy then so is my dog because he was petrified and slept at my head. he always sleeps at my feet! the crazy thing is the fact i wasnt scared one bit.

    • kentuckyslone profile image

      kentuckyslone 6 years ago

      I was also "raised" in a Pentecostal (nondenominational) church. I have witnessed miracles, healings, and prophecies.

    • profile image

      Seraph 6 years ago


      I've had something that has happened to me and my two sisters for several years now completely independently. it was only after my eldest sister asked us about it that me and my other elder sister realised that we had been both experiencing the same thing.

      basically, we have been all waking up at different times and seeing something like a small humanoid creature (must be about 3 feet tall when standing up right) couched by our doors with bright blue eyes. it looks like a silhouette, except for the eyes. also i have seen something that looks like a dark hooded figure peering at me over my bed. it is very tall, so tall that it has to bend over as it is taller than my ceiling (in a victorian house!). my sisters have seen this before too. i get sleep paralysis a lot but when i see these things it is very different, normally i can wake myself from sleep paralysis or at least recognise that i am dreaming. but when i see these things i cannot move from the fear and its like the feeling you get when you jump into some really cold water. i hope someone can shed some light on what is happening and how to stop it! thank you all!

    • profile image

      Katie  6 years ago

      So i just had an attack this morning at 4:20. I know it was a demonic attack because I could feel a presence in the room. I feel like its happened before when i was younger but I just thought it was a nightmare. This time was defiantly more realistic. I am 18 years old and I'm Christian so I believe in God and angels and demons. I live in the basement of my house. Sometimes I even during the day i feel like someones watching me I don't know why but it's scary so I always pray For greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world and i start to feel better. Anyways at 4:20 i was laying in my bed and i always lay at the edge of the bed. I felt someone holding my left hand because it was in the air. THen i heard someone whispering in my ear. It sounded like gibberish but like more than one voice whispering to me. So i knew it wasn't someone in my family. It made me jump and i quickly opened my eyes and looked left and i saw a blurry shadow run away. I was terrified and sat up with my lamp on and started yelling. I started praying as well, but i was soo shocked and terrified that i started crying. I was shaking so hard and it felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest. I couldn't see anyone in the room but I felt a presence or something watching me. I yelled for my parents but no one could hear me because i was in the basement. So i called my house phone several times until my dad woke up and heard me screaming. He came downstairs and I told him everything. He believed me and prayed to God and helped me move upstairs. After the attack I looked at the clock and it was 4:30 something definatly happened. I moved to the guest room upstairs and layed there i couldn't fall asleep i could feel a presence still in the house watching me so i continued to pray. it was an hour before i could even consider falling back asleep again. Now after i woke up I can't stop thinking about what happened it was definatly not a dream i know it was real. I am soo scared I don't ever want to go to the basement ever again in case it happens again. But if it does I will pray to God and i know they will leave. God Bless Us all and thank you all for posting your stories it has helped me realize this is real!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      Seek the truth and the light - the lord Jesus Christ!

    • profile image

      Tammie Franklin 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your story and creating an avenue for others to tell their stories. This is a struggle that I am dealing with. Mine is the result of me confronting others about my childhood, which includes sexual abuse and a period of starvation. A priest that I met with recently informed me that this occurs more often than people realize. It is a comfort when others self-disclose.

    • profile image

      Tammie Franklin 6 years ago

    • profile image

      A. Nonnymoose 6 years ago

      Louise, what you say here is very contradictory! First your quoted as saying "HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SPIRIT WORLD . THE DEAD ARE NOT ALIVE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD SO WE CANT CONTACT OUR DEAD"


      How can you say this protects you from bad spirits, when you just said that spirits are not alive??? (Confused?)

      Either they are alive both good and bad or they are not.... don't mean to diss you but its very confusing what you posted>

    • profile image

      Sharniqua Angram 6 years ago

      This happen to me too. I am 12 years old girl. This happen to me yesterday. I had my wingdoor open and i was asleep. Then about 2am i felt something touch my led. I open my eyes and i saw a hand. So i scream for my mom caz my door was open. And she ran in my room to come get me out. So she bring me in her room to sleep with her. And then i went to sleep. When i was in my mom room i heard some say go back in your room. I said no. And i was crying and i was calling out god name. It didnt work. The demond keep saying go back in your room sharniqua. I keep saying no. Then the demond said if you go back in your room i wont bother you. And i was like ok i will go back in my room but first i have to ask my mom. So i ask my mom can she said yes then my mom walk me in my room and started to pray with me. Then i went to sleep nothing else happen. This is 100% true no lie ;)

    • profile image

      Sharniqua Angram 6 years ago

      This happen to me too. I am 12 years old girl. This happen to me yesterday. I had my wingdoor open and i was asleep. Then about 2am i felt something touch my led. I open my eyes and i saw a hand. So i scream for my mom caz my door was open. And she ran in my room to come get me out. So she bring me in her room to sleep with her. And then i went to sleep. When i was in my mom room i heard some say go back in your room. I said no. And i was crying and i was calling out god name. It didnt work. The demond keep saying go back in your room sharniqua. I keep saying no. Then the demond said if you go back in your room i wont bother you. And i was like ok i will go back in my room but first i have to ask my mom. So i ask my mom can she said yes then my mom walk me in my room and started to pray with me. Then i went to sleep nothing else happen. This is 100% true no lie ;)

    • profile image

      louis padro 6 years ago

      I have experienced similar attacks. Recently, during Holy week, the palms of my hands smelled like sulphur for three nights, culminating on Good Friday. Use all your experiences as tools to grow from. Commend yourself to God, in the name of Jesus Christ and confront the Devil himself. If you have faith you will learn to overcome these attacks from the evil one.

    • profile image

      unknown god 6 years ago

      i got one i knew i cudnt handle it i read it n filled in blanks to the ritual i thought it wud be harmless was i wrong tho the demon is styl unknown to me but i have seen it in mi dreams a dog type demon part of that family it was part of a death experience i had as well i have overcome to seal it wit mi own blood but it has opened once more n i cant help but have such a strong urge of blood lust n i think of it as a god now it helped me alot n i love it even if it means to kill the living then let it be this was ment to happen for sum odd reason right? so i need answers tho whose more knownin bout this shyt hit me up on its been 5yrs now n he stays unknown i got more power tho since i work with blood everyone has there element n thats mine im quite insane nutin cud really save me as ppl want but i need ta know how to realease it to be more powerful

    • profile image

      June9777 6 years ago

      I'm doing research because last night i think i was attacked by some entity. It's my first experience in this house, all this time Ive lived there/here I thought it was clear of supernatural entities. I have experience with the supernatural so I can sense and identify spirits but I've never had the misfortune of experiencing demonic entities, well hopefully still haven't. Can you or anyone let me know if this is demonic or just a spirit? Or me just jumping to conclusions?

      So heres what happened, I was fast asleep in a very deep sleep when out of no were I felt this extreme fear like the fear you'd get when you're young and afraid of the dark. I wanted to turn on the lamp but, I don't know If it that I was half asleep or that I was so scared I couldn't think lead alone function, I didn't or couldn't even reach it. I actually think I remember telling myself not to turn it on. So I'm petrified with fear and I manage to wake up enough to open my eyes, and in the darkness all around me was this writhing... blackness almost like thick smoke. Yeah thats it, it was like I was overwhelmed and surrounded by thick smoke vibrating almost. I'm thinking it was nothing because I've woken up before and seen what appeared to be hundreds of spiders covering the wall at night scaring me because, well they're spiders then they disappear after I focus or turn on the light. But this time the fear woke me up and it was far more intense. And as sudden as it happened it stopped. I sat up in my bed and looked around my room and there was nothing there. I went back to a deep sleep that my alarm could barley pull me out of. I slept though most of the alarm, but I digress. My dreams were normal, nothing demonic. But later I finished getting ready for school when I saw the mirror on the other end of the living room, I had traced my face on the mirror with a marker a while back. And this morning, after the "attack", I noticed a large queer smudge. It was too large to be made by anyones hand, yet to small to have been someones face print. When I walked up to it, It was the siluet of a face and it was facing my drawing.

      I'm really hoping it was nothing or at least a spirit. Can you or anyone let me know what you think?

    • profile image

      To June 6 years ago

      I think the dream was a dream, maybe the fear was caused by a evil spirit passing by, if you belive that, i have been awoken by an evil presence and felt much the same way as you did until i got angry that i was scared then the feeling left.

      As for the mirror well....For some reason i've always been funny with mirrors since a child, years later i read a karmic book about where to put your furniture for good luck ect, it read never sleep with a mirror over your bed, it lets the demons watch you while you sleep.

      Make of that what you will, i think there is somthing with mirrors but my feeling comes from a clever cat i used to have that has long passed, we have a big mirror in an old guilded frame on the wall high up and once my cat went mad at it, she could'nt see her reflection so i could'nt work out what was happening, she went so mad with hissing and snarling that my mother and sister were very alarmed, she had never done anything like that before, what is she looking at they said.

      By now i new she was warning off somthing she could see in the mirror, somthing evil because i was slighty scared by her response and came over with goose bumps, a cat will never hiss and snarl at thin air, she never did it again.

      Who knows what other relms there are, i've got my own ideas.....

    • profile image

      Mel 6 years ago

      Two nights ago, i woke up as my arm was freezing cold but the rest of my body was warm so i went to put it back under the covers and saw this black mist trying to get inside me i tried to call for help but couldnt i tried to get my partners attention by tappng him but couldnt, i some how pushed the mist away, it took me ages to get back to sleep and that was in the morning.

      Then it happened again last night, but it attacked me in my dreams, but i saw it this time i saw its head, it got right up to my face and put its mouth to mine and tried to suck itself into my mouth once again i fought it off and tried calling for help but couldnt, i was breathing heavily and my partner ralisedit happened again.

      I then started thinking this is a demon, ive been into ghosts/spirits/demons for a while now so it was easy to confirm what it was. I had a ghost in my house but its dissapered and i miss it.

      I did think it was a dream at first but two nights in a row the same black mist.... i need to find out what it want.

    • profile image

      cat 5 years ago

      Hi my name is Cat an di have had pressure on my shoulders and sometimes it is tingling and every time I pray I feel something release and then 1 second later another release an d again and again. Many times over. It is wearing me out sometimes. It is there as I am writing but not as heavy sometimes very heavy. What do I do?

    • profile image

      Wounded 5 years ago

      One night about 5 weeks ago. I was violently dragged out of my bed, and bitten on my right ankle. Since then We have had my hand move on it's own and demonic thoughts. What is wrong with us? We even sold my soul to satan. Help

    • profile image

      Wounded 5 years ago

      One night about 5 weeks ago. I was violently dragged out of my bed, and bitten on my right ankle. Since then We have had my hand move on it's own and demonic thoughts. What is wrong with us? We even sold my soul to satan. Help

    • profile image

      To cat 5 years ago

      Throw salt over your sholders for an old fix to this problem.....or surround your bed with a line of salt....

    • profile image

      Jeannine 5 years ago

      Call on the name of Jesus Christ!!!! He is the only one who can save you from these demonic attacks. I have had a few of my own in my life. About 10 years ago, I was ripped out of my bed in the middle of the night. I felt something pulling on my legs. I screamed for my husband to help twice. He couldn't hear me. My third scream was "Jesus, help me!!!" I was instantly back in my bed and felt a loud voice say, "Your husband can't save you, I CAN"...This was followed by the same voice which then said, "You can't touch her, she's mine." Praise God for His mercy and compassion. For the past ten years, I have been struggling with a massive spiritual battle, which I know the Lord will set me free on one day:) AMEN!!!

    • profile image

      Wounded 5 years ago

      It's getting harder. We can't take it anymore. At night I never get enough sleep. I didn't know why till this morning. My roomate asked me why we was standing over his bed staring at him with redish eyes and why the cooking knives were embedded in the cabinet. He said I just laid down, turned my head away from him and just lay still. We can't tell him. He won't trust us. I need to get Sam(the name that he liked) out of my body. How do I do it?

    • profile image

      Born anew  5 years ago

      You don't understand. You cannot. None of you. But I do

      I was raised a Christian. Baptized. Yet uncontent. Nothing went right. Until I called upon CLISTHERET

      Now she is my best friend. My protector. And my life. She is mine and I am hers. She is beautiful. Powerful. Friendly. As well as all the others. Do not fear them. During what you call an "attack" they are calling you. Don't turn a deaf ear or they can get mad. Listen. Ask for the name of who is calling you. Your roomate might think your crazy but what the hell. When you do so text me and I can help you either get rid of it. Or welcome it. My number is 1-430-558-4152. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    • profile image

      Born anew 5 years ago

      If I don't reply with in 48hrs. Check the number and post a comment under this.

      ~Where others fail~


    • profile image

      @ Wounded 5 years ago

      Why do you say I then refur to your self as WE.....?

      Sam is one chosen name for the Devil so have you been useing an Ouija board or has anyone else in your space/room/bed, If yes then you need to bless your space and seek Jesus for he is the only real help your going to get....If no then you need to seek Jesus, get where im going with this.

      From your words you are in a mental mess and on the verge of insanity [if your telling the truth]

      I will pray for you tonight 6/7/2011 and ask the lord to take a closer look at your situation.

      If you would like more advice then be very specific with your exact problem and how it came about and i will guide you through it via this hub....

      Fear not for no man reading the bible gets pulled out of his bed, not by Demons and spirits, they RUN from those who seek the lord, try it and there in will be the proof of he's existence.

      God bless you in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit.....Amen

    • profile image

      Wounded 5 years ago

      I really don't think that any ammount of prayer will help me. I haven't slept in 2days and I'm not even the slightest bit tired. I think I'm losing my body to Sam. I have a huge migrain. And my entire body is cramped. I wrote a check to a friend in need and signed it off Sam. My name was kevin. Now what do we do?

    • profile image

      @ Wounded 5 years ago

      Without knowing what has caused you to think like this or how it's affecting your life it's hard to tell but your hinting towards a demonic possession.

      These things dont happen without the use of spiritisum so what have you been envolved with...?

      We live in a time where bad spirits have upped their game and this is due to them not having long left, they aim themself's at spiritualy weak souls like missiles and will tell you what ever you want to hear, the truth is their in a horrible place and want others to share their misery.

      This migrain and cramped feeling is the tip of the iceburg for you if you keep in this direction.

      You say you dont think prayer will help you....classic talk of the Devil, he knows as soon as you ask for Gods help he's had it, like a bonfire in front of a tsunami...

      Think of the lowest form of life you possibley can then times it by 100 because thats what's trying to control you and is gona make you do somthing stupid, you would'nt let your friends or the guy down the road tell you what to do so why this obamination.

      In life we think therefore we are.....and all im getting from your words is defeat, Prayer wont help, im losing my body, YOU can take charge at any time, YOU are not weak, YOU must learn the ways of your silent enemy.

      Thets get your mind back [the first battle ground of the Devil] I would like you to wright a letter explaining all your problems and how you think they came about and where you would like to be in life, be specific then address it to the Lord Jesus Christ and burn it somewhere quiet, prayer is good but a letter is more offical and will get delt with quicker but you must belive, if you belive this sam can take your body over then belive Gods gona kick his ass...

      You must control your thoughts....

      GOD BLESS YOU>>>>>KEVIN.....!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      unrealisrealnow 5 years ago

      Great testimonies here. I've had way too many experiences to chronicle but here's last night. To preface I came home from a nice vacation and for whatever reason the attacks I was used to became more powerful/ severe. So last night I burned some sage and prayed to Jesus. Well it didn't stop the attack totally but it only lasted at least the bad part for one second. But the attempt to get to me was very forceful in that it made me convulse several inches legs and head snapped off the pillow as if something tried but could not stay in my space or body. Thats a far cry from the purely painful and electical and longer paralysis that occurred the previous two nights.

      Now a little more background. I've been doing just great sending these things love, it works by the way but you must have that connection to the Lord and Jesus in some way and understand true universal love. I can see them roughly with eyes open but I see them in great detail when I wake up in my third eye. First they are usually surprised that I can see them it would seem and secondly the attacks end usually upon acknowlegement of them alone. I can see their hideous facial expressions change and contort after trying to scare me more they look totally confused like a dog turning its head to the side. So at least it almost completley stopped the atack or at least made it very short with no pain just a ton of pressure release all at once. Enough to make my head and feet recoil off the bed but no longer term connection and electrocution, which is what it felt like the previous two nights.

      Take care everyone and thanks for sharing. This does help one feel better about the trials that obviously many of us are going through because we want a true paradise for ourselves and humanity right here on Earth or wherever the newer paradise will lie for those that can move on from these challenging lessons.

    • profile image

      unrealisrealnow 5 years ago

      Update: The next night after the previous post, I got new sage and cedar and cleared the apartment and prayed again. No attacks whatsoever and infact as I awoke I was treated to one of the first good awake third eye vision in some time. I was shown a little cute dog in a a small circular window for some reason. Anyway, smudging, prayer and walking the path to the best of ones ability do work.

    • profile image

      darren 5 years ago

      When i was 7 a demon reached into my chest when i was sleeping.I woke saw him could not speak.I said god help me jesus help.He backed up gone.Later in life i heard the word devels snare.I asked god what that ment. That night i dreamt that the devel had three games to play.First game was to make a basket with a ball couldnt make one.Second game was to play paint ball so i shot the first guy i seen. It was my brother and the gun was real. I looked at the window.The same demon popped up said DECIEVED.

    • profile image

      Big Mike 5 years ago

      I have a story to share as well this isnt an attack but I have seen a demon.

      IT was tall slender and all black. I would say any where from 5'9 - 6 feet tall. ITs skin was blacker than my Roomate who is from Africa.

      It had short horns.

      I only seen the Being momentarily.

      I was not afraid. I have faith.

      But what do you think This demonic entity wanted from me?

      I also have another story.

      This happened at one of my grandfathers trailers.

      I the bedroom on the right side of the trailer. I slept in thier for a few nights no problems. Then I wake up one night with my shirt un buttoned and my pants unzipped.

      Another night I wake up with 1 scratch accross my chest. The next night I woke up with 5 claw marks, like an animal had scratched my chest. In this trailer I heard things, noises, Even my dad years earlier heard them. Even my little brother's friend told me he heard noises all the time in thier. I have experienced in that room like im half asleep half awake and being choked by an entity I can not see.

      On another occasion my father told me to perform a ritual. I got a thing of salt and in the ground I made a star of David. The louder I prayer out side that trailer the harder the wind growled.

      But back to the black demon

      if any of you know the name of this entity


      email me at

      or IM me at

    • profile image

      @ big mike 5 years ago

      Yep.....I've had all that, it's more common than you think, who knows.......?

    • profile image

      nino 5 years ago

      how do you people manage everyday life? arent you terrifyed?

    • profile image

      @ nino 5 years ago

      Not in the slightest.............God is my power

    • profile image

      nino 5 years ago

      But also, how do you know these are "demonic attacks" ? Couldn't it simply be spirits of deceased relatives etc trying to contact you?

    • profile image

      Born anew 5 years ago

      @ big mike

      I can help. Text me a detailed description of what he/she looks like, smells like, and what she does. I could possibly tell you or come get rid of it myself. my number is posted above.

      ~where others fail~


    • profile image

      Born anew 5 years ago

      And also what time of day it is.

      If you don't think I can do anything think again. Who better way to help with demon problems than a person of satanic relations with them. I want to help people.

      ~Where others fail~

    • profile image

      kitty 5 years ago

      i have twin babies they are now four months old, born on april first, before i knew i was pregnant my four yr old kept asking me mommy wut r u going to do with the babies in your belly, while later i found out i was having twins wow, then my four yr old kept saying your having a boy and a girl, but mommy the boy is very mean and keeps telling me hes going to kill you, okay i was kinda freaking, lil while later i find out i really am having one of each, well this went on the whole time i was pregnant my 4 yo kept telling me the boys mean and going to kill you, well i fell very ill during my pregnancy and almost died babied born early, but now weird things are happening, something is trying to harm my baby boy, he even has a bite mark on back of his leg, my baby girl was floating in air so freaky, what is wrong can any body help me, i dont believe in this stuff but something is soooo wierd around here

    • profile image

      spiritual satanist 5 years ago

      That is ridiculous, if anything I call BS, or an angel was present, I know Goetic Demons are human-friendly but I can't speak for the rest of the demons, because I don't fully know, one thing though, don't make a promise to a Demon you can't keep. You need to keep any promises you make, which means not lying about a promise just to get what you want. I have rediscovered my guardian demon recently in this life and he is wonderful, As for Satan, I worship him and love him very much!

      -HAIL SATAN!!!!

    • profile image

      David 5 years ago

      As I'm typing, it's 5:18AM. About 20 minutes ago, I was awaken by something, I'm not sure what it is, but it is EXTREMELY unlikely for me to wake up while I'm asleep unless it is storming or obviously someone tries to wake me up. I do not have to use the restroom, so that didn't wake me up and it's not storming whatsoever. Anyway, I woke up and checked my phone out of instinct (I'm 20 years old). However, as I'm checking my phone with my head leaned to the left, I hear something whisper my name into my ear. I have never been so scared of something before. I immediately pulled the covers over my head and gasped loudly. I waited for my brother or mom to start laughing because I assumed it was one of wasn't. After a few minutes of laying under the covers scared to no end, I hurry up and turn on the lights. Nothing was there. I am VERY spiritual and believe in the bible and God. I used to be a die-hard atheist and believed so with 100% confidence. I had a very big epiphany and over the course of 8 months (hours of studying religion, ancient books, and theories), have finally came to my full belief in the bible and what it says. About a month and a half ago, I started having these VERY strange dreams. However, they aren't fully dreams. I am aware of myself, the surroundings I'm sleeping in, and have the ability to knock myself out of this "dream." Basically, I'm half awake and half "dreaming." It's terrifying. Whenever these occur, I am overcome with so much fear that I make myself wake up before the worst happens. Yes, I have the thought that I'm still aware of where I am sleeping and no that all I have to do is jerk my head around to wake myself up, so I do. What I feel during these "dreams" is that someone is trying to pull me away from where I am and that they're literally right above me as my eyes are closed. I feel them so close to me that I'm terrified. As I'm having this scared feeling and "dreaming", I always think to myself and make it known that I believe in God and the bible and will not be apart of anything that they are. Because whatever it is, it's causing terror I then jerk myself awake before anything bad happens because I'm so terrified. I've looked into things like this. Is it possible I'm being visited by beings/spirits that are evil in nature that I cannot see with my visible eye? Oh, and I had the same dream when I was falling asleep tonight around 1AM. I jerked myself awake and went back to sleep without being bothered again. Also, these don't happen every single night. AND, I am aware of the ridicule people face for talking about things like this. Just last year, I used to be the person who would comment on posts like these and call them delusional bible freaks who are just making up things. But the whisper was real. I heard it. I don't just hear things, it's never happened before. I am still terrified writing this (it's now 5:35AM). Does anyone have any advice?

    • profile image

      ray 5 years ago

      Osho says in the Book of Secrets, "When you become a master of yourself, all around become slaves, but there is no attempt to control others. As Buddha said when he was dying, 'it is good that I go. Then you will be free of my domination.' But there was no attempt to control others."

      Lynn Mctaggart in her book The Field says "The pattern in the universe with the most order dominates the rest."

      But there is no attempt to control others.

      It was said of the Buddha the he "subdued all demons and externalists. He 1. got a bowl. 2. sat under a tree 3. begged for food. 4. meditated. Then he got enlightened.

      But you must master yourself first. Don't be the Sons of Sceva in the book of Acts that said, "In the name of Jesus that Paul preaches we cast you out." Demon says, "Jesus we know, Paul we know. Who are you?"

      They got hurt.

    • profile image

      Deo gratias 5 years ago

      David: you were a die-hard atheist then converted? Great but you have to confess all your sins. Have you done that? Do you know what sins are? Offenses against God by deliberately going against his will? If you have not confessed them, then the demonic may still have a claim over your life and be trying to pull you back to your old ways. You have to confess your sins (with your voice - God wants body and spirit joined in confessing what your whole person has done). Then, convert to Jesus Christ seriously choosing him as your Savior and Lord, with full command over your life. Then, using the new authority you will have in his Name as a son of God, you must shut all the "DOORS". Three types of doors exist by which the demonic can enter your life or remain in it, returning time and again to do mischief. 1) Sexual sins. 2) Sins of occult or idolatry (your former atheism is an implicit idolatry!) 3) Generational sins -- curses laid on your family blood line or doors opened by one of your ancestors and passed down to you through generation. For example: a great-grand father who was a mason... Masons lay a curse on their blood line with the "prayers" of their cult. Example: incest also tends to be generational, and demons of incest help to keep the vice going from generation to generation.

      How to close a door? For your own sins of sex or idolatry or occultic sins (ouija board, fortune telling, dungeons and dragons, necromancy...), after confessing your sins on your knees and begging Jesus to be your Savior and Lord, with your voice (could be in a low tone), declare to the demonic who can hear you quite well even if you only whisper:

      Evil spirits (of sex/occult...), I have asked pardon from Jesus for my sins, and I have faith in his goodness that he has pardoned me. Therefore, you have no power over me, and I take authority over you in the Name of Jesus Christ, I declare my body, soul and spirit to be part of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and you no longer have any right to it. In the Name of Jesus, I command you to depart from me forever, for I belong only to Jesus.

      That's the idea, you can use your own words.

      If in addition, you have a generational curse or may have one, you have to cut the bloodline with those relatives and break the associated curses. You can do it with words like these:

      Eternal Father, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,I beg you to cut the malignant influence of my ancestor(s) (name them if you can) who have been involved in cults or masonry (name sin if possible). Separate me from their influence and break their curses. I beg you for this in the Name of Jesus and I thank you for it, again in his Name.

      Then address the evil spirits.

      "I take authority over you, malign spirits, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I break all generational curses proceeding from my ancestors (the more specific you can be about sin, curse and relative, the better). I take authority over all you demonic spirits associated with these just broken curses. In the Name of Jesus I rebuke you, and in his Name I command you to depart from me and never return again."

      Then make a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

      Once you have done this -- that is, purifying yourself -- you can bless and seal your room so you can have peace from the varmints. How to do that? Remember how Moses swabbed the pascal lamb's blood on the door posts and lintels, and around the windows of the Hebrews so that the angel of death could not enter into their homes to kill the firstborn males?

      Now there is no longer blood sacrifice, but oil is the symbolic element to be used to seal your room against the demonic. Take a little vegetable oil that's clean, pray to God the Father in the Name of Jesus Christ to renew the mystery of the Paschal lamb to seal your room (or home, or even your body) against the evil spirits. Then place a tiny swab of the oil (be careful, it runs a lot) on all your windows and doors EXCEPT for one. When that is done address the demonic:

      "Evil spirits (of nightmares, of fear, of insomnia), I take authority over you in the Name of Jesus Christ. I am sealing this room (house, my body) with the oil as a sign of the Blood of Jesus Christ, the True Pascal Lamb. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you out of this room (...) through this unanointed door/window. Go, now, in the Name of Jesus."

      Then seal this last door or window. If it is your body you are anointing, then anoint at least your "body, soul and spirit", that is, your forehead (thoughts), heart (affections and will), back of your neck at the base of your skull (spirit), and whatever body parts may be particularly influenced. I am thinking especially of tatoos, that sometimes are also doors. Swab these completely under oil. Body piercings...

      If you have faith, this will prove powerful. But if your past is full of sin and bad living, you will need to seek help.

      If you are protestant, I know the site and Rebecca Brown (author of books on the subject) are helpful.

      If you are Catholic, Dawn at

      may be able to help you.

      This note may overwhelm, but I can't stand thinking of the people being harmed by these demonic imps. If you know how to deal with them, they will flee from you like frightened hares. But if you fear them, they will be drawn to you and be terrible.

      Say, "Fear, in the Name of Jesus I rebuke you!" and pray ejaculatories:

      "Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world!"

      God bless and keep you, David.

      PS: check out some posts of mine above.

    • profile image

      sasha 5 years ago

      my daughter had a nightmare that the devil attacked me in my home, my kids were in the dream and there friends, but he pushed me into a wall. does any one know whatthis mean?

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 5 years ago

      Was it a "normal" nightmare? An abnormal nightmare is so strong and vivid that the person will recall it for days, months and years after. It will be rather a visitation than a nightmare. There are also good visitations in sleep (The angel's to St Joseph who command him to flee with Mother and Child Jesus, appearing to Joseph in a dream). Of which kind is the dream? If it is not a visitation, then the dream expresses probably something your daughter is going through and I won't make any interpretation of it. Look at your family circumstances. Is there violence at home? etc. If it is a visitation, then you should want to bless her room, and maybe the home to cut the influence. Also anoint her with oil as I describe in my post above. Make the custom of praying every night before retiring, and confessing your sins in prayer to Jesus Christ. It's a good Idea to pray this rising in the morning and going to bed at night:

      Eternal Father, in the Name of your Son, Jesus Christ, I beg you to cover me with the complete Armor of God (of Ephesians 6)and especially the Helmet of Salvation (there mentioned) to protect my mind and my sleep. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I thank you for it.

      This is one of the many details those engaged in Satanic combat should know and practice daily without fail. The most fundamental is daily spiritual reading and a habitual life of grace/prayer and confession of ones sins. Anyone who does not do this should not get near this warfare, truly dangerous for the innocent and unarmed, your life and your next life are at stake. Yes, I know, sometimes the war comes chasing you and you have to fight. That seems to be the majority of those posting here.

    • profile image

      Lyne 5 years ago

      yes i also believe that there is good and evil, demons, bad spirits and angels, but still my faith to god is there, i always pray before i sleep, everywhere, anywhere, i am not visiting church always but my faith and love to god is with me, i know god, papa jesus will protect me and protect us also he sent angels to protect us too.

    • profile image

      kat 5 years ago

      believe they exist... but some people do conjure and i lived in a place where this guy practiced black arts. i didnt know him but i heard he was wierd. one night i thought i felt something tug at my foot i looked up and two glowing red eyes stared at me i screamed turned on the light and it was gone. it hates the light because the same thing happend the next nite same time grabbing my foot and staring at me with those red eyes. i had to keep a light on for almost a year before he moved out and took that devil with him. people should be careful when it comes to witchcraft or anything you cant conjure without reprocussions...

    • profile image

      glenn 5 years ago

      I had the same experience too and it happened to me a lot of times my eyes where open I wanted to stand up from my bed but I cant. The most frightening was when I had a nightmare having sex with 2 golden demons and when I woke up I cant stand up or talk I wanted to shout for help but I cant, then suddenly my bed sheet and pillow started to move like its being grabbed from the side it was awfully long and the books and things on my closet suddenly began to fall then I started to pray after that it stopped but the damage on my room was still seen. I called for my brothers and my parents and they were also shocked at what happened on the room. we are in one room with my siblings 4 of us and they were shocked at what happened on the room its as if there was someone pulling the cloth and the books to the right side of the bed. The second one was on a hotel there was 2 of us in separate beds of a room I woke up at the middle of the night when I found out I cant move suddenly black splash of somewhat blood on the ceiling came and demonic sounds from the surroundings also my roommate started to growl like being possessed I cant move I was so scared and all I did was pray by the time I was able to move I turned on the lights and talked to my room mate if he is ok. he said he was having a nightmare. it was the both of us this time really weird.

    • profile image

      aaaaa 5 years ago

      its aliens.a war is going on between diferent species.some use us li cattle some have feelings and want to protect us but leave us be.they are so much advanced than us mentally as a whole species.

    • profile image

      Victor 5 years ago

      I woke up - could not move/speak - but felt something getting off the bed and as I felt the mattress move upwards...

      Then I saw something clinging to the wall, through a dim night lite ... it jumped across the bed and

      me and landed on a chair on the opposite side of the room - I was finally able to move and heard

      some noise under the chair - I turned the light on on my night stand and was surprised when I saw that

      my cat was hissing at the chair and he looked like had gained 10 lbs of weight because his hair was straight out - he growled at the chair for several minutes - I realized then I had not seen something that wasn't there - unless someone is going to try to tell me that my cat was having the same dream as me

      [ which I will reply RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

      This was an extremely strange experience and having a witness tells me something else is going on !!!

    • Julie Wood Meier profile image

      Julie Wood Meier 5 years ago from Lubbock, Texas

      Last night I felt something kiss my toes on my left foot, and this woke me out of a dead sleep. I then felt a very heavy weight at the foot of my bed. My husband was asleep beside me so I know it wasn't him. I was terrified. The night before, my 13 month old niece was sleeping over and was in her bed in my room. She woke up at 4:45 am and seemed to be babbling. This child sleeps 12 hours strait through on a consistant basis. Did she see something? I am clairvoient to a degree but I have no idea as to what extent the gift is mine. I have been having some scary and unexplainable goings on lately. I know I am not crazy...Can anyone explain this? Thanks!

    • profile image

      DON 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Jimmie L 5 years ago

      Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

    • profile image

      Jimmie L 5 years ago

      If you ((truly)) want to learn the absolute truth about spirits read this book, and look for my further postings.

      "STRONGMAN'S HIS NAME, WHAT'S HIS GAME?" ISBN :0883686015 . This is a great book which I have been using for 15 years to fight evil that comes calling.

      I will teach you how to fight every demon that comes your way, but you have to follow the instructions or there will be no point in fighting.

    • profile image

      Jimmie L 5 years ago

      Hey Everyone,

      STEP#1: You must be saved(Invite the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart).

      STEP#2:You have to understand that you cannot go by your feelings (you will be deceived).Pro 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart ; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

      No matter what the devil tells you, do not believe it. He (the devil)will try everything on you from every direction (Bringing up bad things from your past,making you feel like no one cares, he WILL send evil spirits to carry out these things on you.

      STEP#3: Pray and read your Bible EVERYDAY, because reading the bible and praying is what will get and keep you closer to GOD.

      You must also understand that the closer you get to GOD, the more the devil will come against you.

      STEP#4: Use the "Strong Man's His Name, What's His Game" Book to close all the spiritual doors that are opened in you. Just do EXACTLY what the book says, it is very simple.

      The book is based on Matthew 18:18 which is called "The Keys of Heaven"

      Matthew 18:18 states the Whatsoever you bind on earth, will be bound in Heaven, and whatsoever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

      You bind each evil spirit by name(spirit of heaviness,lying spirit etc.)There are 16 spirits that have many attributes.

      Then you loose the HOLY SPIRIT,peace,love,happiness,all good doors opened, the oil of joy,or whatever you need to be loosed.

      STEP#5: Seal your house. Go to any grocery store and purchase some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

      In your home you can start anywhere at any window or door.

      Dip your finger in a tiny bit of olive oil and apply it to the top of every window and every door in your house while telling all evil spirits that they are not welcome in you home, and command them to leave in the name of JESUS, and they have to obey because you are a child of God and the HOLY SPIRIT gives you power over every evil spirit as soon as you get saved. Seal yourself by putting some olive oil on your forehead and say I am sealing myself in the name of Jesus. Seal your family, and your pets it is automatic and very real, and I have seen it work many, many times.

      The only way that the seal can be broken is if you invite someone into your house and they are not saved and filled with the HOLY SPIRIT(It doesn't matter if it is family, a stranger, or a child, it is anyone that is not saved.

      If someone comes into your house you may not remember right away that you have accidentally invited spirits into your house, until you start having problems like you and your wife arguing, or you start feeling depressed, or jealous, it could be any spirit but when you have these feelings for no reason you will eventually know which spirit, or spirits are in your house.

      To make them leave all you have toi do is reseal your house,(I have to seal my house just about everytime someone visits. (ask the HOLY SPIRIT to show you what is going on in the spirit world), when you do this, you will be amazed at what you see, if he chooses to show you. I believe if you are sincere that eventually or at that moment he will show you.

      Don't be afraid of the evil spirits because you have power over them, however don't make the mistake of trying to fight them without the LORD because they are very, very powerful, and you can get hurt physically, and mentally depending on the spirits power. It is the LORD that does the fighting!!!!!

      STEP#6: Seal your property. Start at a boundary where your property beging and dribble olive oil all the way around your property while commanding the evil spirits to leave and tell the they are not welcome, and that they have to go in the name of Jesus, and THEY WILL LEAVE!!!!!! They have no choice.

      Step#7: This step may offend some people, but I am here to tell you the absolute truth.

      You need to find a church that is filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, if the is no spirit in the church, then do not stay. All churches are not good.

      The church must be FULL GOSPEL, meaning that they preach the whole bible, unlike the Babtists who conveniently leave out the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT, speaking in tounges, which you can read about in the bible ,1st Corinthians 14,and 15.

      Printed from the Blue Letter Bible


      King James Version (KJV) 1 Corinthians - Chapter 14 Change Version-------------------------------------------King James VersionNew King James VersionNew Living TranslationNew International VersionEnglish Standard VersionReina-ValeraNew American Standard BibleRevised Standard VersionAmerican Standard VersionYoung's Literal TranslationDarby TranslationWebster's BibleHebrew Names VersionLatin VulgateTextus Receptus (Greek)Morphological Greek New Testament

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      Reference Only Reference Delimiters:

      none—Jhn 1:1 KJV

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      * 'Number Delimiters' only apply to 'Paragraph Order'

      1Cr 14:1 ¶ Follow after charity, and desire spiritual [gifts], but rather that ye may prophesy.

      1Cr 14:2 For he that speaketh in an [unknown] tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth [him]; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.

      1Cr 14:3 But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men [to] edification, and exhortation, and comfort.

      1Cr 14:4 He that speaketh in an [unknown] tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.

      1Cr 14:5 I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied: for greater [is] he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying.

      1Cr 14:6 ¶ Now, brethren, if I come unto you speaking with tongues, what shall I profit you, except I shall speak to you either by revelation, or by knowledge, or by prophesying, or by doctrine?

      1Cr 14:7 And even things without life giving sound, whether pipe or harp, except they give a distinction in the sounds, how shall it be known what is piped or harped?

      1Cr 14:8 For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?

      1Cr 14:9 So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air.

      1Cr 14:10 There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them [is] without signification.

      1Cr 14:11 Therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian, and he that speaketh [shall be] a barbarian unto me.

      1Cr 14:12 Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual [gifts], seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church.

      1Cr 14:13 Wherefore let him that speaketh in an [unknown] tongue pray that he may interpret.

      1Cr 14:14 For if I pray in an [unknown] tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful.

      1Cr 14:15 What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.

      1Cr 14:16 Else when thou shalt bless with the spirit, how shall he that occupieth the room of the unlearned say Amen at thy giving of thanks, seeing he understandeth not what thou sayest?

      1Cr 14:17 For thou verily givest thanks well, but the other is not edified.

      1Cr 14:18 I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all:

      1Cr 14:19 Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that [by my voice] I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an [unknown] tongue.

      1Cr 14:20 ¶ Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men.

      1Cr 14:21 In

    • profile image

      JIMMIE L 5 years ago

      Hello again,

      I want to teach you about "The Armour of God" and how to use it everyday, it is essential.

      Ephesians 6:11-17 says:

      10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

      11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

      12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

      13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

      14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

      15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

      16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

      17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

      Everyday when you pray, ask the Lord to put his whole armour on you!!!!

      Ask the Lord for the gift of discernment, so you will know the difference between evil and good when it comes, it is spiritual sight.

      The song "Amazing Grace" says I was blind and now I see, This is what it is speaking about.

      If you are not saved and always seeking the Lord, there is no way you can see because the devil has everyone blinded and the only way to see is by the power of the Lord.

      I wish there was someway to convince everyone that the Lord has me speak to, that there are people dying and going to hell everyday, and not just a few.

      The bible says in Matthew 7:13-14 KJV

      13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide [is] the gate, and broad [is] the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

      14 Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

      Most of the people on earth at any given time will not make it to heaven, because they did not ask, seek , and, knock with all their heart to find the true path, but decided to take a chance on what they thought was the right way to go because that is what they were taught by their family, and they think there will be another chance, or the Lord will make an exception in their behalf, because they didn't know the whole truth, but they are lying to themselves, because if you don't seek the Lord, you will be fooled!!!

      Being a true Christian is not easy, but it is great, because the Lord leads you where he wants you to go and he wants you to have a great life, but the whole thing is that you have to give up your life and live the life he wants you to live, and do as he says daily.

      I would have never got to go to college if the Lord had not led me to, and the great thing is that he wanted me to go for the very thing I like most, and always wanted to do. Then he revealed to me that it was him that gave me the desire to work with computers a long time ago.

      The Lord loves you and he wants to give you a great life, but you have to do your part.

      The bible says in Psalms 37:4

      Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

      Being a TRUE CHRISTIAN is the best you can have.

      And remember, you don't have to live in fear, you just have to fight in whatever direction evil comes, and when you have done all that you can, you just have to stand and have faith.

      It took me all of my life to learn this, and now I teach whoever the Lord wants me to.

      If you want to email me I am at jimmiemisty hotmail com you have to fill in the blanks with (at) and (dot).

    • profile image

      JIMMIE L 5 years ago


      I also want to tell you why I use olive oil to seal myself, my wife, my house,my property etc.

      Sealing comes from the old testament in Exodus.

      The bible says in Exodus 12:

      The Firstborn of the Egyptians Are Slain

      Exodus Chapter 12

      1 And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying,

      2 This month [shall be] unto you the beginning of months: it [shall be] the first month of the year to you.

      3 Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth [day] of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of [their] fathers, a lamb for an house:

      4 And if the household be too little for the lamb, let him and his neighbour next unto his house take [it] according to the number of the souls; every man according to his eating shall make your count for the lamb.

      5 Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take [it] out from the sheep, or from the goats:

      6 And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening.

      7 And they shall take of the blood, and strike [it] on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it.

      8 And they shall eat the flesh in that night, roast with fire, and unleavened bread; [and] with bitter [herbs] they shall eat it.

      9 Eat not of it raw, nor sodden at all with water, but roast [with] fire; his head with his legs, and with the purtenance thereof.

      10 And ye shall let nothing of it remain until the morning; and that which remaineth of it until the morning ye shall burn with fire.

      11 And thus shall ye eat it; [with] your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and ye shall eat it in haste: it [is] the LORD'S passover.

      12 For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I [am] the LORD.

      13 And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye [are]: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy [you], when I smite the land of Egypt.

      14 And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.

      The reason that we use olive oil instead of blood is because we don't have to sacrifice animals to cover sins anymore, because Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood in the greatest of all sacrifices,so the olive oil is a symbol of the blood and the HOLY SPIRIT does the work through his power, and I have seen this work with my own eyes, and I have felt it in my spirit This is a gift from God to his children only, because it will not work unless you belong to Jesus.

    • profile image

      Paul 5 years ago

      When i was 2-3 yrs old I awoke one morning to a eery prescense I looked and down the hall was a shadow dark figure with yellow eyes >>I just froze and the figure walked into my dad's geneology room.. I immediately went and got my dad and he searched the house and found nothing.... Over the years I was a troubled kid and then one night my stepdad put in the exorcist while i was half asleep at his house and after watching that movie.. The trigures of that vision came back this was 10 yrs old about 3rd grade and for months I had demonic ,hell and crazy dreams.. I would wake up in cold sweats ,my covers I would sleep under and tuck myself tight in them...I recall one night mare I was asleep on my bed and a black shadow old figure was sitting pretzeled across the hall in front of other room, He raised his finger and said Paul evil voice and i immediately started floating toward him just as i was about to see his face I awoke terrified..all Needless to say the next day or so My bedroom was switched to that room... Nightmares stopped for awhile and i would be so fearful at night sitting in my room like something was constantly watching me and I smelled the same smells sulfur burning and nasty stincky smells coming through the vents... I continued watching scary movies as a teen and listened to gangsta rap and was rebellious an did strange things throughout life... Then things went away for awhile until I was around constant fighting I literally could feel evil prescense follow me throughout life and negative energy always had an effect on me .. Well finally at 30 was the worst I always have been fascinated with revelations in bible and return of jesus, so I studied it , then I started getting obsessed and looking in to antichrist I was diagnosed with adhd by a counselor who really just gave me medications didn't listen much and i was taking adderol and vyyvannse later which I combined with enery drinks and a beer here or there.. This was when my mind was at it's weakest the demons attacked and I came across satanic ritual did the ritual and , was seeing alot of strange things visionable and that one morning I heard a growl behind me plain as day and I immediately felt pinned to bed and mouth stretched open wide and a shadow went down my throat and i felt this liquid feeling flow through both private areas front and back, like i was being filled with something and sudden stop...I laid there and then i started flipping from my back to stomach rapidly and my joints were tightened almost stiff state and twisted not painful but awkwardly needless to say growling at cops took me to hospital growling like a dog did mri passed all tests of substance and tooken to mental hospital. asked for bible fought and asked for forgiveness and for jesus to come into my life again and I am sorry and everything stopped ...2 years later got back into revelations .. found numerous signs we are in the end of times and I ended up obsessed once again, but taking bible out of content and preaching wrong things like jesus is god etc...something taken over me .. no substances or medication this time and i heard whispers and voices outside of my ear GO Go so I went and it told me to join the missionary thinking this was god speaking to me I obeyed .. and went all the way to indiana leaving my girlfriend and whole family , job not a normal thing.. went to hotel felt bed sinking a little, and was awAKEN BY A TUG ON MY FOOT NEXT MORNING.. gOT DOWN PRAYED as always ..kept saying jesus is lord I confess... and with my heart sayn god the father raised him from the dead and my hands and arms would tremble and in the bible it states that demons believe this too, but they tremble as i was... Voice told me don't worry you'll get a phone call from missionary tommorrow have faith.. tommorow happened no call i called and it was saturday they were closed.. I immediately realized I was attacked once again and this evil got me far away from my family and if i let it .. It would of possessed me again,, so I called my dad, my girlfriend worried said she loves me and would take me back 2nd thing she experienced with me first was growling and strange attitude... so Now I'm here looking up if anybody has had any experience with evil prescense taking over and taunting or tormenting them... This is a true story if anyone wants to chat with me about how to overcome this with faith and fighting yourself within.. the devil can only trick the mind and physically hurt us if we open doors by something were doing or in our past history ancestory witchcraft, scorcery, deals etc... I 'm just coming to understand this and am fighting the fear it gives me everyday september-9th 2011 contact True story and if someone else knows how to defeat this I would like to know.. getting counseling and treatment but this is enough I won't let it destroy my whole life anymore and am a fighter and tired of fearing .....................

    • profile image

      JIMMIE L 5 years ago

      Hey Paul,

      I know exactly what to do, I wrote what to do just above what you wrote.

      Close all your doors, and then don't open them by watching horror movies, listening to Rap, Heavy Metal, Country, Smoking Dope, taking drugs of any kind,and you have to get serious with God.

      Seek and ye shall find. I am at

    • profile image

      JenJen 5 years ago

      I have had multiple attacks on myself and my now Ex husband. My first experience was about 10 yrs ago. I was reading a magazine in bed and saw a shadow and I looked to my left and actually caught the shadow in my view and it was a dark being /small and it made a buzzing noise at this point i was like this is not supposed to be real it was like my mind was blown. then the room got extremely hot and I felt total despair and evil and hate it then went over me and grabbed my throat I couldnt barely utter a sound I thought I was going to die. I tried to mutter "in the name of...and I coulnt speak. Then i muttered God help me and disappeared I couldnt move for 2 min and slowly the room got cooler and finally when i could get up I ran to the mirror I had red marks on my throat and my eyes were bloodshot I called my mom to come pick me up and I had friends stay with me after that. It continued to make my life hell with voices and the sounds of high heels walking in my bathroom when nobody was in there it even scratched me and my ex. I have several more occurances but this one was my worst.

    • profile image

      david 5 years ago

      well all this talk aint scary.i just awoke from the same dreams ive had since i was like 14 im 40 now.same dream .im sleaping then i feel pulls me into this deep sleep i struggle to try to raise up or pull myself out of it before it gets me tooo far in to where there is no return untill it feels it cant torment me these dreams im not someplace else no im in my bed my wife is next to me i try to call her name out but its like its justwont let me speak loud enough to be heard.i shake her but its as though she is un aware of it.i cant open my eyes more than aslit.but this time i fought with them.i try to attack them to see there faces.i tell them im not scared.i taunt them back for being spoke up and said to me something like dont peak to me in that tone boy.that was the first i ever heard one speak back guessed i pissed them off.then i was grabbed and held down.the whole time im saying i rebuke you satan.i managed to to roll off the bed but could only see from slits in my eyes.they wont let me get aclear vision.i manage to stumble down the hall.i reach the middle bedroom their were a child and and awomen sitting on the bed.i try to grab them and and beat hell out of them cause i feel that they are thing i know im back in my bed still fighting and be hell down.i try to lean up to pull out ou this nightmare.but its seems impossiable.i also seen alittle short figure but i couldnt grab not afraid or try to act like im not.cause surely they feed on it.i know this caused ive exsperimented wit the theorey by yelling and acting teffified of them and that makes them louder and stronger it seems.i even felt them swoop down at me and felt the wind of their attacks.i lay there wondering if i will wake up or remain in acoma and never wake up again.and have to live in this dream world for ever.once i woke to ahooded black figure standing at the foot of my bed he just stood there then he walked out the room i cussed got up to pursue him i reached the stars looked down and he was turning the corning the corner.i ran after him i hit the bottom stepslooked in the living room and he was going in the closett shuting the door behind him.i ran to the closet opened the door and he was gone.i woke up digging through the closet.another dream i walked in the front mom sleepd on the couch she wasnt i yelled for her.the she answered back from upstairs say what david.i knew it was him.i said nothing.then my moms voice spoke again saying david what is it and telling me to come knew i knew.then my moms voice started mocking me in an evil voice saying come here.i ran out side in the yard turned around starring back at the door.waiting then he appeared .he charged me it was like ahundred of them in one like aflash of them come at me in asingal file line at the speed of light.i put up my hands to block the the chargeit was like they they went straight through me.then i woke up.but i never let them get me scared to go back to sleep.cause if they know that their scare tatics are working they come back scares the shit out of me each time i have these dreams.this aint normal to have these re accurring dreams of the same people or demons or alien or what ever they are.but i find the best way to pull your self out is to remain calm and pray.i feel they are evil spirits trying to get your soul.cause if they alreadty had it they would be messing with someone else.and not wasting time on something that they already pasesse.i hate it but i cant let them keep me in fear of going back to sleep.if i do they win and that scares me to think im going to hell.but surely im not .cause if i was id be left alone and they would move on ton someone im aleader and plenty of friends look up to will do what i ask of them.i had abad child hood.stayed in troubled and kept others in trouble.i kept many of frinds on the wrong ive giving that life style up.ive grown up u could say.i pray reguler.i try to help others in anyway i can.and these what ever they are dont like itim not someone who has had one or two of these dreams.i have scared cause tonight one of them spoke back to me for the first scared to see how the next dream is gonna go down.i pissed um off.they mad at me cause i talk crap to them i try to beat hell out of them im scared one day they gonna kill me in my sleep.its never afair fight because they can make it damn near impossible to even move.i finnally just lay there and ignore them and pray untill i come out of it.wondering if i even will.its who has these same dreams.remember.its really not like adream im just seems know one eles can can see wife saids when i have these epasodes she dont notce nothing all she sees is me sleeping soundly.she saids she dont hear or feel me shaking her to try to get her attention.all i can say is that it scares the shit out of me.even if i dont show it.and these are just afew stories of many of mine.whats the deal are these just night mares or something far worse.anyone have dreams like mine....if so look me up on facebook.david me afriend request.make sure you let me know its about this post.cause i only except from people i sorry about the poor penmenship.but im writing this half asleep from being awaking bye one of these bad dreams.thanks for listening.

    • profile image

      concernedsensitive 5 years ago

      i found this site is quite helpful:

    • profile image

      Cerise 5 years ago

      I just had an attack last week as I was coming out of a dream. This time I was shaken by it. I've gotten help and advice from one of my youth leader from my church. Just remember : You can't fight these attacks on your own and you need help from a church.

    • profile image

      AllAboutHim 5 years ago

      If any here are in complete agreement with the blood of Jesus concerning demon spirits, then, ok, you demon spirits, you have to leave all these dear children, in Jesus name. Amen

    • profile image

      Cat 5 years ago

      Hello my name is cat and i suffer with demonic attacks EVERY DAY!!!! I can not stand it...It is awful..I feel them all over my neck and shoulders...along my face and it feels as if I have a bag on my head...CAn anyone help me?

    • profile image

      Trex 5 years ago

      Hi, I used to have night attacks for almost 10 years almost every night when i went to bed. It started when i was about 15 years of age. In the beginning i felt a presence and strange sounds, it made me afraid. A few weeks later i was laying on my back(not asleep yet) and suddenly something was holding me down. I pannict and felt becoming weaker as i did nothing, after a minute i started fichting to get loose and it let me go. After this experience i was so afraid to go to bed( thats what the demon want's) I started having attacks alomost every night. IT happens when your laying on your back only, between 01:00 / 04:30 mostly around 02:00 and 03:00. You can hear it coming from within the silence of the night. After a while i didn't sleep on my back anymore and kept on a small light this helps(light). Months past by and i thought maby i'm going crazy. I told my mother and she didt act surprised, she told me this is an evil spirit that you brought home or someone send it to you. She gave me a bible to put above my bed( I'm not religious) It helps me for 2/3 days and the attacks came back even stronger. I started cleaning my room very well and used incense, this also helps for a couple of days.(demons dont like clean places. True the years i started getting used to the night attacks and i slept with the lights on every night just to get a good night sleep. When i got older about 24/25 i was fed up, i wasnt afraid anymore but i got pissed that i couldn't sleep at night( only at night. Then one night i heared it coming again trying to hold me down again, i confronted it and said i'm not afraid of you, if you want to fight I'll take you on, I'm not afraid to die and I'll fight till my last breath.

      I also told it it's not welcome in my house. What if done is I've challenged it and it tried even harder now too fuck me up at night. ( I fought for nights) After a year it stopt i can still feel it's presence waiting for the right moment but it cannot get a hold on me anymore.In the past years i dont get the night attacks anymore but sometimes i see really scary shit.( shadows,ugly faces, people standing next to the bed) But i'm not afraid and i just ignore it. I think it's a challange for demons to fuckup your life and they will keep on trying. I'm 31 years old now and have a normal life now i feel stronger for evil even some people are evil i can feel them( look in the eyes). If done some resaerch about these attacks and it happens all over the world, does religion help? maybe i don't know. Remember you are alife and stronger, demons can only hurt you when your weak(problems stress afraid. I used to use all kinds of drugs(alchol, marihuana) to go to sleep this helps but it's not the way, this is what the (demon) want's. Drugs blocks you spiritual mind/world. It's like if your a normal person who didn't do anything bad yet in his life your gonna get attacked sooner or later( demons don't attack bad people:that's not a challenge for them.

      Tips to stop or get rid of night terrors:

      1. religion: Bibel. koran. you have to be religious and read it. You can contact a holy man(not your local priest)

      2.Cleaning of the house with insence.

      3.Keep on a small light next to you.( This always helps)

      4.Do not sleep on your back.

      5.If 3 and 4 don't work use alcohol or marijuana, this blocks the brain for the spiritual world. Don't do this for to long this is wat the demons want's.

      6.You can challange it. You have to be strong no problems no stress and don't be afraid of nothing even for death.

      7. In some cultures people visit witch doctors: they can make a protection amulet for you. I would not recommend this.

      8. Try to be positive in life, don't let negativity influence you in any way.

      I hope a can help good luck and be strong

      Remember your a soldier of good(god)and the war against evil has been going on sinds the beginning of mankind. I'm not even religious but i'm sure about this now.

    • profile image

      Sharon 5 years ago

      You know i want to commend everyone for having the great idea of posting here and trying to get this information out. IT sure shows us we are not alone, i myself have had different things happen over the years but fornatually have always been a christian and have just kept praying and rebuking like JESUS did, but you know this to will pass if we stay strong in the faith, JESUS IS WITH US . Just keep PRAISING THE NAME OF JESUS , YELL OUT HIS NAME, KEEP FIGHTING , THESE THINGS RUN IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

    • profile image

      steven gall 5 years ago

      i experienced a very violent demonic attack around 12 years ago. Strangely enough the attack happened while i was in bed but fully awake praying to god. Lasted around 30 seconds. was very noisy and frightening. Did not actually get hit or hurt. Nothing got thrown around the room. But whatever it was did not enter my realm simply to say hello

    • profile image

      steven gall 5 years ago

      i experienced a very violent demonic attack around 12 years ago. Strangely enough the attack happened while i was in bed but fully awake praying to god. Lasted around 30 seconds. was very noisy and frightening. Did not actually get hit or hurt. Nothing got thrown around the room. But whatever it was did not enter my realm simply to say hello

    • profile image

      Brett 5 years ago

      Oh yes it's real the more u get close to god the more it happens it came in to my dream last nyt I was Geting prayer in my dream and it was in side me screaming I wake up all the time wit it on me holding me down more u pray whilst it happen to me stronger it gets then it finally leaves after 30 seconds or so but it always comes the closer I want to get to god . Jesus my king love use all I hope to win the fight and fight the good fight for the time is near for all u christen out ther pray for me god bless I can't name all the things that happen to me but I can see reading all thes post I'm not alone

    • profile image

      pamela 5 years ago

      he followed me home from the cemetery. at first i thought he was just a mean ghost. now i know he's a demon. the top one. i've seen the whole crew! my pet is absolutely terrified! he's been piggy backing me for months and hurts me all the time. he wants my soul and i don't know what to do. he's inside me now. i sleep with a bible and holy water but i feel it's his legion against me. my soul belongs to god and his angels are around me- michael, uriel, gabriel and raphael. i've tried to exercise him with the angels and God is there too but he is so powerful. i took a lot of pictures in a motel room. one showed 3 demons behind me and a tall demon by the door. i went to develop them. there was some-body by me. i knew because it was cold and there was no reason for it. driving home something was in my suitcase and when i got there, all the pictures were changed-as if there were no demons there. he likes good people. and he loves to hurt me all the time. my back is killing me. i saw my reflection-me and him: large and overwhelming with horns and wings. PLEASE! I know I don't have much time. if somebody can help me, pls. call 603 616-6225

    • profile image

      melissan jean pierre 5 years ago

      i went through something like that but it was confusing and made me wonder alot. im a type of person who can tell what goin to happen next and when and who goin to die. i can take a passenger with me to a place in my mind where thay can feel see what i want them to see, of the place where i usually visit. so yesterday i was asleep with my brother and it was twko going on three when i awoke to my something grunting rapidly next to me and the feeling of sumthn holding me down from my neck and head. and i also saw hands during a cross eight time from my head to my chest and as i try to rise and move i was stiff i could clearily see hand movement in my face and my brother or so i thought grunting in my ears. after two minutes i finally turned quickly and kicked my brother awake to tell him why da hell was he scaring me to my surprise he has awaken with the most hideous face i've ever seen his face was folded into one with his mouth covering his nose and as i ran to turn on the lighs his face was back to normal. i really need help to know if what i encountered was evil or good or should i be afraid and carefull....if u got an answer email me at

    • profile image

      Furher 5 years ago

      Why hello my little humans so have you been having fun with

      my demons!that is right I am the Antichrist and you are

      witnessing the end times as me and my demons have come to

      take over the world.though I will not reveal my true identity now but soon and i will be there in the Republic

      with the False profit and the Global government to take

      yours soul.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have had many demon attacks thru the years. All while I was sleeping. There was one time when a group of demons flew over the house but continued on. I did not see any at that time but you can feel their power and presents. This was during the day and I was awake. The sound was like a rumble of a motor running. It all started when I stayed at my friends parent home. We were staying upstairs. There were three rooms. My 4 year old son, myself and my friend each took a room. My son and liz (my friend) both complain about something upstairs. It wasn't bothering me and told them it was nothing. Then one night Liz came into my room and stated she can't sleep can I get up and pray to get the evil presents to leave. I told her there is nothing in the house and to go back to sleep. For 20 minutes she talked to me to get and pray. I finally got up to pray so I could get back to bed. She told me what to say, rebuke the spirit ect. When we said Amen the heater fan in the house turn off and the wind stopped blowing outside. I told her I'm going back to bed as it was about 3 in the morning. She was happy and everyone went back to sleep. About 30 minutes later I am sleeping on my stomach and I feel what think is a girl lie on top of me with it's hands holding my hand. It felt really good in a sexual way. It talked to me in my mind and told me let's have sex. At that point a was like what and how is on me. I thought no! And started to fight. It attacked me with something like a shock of electricity and 100% fear! I was frozen and could not move or talk. All I could do is think JESUS HELP ME! after a minute or two, I could feel the demon start to leave through the wall and the fear and electric attack die down. I was badly shaken chills over my whole body and never so scared in my whole life. After a few minutes I could move again and went to Liz's room and she looked at me and said "it got you ha". I stayed in her bed with chills for about half a hour them thinking I'll go back to my bed, there's nothing to be scared of. Big mistake.. I went back to bed and about 800 this time lying on my back the demon attacked, I awoke could see it was daylight, same electric shock paralyzing fear. I again would just think IN THE NAME OF JESUS LEAVE! the demon would not leave right away but slowly went through the wall again. I could tell you where it is in the room but could not see anything. That morning I moved out of that house. We suspect that a 9 year old girl was raped and killed upstairs and buried under the house. We pieced the story together but have no proof. I have had many more attacks most of the time I am protected with a shield around me and I wake up and laugh at it and say "come get me if you can" and it leaves. Once while in a dream a black figure came into my dream all black no face. When I challenged it, it attacked but I was protected. About 4 years ago I went to visit my grandparents and 2 in the morning I got attacked again. I again was protected. I could hear banging in their garage and got up to investigate. As I entered the kitchen my step grandmother stood there with a knife and a plastic water bottle. I asked her what are you doing with that knife? And she stated she was cutting the label off and then started to walk toward me. I became alarmed and stepped back. She put the knife away in the drawer and when back to bed! The last time I was attack my protective covering was not there! I help out at church as a usher and we had a disruptive new lady about mid 50's start coming to our church. I sat next to her to keep a eye on her and let her know we have a eye on her. She continued to keep talking to me and at one point touched me. That night I was attacked but did not have the protective covering on me for some reason. I waited for her to return back to Church but never saw her again.

      What do I do to say protected? I draw closer to God and do his will. Pray every night for Gods protection over the house and family. Staying out of sin I believe is very important, especially sexual sin. Everyone's walk with the Lord is at a different stage. Just keep moving forward and closer to him. Accept Jesus as you Lord and savior. And more important do what he wants. I believe if your life is full of sin your going to have a hard time asking the demons to leave. Chances are if you are full of sin the demons will probably leave you alone because you already serve them and when you die they will have all the time they want to attack and torture you..........

    • profile image

      Louise 5 years ago

      hey everyone. I don't have much of a story but when I was 11 me and my dad went camping, we stayed for the night at an old but beautiful house. Just before 4am I woke up knowing I cant breath, move or yell. Felt like a bus was on my chest, I felt on fire but the room was cold with an ice cold breeze, but all the windows was closed after 10minutes of struggling I got the energy to sit straight up and the cold breeze was gone and I was back to normal temperature. I stood up confused and crying and went to my dads room and asked if I could sleep next to him. From that night I feel as if something is with me every second of the day and at night I dream about sick stuff, evil looking monsters, blood, death, ghosts and shadows trying to kill me I can feel every thing and when I wake up my body is so sore I cant move my, back hurts feels as if all my bones in my body is broken. One night I woke up, I was lying in my bed and then everything was dark and the room was ice cold the curtains were moving up and down but the windows were closed and then suddenly there was an scary looking women on top of me screaming and lifting me up from the bed and the weirdest thing happened I woke up again standing on top of my bed and everything was back to normal, I could not sleep that night I was freaked out!! Now I'm 20years old and still dreaming weird things and every morning my body hurts. But! I can still feel that thing that attacked me when I was 11, it grows with me, I can feel its anger and when I argue with someone I just want to do bad stuff to that person. My boyfriend is helping me to be better than that thing and to control all the anger and not to let that thing control me, but I know it is still with me and at night my heart still beats fast.

    • profile image

      JIMMIE L 5 years ago

      Hello Cat,

      Read what I wrote above and you will know how to end the attacks, but myou have to follow all the rules.

    • profile image

      Sarasha 5 years ago

      Same thing with the grabbing of the foot. Im eleven ...Weird There might be a connection

      Please give me answers sir. Im very scared of whatever this is.

      Im being scratched multiple times.My friend saw the thing scratching me. When I tell someone about it, I get hurt very badly.

      Has this ever happened to you?

    • profile image

      Rose 5 years ago

      My house has always had some form of benign spirit that only seemed to play tricks when I would talk about moving away. I'd bought a new house but my dog was so afraid of it that I never moved there. I am signing papers on Monday to sell the other house and was making dinner in my kitchen when something threw a bottle at my dog who was sitting innocently in the middle of the floor. This is the first time that something malevolent has happened and I am afraid that whatever was at the other house has followed me home and is coming after what I love because it knows I won't be back to the place where it lived. Should I have a priest bless my home and hope it leaves? I was never afraid of the old spirit but I am afraid of this new thing and fear for my dog most.

      Yes, it sounds completely whack but I tried every way to see how it could have happened and I couldn't duplicate the phenomenon - plus there was a putrid smell of rotting meat and garbage - or something - that accompanied it. The smell dissipated after a couple minutes. I thought it must have been the garbage but when I checked, it was a fresh bag and didn't smell at all. Any suggestions?

    • profile image

      Perfect Love Ministry 5 years ago

      You have power in the name of Jesus Christ... USE IT... they have to go.... Cast them to the sea of hell in jesus name... Prayer is the key...

    • profile image

      Perfect Love Ministry 5 years ago

      Psalm 50:15.... Very powerful too... read it everyday...

    • profile image

      Unwanted prodigal son 5 years ago

      This is a warning. No matter what you do, do NOT sell your soul. I did for reasons that I don't know. After I did I felt empty and lost. I made a huge mistake and now I can't even get repentance from The Holy Spirit. So just don't do it!! Stay with Jahova and his only Son. You'll be better off if you do. So now I don't know what I'll do. Probably just stuff like this and keep others from making my mistake. But the demons are real and they are trying to communicate. Heres some thing that y'all should know...

      Demons cant feel pain. They don't even understand the concept. So don't try to hurt them. You'll just piss em off. But again, hold on to your faith in Jesus and don't wave your soul around like it's a blank check.

      For those who lose faith


    • profile image

      Whimsicle 5 years ago

      I'd like to share my story as well....and perhaps seek some advice? My very FIRST experience with the super natural was when i was about 5 years old. It was night time and i was in my bed and I just so happened to wake up. When i woke up I notcied my oldest sister, who is blind with multiple disabilities, was not in bed with me. (we shared the same bed). So i got up and noticed she was in front of the bed on the floor, scooting, which is REALLY odd behavior. I remember i was SO SCARED and i dnt even know why. I all of a sudden wanted to go hide under the covers and hide. But i couldn't I had to get my sister back in bed. So i got out of bed and went to the opposite side of my sister and i went to reach out for her and when i did something from my open closet door started tickling me. I couldnt see anything that was there or feel anything. I was kicking and flailing and calling for my mother saying "Mom i need to pee" cus i was luaghing so hard all she said was "well get up and go" and i shouted back "I cant". I dnt remember what happened after that. I just remember waking up in my bed in the next morning and my mom's bf came into the room and I asked him in a scared whisper "did you get the monster?" I know all this was real. Cus i felst EVERY thing and heard everything. We ended up moving shortly after.

      I didn't have another ancounter that freaked me out till i was about 12 years of age. I remember I was upstairs in the hallway one night holding my stuffed teddy bear. I was supposed to be in bed but for some reason I got out of bed, sat in the middle of the hallway on the floor and just stared at the window on the landing of the stairs. I sat there for about 20 minutes just staring and all of a sudden the blinds fell. I ran into my room and put the covers over my head and my mom shouted up at me "Karein, get your ass in bed!" and I yelled back " I am in bed!".

      about 4 years later (we're still living in the same house) we got a dog a couple months before my 16th birthday. A chiuhahiua jack russle mix. I didn;t run into anything Paranormal for about another year. Then I remember one day i had just gotten home from school and i sat down on my love seat in the living room. I hadn't turned anything on not even the tv. I was wanting to rest for a little bit. So im sitting there quietly and all of a sudden i hear my stairs creak like someone was coming down them. My dog and i both looked up and i waited and checked to see if my mom was home. No one was there.

      I also started to realize my dog would follow me every where inside and outside the house. Everywhere besides my basement. Know matter how manytimes I would call her or bribe her with food. she would NOT set foor in my basement. She would go in everone else's basement. Even our middle units basement (I live in an half house apartment complex, 3 houses side by side basically). She would go to their basement but not mine. I remember one day I took her to my basemnt just to show her its okay and that it wasnt gonna hurt her. And I carried her over my shoulders and she gripped my shoulders tightly like i was going to drop her. I then set her down and as soon as i did that she jetted up the stairs as fast as she could. Then I went back upstairs. A couple hours later (it was just begining to get dark) my was looking in our office which is now our dinning room and she all of a sudden just started growling and barking. Her back hairs bristled and then she stopped. I looked where she was looking and i saw nothing.

      Now this is where i might need help on. (I'm 18 years old now) This year A LOT of activity has been going on around my house. I've been hearing ppl say my name when no one is home. And when i've been talking on the phone I'd hear low whispers or something. for instance. one day i was talking to my ex gf and I asked her a question and then i heard a low voice. almost a whisper "what are you talking about" and I asked my ex gf "what do you mean what am i talking about?" and she's just like "huh?" and i ask her didn't you just say "what am i talking about?" and she goes "'re scaring me" and then i tell her "you're not the only one....I'm scaring myself" or theres times when im laying in bed and i'll feel my bed go down like someone is laying next to me. and when i go to sleep I had nothing but Demonic dreams for 5 months straight. that disturbed me but i brushed it off as me thinking about the Paranormal stuff too much. But this is what has disturbed me the moust. I went to sleep one night and I began having an Outer body Experience. I have them quite often when i;m about to fall asleep and usually i NEVER remember what i did or where i went. I usually think its becuase i jerk back into my body once i feel that im not there any more. so about 2 months ago i had another Outer Body Experience. I was in my room watching myslef sleep and i looked around my room. Then i noticed that there was a dark shadowy human figure just sitting at the edge of my bed. just watching me sleep. it wasnt doing anything. it was just watching me. i dnt remember anything after that. Then about a few days following that day i had another Outer Body Experience. It started out the same as it did before. i watched myself sleep but there was no shadow figure at the end of my bed. But this time i went out into the hallway and i was just about to go down the stairs, when i saw the shadow again. It looked like it was turned toawrds the wall. and i just stood there. then all of a sudden it turned around and faced me and ran up the stairs with in humane speed towards me. the speed it used was like that of what directors in scary movies use for their ghosts. When it came toward me i was engulfed in darkness and i felt like i was being suffocated then i sat straight up in bed. my eyes wide open and my heart pounding in my chest. I wanted to run out of my room but i was scared motionless

      The most recent incident has been of this week. I am still 18 and Im still living in the same house. about 3 nights ago me and my sister went to my Friends' house. and we stayed there till about 1:00am and then we went home. The next day my mom woke up and told us that when she went to bed last night at 11:00 the TV turned on. and she knew she turned it off. she made sure. But it turned on and she went downstairs to see if we had gotten back and she noticed we hadn't and nobody else was there. she tried to turn the tv off but it wouldnt urn off. she had to go up to the tv and press the button on the side to turn it off. My mom also asked me and my sister if we've been feeling the house move or tilt. My sister siad she has, and i told her I haven't but ive been feeling the house vibrate. like at night my bed will vibrate. like the vibrate of a hum.

      Anyways to wrap this stopry up I want to know what should i do to get rid of this thing. I'm hoinestly starting to feel threatened. any suggestions? (I dnt think my mom would allow any paranormal investigators or the church do its thing. she seems to think good spirits are in our house. I think differently just because of what im experiencing) what should i do?

    • profile image

      Perfect Love Ministry 5 years ago

      I have some good teachings on m site...

    • profile image

      bob 5 years ago

      try not to put these demon's names on here.

    • profile image

      guest 5 years ago

      I have been in spiritual warfare nearly my entire life.. due to the twisted lifestyle ,my parents chose to live when we were children, now they have come after me as an adult. I been battling them for about 5 years now as an adult and I have faced many so far and threw The Almighty Lord have defeated them. I have dedicated my life to the calling God has given me of helping others to see that threw The Lord everything is possiable even defeating the demonic But without him all is lost!

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      usually all demons want to do is scare you. its one thing they love to do. and if youre a believer in God it makes it better to them. So one thing is to try not to be scared. Also get your house purified as soon as you cn. Eventhough it may not seem like it, demons have to abide by a law as well. A demon cannot ill you in its true form. it must posess you or someone else then use their body in order to kill you. But know that you can fight them

    • profile image

      ReliontheLordGodJC8 5 years ago

      WtfHax... If you think this demon you speak of is on your "side" then you are only fooling yourself. Pray that the Lord God Jesus Christ cleanses you from this and makes the demon return to hell and pray for strength to overcome it because you won't be buddies if you go to hell I can tell you that much. Sounds like you are choosing or leaning towrads an evil side and it shows in your words, but surely this demon is trying to posses your mind and soon your body if you continue to allow it to happen.

      The authorities and powers of the universe, of heaven and hell and earth are not of flesh and blood, but of spirit, this is true. The closer you get to God can also cause demonic activity and problems because the Devil does not want you doing God's work here and brining people to Christ that is for sure. I have had tons of experiances dealing with demons and straight up evil spirits that have really effected me mentally and physically over the years

      I have felt the presences of spirts and energies as a child and had some really scary moments and things happen to me, usually at times of sleeping and while in bed as well. Thinking back I didn't make too much of it becuase I didn't want my parents or anyone to think I was crazy, but as I am older now (26) I have come to speak about these things because I am not afraid of what others may think.

      A few years ago I lost my brother, we were very close, he was killed in a motorcycle accident with a nother biker that colided with him, shortly after that one of my best friends was killed in a boating accident. These situations caused me to go into very deep thinking about death and the afterlife, about God and the truth. Many many months of being on this path of thinking led to many experiances of spiritual joy and heights and amazement. But it also came with a price. I got close to a girl right around this time and she caused a lot of worry to me. She has serious depression and has attempted suicide before, has cut herself in the past and basically things like that. She started telling me she was getting very depressed again and wanted to cut herself and all this stuff. She was on meds for a while and doing "ok" while we were together but I knew this was different. I wanted to help her in anyway I could and I just wanted to understand why she was so tormented and hurting and depressed, suicial, etc... Well the fact their is she was being haunted by a seriously powerful demon, demons...

      I excercised a demon from her on a night that the energies of the spiritual realm were at a serious height. It was late at night 4-5 a.m she was fast as leep, I was reading my bible ( was very much an insomniac at this point because all of the energies coming at me in differnet directions over the past months. As I sat next to her while she was a sleep I opened my bible to the first page of Genesis and huge forces of energies starting surrounding me and filling my body. The words in the book litterally were jumping around the pages and it was like this huge epiphany stating that this is FOR REAL, the truth... I was overwhelmed, but I also felt as if God was in the room with me touching my heart and it felt so good and so beautiful, it was amazing to have that moment. However, not long after this I felt and extremely powerful negative engergy coming from girlfriend as she slept, as if the demon himself was aslo there and extremely pissed off at my presence and God's presence being there. I slowly moved my hand closer and closer to her body and touched her on the shoulder and demanded that the demon leave her alone. Let me tell you, I never felt a more Fuc*** up horrible scary feeling come across my body, soul, spirit, mind in my ENITER life. I felt as if my my soul was ripped right out of my body and taken on a first class joy ride straihgt to hell... I really didn't know what to do. I felt DEAD inside. complete emptieness.. not sadness, not happiness, not depression, not ANYTHING. it was just NOTHING, it was horrible and so scray I thought i was screwed for good. I left for home after that to tell my parents what happened. I was obviously super shaken and amped up and going a million miles a minute. I thought i was going to die that night and layed in bed and just prayed for hours and hours for Jesus to save me and if I was to die not to allow me to go to hell because I was so afraid of feeling like I did at that time forever. Nonetheless I didn't die, but I was mentally and psychically in pain and was getting attacked by demons left and right after this excorsim. To make a long story short many many more things happened after this point for the next year + to come and It has been a very difficult time for me. I can give more detail about things if you are all interested.

      - Tom

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      if youre talking about me then no im not leaning towards an evil side. dont try judging me just because youre too weak to fight the fear that demons create in people. im just saying for the most part they want to scare the mess out of you. i never said they want to be your friends. thats retarded. theyre demons, why would they befriend a human? Humans are weak compared to other things so therefore the demon would use you then probably eat you. but like i said, you can fight a demon off. just remove the essence of fear it creates. im glad God helped you remove the demon from your gf. however, since you pissed it off it went to you. Now you have 2 options, either have God remove the demon, which then the demon will either just return to hell or move on to another host, or you can shatter the demons soul.

    • profile image

      sean 5 years ago

      About the smell. Brush you damn teeth and wash ur ass. When I die here in about a hour and I'm in hell I will never alow any of you your kids or family to ever have peace or wrest. You all will suffer as I have pray to your god that never would pay attention to me but everyone else I have been in prayer for three long years today. And this day I fold and give up I am the beast you all will fear

    • profile image

      Amadeum 5 years ago

      Sean: why can't you believe that God loves you, even enough to die for you? And He has the power and will to save you. Your desperation shows how weak your god is... the little, pitiful god in whom you have put your trust. But in Christ you can crush him. For all his pretentious lies and promises of vain victories, a child who knows how to say, "Jesus, save me!" can rout the demon. Say "Jesus, Mary, I love you! Save souls!" Say, "Precious blood of Jesus Christ, save me and the whole world," and set all of hell to trembling.

    • profile image

      The Demon Doctors 5 years ago

      If you are experiencing a haunting or demonic attack, we can help you!! We have numerous testimonies of the people we have helped rid unwanted spirits and demons from your life permanently!! go to or email us at

    • profile image

      josh 5 years ago

      when i was a kid i remember a ghost in my house well thats wat i remember and it grabed me wones i tride to run away but i culdent go it draged me to the closet and hit me 5 times it hurt bad

    • profile image

      BeccaJ 5 years ago

      Our family dog has sensed some sort of demonic spirit. He is a black lab puppy, about 4 months old (JimmyDe). Just last night, we were sitting at home watching TV when I noticed his strange behavior...JimmyDe was laying in his bed and began to stare into space, and jolted his head back and forth like he was following something. We turned off the tv and studied his antics. His ears went back, tail in between legs and crawled onto my lap, but that apparently was not enough protection from whatever was frightening him. He booked it into the kitchen and crawled in his kennel (mind you he doesnt willingly go in the kennel). We checked around the house and propery and did not see or hear anything. We called JimmyDe back in, and sure enough he ran right back out. This happened 4 or 5 times until we decided to pray. We left JimmyDe where he felt safe and prayed for protection from the enemy in our home. After prayer we brought JimmyDe back in, he still looked around a bit but soon became at peace while I was silently praying over the situation. There was something in our home that the human eye could not identify. I personally believe it was a spiritual matter, the battle between darkness and light, and of course the light will always overule darkness.

    • profile image

      nameless 5 years ago

      god will protect you be thankfull that he sees us as worthy to undergo such trials

    • profile image

      ramona mesta 5 years ago

      at our church we fight the demonic and cast them out just like Jesus did our church website is check us out cause this is very real and they need to be delt with or the devil will harass you always

    • profile image

      shana 5 years ago

      pray for me i am being attack

    • jenelle7 profile image

      jenelle7 5 years ago from new york

      your not crazy at all there are demons that are around us all the time i use to get attacks and i would try n talk aboutit and some ppl would think im crazy but i started to pray and it stopped i even seen them before but i feel like the only reason why that happend becuase i was getting a calling from god by him and the devil didnt like that it was a war between good and evil and it happens everyday but of course god won yeah i go through hard times everyday were the devil trys to tempt me but i dont let him get a hold of me i even use to feel someone feeling on my breast when i was laying in bed one night i was told by someone sometimes i would be movingup and down somewhat like im having sex but i was just sleeping and not having any type of sexual dreams then i put two and two togther that i was being attacked thats when itall started but in the end praying tops of everything through the blood jesus

    • jenelle7 profile image

      jenelle7 5 years ago from new york

      this is for SHANA the lady above me when i was done with my comment i seen what u wrote and i told myself that i would pray for u and give u a verse to read and i had the verse in my head and went into my bag to get the bible and i was gonna turn to it and as soon as i open my bible it went to the page that i was gonna give to you lol god works in many ways and i live by faith and it never fails me well he never fails me so i'll give u this verse even if you dont see this comment i'll pray for u and read this verse for u before i go to my bed and i want u to do this as well Psalms 35 (Prayer for rescue)and Psalms56,57(A prayer for help) read all of psalms 35,56,57 everynight before bed even when u wake up God Bless hope everything works out xoxox :)

    • profile image

      1Guest7 5 years ago

      I will tell you and everyone else my story, it will be a long post sorry for that but I hope you read it, also Im horrible at writing so apologies.

      Like you I also grew up in a Pentecostal Christian home. I was very lucky to at least learn about these things. I always new at the age of 5 that some of my dreams were not right but it wasnt until I reached the age of 8-9 that I would actually begin to face the demon who attacks me.

      When I was 8 or 9 I remember my family was in the room next to mine playing games. I, however was in my room playing alone, but suddenly I heard someone call out my name, so I went to the family room next door and asked what they wanted and they said we never called you.

      My mother once told me to never go to bed angry because it would give room to the devil, but if I were to ever feel evil around me that I should call out Jesus name and rebuke it. Well when I was 10 I went to sleep angry and full of hate. When I feel asleep I realized I wasnt inside me anymore because I could see myself sleeping in bed and right when I thought *what the heck, thats when everything went black and I heard a loud, deep, voice with an evil sound to it laughing at me and I all I can remember him saying is " You belong to me, you'll always be mine" Thats when I started to rebuke the spirit and eventually it went away.

      Later on in my late teens we lived in a duplex that I learned was filled with demons, because for more than a year I never really slept I was awaken around the same time every night fighting to move but I couldnt, or once I was having a delightful dream when suddenly everything went black and there was a coffin and five figures with white and black painting on their face. Then I saw them. me and my sister shared a room, one night I awoke like always to an evil prescence but there was a shadow leaning across my sisters bed. I thought I didnt just see that so I closed my eyes and then I opened them to see that the shadow was now standing next to the window sill.

      It was during that horrible year of attack after attack that my heart cried out for deliverance to God. and Yes, he responded in the most amazing way ever. I was having an afternoon nap because I always felt safer sleeping during the day, but it was that bad they didnt even give up then, I remember in my heart I was crying for the Lord to save me annd vanguish these tormentors. I saw something like a vision everything went bright and I saw a chain and I saw a large bright male arm with a sword in hand break the chain and as the arm swung, I realized I was awake because I came out of my bed yelling as if I were holding this sword and swinging it down. After that moment these demons from that specific house left me alone and I felt strong in God, I pretty much said to them bring it, I'll fight you.

      ***I told you this would be long : )****

      Now through my 20s my generational demon who has been with me since I was a child has come in out of my life. He specifically targets the men that have always gotten close to me. I have heard unwordly screams in the middle of the day for no apparent reason, I heard static and many voices in my sleep that get so loud that I jump painfully out of my sleep, I have had night terrors off and on throughout the years, I know when he is near, and I have heard but wish to never see him crawling on the ground coming around my bed right up next to my face. I have had ugly dreams, Ive died in my dreams 3 times, warm blood and all, I have had dreams where Im seeing myself in bed and then hearing him come after me. He doesnt do this to scare he does this because he thinks he can have my life but he's wrong. Ive seen him many times in dreams as a bull sized black wolfe and it literally a battle between us, but God is so great that he's always in some way protected me and given me enough strength to continue on.

      Last night I was very vulnerable and I heard him breathe right next to me. It freaked me out because I had not heard him in so long, I stayed up reading Mark chapter 5 all night. I do wish that people would stop being so ignorant and realize there are different types of demons and they must be battled differently. Demons that stay in houses, demons that other people carry and you have the unfortunate honor to deals with them or like my demon *whom I intend to get rid of very soon, Generational demon, a demon who torments the same family over and over, before it was my mother *she had it worse becaue he came to her as a friend, she even knows his name, and now he has targeted me, they are sometimes the hardest to deal with I think because you really have to be more than just a believer you have to be a warrior, things change you have to adapt and keep the principles of God alive. They arent stupid either, they are quite clever and they will surprise you if you dont take care in balancing your life. The Devil only wants to decieve, manipulate, and finally kill you there is nothing more he wants then to see you and I dead without God.

      So to all you fighting with these demons, take up your cross and put on your armour because you're fighting for more than just a peaceful night you're fighting for your life.

    • profile image

      Lucifer 5 years ago

      Kinda strange that everyone that got these experience are relgious of some sort..

      never heard about an atheist having problems like these.

    • Gabriel JM profile image

      Gabriel JM 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I just ran through this blog and kind of made my head turn.

      I’ve always been attracted to the macabre, but I have been afraid to move forward with it.

      I have been tormented by demons since I was a kid. I won’t go into detail now (but I have gone into detail in writing). I felt that I needed to write it in order to get rid of all those awful life occurrences that happened to me in my life.

      We have to defeat these demons one by one. There is always a way.

      As a result, I made a pact with God, and most of those demons have disappeared out of my life. You see I just love writing about the supernatural. But it seemed the more I wrote the more I was being tormented as if the demons loved what I was writing and they were cheering me up. The pact God demanded from me was to write a play called “The True Christmas” by Gabriel J.M (that’s me).

      The play can be found at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Sony Readers if you have an iPod or Smashwords, if you have a computer—for 99cents.) I am not joking brothers. After I wrote that play those demons departed from me. I still don’t know what made those demons go away, but it sure was a miracle. It had power. And if maybe you that reads this blog need help (because some of this things are really scary and tormenting) make me you can see what worked for me can work for you.

      Hey, let’s not underestimate this tiny little piece of work I did. It changed my life.

      You never know maybe it will change yours… Try it. Ready if fully no matter how it sounds…. Ready it fully and then when you finish reading it, see if those demons still torment you. If it worked or if it didn’t’ drop me a line on my email… I am dying to hear what it did for you good or bad. ?

      After that pact I made with God and they surely disappeared. They have not bothered me since.

      I am writing another piece of art not explaining how this little devils tormented me. You can find me at m Gabriel J.M. Google blogger.

      God Bless you all, and good luck with what’s going on in your lives with demons. ?

    • profile image

      Kat 5 years ago

      I have been strangled in my sleep multiple times. I felt like something was sucking the life out of me. I am actually Catholic by the way to give some background. I just would fall asleep and then go into paralysis. I would get a sense of fear instantly every now and then and no matter how hard I screamed and nothing would come out of my mouth. I felt like my breath was being taken away. I do have a scratch on my chest. It was very itchy and kind of painful. It was just a thin scratch and I don't know what I did to get it. I don't think that's a big deal... It's more the strangling in my sleep that is frightening. I felt like it was making me say devil! The fear would intensify... I say God to make it go away. And lay awake for a few minutes. I leave a lamp on most of the time. It's like I was seeing black or something and maybe a slight bit of the light. It was hard to fight it often times. I felt like I was being overpowered in such a way that I could not escape without saying God. Lately it's gotten better though since I've been living in a different place most of the time for school. I'm attending a catholic school by the way.

    • profile image

      Abigail 5 years ago

      I'm 15 & a Christian, and last night I was on the with my non-Christian friend, I prayed God would help me talk to her, he spoke through me to her. I started shaking though, and I burst into in uncontrollable weeping. I had to hung up, then I started almost convulsing, I strews to read a verse, but it was like those scary dreams where you can't speak, I could only whisper. So I grabbed my Bible. That's when it got the worst. Satan didn't want me to say what I was saying to my friend, and he definitely didn't want me to read my Bible. When I tried, I started shaking so bad & getting dizzy that I was unable to see it anymore. So I got up to go to my sister. When I saw her, I started bawling, and I fell to the ground, she made us leave the room & when she asked me what was wrong, I could only say "satan" I started gagging and almost threw up. She began to pray for me, and I was able to stand again, she told me afterwards that she felt it's prescience, and that I wasn't alone. This experience has only brought me closer to God, because I KNOW he protects us from that evil 24/7. I can imagine what Hell would be like. Satan and God are real. You're not alone, the only thing that can protect you is God, and he WILL if you ask him. All of these things happened for a reason. It's already helped 3 people in my life get closer to God and it hasn't even been 24 hours. He is real, and this is just a reminder.

    • profile image

      edm 5 years ago

      Incubus. Look him up.

    • profile image

      Donte 5 years ago

      Funny i use to be a non believer but something happen to me which made it 100 percent clear that spiritual warfare is as real as the ground you walk on. It has always been such a soft topic to talk about for the simple fact that people are so quick to throw the crazy flag now n days as soon as the demon word come out your mouth. But brothers and sisters i am here today to tell you that it's better to believe and not to experience such horrors than to see with your own eyes. But through Jesus Christ who strengthens all of his children a demon or satan is nothing more then a fly you can swat away. We are on the winning team. Satan and his demons has already been defeated. He is just trying to get as many peolple as he can to be with him at the party were where it's always hot.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      I had a really bad experience last night. I was sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night.Immediately after i woke up i felt a really heavy presence behind me, like 10000 people staring at my back, i stretched my arm behind me for some reason, and what i grabbed felt like a hand, a cold hand, which pulled away after i touched it. I immediately thought,"What definitely dreamming", but i wasn't, after it pulled back, the presence dissapeared for a few seconds, and came back, right behind my head, i heard someone laughing, a really evil laugh.I got terrified. I could move, talk, but was too scared to do so. After a few seconds the presence dissapeared again, and then i felt something pulling my leg. After a while, every negative emotion i had dissapeared, i find the courage to lift and turn my head, but there was nothing there. I've never really believed to evil spirits, but i might consider to believe if i experience something similar again(excuse my bad english, not my native language).

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      My name is . Ive been looking at "of the demon" things for the past day or so.. i just moved and at night when i walk i see faces in the walls. I tried telling my brother and sister, but we all know where that story goes. They watch me. Please, help...

    • profile image

      javi 5 years ago

      this happens to me every now and then im being held down cant move even thougth im awake ,im not able to speak or move just able to screen in side my head untill im able to be let go then i cry scare out of my life my girl see it too when its happeing to me, so i know im not crazy or asleep just woundering why it happens to me also im able to feel dead and see dead faces just befor i sleep been like this for 10 years now ,my mothers house is the only place it wont happen the funny thing is that im not afriad of the dark like too sleep in the dark i was told to leave a ligth on dont know what to do any more just deal with it part of life now .. thanks for hearing me out

    • profile image

      Jello Biafra 5 years ago

      Here's a different perspective on things. I fear some of you are making things worse for others reading this. If you have sleep paralysis by the way from my experience RELAX immediately DO NOT BE SCARED realise you are dreaming you will fall back to sleep and wake as normal.

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      My name is joe, im 19 teen years old but when I was younger I lived in denver co, I had a rough child hood but one thing I do recall is seeing two whight eyes loking at me when I was woken up by my cat

    • profile image

      Gnana 5 years ago

      My mother and I both seen my father transform into what appeared to be a demon with horns at the bottom of the river beds in Wichita Falls, Tx. When this event happened I was awoken to them fighting in the car. My father was threatening to kill my mother. My mother in great fear armed with her bible started rebuking the devil. Before that when I did wake up I looked outside the window and seen a strange deeper darkness. Like looking into a cave at night. (I am not sure what it was) I could see many sets of these glowing illuminated eyes staring back towards the car. Right before all this happened he put me in his lap because of my crying, complaining etc. He asked my mother where her god was now when he changed into that demon right after puting me in his lap and I remember beating on my fathers chest at maybe five or six years old stating this fact. "You're not my father." He's my biological dad why would I say that if it didn't happen? My mother even seen the demon that night. Don't be fooled people demons are real.

    • Gabriel JM profile image

      Gabriel JM 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I am a total demon believer. i posted some paranormal activity as well.


      They are scary as hell.

    • profile image

      LEGNA_N29 5 years ago


    • profile image

      All4Jesus 5 years ago

      To all suffering of this. You have not because you do not ask and how do you know you are a child of God by your fruits. Just believing does not help you must repent and turn away of your sins and ask God to send you His Holy Spirit. You need to take up your cross and follow Him and seek the Lord and read His word. Move closer to our Lord and he will move closer to you and another thing, get ride of idols all you can and TV is what Satan uses to get to us!

    • profile image

      What a Joke. 5 years ago

      This page to me is such a joke, just a bunch of people conjuring, fantasizing, misinterpreting or otherwise just blatantly lying.

      About "experiences". There are no means of evidence to report even one experience of "demons" to be supernatural or a phenomenon. If there is such evidence please link me in a comment. I will not argue with anyone about "personal experiences" for even toddlers lie.

    • profile image

      spiritualconnect 5 years ago

      I have had many of these same experiences. I just had on last night and that is how I stumbled across this by looking up my experience last night. I was semi asleep and if felt as if someone punched my bed. I felt and heard the sound as if someone took their fist and punced my bed. Many times my bed will make a sound as if someone sat on it because the springs will squeek. I also had demons attack me in church during a womens conference. I was told they were sexual demons called icubis and sucibis (not sure of spelling) It was scary! I was on the floor at church and I could not get up. The demons closed my hands to the point they were cramping, I was stuck on the floor feeling as if my body wanted to levitate. I had about six women praying around me and annointing me with oil. I still could not get up. Finally, they pulled me up off the floor and told me to start pleaing the blood of Jesus and eventually it all went away.

    • profile image

      bombeni 5 years ago

      Satan knows his time on earth, as the "prince" of the earth (it's true google it) is almost up and he and his evil henchmen are working overtime to procure souls. Just remember the Blood. Evil runs at the mention of Christ's Blood. Claim it covering your body and soul as many times a day as you can think of it, and for all your loved ones too. It doesn't take but a second if you are busy. But spend more time with it when you can. There is incredible power in His Blood. Do you know about the "tearing of the veil" and the forces of nature that took place at the moment when His precious Blood was shed? Learn and study about it. You need to know and understand this power. It is fascinating even if you are a nonbeliever. There is no greater power on earth.

    • profile image

      chris st. germain 5 years ago

      Now I need someone to hear me on this cause I'm freaking out, I have heard something walk towards me while my friend was sleeping over, he heard it too and then it hissed at me and him. It sounded like it was wearing a face mask and I got it while I was recording. My parents don't believe me but I know I've seen it. I saw a black figure in the shape of a body in the reflection of my turtle tank. It was moving towards me and I binked the it disappeard. Stupidly, I used a uoaja board on it with my friend and it won't leave me alone. I'm freaking out. Can someone tell me what to do?

    • profile image

      chris st. germain 5 years ago

      I've also heard this high pitched noise whereer I go. My fried matt slept over my house when we did the ouaja board and he heard the noise too. We went to my friends house and I heard it again as did mat. I left and went home and I heard it again and I called matt to see if he heard the noise anymore and he said no. I think its following me and I dont know what it wants.

    • profile image

      lol 5 years ago

      Lol all the fools in here are so willing to believe that all the hallucinations/smells/sounds they experienced were demons trying to destroy them and that angels would protect them. Where has humanity gone there days... pfff

    • profile image

      Andre 5 years ago

      I am from Trinidad and my experience is that at approx. 2am to 4am I am being attacked by something that is very frightening. At one moment whilst sleeping I am hearing everything around me like the insects or frogs but when I attempt to open my eyes I feel something very heavy on me and growling like a dog. When I start saying psalm 23 the evil starts to put me in an illusion as though I am awake. but then only to realize i am still asleep. I continue praying and then i see a bright white light. Eventually it leaves my body and I immediately can open my eyes. At times like those my entire day goes by with a very lazy feeling. I am 27 now and first experienced this at age 19 and still presently do. Only when I sleep with my bedroom light on it don't bother me. I am fedup of it. At times it feels like a sexual feeling. But as God hear me my statement is true as his word.

    • profile image

      Jazzy13 5 years ago

      I know what you mean although I have never experienced it myself, but my mom has except not demonic because she says it's a good spirit though it still scares her. I was abou 10 yrs old when she first told me. She used to live in Mexico nd said that this spirit of a lady came to her n told her she needed her help of course my mom thought she was dreaming so she just ignored it but then it kept happening. She then got married nd moved to the U.S the whole thing stopped for a while then 2 years later it started happening again she said the spirit held her down nd told my mom she needed her help she buried something nd needed my mom to dug it out my mom said she tried to scream bt no sound came out. after that she moved again nd the spirit left her alone then 7 years later again the spirit came back. My mom would be sleeping in between my dad nd my little brother nd the spirit would drag my mom. My mom said she felt the spirit move her bt she couldn't do anything to stop it my dad woke up nd found my mom in the kitchen floor nd he said he saw my mom trying to say somethig when he turn the lights on my mom was finally able to move nd open her eyes my mom told us "the spirit wants me to go to Mexico nd dig out wat she buried she says she can't rest in peace until I do that for her" bt my mom was shaking nd told us she was terrified she knows the spirit is good bt she's scared cuz she's seen her seems so unreal... For that reason we moved once again to a different state and the spirit left my mom alone. We kept moving because praying nd blessig the houses didn't work. Years passd n the spirit kept findin my mom so we would move again nd again. It's been 6 years since it's happen and my mom hopes the spirit doesn't find her she's had heart problems nd thinks if the spirit finds her she won't be ableto take it cuz she said the last time she saw it it was mad because my mom won't do what she wants.

    • profile image

      Andre 5 years ago

      Wow, although it may seem as being kinda out of the way to do what the spirit asks, but maybe possibilities are that it can be an unsolved mystery. But for me I am very fedup of this damn thing. At once I felt as though my two legs were like up in the air and someone or something pounding me. It's really unbareable at times. I try fighting it but cannot.

    • profile image

      Brian 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Fernando 5 years ago

      Wow reading some of these comments makes me wonder and compel to ask ... If you are a child of God why should you be afraid? If you're soul belongs to God what do you fear? Why should we ever, ever grant evil the privilege and satisfaction of trying to empower us with their impurities. Evil wants you to thing that God doesnt love you because he abandoned you when you needed him. Mine you I do respect it but I condem it as well. Evil interferes with us to create fear and anger. In doing so demonic entities become powerful. Brian is correct when he said it is a test to our faith. You have to DENOUNCE IT! But not every paranormal activity is usually demonic in nature.Trust me when I say this; there's a constant battle which occurs every day, every minute, every second of our lives between good and evil and the prize is us, our souls. And like exercising to get physically stronger we need to spiritually exercise our faith.

      I am 50 years of age (NOT OLD :P) and have paranormal and spiritural experiences of good and evil since I was 5. Yes, at first it was terrifying, confusing, but my faith today is unwavering because of these experiences. YES THERE IS A GOD THERE IS A HEAVEN AND YES JESUS CHRIST (by the way he's short :D)

      My latest spiritual encounter (a calm one) happened on September 2011. Not one of demonic entity but more of a lonely spirit seeking pardon from hmmm I guess emptiness. You see when we pass away we take our consciousness with us, so imagine being alone for eternity I guess that's purgatory. Well what I felt wasn't demonic but damn sure annoying. This all started when I was meditating on God's words. An overwhelming, uncontrolable sorrow which encapsulated me with thoughts of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us for our souls. How can anyone say they don't believe in God frustrated me! I was crying like a lil school girl (lol but true) Finally I regained my composure wiped away my tears feeling tranquil. Watching tv sitting on the sofa my left arm resting on the back, slowly the air temperature around me change subtlely. Cool air, like the refrigerator air during a heat wave touch me. I was holding up my head rubbering it, this air became dense and i felt the touch of a finger from my forehead to the back of my head something my mother use to do when I was a child :D I felt loved. Moments later everything started to appear first a white orb slowly appear beside me from the floor up to the ceiling followed by the wrapping of the cold air like someone embraced me with a blanket from my left shoulder to my right. Maybe it's my guardian angel embracing me :) This beautiful entity, which presented itself as a white orb or a swiggly white line floating around me,sometimes dashing by my periferal sight or above me just to let me know we're here, followed me to work while, I was in the subway traveling and just walking with me to and from when it wanted to remind me, yes we are here :) But when you open up a window to cool the room you also invite the flies to come in lol. So sure enough something that was arrogant, pushy and insisting its presence was taking becoming the focal point of my attention. The only thing on my mine while coming home from work , was what the hell will happen next?! arrrggggghhhh. This entity wanted to re-exist on earth through me and I wasn't having any of that. I prayed...Our Fathers, Hail Marys praying for devine intervention from my guardian angel. Everyday, everynight, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the livingroom but for some strange reason never in the bedroom. Don't know why but I do sleep with the lamp light on since then lol.( have to get over that ). Finally confinining with my friends for advise and religious guidiance. Get authoritative I was told. In one word DENOUNCE IT said another. Just get tough you weeny and stop playing games. I prepared my prayer empowered with my new found knowledge. When this annoying entity presented itself which always was a slow methodical gray orb presence ever coming closer as the air would become dense to a bone chilling freezing presence it would squeeze me, my body chivering, breathing became challenging and my heart beat increased. As i sat on the ottoman, looking up curled in my seat like the the safety crash plane positiion I prayed with everybit of my spiritural and physical strength. This entity had the audacity to growl and when I said out loud the word denounce in my prayer, as clearly as you see the hand in front of your face this quater size silver orb presented itself . Waves in the air like ripples in the water, expanded from this orb went through me and everything went white..... gone, GONE was this entity. I still feel a presence from time to time one that feels as if it comes to check up on me, to make sure that I am okay, and to let me know the're still there :D

      heres my prayer that i say everyday hope it gives you a presence of peace as it gives me.


















    • profile image

      jj 5 years ago

      even though youve had contact with demons most of you wont change your ways and wont go to heaven. you will burn and i will laugh and be in greats spirits

    • profile image

      Fernando 5 years ago

      JJ only God has the power to judge.

      2 stop being prideful 3 why would you want to laugh at other people misery, and finally why are you pretending to be evil.

    • profile image

      Libby 5 years ago

      Hi im 12 and ive experience som pretty scary shit i woke up outside with scratches on my legs ive heard growling in my little sisters room so i went to make sure she was ok and ive woken up and seen two demons next to my bed so i now sleep with a tourch and my lighter

    • profile image

      paul 5 years ago

      I had a strange smell. I couldn't make the smell out and I know it wasn't coming from the oil refinery since I'm use to that smell

    • profile image

      paul 5 years ago

      I had a strange smell. I couldn't make the smell out and I know it wasn't coming from the oil refinery since I'm use to that smell

    • profile image

      Sandi 5 years ago

      For years I've had experiences I didn't understand but lately both my children are being affected and bear witness to unexplainable events. The air will suddenly smell rotten, just put red, we'll hear voices talking in the bs mt, a boy sob who sounds just like my son, yelling, banging, we'll feel the air shift and feel negative energy and dark. It makes all of the little hairs stand up on our bodies. It goes away f we don't react otherwise it tries to smother us, choke the air out of our throats, freeze us in position. My daughter has seen a faceless family with blood on their chests. I had a lucid dream the little girl was standing before me. I dream of being murdered or my children being torchered, night terrors, scan only move my eyes. The key is to not panic and to pray. I guess we have been chosen to fight in the battle of good and evil, prepare, this is

      only the beginning.

    • profile image

      Fernando 5 years ago

      Hey Sandi read your story wow and yes people who have paranormal experience have been chosen to prove our faith Lucifer wants to prove to God that we are not worthy not important to be saved to receive God's blessing that we are selfish in our believes and would surrender easily our principles to fear. Very few have the blessing of seeing and knowing the consent battle for our souls. i have posted my prayer that helped me get back my peace of mind. hope it helps you and others GOD BLESSINGS

    • profile image

      momma 5 years ago

      Last night, my 2 year old daughter (she sleeps with us)started crying in her sleep. My husband woke up to console her and saw a chartruese thing with yellow eyes at our bedroom door. He prayed twicw before it disapeared. My husband drew a picture of it after it left so he could gain more info about why this particular demon appears (we have had other specific demons around us for such things as insecurity, family sins, addictions, etc. which have been cast out of our home/lives through prayer and spiritual maintence under the counsel of our paster). This morning, my daughter screams a very frightening scream and runs downstairs crying for me. When I grab her, her heart is racing and she cannot talk for crying. Finally, she tells me that something sat on the end of the bed and looked at her so she ran to get me. She could not describe it (she's 2) but she said it was a mommy or a cat with yellow eyes. My husband held up a multi-colored tissue box and asked her what color the thing was and she pointed to a chartruese hue. My husband showed me his drawing from the night and he had written "chartruese" under the head. We explained to our daughter to tell anything not in her family to go to Jesus and come to get us if this happens again. Can anyone tell me any information about this particular demon and why it appears. We want to be very specific in getting rid of it, as our usual means of commanding it to go to Jesus and praying and then blessing our home was not effective this time. Any information would be appreciated.

    • profile image

      BadgerR 5 years ago

      To the Last comment. Make sure your daughter is babtized.

      You cannot have any doubts but have strong faith in God. One little doubt that creeps in, the demons will take that more than a mile. Fight the good fight, Satan is defeated! Be strong, don't fear, stand up and face him in the name of Jesus! I know it is hard at times to keep the faith. Put aside all anxious thoughts and imagination/fears and say continuously," The Lord is my strength and shield. My heart has trusted in him and I am helped. He is not only with me but in me and I am in him.". Use this unfailing strength prayer, believe it and claim it in the name of Jesus. Wish I was there to be with you and your family, as he God will be with you every step of the way.

    • profile image

      amberle 5 years ago

      Hey I am 19 years old I have been able to see speak to the dead for as long as I can remember and then 2 months ago I was. Babe sitting and well slot of stuff happened like I was being followed like something was watching me anyway it gets slot worse then last night the thing that has been following me look can u please email me on I don't now how to make this demon go away I have never had to ask for help when it comes to this stuff I am the one people come to but this time I am the one who needs advise post email me and I will give u the full story please

    • profile image

      amberle 5 years ago

      Hey I am 19 years old I have been able to see speak to the dead for as long as I can remember and then 2 months ago I was. Babe sitting and well slot of stuff happened like I was being followed like something was watching me anyway it gets slot worse then last night the thing that has been following me look can u please email me on I don't now how to make this demon go away I have never had to ask for help when it comes to this stuff I am the one people come to but this time I am the one who needs advise post email me and I will give u the full story please

    • profile image

      Lori97 5 years ago from Atco, New Jersey

      I am having demonic attacks too he pushes on my stomach etc how do you get rid of a demon?? hes been here for months

    • profile image

      Aly97 5 years ago

      These sort of things have been happening tome too... But for some reason I'm not scared, I don't feel threatened by this, they haven't attacked me they just want me to know they are there.. I don't know what they want with me. But I also feel an angels presence? So by this whole situation I'm confused. I'm 15 by the way

    • profile image

      Aly97 5 years ago

      I also can see auras and most of my dreams come true... Didn't know If this would be any help

    • profile image

      Brandon 5 years ago

      It might be nothing but i remember one time laying in my bed half asleep when i then heard a laugh almost like the joker from batman then couple years later im laying in my bed in a different house and feel a cold pressure on my shoulder. I move it disappears but went back in tht position and felt it again but stronger

    • profile image

      John smith 5 years ago

      I've had dreams bout 10 demons entering my room and taking me to hell where they would provke my soul by hurting my friends and family and put me into intense pain. I've had this for 3 months and the last time I dreamed this I transformed, my vertibry would shift, my skin color truned dark gray, fangs extended, i grew to 7 foot tall, my eyes turned blood red and I coulnd't control my body. I broke free and with a dark sphrere of energy I destroied the area few beings lived and now they are trying to kill me! but when they tried to touch me they died but they killer (a blue tattoed man 7 foot tall, bald head, no eyelids and egyptian looking) can touch me and is hunting me down (been going on for almost a month) any ideas??? (and yes the place has been blessed.

    • profile image

      shacore of the shadows 5 years ago

      when i was a child i was a outcast and a shadow was my best friend.he did shadow puppets on my wall when i was sad.he rocked me when i was scared.not all shadows are evil.most of the time they r just probly ment no harm

    • profile image

      lost soul 5 years ago

      you holy rollers crack me up. if the devil wants you he will take you. if your true to god he will protect you. most of us deserve to burn in this world now anyway.

    • profile image

      jeanne zamora 5 years ago

      To much to explain about my story and i would love to talk to u cuz i relate but something a bit more terrified me that no one understands.i normally dontdo this but can u call me to talk instead of typing what happened to me that almost killed me.773-558~0093.if not i understand and sorry u went through that!thank you.stay stronge and have faith!

    • profile image

      Zain B 5 years ago

      shut up u people r weid creeps stop lieing

    • profile image

      Amadeus 5 years ago

      Jeanne Zamora:

      Visit the website

      where I and several ministers of deliverance dedicate ourselves to helping people in difficult situations.

      God's peace be with you.

    • profile image

      She is greatly Deceived! 5 years ago

      My aunt in-law seems to be a very unhappy person who could be possessed by demons, the problem is everything that she does is super odd but she thinks it is normal and actually feels righteous about it, she our right boldly accuses many people of doing things that are blatantly untrue, stupid stuff all the freaken time. like that person is taking drugs that makes me smell something odd and makes my ear hurt. She has a permanent scowl on her face for the last 5 years now. she only gets excited and laughs in a way that is not a real laugh right when she thinks she has figured out something that on one else can figure out, and she feels empowered in her nutting thinking that she is so smart that she figured it out and no one else can because she is so "smart". Like she all of a sudden latches on to the though that everyone around her is using colors to signal her, she cant help but tell people "did you notice that all the stores are using colors now? Or your whole family is using colors to signal messages to you about me. you can not convince her that nothing is happening it is just stupid very random and very illogical stuff that only she KNOWS are connected, another very random thing she latched on to among many is she accuses me of placing a cigarette lighter on the coffee table as a sign to her about something she found note worthy and even offensive, when what really happened is... I never noticed or touched the stupid lighter and what was actually happened is no one else could care less that there is a lighter on the coffee table. there are literally 1000s of little connections that have no logical sense in this world but she keeps picking up on them all as an attack on her in some way shape or form. So she reacts by spreading powders on the floor in front of the door of people she is suspicious of or she moves stuff around the house in odd arrangements just to get in the way of people she has a grudge on, and makes a statement like sorry that chair is in the middle of the hall way, just to let you know it was moved there on purpose but for what reason only she can figure out, so you can call her on that and say why did you do that? And her answer is always “no reason” or she ignores the question completely, she is now quite a mean and very rude person now and believes God is going to reward her for exposing all the sinners around her and that she her self does not sin. She watches church shows and seems to read the bible all the time, but seriously "IF" she is the real definition of a "Christian" then who in their right mind would ever want to be a "Christian" ??? Her very frustrated husband a few times has tried to ask her what the real name of the darkness thing she holds dear to her heart deep inside, but she laughs at him in a benevolent maniacal way and says hahaha it's me Marg. She needs God and help, but all attempts to try and make her see this fact have failed! Wish her well.

    • profile image

      tENNIScHIC 5 years ago

      Wow. You guys are WEIRD!!!

    • profile image

      tENNIS cHIC 5 years ago

      Hey guys! Its tENNIS cHIC!!! Just wanted to say that I am Prying for you , all of you!!!

    • profile image

      No name 5 years ago

      Lately o have been experiencing

    • profile image

      blessed 5 years ago

      You better believe all these things are very real.. more real than the real world you live in.. that what is seen with the physical eye is only temporary, the unseen world is the real world.

    • profile image

      mshuston 5 years ago

      They are called night terrors.

      What are Night Terrors?

      Night Terrors ar characterized by a sudden arousal from slow wave sleep with a piercing scream or cry, accompanied by autonomic (Controlled by the part of the nervous system that regulates motor functions of the heart, lungs, etc.) and behavioral manifestations of intense fear. Also known as Pavor Nocturnus, incubus, severe autonomic discharge, sleep terror.

      What are the symptoms of Night Terrors?

      A sudden episode of intense terror during sleep

      The episodes usually occur within the first third of the night

      Partial or total amnesia occurs for the events during the episode.

      Associated features include:

      Polysomnographic monitoring demonstrates the onset of episodes during stage 3 or 4 sleep

      Tachycardia (rapid beating of the heart) usually occurs in association with the episodes.

      Other medical disorders are not the cause of the episode, e.g., epilepsy

      Other sleep disorders can be present, e.g., nightmares, sleep panic attacks, sleep apnea.

      How serious are Night Terrors?

      Some adults have episodes of night terror that may occur less than once per month, and do not result in harm to the individual or others.

      Some adults experience episodes less than once per week, and it does not result in harm to the individual or others.

      In its severest form, the episodes occur almost nightly, or are associated with physical injury to the individual or others.

      If injuries are occuring, it is important to consult a sleep specialist. Night terrors in adults is not normal.

    • profile image

      michael792 5 years ago

      I had this experience and I had to see if others had any like mine. I saw something. Someone. A figure, just shadowy though, walk across hall into bathroom. A few minutes later I looked and nothing was there. I went back into bedroom and moments later, it felt like something grabbed my the bottom of my left thigh, but I was laying down on the bed. Am I crazy!!??? Im scared to go to sleep

    • profile image

      michael792 5 years ago

      Its not even over yet. My cat is beside me and I just heard one of her rattling toys being rattled. Im so freaked out! Will someone please tell me something to do!??

    • profile image

      yay for satan 5 years ago

      awesome! what a cool experience. do you think the smells could be attributed to a slight brain annurism though? praise satan.

    • profile image

      Pazzo 5 years ago

      here is the link, listen to that you get any reactions then you are possessed, those who are experiencing seeing demons and ghosts play all night along and see the difference :

    • profile image

      edwin 7773 5 years ago from bronx ny

      no hablo mucho ingles pero es verdad lo que dicen conoco mucho demon y angel hell heaven jesus el diablo miguel angei la virge maria y me an querido matar es estado en el cielo y en el infierno y en otro planetas y todo lpo que escribo es verdad

    • profile image

      kim 5 years ago

      i have to kids dont know wat to do this demon is shaped like a cat and now is attacking my youngest she only 2 years old had a priest come in and clean the house but its back i cant see it but my kids can

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Hi stormo.:)

    • profile image

      Sparko 5 years ago

      Demon my arse , youre bonkers

    • profile image

      Kieran 5 years ago

      I've experienced these attacks/ night terrors as well, as far as even being pulled out of my bed and dragged on the floor. It is now known as sleep paralyis and is entirely induced by the mind, nothing spiritual or religious about it! Of course those may suffer from more severe attacks but its all in the head. Believe me i've confronted it now, and it no longer bothers me at night. It's an amazing feeling, almost impossible to explain, complete and utter terror when it happens at first but once you understand its all in your mind and its you that controls it you can shape it and confront these "demons". In most cases, as it was for me, it was brought on in times of extreme stress and lack of sleep, therefore there exists a difference between your physical and mental brain patterns.

      People. Stop relying on religion as a crutch in your lives and learn the truth.

    • profile image

      sean miller 5 years ago

      hi i am from s.a i need help in my dream my mom was sitting next to me and we wer talking cant remember about wat and we wer sitting clous to the window and she looked at my cubbert across my bed and i looked as wel and i saw nothing then she looked at me and said would you like to take a photo with him and then he grabed me and pushed me out the window by he was holding me the hole way down and wen we wer on the grass i said hello so that he wont hurt me my email is help me it happend like 10 min ago i am 17

    • profile image

      Mike 5 years ago

      Im a hunter from new England if your serious I would like you to contact me at mike_cox86@ thank you

    • profile image

      Cweer 5 years ago

      The smell was clearly semen from the demon, jerking onto your body, the whole point of him was that he was trying to make u swallow! But poor guy didn't finish in time because u woke up. next time let him finish!

    • profile image

      philip 5 years ago

      When i was young i had something happen to me to i work up went to go switch on the light and some thing grabed my feet and draged me down the hall i screed mum mum but my voice was gone i could hear my self lose my voice my mum came and swiched on the light and she saw my legs in the air like i was being pulled down the hall my mum came and picked me up and gave me a drink i had this happen quite often after that night about 4 or 5 time but i prayed and my mum prayed and it went away

    • profile image

      philip 5 years ago

      When i was young i had something happen to me to i work up went to go switch on the light and some thing grabed my feet and draged me down the hall i screed mum mum but my voice was gone i could hear my self lose my voice my mum came and swiched on the light and she saw my legs in the air like i was being pulled down the hall my mum came and picked me up and gave me a drink i had this happen quite often after that night about 4 or 5 time but i prayed and my mum prayed and it went away

    • profile image

      Lori 5 years ago

      Luke 10:19-20

      King James Version (KJV)

      19Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

      20Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.

    • profile image

      baphomet 5 years ago

      wow thats what u get for believeing in jesus ha ha ha

    • profile image

      DirectionManiaX 5 years ago

      Me and my niece was in my bedroom and we started to hear little knocks and heard someone shout my dads name, and kept hearing loads of noise's so we decided to record a voice note from our phones, this voice note only lasted one minute and 30 seconds we heard like a mid aged women growling as soon as we herd this noise we got google up and searched for it and we clicked this website and i read all of your story and similar things have happened to me.. like one time i was on my computer down stairs and i thought i heard something so i turned around and looked out my window and there was a man stood at my front door now i couldn't see his face just a dark figure i jumped out of my chair and told my dad and he didn't believe me. Then there was another time where i fancied something to eat so i went to my kitchen and heard scratching on the window and shouted my dad to tell him he said it was just me hearing things but then i realised it was my sisters floor boards up stairs so i had to get my dad to walk me to bed and check all the rooms it was one of the most scariest things i have ever heard.. but my dad actually told me that he hears noise's every night but it doesn't bother him this made me more scared i have heard foot steps and scratching noise's before and it has just started happening recently it scares me all the time and it makes it worst that no one believes me.. how can this ghost away. ?

    • profile image

      Jamil 5 years ago

      I am another victim of these demonic attacks. I have been getting attacked for a couple of years now by these demonic spirits and I was actually just about to go to bed before I searched this on the internet, so I decided to write about my experiences. The attacks started when I increased my religious beliefs with my God, I am a Muslim and I believe in Allah as God but I am also a firm believer that Jesus Christ is a very important Prophet to Allah. I love Christ just as I do Allah. But I always call on Allah's name when I feel I am being attacked by these Satanic Spirits. Every time I think of Allah I come out of the sleep paralysis and attacks, but it is hard for me to go back to sleep. I believe after I write this post when I go to sleep I am going to get it tonight for talking about these attacks. Oh well I am not afraid of them, I fear nothing but Allah himself. I never have been afraid of the demon spirits. My heart does race though in anticipation of what is going to happen next. Now every chance I get I pray to Allah over my bed before I go to sleep and sometimes those nights I sleep more peacefully. I think Satan realizes that he is losing the war against God himself, and he sees that he screwed up for disobeying God so now he is going to take out his anger and frustrations on the Good doers us now. I actually think the demons are watching me write this letter right now and shaking there heads yeah you're ours tonight buddy. I am not afraid for I am a firm Believer in Allah. Lah-illah ha-iallah Muhammad-dan rusullallah. That phrase means I bear witness there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad Peace and blessings upon him is his messenger. No Fear. Peace Everyone. Lets all band together and become sworn enemies of Satan.

    • profile image

      janette 5 years ago

      i recently tried to commit suicide a few weeks ago for a stupid reason but

      since my husband has been back everything has gotten better but lately every night i wake up in the middle of the night cause i hear knocking sounds right next to my ear

      Ive also heard scratching against the walls but as if the scratching was being made with an object being dragged around the wall.

      Ive also been having nightmares

      I dont know wat to bellive it is i know im not crazy but its like their watching me while i sleep trying to wake me with the knocking idk wat to do.

    • profile image

      EbonAsura 5 years ago

      These types of lesser entities feed on your fear of them. Had you approached the situation with situation with curiosity, you would have discovered this weakness. Compassion towards these entities instantly dispells them. Forgive thine enemies.

    • profile image

      Charlene 5 years ago

      I have read many of the posts on this site. Normally I do not get involved with things like this or even go to sites like this but I also have had many experiences in my life with these Demons. And, they are Demons. They are not deceased people who have come to Earth and died, they are evil spirits who rebelled against God in the spiritual world we came from and they chose the side of the Devil, (never having the privilage of coming to earth and receiving an earthly body like us who chose the side of Jesus and God at the rebellion in Heaven). They are angry and they try to posses some of our bodies and they torment us and want us to be as miserable as they are because they know their time is short, that Jesus is about to return to this Earth and they will be locked up for a time and then eventually be destroyed permanantly to where they do not exist as anything. I am only visiting this site because I have found this problem is becoming more intense as time grows shorter for these evil followers of Satan.

      My Grandson, Granddaughter and Daughter have had many demons in there home for a long time. It got so bad recently I can hardly go to my Daughter's house because it doesn't feel right there and I am uncomfortable. I can't stay very long when I do have to go. My Daughter sort of took in a troubled teen and about a two weeks ago the teen ran away. Then she came crying back and my Daughter let her back in her home. This teen (16) had played with a Quiji Board while she was gone, staying with a friend around the corner. The night the teen came back home to my Daughter' Granddaughter woke up in the middle of the night and saw a black hooded being at the end of her bed holding up a sickle in one of his hands. It had no face. Demons have no face because they were never given a body. They are just spirits, evil spirits. It scared my Granddaughter (9) so bad she wanted to come and live with me. I have in the meantime, this last weekend, had a memeber of my Church, (The church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints) give my Granddaughter a blessing because of that experience. This is not the only thing going on in that house. These Demons like to dwell in places where evil people often frequent. They follow you from place to place and when they dwell in a home/place for so long they begin to feel entitled and won't leave. There ar also shadow people there that hide and play games with you. I have never seen any of them myself but could feel there evil presence. My Daughter has many friends on drugs, pills, alcohol etc....that she allows to come to her house. I don't like it that my Grandkids have to live in these conditions. Mu Daughter also in the past was living with her boyfriend, father of my Grandson, who in a previous house would do Crystal Meth and worship Stan in the basement. This boyfriend is now in prison for robbing a convenient store with a gun just after getting out of jail for another criminal offense. mu daughter's children were taken from her for 5 months because of this man and his influence in which my daughter was also doing the drug. These things draw these evil spirits like flies to a rotting corpse.

      I myself have had personal experiences with these awful Demons. Many years ago one or more tried to posses my body. I could not move, speak or open my eyes. I was in bed going to sleep when it happened. The only thing I could think to do was think a prayer in my mind asking God to help me in the name of Jesus Christ. I prayed it over and over and at first the thing fought harder but the harder I prayed in my mind the more fierce it became. When Jesus commanded it to leave me, I heard an inhuman growl/groan/whailing, nothing like I have ever heard or could even imagine on earth or explain in proper detail. It did not want to leave me but it finally did which seemed like forever. It left my body but I could feel its presence for three more days and nights in my house. It has visisted me many times since but I have learned to not fear it and I can control it now before it happens. I do believe they become stronger the more you fear them. They like to torment you. I pray and ask God and Jesus to make it go away and it does. There are many of these evil spirits and they usually target one person at a time in the home.

      I am on this site today because my Daughter called me last night and told me she called in some people from our Church who blessed her home last night. This couple from Church placed Warring Angels at each window and entrance to the home after they prayed and demanded the evil demons to leave. They said there were up to 20 of these demons in my Grandson's room alone. She didn't say how may more. My grandson has never slept a night alone in his room in the 2 years they have lived there. He is 3 and has recently been talking to these beings. As soon as the demons were cast out my Grandson fell asleep at a normal time for a 3 year old. Never happened before. He would fight having to go to sleep every night.

      For those of you suffering from this right now or ever I know what you are going through. I have been there and am still fighting these things. All I can say is get yourself in a good place with God and Jesus, stay away from people who do evil and choose friends and company that are good in general. Pray every day. If you don't know what to pray for then pray for help in knowing what to pray for. These things are real and it is going to get worse until the return of Christ. Come unto Jesus Christ and follow him. It is the ONLY WAY. There is no srtaddeling the fence anymore. You have to chose one or the other. I chose Christ and I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Good luck all. God be eith you.

    • profile image

      drewy95 5 years ago

      i need someone too help me last night i was one my phone to my cuzz he hear heavey dark breathin on the phone i didnt he is open too the world been helping me but after the connection was lost n i couldnt get in contact with him i swore two red eye looking shadows on my roof n in the middle was one hard too see the on in middle was as red as the others and trying to get open too the world i might had something attached too me!! any help at or?

    • profile image

      a dream in a dream 5 years ago

      yeah you was dreaming pal and woke urself up in ur dream but still dreaming ive done it millions of times try and

      it has not happend since becuase ur mum did that thing u feel that everything has gone its all about the mind its nothing to do with ghosts

    • profile image

      drewy95 5 years ago

      naah it is real no dream involve in this one

      my cousin is a open person the other world and some my family but thay live far away n i cant get help of them

      lastnight he heard heavey dark breathin oon the phone wear i was n i saw two red eyes on my roof one in the middle faded

    • profile image

      scv 5 years ago

      I know exactly what your talking about!! the same thing happens to me.. there is only one cure and thats Prayer.. Be close to God and when you undergo this again-- shout out in a confident voice--- LEAVE ME ALONE, I AM THE SON/DAUGHTER OF JESUS !! Also the prayer of St. Michael is powerful

    • profile image

      NATHALIE 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 5 years ago

      N: With a little faith, just the size of a mustard seed, you and Jesus working together can destroy the evil in your life and find peace. I assure you in God's name that this is the truth. I and many others have passed through such things and all it takes is prayer, faith in the goodness and power of God, and the desire to change in your own life if God ask it. You will get out of anything with this positive attitude. You probably should seek counseling at

      You can tell Dawn your troubles. She can give you my phone number if you like. Tell her that Deo Gratias sent you. Check my posts out (above).

      Here are some invocations that I find helpful, pray them often.

      -Precious Blood of Jesus Christ: Save us and the whole world!

      -Precious Blood of Jesus Christ: Strike the enemy!

      -May the Precious Blood that pours out from the Sacred Head of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Temple of Divine Wisdom, the Tabernacle of divine Knowledge and the sunshine of Heaven and earth, cover us now and forever!

      -Eternal Father, I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ to cover me (and my loved ones) with the armor of God of Ephesians 6. In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, I thank you for it. Amen (at least once every 24 hours).

      -The Our Father, The Prayer to St. Michael, Read the Bible out loud (can be in a low voice). John 1, Revelations chapter 12 - 17 are effective. etc.

      These are externals. The most important is faith, and confession of your sins to God, believing that in the Name of Jesus you will be forgiven. Once you've done this, you must challenge the demon, something like this:

      Demonic spirit (of impurity, of anger... detail if you can), I take authority over you in the name of Jesus Christ. In the Name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you. You have no claims over me for I have confessed my sins and God the Father has forgiven me. Therefore I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, in the Name of Jesus Christ: I bind you and forbid you in His Holy Name from manifesting or functioning or operating in any sense near me or in this house. In the Name of Jesus Christ I command you to depart at once and not return again.

      So be it!

      Our Father... (in thanksgiving).

      I've said too little here. You absolutely must have faith. That is key.

      Get in touch with Dawn. I'll have you in my prayers.

      Deo Gratias.

    • profile image

      gastro 5 years ago

      WOW I have never wasted so much time in my life, People you really need to get a hold on reality "Cat shaped demon" WTF. Cweer - Your Funny !!

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 5 years ago

      Hey gastritis: are you really confessing to all of us serious people that your life is so boring that you can read over 90 contributions just so that you could drop your load of crap at the end? You poor, miserable wretch!

      Why don't you go get a life, or find yourself a shrink who can tell you God doesn't exist and that you're nothing more than a load that the chaotic cosmos excreted? It's what you think of yourself and how you treat yourself.

      I'll pray for you that you stop taking yourself to be a load of satanic excrement, and receive the grace to know and believe that God became flesh and died on the cross so that you could be made a son of God, not just fecal matter caked on Satan's buttocks. I think much more of you than you do of yourself. Wretch.

      May God's grace and truth penetrate you and rip you out of Satan's anti-faith. I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


    • profile image

      Cheyenne 5 years ago

      I have what I think are demons attacking me as I sleep. I dream about these black shadowy entities grabbing me and holding me down and I am terrified and the last time when I woke up I saw a black oily shadow hovering by my bed

    • profile image

      Jack 5 years ago

      This is a classic case of sleep paralysis. It is a medical condition. When we sleep, there are certain enzymes released in our bodies, which paralyze the body so we dont act out our dreams. Sometimes, ( and this not uncommon, although some have this more frequently)we get awake and the enzymes are still active due to an imbalance. We are conscious but cannot open our eyes or move our hands and can also need to hallucinations. A lot of it has been attributed to stress or fear ( after you watch a horror movie for instance). Albeit, I am not a non believer and I think there are forces greater than science. I believe and understand that you're fear is real, I just want you to get all the right help possible, be it a doctor or the church.

    • profile image

      Vorian 5 years ago

      I have exorcised many ghosts and demons in my time, by praying to god to get rid of them. But 1 time when a demon tried to someone I lived with and almost succeeded, at which point she carried out a wiccan exorcist ceromony and trapped it in a black crystal ball. However the ceromony took a night to carry out and the demonic attacks are at their most intense the night of the exorcism. That night the demon attacked me, and when I looked at it, it had long black hair covering its face. It had skinny arms but as it tried to push a whole in my chest with its hand it was impossibly strong and I couldn't remove its hand from my chest with both my hands. When I saw it I thought the whore of babylon. All I could do was say god save, and it did the typical demon thing of saying you don't believe in god. At which point I said yeh I do and the thing was banished in an instant. Then I passed out. When buying a house watchout for satanic designs. A wiccan exorcist will be able to explain it to you, but it comes down to feng shui.

    • profile image

      anthony 5 years ago

      I was sitting in my grannies house one night in my bedroom and as I looked out the window I saw a face looking at me it really scared me so I closed my eyes and when I opened them again the face was gone but a few seconds after that the cupboard facing my bed the doors on it just flew open and a shadow appered at the corner of my bed then it dissapeared

    • profile image

      Xavier 5 years ago

      Spirits and/or demons come into peoples lives for a purpose and something has to trigger it. Like when you experienced that black shadow, it was after a time of deep emotional distress so the entity latched onto that and used it as a sort of power. Do not live in constant fear and do not bottle up emotions as it may drive the demon or shadow back.

    • profile image

      Kyle 5 years ago

      Well, i didn't think i'd ever really find myself here. Allow me to explain my circumstances, and i stress that i have no intention of offending anyone in any sort of way, i just wish to receive any information that could be kindly provided about subjects such as this, as well as the one i am experiencing.

      I have looked off and on for the past few years for information regarding demonic possession/attacks and the likes, but haven't found anything that helped, im hoping a community as nice as this may be able to help me.

      Since i was born, strange things have happened to and because of me. When i was a child (3/4 years old) my mother brought me to church with her, i always felt extremely uncomfortable there, and didn't believe in the christian faith even though i was so young. Looking back i used to figure i was already of a "scientific mind" like my father who stayed at home. Besides that thought there was nothing too alarming in my childhood. However even at that age, i possessed excessive knowledge of everything from cooking to concepts understood only by university professors. Around the age of 13/14 i started having mental problems, it's was mostly homicidal urges and advanced psychosis, assumed to be attributed to the extreme case of bullying i endured. I sought medical help for these issues, yet any form of therapy or medication was ineffective. Over the years those problems worsened, i was diagnosed with schizophrenia, although they couldn't find much physical evidence to support it, aside from the symptom list. In college is when most of the problems started that made me question if i was just "mentally unstable". While living in college residence,i had a number of strange episodes, hearing blood curdling and slightly "demonic" screams while trying to sleep, suddenly being awoken to find black, misty, lizard-like creatures with red eyes covering my walls, and also waking up covered in (what i assume) was my own blood, and deep cuts that looked as if they were made by a scalpel, with no indication that i so much as moved during my sleep. After moving out of residence the the episodes escalated, i lived in an apartment by myself, and often at night would feel something was watching me or nearby, sometimes i would feel as though something was attacking me, however i was quickly become rather.. umm... sadistic momentarily and feel some sort or pulse or wave explode from my body, followed by a feeling of terror from my "attacker" then the presence would vanish. Also a few times i saw people with grey skin and black hair and eyes crawling around my walls or floor, that strangely did not scare me. Additionally over the course of my life i have gained memories i should not have, that seem to be from at least hundreds of years ago, and knowledge of a "language" that does not exist, that seems to more convey the intended feeling or emotion rather than trying to explain such things in words. I have been diagnosed with about 7 serious mental disorders that shouldn't be possible all at the same time, as well i seem to have some neurological disorders that doctors can neither explain nor even identify. However despite all that, my body and mind have started functioning at a higher and higher level than that of an average human, to the point that i rather easily survived an incident that landed me in ICU with, according do doctors, a 0% chance of survival. In the last few years i have also found myself almost getting sick or blacking out when on church grounds or during any kind of passage/scripture reading.

      My experience sounds a little over dramatic to be true, sadly it is, and i would just like to understand the nature of what might be happening. I don't wish to know how to fix it, as i am aware of how, as this has already been discussed with my brother-in-law, and his brother who is a priest.

      For the record i have never done drugs or anything of the sort that could contribute to such experiences.

    • profile image

      Jon 5 years ago

      I had demons toying with my eyes for about 15 years but I was totally unaware of this. They played with my mind for a good time until Jesus showed me he was a reality and I would call on him to remove these things. All of this is real, definitely not fake. It scares me very much to know that this is a reality. These things will live inside of you and you will think your mind is messed up or the thoughts you think are your own but not quite. These demons are smart, they never want their host to figure them out but if you feel out of control, you have forced lustful thoughts or voices or forced anything that your mind compulsively does to you or you feel very fearful and paranoid then good chance your mind (hard drive) is infected with these trojans and only Jesus is the antivirus software to knock them out

    • profile image

      Jon 5 years ago

      Most of these evil things work on your fears from past events, bullying, arguments, family disputes, breakups, these demons work off of your fears. TV, school, etc.......regular social conditioning will let these things in also. I think most of the time these things are from generational curses that exist and entered from birth. Jesus is the only one who can remove them. You need to get on your knees and pray to have Jesus show you your past sins, past mess ups, you need to go back and fix up. Go back to those you've done wrong and fix up. Stop all sin in your life. Trash the TV, porn etc......these will also allow them in. When these stupid demons are on our souls, our lives will chaotic but once they are removed true peace will enter. Pray to Jesus until he hears you, pray and tell him to cast those things out of you and to show you what hate, evil things exist in you and repent of them.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 5 years ago

      Kyle: what are you looking for if not a cure? If psychiatry has failed, then that leaves the religious dimension to explore regarding your difficulties. There seems to be religious provocation involved in some of those episodes. Maybe the demonic is obsessing you. This requires prayer and discernment. If you have the self-control to write out and be aware of these things, and you have never "consecrated" yourself to the demonic, then you are certainly not possessed. If you want a resolution, as I said above to others, visit

      and get into conversation with Dawn. If you like she can refer you to me, but she is very helpful.

      God bless you and watch over your way.

    • profile image

      Morgon 5 years ago

      I'm 17 years old and all my life, I've been followed. No one believes me. We just moved into a newly built house so they think i'm crazy when i say, "There's something in my room." I've been held down, Slapped, shoved, talked too, and I've been watched. When i'm home alone i hear people walking around in my room or knocks on my door and i even hear talking. I never go around at night because last time i did that, I saw someone standing in my door way grinning at me. These things i see are like giant balls of mist. I only see sharp white teeth when it smiles. There also was a time when i woke up one night and came face to face with a deformed old man glaring directly at me, he leaned over me and smelt of death. I screamed and couldn't sleep in my own room for three days My brothers tried staying in there but nothing ever happens. My friends gave me a blessed cross to wear but i suppose it only irritated it. I have no religion but the moment i put it on i had scratches all around the necklace and the cross as if it were trying to rip it off. Thats when i started getting bruises and cuts. My mom thought i was doing it to my selves and i told them otherwise they just pushed it off as if i were the biggest liar in the world. Ive never felt so alone. My brothers decided to stay awake one night with me in my room and..well they believe me now..They next day they told my parents and well you can guess what happened. Exorcism scared the life right out of me they blessed me my home my family. But i still feel it. I still feel them watching me. I know they cant hurt me now, but they jsut watch and wait till i'm weak...

    • profile image

      Will 5 years ago

      Oh my God, last night we experienced the drinking glass broke, but the weird thing is. The glass was on top of the desk & it was like dropped hard on the desk that the bottom glass cracked.

      The glass is in completely broken on the desk. like somebody had broke it in the desk. And if it were a rat, the glass will be seen on the floor, but instead the glass was shattered on the desk.

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      i have learned to accept these visits, they are clues, i believe they are sending messages or insight, visits from the energy in this world. every visit is different, paralysis and aware but slightly asleep and always a vivid memory. prior i often go to sleep with a slight headache, are they actual visits or the mind playing tricks? i dont know but it is comforting to be at ease and ride out the electric waves that ensues.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 5 years ago

      Probably I cannot convince you, but I feel duty-bound to tell you respectfully, Mike, that there are disembodied "energies" that are not intelligent and personal. This mistake is half a step away from thinking you can "tap" into the "cosmic energy force" (alla Star Wars). I can tell you from the experience of many who learned the hard way that this is but a lure the demonic spirit sets to you and the unwary. He will lead you into his power by this deception to "use the force", he will trick you into thinking this is a reality and addict you to the power and control you think you have but don't really. He will use your addiction to this power to lead you to ruin. Then when, God please, you discover the deception, you will need all the Faith in God that you do not have to get out of the demonic power and deception. I've said my peace. May Jesus Christ deliver you from so much evil.

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      deo gratias, thank you for your words. you have confirmed my inner voice. i know there is but one god of good and i often have gone back to this. at times i have thought it was the almighty positive energy himself. often times i have been reassured with visits of past energies i am familiar with, and those visits are much different. more recently the visits, and the distinct smell and warm breath on my face that always precedes the entry had me questioning. i ride them out with a faith that allows me to remain calm and somehow know i am safe. from what you are saying it may be best to just avoid the confrontation and not allow the entry. ammon hotep? is a familiar vistor, i only know the name from some scribblings i made during a visit, after some research on the name i was convinced that the spirit was good and have allowed more encounters. 11/18 is also a common theme. any thoughts here? i will keep my faith where it belongs and try to steer clear form the outsiders. thank you again for your words.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 5 years ago

      Mike, you refer to the Egyptian gods. The ancient Copts worshiped the Sun and Moon. But the revelation by God to the Ancient Hebrews was that the true God was infinitely greater than the sun and moon, for he created them and they serve Him.

      From Gensis 1

      "1:14 Then God said: "Let there be lights in the dome of the sky, to separate day from night. Let them mark the fixed times, the days and the years,

      1:15 and serve as luminaries in the dome of the sky, to shed light upon the earth." And so it happened:

      1:16 God made the two great lights, the greater one to govern the day, and the lesser one to govern the night; and he made the stars.

      1:17 God set them in the dome of the sky, to shed light upon the earth,

      1:18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. God saw how good it was.

      19 Evening came, and morning followed - the fourth day."

      Mike: do you believe that there is one only true God, who created all things starting from no preexisting matter? That He is infinitely powerful so as to be able to do this? That He created without anyone being able to force Him? That He therefore created you and all things with complete freedom to do or not do it?

      That therefore, his only motive for creating was pure love?

      You talk of a god of good. There is no god of good and another of evil. There is only one unending and unoriginating reality from which everything else originates by creation. Even evil mysteriously proceeds from Him, but God does not do evil anymore than light causes shadow. Yes, shadow could not exist without preexisting light, but that does not mean that light "causes" shadow. So too, God preexists even evil, and all existence proceeds from God, but evil is not caused by God, it is the shadow that disobedience to God's will causes. Sin alone causes moral or spiritual evil. So there is no god of evil, only one eternally existing God that is good without limits.

      Do you believe all of this? Or do you think there is such a thing as a "god of evil"?

      Satan likes to play the part of a "god". But like you and I, he is no more than a little creature created by a God who is good, loves his creation, and wants to be loved back.

      Satan is at war with God, and not being able to hurt God, because God is eternal and almighty, turns against the rest of creatures, you and me, trying to hurt God-in-us, that is, the image of God that God put in us upon creating us, giving vent to his hate and rage. Therefore, Satan is your enemy and you must resist his visits which deceive only so as to hurt you and destroy you.

      Can you understand and accept this?

      I don't get your reference to 11/18. Is that a date? End times?

      Yours, DG

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago


      thanks for taking such time with your response. yes i believe that there is one god, and as you explained there is "evil" that comes from those misguided yet created by god. i believe this. i guess i am unsure of my "visits" they do me know harm and i search for their meaning. however from your first post i am weary as you mentioned the ability to use the force. the more i seek and pray the more clear things become. knowing things before they happen, feeling and hearing peoples pain before they speak, knowing when a person is coming to visit with no prior knowledge, "force" type stuff. animals are calmed by my presence, i move more easily through the world and even in what most deem as a tough life i have felt no real pain and all the while the journey seems almost too easy. these visits seem to become more frequent the more i seek. if they are demonic in nature and trying to lure me than i do not want to fall into anything unexpected. i will pray for my answers to these visits. is it possible that these visits are not demonic? as i mentioned i have never felt fear, only a take over of sorts of my body. the egyptian reference i gave was a voice i heard that said this name, the date was also given to me in a language i had never heard. i translated it to 11/18. end of times? who knows. i know there is a calling for me, i only know i will be told when i am needed. until then......

      thank you,


    • profile image

      JD 5 years ago

      I am extremely scared right now. Im under my covers in bed and using my ipod to type this (sp excuse my spelling) but i sense something at the end o my bed. I feel it and hear it an im terrified to stick my head out. Ifelt it touching my toes and i have no idea what to do. Im only 15... And i dont know much prayers (my parents have very rarely taken me to church). Im like frozen stiff and afraid to reach for my light.... What do i do???

      Wheneve im getting ready to go ibto my bed at night i sense something stari g at me... I look around but nothings there... Then things fall out of my bookshelf a lot at night. And one time when i was like 8 some ghost like figure protrudrd out of my bookshelf an moved towards me..... I called in my parents but ot vanished. Please help :(

    • profile image

      Kay 5 years ago

      Im 20, me and my girlfriend have been living together for 6 months, known each other and loved each other for 4 years now. We recently broke up as she is no longer happy and we are busy moving out. Ive always known that my gf is different, like she went to church and they tried getting a demon out of her, called lilith, but it obviously didnt work. Our first month together in our place was ok except for the random light turning on or the shadows walking around in the other room. About 2 months ago we started having problems in our relationship, and one night i had a dream, my gf was trying to find me but i was in a place with a long dark passage and the door was open with a girl wearing a white dress, with reddish eyes and she was runnimg towards me as if to kill me, but i ran and tried to attack her to so she stopped and slammed the door closed and my gf was suddenly behind me. Well that morning i told my gf bout it and she jus smiled, giggled and said well u have met lilith, i dnt think this is funny, its as if she doesnt want any1 to have my gf except her and my gf embrasses this girl as if its her lover. Now at night i feel uneasy , i open my eyes and i just see complete blackness and my heart beats like crazy, and my gf wakes up from the sound of my heart beat,now i wake up with scratches on my face and feeling like something is watching me, my best friend and i also see something little running through the house sometimes like a cat. my gf and i have also seen i little girl in the lounge corner standing there, but she acts so normal while i pray to god and ask for this thing to leave us alone. Does any1 know if this is realy lilith? Anyways tonight is my last night with my gf and she is so cold and heartless towards me and i dont understand it.

    • profile image

      henrryjames 5 years ago

      I like this type of conversation and it was amusing for me to read through this content.

      I would like to discuss about on-line education along with its emerging demand within the students and IT professionals.

    • profile image

      craigo b 5 years ago

      i dont belive in god

      so i ges i dont belive in the devel ethir

      but iv had some wird stuff happen 2 me

      iv seen shadows on walls but thers nothing ther to cours them i do not take drugs or drink alcohole

      im also not to good at spelling

      iv never told any one becouse they might think im mad

      and lock me up

      i do belive in another form of life from somewhere els do not know where but not from this earth.

    • profile image

      craigo b 5 years ago

      the shadows i see are all diffrent

      some resemble people

      somtimes ive seenn shadows of trees that are not ther

      somtimes thes shadows move

      and on rare acathions iv seen figgers moving on walls that can not be explande that look like demons or angls

      but do not belive in any religion,god or satan

      i am a beliver of science

      and think ther is some sort of force or being that has not been discoverd yet

      or i might just be crasy hwo knows

    • Raevyn14 profile image

      Raevyn14 5 years ago from Tecumseh, Oklahoma

      In the spiritual world, if you were raised to know its always around, then you must know that if you pray and sleep with a cross, you have protection that demons can't touch. Now know this demons want you alone so they can attack, they are not afraid to break up a family to get you alone. You must have a priest to come in an bless the house. Any priest, anyone who has had experince in this will tell you that the best defense you can have is faith and all these blessed items to protect you, You also must have a strong family, the more love and laughter you have in the home, the stronger you make yourself, the demon can't get a good enough grip on you or attack you. Because love and laughter are the things that bind you and keep you sane, love is from the angels themselves, laughter is something humans have to keep demons away from you. The stronger the family the less attacks you get.

    • profile image

      craigo b 5 years ago

      i have a big famley and a wife and kids withe lots of love,a cross or priest aint going to protect you from nuthin,people get killed evry day some of them have fath

      no one knows what happins on the day you leave, science can explain a lot more than the bible

      its just a load of storys that people find comfort in when somthing bad is happnin 2 them, its just a book someone found one day and took it 2far

      just like waching a film and beliving in it,

      its an exscuse to make people behave and follow laws.

    • profile image

      Jeffrey 5 years ago

      Hello to everyone who reads this. I have read many of these stories on this page and I feel for you all. But none of your experiences are even close to all the demonic antics that I have suffered my entire life. I could write a book on it all but it is just too much.

      For those that dont have too much trouble with them, try talking to them. If they are there to do harm they usually go away. If not then you can actually have a conversation with them, ask them why they are there and what do they want. Sometimes they are just lost souls who just dont know what has happened to them and dont know what to do. You can tell them to go to the light to help them cross-over and move on.

      But for the bad demons or Satan himself trying to drag you into a vortex and other mischievous beings who want nothing but to do harm, unfortunately there is not much you can do. You can try praying or calling for Jesus or Michael to help but it has never worked for me.

      All I can do is to put up with it all and dont let them make you do things that you dont want to do. Just try to be yourself at all times and try to be a good human being.

      Good luck to you all.

    • profile image

      Montana92 5 years ago

      Hi my friend says that he thinks hes being follwed by a demon its always at least 30 to 100 feet away from him but he can still feel it. this was the case until a couple nights ago he said that while he was at work mopping the floors he had gotten a text from our friend when she should leave her house and meet us at the grave yard. this graveyard is notoriously haunted we even lost a friend in it one time playing hide n go seek as kids. but my friend looked up after reading the text and saw the demon or beings face, it quickly faded away. he was waling to my house last night and called me and told me he had the feeling of being followed agian but this time he could see it following him. he said it appeared to be an oldr woman roughly around

    • profile image

      montana 92 5 years ago

      sorry pressed enter at the wrong time... he said it apperaed to look like a woman around 70 or 90 years old with scrgly dirty hair wearing clothes from a different time any idead what this is?

    • profile image

      Vorian 5 years ago

      My guess a ghost montana due to the clothes. What colour was the hair and what colour her skin. Remember jojoshua is the strongest of gods creation, the perfect self righteous man. Try to live your life like jojoshua if you can and obey as many of the commandments as possible. The best protection I know of is attending church every sunday. Maybe that just works well for me because I obey 7 of the 10 commandments strictly.

    • profile image

      Laura 5 years ago

      Hi there everyone.

      I read the story that the author posted and some of the stories that people have posted in their comments. There are three things I have to say. #1 You guys are not crazy, there is another world that is unseen. #2 some people who were sleeping and woke up to see a demon but couldn't really move, this is an actual condition called sleep paralysis. If you google it, it will explain in detail what it is. I suffer from sleep paralysis too but I was blessed to not actually see anything. #3 I am a muslim and in our Quran God actually talks about the unseen creatures is called Surah Al Jinn. There are numerous hadiths that talks about Those demons that some of you have seen or felt, or experienced some kind of poltergeist are actually jinns. In Islam, the devils are jinns...although not all jinns are bad. Jinns are just like people in the sense that they belong to different religions (i.e. Islam, Christianity, etc.) They can see us but we usually can't see them. They are everywhere, including in our houses. But it is known in our religion that jinns are not to be trusted mostly because they are mischievous in nature and some are demons who are downright evil. God also told us not to get involved with the unseen and we should take this seriously, otherwise some really bad consequences can occur. The difference between jinns and devils are that, the devils are part of Satan's army and their goal is to turn us away from God and cause disbelief and evil deeds to land us into hell. Satan and his fellow demons are our enemy and never to be trusted, EVER. In the Quran, God reveals to us that anyone who takes the devil as a companion is doomed to hell because it will force you to serve him instead of God. Some people in this forum have said that they made prayers to Jesus and did rituals which caused the demons to stop making appearances and disturbances. I don't want to offend anyone here, everyone is entitled to practice any religion that they want of course, but the reason why it stops after praying to Jesus and such is that they want you to worship anyone besides God himself. We respect, and hold Jesus in the highest of esteems, but we believe he is a prophet of God, not his son.

      Anyways, if there is anyone who is desperate to get rid of these demons, please go to a local mosque and talk to the imam and explain what is happening and you need help. In Islam there are exorcisms and ways to get rid of jinns, and demons from one's home. You have to recite certain surahs and they will leave you alone. Maybe the imam can come to your home and do this for you or he might find someone who has experience with getting rid of jinns from homes and to make them stop terrorizing you.

      I hope this helps!

    • profile image

      Laura 5 years ago

      I just read some more stories. I feel really awful for you guys, it is freaking scary as hell!

      If you want a quick solution (but it's temporary I think), play the Islamic Athan. It is the call to prayer. When the devils hear it, they run away from it because they hate God. To access it, go to youtube and type in athan and just play it out loud.

    • ammyjames profile image

      ammyjames 5 years ago

    • profile image

      Nick 5 years ago

      I am a christian but I don't want to bless the house and make it leave I want to kill it so if anyone knows how please let me know.

    • profile image

      HOD 5 years ago

      I can empathize with you fully-my experiences ceased when I became a teenager, but have returned with a vengeance since I was about 20, 21 years old; it has even gotten to the point where I can overhear Goetic summonings, which sounds fucking crazy, believe me, I know, but it's true; the smell is never something you forget....

    • profile image

      TheDarkness 5 years ago

      If you want to talk more to me my email is The reason they come for you is because you are useless you follow untruthful these voices are not evil has a kid I been hearing a voice it is now my friend and lives inside me all who follow god will die I am immune to exoricmes I can walk in a chuch and be like them while I am not the darkness is not the evil people say it is it is god talk to me more if u dare see if ur god will save from me The Shadow of Darkness.

    • profile image

      Logan 5 years ago

      I was nine when I had my first dream. Mangled and rotting corpses, names being repeated over and over. Azrael, Michael. My parents, mostly my father, assured me it was just a dream. But even at nine I quickly learned he was mistaken. Slowly the nightmares I was having became reality. Over the next six years the dreams had almost stopped, but were being replaced by something far worst. I began hearing things being lifted up then set back down. I caught glimpses of shadows moving in well lit rooms. Curtains would flow with a breeze that wasn't there. Then I saw something I will never forget. I had taken a shower. When I got out I noticed that my reflection looked off. I have blue eyes, but my reflection had green eyes. I leaned in thinking it was poor lighting, and I saw my reflection smile. I have moved ten times in ten years. I have had my homes cleansed, blessed, and protected by priests, wiccan preistess's, a shaman and a monk. Each time, after an ever shortening amount of green eyed reflection finds me. I was curious as to if it was a hallucination. So I saw a psychic, knowing any psychologist would assume I've high dived into the shallow end of a pool. I sat and waited, curious as to what if anything she would tell me. The only thing she knew of me was my name. She looked at me with pity and said that something dark has attached itself to me. That it and I are connected. That was over a year ago. I am 29, and I can feel it slowly draining me. I have had no appitite the last six months. I eat based solely on the fact that I know I need to, but it's now common for me to miss a day or two. I lost 20 lbs in a day dropping from 240 to 220. I am at a loss. I have no moves left to make. Please, help.

    • profile image

      asvajit 5 years ago

      i agree.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 5 years ago

      Logan, you have no faith if you consult both a shaman and priests, as if they were the same thing. They are not. The serve in two opposing armies.

      There is a God who created all things and there is his creation which he made with his almighty will "out of nothing" (which means he did not rely on any preexisting material to make it but only on his will).

      Within this creation he made creatures with free wills to love him or hate him freely as they might choose. Some chose to hate and reject God, others to love and obey God.

      So in "God's house", that is all the universe, there is a civil war going on. On the one hand those who love God and rally to his side, and those who with the first rebel, Satan, once the highest angel who went by the name of Lucifer, who are in unending war without truce against God and his army. The army that stands with God practices "religion", the justice and obedience due to God with love. The enemy army rebelling against God do not practice religion, but seek a cult of power. They do not want to obey God (=religion), they want power to command and compel others, God included, to their will. They use "magic", "occultism" or simply standard rebellion in the form that Satan did: Satan is quoted as saying "I will not obey", "Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven!".

      So the first and perhaps last question for you is: who do you choose, God and loving obedience to your creator, or rebellion, trying to play God as if you were God, and with that, slavery to Satan, the general of the opposing army?

      Which do you choose?

      God does not tolerate anyone who consorts with the rebel, so you cannot have both.

      Choose. And I say choose God and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. That's what you must do.

      By appealing to both sides, you have offended God more and made yourself the Devil's property. To reverse this, you must promise God to love and obey only him as your God, creator, and Savior. Only then can you hope to receive help from God to be delivered of these bad companions of yours.

      I hope you choose well, then pray trusting that the God who created you only for love's sake will save you for love's sake.

      My prayers to you, dear forlorn brother. I've written above other contributions. Look them over. Hope this helps. DG

    • profile image

      Be Positive 5 years ago

      There is a spiritual REALM. This much is true. To say that Jesus saves, or the crap written in the Bible is the truth is more detrimental than helpful in educating people about the spirit realm. Praying gave you confidence and dispelled your fear, and THAT is what overcame the negative energy, not the words or Jesus himself. There is positive and negative energy. If believing in God is what gives you the positive energy then I'm fine with that. The problem is when people take that as a sign that the Bible, Torah, or Quaran is true and real and then end up bringing that crap into politics and really messing up our world.

    • profile image

      Marcus 5 years ago

      My advise for demon attacks:

      Quit play violent games, quit listen to violent music, do what your parents tell you, trust in Lord your God, and never ever give up. I believe demon attacks can lead to a road of believing, its what happened me.

    • profile image

      tlcs 5 years ago

      Wow. Sounds like I'm not alone. My first attack happened the day after I eloped with my first husband. His family had seen many things. It was first thing in the morning and my husband had left for work. I heard his work boots coming back to the bedroom and walk to the bath. I saw nothing. I heard him come back into the bedroom and felt him sit on the bed. I felt him lean in and whisper in my ear, " what, no kiss?" I could not move and could not speak. I screamed the name Jesus in my head over and over again. Finally I found my voice and said it aloud and then it was just gone. This happened a couple of diff. times and then appeared to go away.

      I had a daughter from that marriage and she was troubled. She would suffer from terrible nightmares and seemed attracted to the dark side. She grew up and married. After the birth of her first child it all started again. She has the nightmares and can see orbs of light. It has even screamed at her when I was praying with her over the phone.

      As for me, activity has increased. I hear footsteps and can sense something there. I also have an almost over whelming fear that it wishes me harm. It has touched me before on the stomach. It was as if it was just letting me know that it could if it wanted. I pray a lot, Every Sunday that rolls around I am determined to go to church and every Sunday I am plagued with debilitating migraines. Not something you can just tell anyone. I have become reclusive and I think that is where it wants me to be. Please pray for me.

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 5 years ago

      I stand my ground. There is one God alone who created all things. Satan lies, he knows that if we have not this faith we can be manipulated, and fooled into believing that he rather than God is the true God, or at any rate, that he is "a god", a "lord" of undefined "spiritual realms". Please, people, be skeptical about interpreting your spiritual experiences into any other category than either "this is from God", "this is from the demonic", or "this is from the world and/or my sentiments". There are no other possibilities.

      tlcs: Congratulations and good job! That is how you deal with these things. The news must get out, and I wonder if some of Satan's zombies don't troll around websites like this to obfuscate the truth that I and quite a number of us are saying.

      God bless you all, DG

    • profile image

      Rin 5 years ago

      Ok I am 12 years old and I was in the hospital as this was happening to my grandpa!

      My grandpa was dieing in the hospital last year (He had 3 types of cancers and he had 2 tumors) He was laying his hospital bed and I was sitting next to him with my Aunt and he was just stareing up at nothing! My grandpa was also a preacher and he helped many people but his face was just crazy! I stayed for an hour and then my dad took me home. Then my grandma went to visit him for a little while and when she came back she told me what he said. He said, "Before Rin and Aunt Faith left, There was a hovering demon above me. I tried to ask Aunt Faith if she could cast it away but I couldnt speak or move. Then I prayed for myself and saw the demon walk away." The next day we visited him and he said the lord healed him fully but then a week later he died? Why? Why did the lord not fully save him? After the demon left he wasnt in any pain anymore but he still died??

    • profile image

      None ya 5 years ago


    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      hiya their your not alone out their iv had experiance with the demonic world and am looking for advice on what to do now as it is starting to happen to me again last tiem it got to the stage where things where being thrown at me i was getting dragged out of bed from a demon, i was also getting lifted up into the air and droped onto my wooden floor. however now things are getting well out off hand as doors have been slaming when only me and my fiancee where in the house in the same room, footsteps comeing up the stairs, things in my room and so on are moving about everywhere, how ever once it almost killed me back when i was only small i got up out of my bed and then it pushed me to the floor and opend up the gateway to hell and draged me down inside the firy pit of doom, only just managed to escape as i was a contortionist at the time that it ahppend so i managed to avoid the things that would kill me but please if anyone lives in the UK that can help me please please please can you help me out before its to late

    • profile image

      Deo Gratias 5 years ago

      Dear Rin: Your grandpa did reach salvation. His prayer helped him to defeat the enemy, the demon he saw. Then, having conquered like a hero, he received the miracle of healing and as a sign to you that all was well. But God wanted his servant with him in Heaven: you know, God loves him and wants him too. So He sent his angel to gather him up for his reward. "But I lost him!" you think?

      No dear little one, God is saving him for you in heaven where you will enjoy his embrace and love without anymore separations. This world is a passage way, nothing more. God created us for much greater things. Believe it. Believe that this world is only a gymnasium where we exercise our muscles of Faith, Hope and Charity. Your uncle triumphed, and as the good and faithful servant of the Gospel, Jesus came and took him for his reward where Jesus and he will prepare a place for you with them. Cry if you must, but believe that Jesus is lovingly taking care of both our you.

    • profile image

      Hyster 5 years ago

      @Kevin I grieve for you. The Holy Spirit wants me to tell you to not give up hope of salvation. You may have to go through some feelings of abandonment for a while because you fell for satan's trick. Perhaps watching the 1926 movie Faust on Youtube will give you feelings of hope. It's about a man who made a pact with the devil and nearly lost his soul. I'm making a film at the present, a modern-day telling of Faust that I'll upload to Youtube maybe some time this summer I hope. Know this: Love breaks all pacts with the devil. Repent of selling your soul and worship the Lord, for with Him all things are possible. Study the bible, and clean out your home. Get rid of all bad books/movies like Harry Potter and horror films, for they give the demonic legal right to bother you. Sprinkle your home with holy water, play worship music (demons hate it) get annointed with oil and prayed over, preferably by people who can speak in tongues and perform deliverance.

      I had a startling experience where I was spoken to by both Michael the Archangel and the devil in the middle of the night. I was compelled to get out of bed and went to the window, focusing on a light in the distance (it was so odd when I later saw the movie Knowing, where the angel had the little boy go to the window where he saw a vision). Michael said to me "Behold, I saw a great dragon thrown down to earth, and he began to gather souls unto himself because he knew he had but a little time...witness me." Now if you're getting goosebumps, that's the Holy Spirit affirming this testimony. Revelations says satan is here with great fury for he knows his time is short. These are the end times, and the heat is being turned up. The lukewarm should beware and get out of the worldly pursuit of pleasure. That night, satan tried to tempt me twice, and it scared the hell out of me. I gulped some milk and ran back to bed, but Michael said "if you wish I can veil you so that when you wake up in the morning you shall be blind again." so I said, no, I don't want to be blind, Lord, stay close but not too close because You frighten me so. At the time, I didn't even know there were two different entities because the voices were like thoughts injected into my head (has only happened twice, in 2008, and within two days, so it's not like I hear voices ongoing) I shouldn't have asked the Lord to distance Himself because I started acting stupid. I went out dancing and drinking, even boasting the world was my oyster. That started to unsettle me, so I picked up my bible figuring hey, this stuff is for real, maybe I better try to figure out what the heck is going on.

      Anyway, fast forward, in 2011 I had dreams of tornadoes, tsunamis, landslides, etc before they happened. I've had teaching dreams, heard Jesus say my name in a very sweet voice one morning when I woke up (so it's not all bad, there are consolations).

      But I"ve had demonic attacks too. A demon that felt like it weighed 200 pounds pressed down on the bed behind me, and I was paralyzed. It started whispering in my ear, but all I could understand was the word 'back yard'. I finally was freed, crying out, and within a few seconds I got really mad because I knew he was trying to frighten me into thinking somebody was in my back yard and going to break into my house. I said, 'hell no, I'm not going to look in my back yard' and went to sleep. Another time I was paralyzed and heard the bleating of sheep, followed by the hissing of demons, so I woke up and prayed for 'lost sheep'.

      Don't take naps during 3:00 pm during the holy hour in which Jesus died. I was attacked demonically in my sleep, but when I called to God to help, I was forsaken. It was very upsetting, because I was literally screaming inside my head.

      I just learned from the Holy Spirit while reading some of these posts, that a dream I had of someone I cared for kissing me was actually an incubus tricking me by using tenderness and telling me it loved me. Yeah right. It just wants to drag my a** to hell. Demons hate God, and they hate us. I awakened feeling the demon being literally swept off of me.

      If you want to check out some of my dreams, visions & prophecies goto

    • profile image

      ividivi 5 years ago

      shit... i totally felt alone with this Demon crap. noone believes me. my demon attacks has happened alot over the years. i even recorded one of them but was just with my phone. to find out if i was crazy or if it was happening. boots walking up and down the stairs, shadow at the foot of my bed. and sometimes it actually feels like it snaps my neck!. my head switches to the side without me doing anything. not a reflecs of some sort. it slike someone has their hands on my head and twists fast but doesn't succeed killing me. i can feel its presence all the time. im not shure about this but. i think i might have been possessed or something. i have no memory of it though. just that people ask: why did you blahblahblah? i've even been pushed to the ground and run through the house like a tornado.. shame that running doesn't work. i've heard doors slam. people say its the wind.. but i can feel that it was it. and not with that force. door knobs shaking. lucky for me that this stuff has seemed to calm down.

    • profile image

      Harley 5 years ago

      Okay, i really need some advice and fast. My boyfiend has been acting really strange and one morning, early morning, he really scared my mother, if anyone knows alot about demonic dreams and has seem them, PLEASE EMAIL ASAP i have alot of question, and i will explain everything in the email, but please email me at

    • profile image

      xxFelicaxx 5 years ago


    • profile image

      selina 5 years ago

      please my son is feeling like something is allways touching him he can control the way of a flame and make his own hands hear up without rubbing them together...i have also witnessed a blessed rosary i put on him earlier burn his chest please tell me that this is just that he is a magnet for heat or something?

    • profile image

      Haylie 5 years ago

      I dont believe in this, but i have no where else to go for ansewrs... i havent eaten in 4 days nor have i slept in 5 i fear my own home my family moved into this new home of mine about a week or two ago everything was great but then well i guess you know

    • profile image

      Haylie 5 years ago

      I cant talk to anyone about it they give me meds and think im nuts, im not atlest i hope im not. i dont know what to say i mean if i say what has happen how crazy would that make me to believe it, i keep telling myself its nothing but crazy dreaming but can you really feel your dreams and wake up with the marks you felt from it? i have never been this way i dont want to be this way. I am only 18 i have a life ahead of me i have dreams to be more than some small town nobody. Last night is what did it in for me it got real bad. i was asleep i dont yet have a bed just covers it was almost 5 in the morning when i felt a push i open my eyes thinking i just woke myself up because i was going to be up at 6 anyway for school well once my eyes open they looked at some shadow i was like ok my eyes havent ajusted just yet but there was this really loud rawring sound like a large fan and a thousand bees would make and such a heavy feeling i went to rais up and thats when i got freaked out i couldnt move it got closer to my face mashing on my body it wasnt a human or shaped like one it was just a big blob mass of black shadow, well i started to scream but nothing but a little screach came out i done this two times until i knew that my scream just wasnt going to come out, i felt like the air was leaving my body through the touch of the shadow like i was getting sucked into nothing.I kept hearing my name just drawn out like it was poisn to the things mouth and then i heard two different things spaced out "Tomorrow" and "I see you" It wasnt anyones voice that i know and it sounded like a normal persons voice just choked like and rugged sort of old... i stade completly still trying to not seem like i was afraid anymore i just kept repeting in my head "i wont let you have me!" i dont know if that helped or not but it lifted off of me so quickly giving me enough time to jump up and run into my parents room. i scared them so bad i cried and still am crying everytime i replay that horrifing moment over again. they say its nightmarres but the more i keep thinking on it and replaying i dont remember ever wakeing up when it was all over i dont remember forcing myself awake and i really dont remember yelling and crying in my parents room thats just what they told me when it was time to get ready for school... i dont want to be crazy i am not one to believe in stories like ghosts but i have looked up everything i can on the things that i know that have happened and everytime it sends me here and a few other sites that are the same...i am at school right now hahaha...really dont want to go home anymore.

    • profile image

      Dan 5 years ago

      I have had the face feelings and on several occasions when me and one friend are alone together we hear footsteps and there is the odd thing that moves a tiny bit it's horrible

    • profile image

      oneofGod'schildren 5 years ago

      In my personal experience as well as countless other posts written on here confirm, the only name or prayer or call for help that is answered contains the name of Jesus Christ... this of which was just revealed to me that "there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby men must be saved" Acts 4:12... the context here gives to multiple meaning

    • profile image

      Itsafeeling 5 years ago

      Okay i am 18, a male. I experienced something like stomach pains in elementary school, and could not eat. Reasons were beyond me. I was to young to understand and try to make sense of what was happening to me, as i got old i could control it more and more. This is what happens to me, every time you just stop thinking. not a thought, just feel it. its like an overwhelming feeling of fear, or this great energy thats being suppressed inside, and its almost scary. Theres no word to describe it, theres nothing you can do to put your finger on it and touch it. When it happens, you will know its happening. Overwhelming sense of fear and a complete loss of ego, thinking,questions, any brain activity. Its a complete feeling of astonishment. if anyone reads this, i want you to go outside and just stare at something, dont blink, dont think, just stare at it completely and zone out, dont think of anything around you, or anything happening pass present future, just stare. and listen. you will start to hear a loud ringing noise in your ears, and you should feel it. i believe its the portal to leaving this 3d physical world. its too scary to keep hearing it and the feeling you get...MY GOD. its a feeling that no word can describe. I do know that i had this feeling a lot before, and recently about a year ago, i did psilocybin mushrooms. 1.7 grams. I stayed in a dark room and waited, i got through the sweats and the runny nose, I sat in a chair and i listened, i cleared my mind, i hadn't realized i was peaking. but then the noise came to me and it got so loud that i felt i was going to go deaf or die if i didn't get up and "think". So i got up and ran into the bathroom and my eyes were poring tears, literally like a waterfall. My eyes were wide open and my pupils were completely dilated, there was nothing to my eye except my pupils and the white part. I got out of my house and started being psychotic, and actually could see myself talking to my own brain. Keeping my ego alive. Ive had goosebumps the whole time ive been typing this. I believe that feelings are real. and that if you focus on a feeling then that feeling can come to life and become the energy. Positive or negative. Can someone point me into the direction where i can find out all the answers to life and non life and answer everything. The answer is everything. Infinite. Everyone is saying something. listen to what they are saying, And understand what they are trying to provoke or start when they are saying it. Everyone wants something, when they speak they want, or are trying to obtain anything. What happens when you break that, and dont think, dont speak, dont be distracted, lose your ego. I've tested the waters, i want to know what happens when you dont start thinking when the noise gets to loud and you let the feeling of overwhelming keep happening. Leaving the body? and mind? into another....???????? another what?

    • profile image

      the summoner 5 years ago

      here is a great tip for all u defending yourself.... incense and salt with a pious prayer and a firm and unwavering belief in God can ward off even the most powerful of the demonic and spiritual kind

    • profile image

      the summoner 5 years ago

      here is some recipes and warding off dark magic and demons

      - basic protection charm : 1 clove of garlic and a pinch of salt .... put it in a small(small enough to fit into your palm) plastic or paper bag(i recommend the plastic bag because garlic starts to smell after a while...more powerful but everyone will know and that is not all) just put it in your pocket or make a necklace , but please wear it at all times .

      - CLEANING THE PREMISES : for this one u will need a lot of salt and by a lot i mean about 50 lbs .....

      make a cross , like the one jesus died on , in front of your front door that when u face your house the cross is ok and when u stand in your house it looks inverted , another one behind the front door that when u face your house the cross is ok and when u stand in your house it looks inverted, and in front off every room in your house , and very important cover them so no one can see them. change them every 3 days,and when the salt starts to get yellow-ish going to yellow, the house has been cleaned. sprinkle a generous amount ( 1lbs at least ) of salt on your property , once a day preferably without anyone noticing u. u r gonna notice litle piles of salt the next day(DO NOT TOUCH THOSE E V E R . if u accidentally step on one its ok ). when u sprinkle salt and its gone the next day or not in piles then the premises has been cleaned.

      AND one more step that is very important is that u burn incense in every room of your house and around u while praying

      That's it follow these and no one and nothing can harm u.

      if u don't believe me , its ok u don't have too but this knowledge is over 2000 years old passed down from one generation to another. this is the most effective way of protecting yourself people, it works somewhat like a fire that warms u and burns your enemy.

    • profile image

      Andy 5 years ago

      My experience is the same when I would have them . I am in bed sleeping when I see a dark figure at my doorway. I can't move and I can't speak but in my head I keep saying "in the name of Jesus" and I finally can move and speak. It feels like it lasted awhile and I'm so fatigued . Another experience that might be related to this is that when I was in my work van at a stop light I could see a dark figure come running toward me. God bless,keep the faith.

    • profile image

      Sadmom 5 years ago

      My son had seen a demon when he was three. He described it as a turtle. He said it bit him on the hand. My mom several years later saw a ghost of Confederate soldier. The lights would come on. My dog would bark for no reason and toys would go off on the baby monitor. I am angry my son's innocence was stolen. He has no comfort that there are no monsters out there. We moved four years ago and he is nine and sleeps with me still. God be with us.

    • profile image

      danny garcia 5 years ago

      today is 3/10/2012 and last night I felt something like that too, I was sleeping and in my dream I saw this ugly long and strong arm that was choking me and I wanted to wake up but it was impossible in my dream I remember that with my own hands I graved the arm that was choking me and tried to take it out of me, but it was really strong I remember that the hand that I was had long finger nails, but at the end I manage to wake up and I remember that I hardly scream and my throat hurting so that’s how I felt it. It was insane; I am so terrified that I don’t even want to go to bed at night, I since I remember I am scare of darkness. I believe in Jesus and god, but it’s been years since I been in church. What should I do to get rid of that?

    • Danny Gg profile image

      Danny Gg 5 years ago

      today is 3/10/2012 and last night I felt something like that too, I was sleeping and in my dream I saw this ugly long and strong arm that was choking me and I wanted to wake up but it was impossible in my dream I remember that with my own hands I graved the arm that was choking me and tried to take it out of me, but it was really strong I remember that the hand that I was had long finger nails, but at the end I manage to wake up and I remember that I hardly scream and my throat hurting so that’s how I felt it. It was insane; I am so terrified that I don’t even want to go to bed at night, I since I remember I am scare of darkness. I believe in Jesus and god, but it’s been years since I been in church. What should I do to get rid of that?

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      I was sleeping. I suddenly woke from a very vivid dream. It was a normal dream just a lot more vivid than normal. I looked at the clock and it was around So immediately i tried going back to sleep. But had a weird feeling as if i was really heavy. I tried leaning back up but couldn't. Then before i could even think about how weird that was, my vision switched, the blackness and the small amount of light coming in through my window shade faded red. dark red tunnel that had things around it. like fire streaks and Then all the sudden a dark hissing sound filled both my ears well all of this was still going on. I tried to say something but couldn't. I tried moving i just couldn't. So i tried harder. I couldn't. the only noise i could make was a faint grown. Like a very old man, except i couldn't talk. I tried making out the word Jesus, over and over again. Then i tried saying JESUS COMMANDS YOU assertively. even though i couldn't talk right i made it out kinda. and all the sudden i burst up from my bed. open the door and smash in my parents room. I yelled dad loudly. my dad says what? and looks a me and yells. I thought he saw something that wasn't me so I freaked out and accidentally jumped on the bed. and then my dad got up and i told him everything that happened. This was the scariest thing that I've experienced. it felt more real than anything I've ever experienced. and I'm still freaked out. I just want to know what this means, and what i need to do about it

    • profile image

      MollyXxxxx 5 years ago

      I'm only 14.. but strange things keep happening to me and none of my family believes me, when i was aged 7 i saw a dark figure stood at the end of my bed it was just watching me i ignored it a fell asleep, iv seen this dark figure more than once iv seen it in my dreams and i always see it in my room in the night.. i told my dad but he said its just my imagination and its not its real, its got worse now i'm getting older it used to just be knocks and seeing that figure but now its someone saying my name in my ear in a deep voice,throwing something of my shelf ,ripping my posters down, pulling my quilt off my as i sleep and the worse one what scared me the most was a claw marked scratch on my chest , i was out with my sister this night and as i came home and had a shower and got into my night wear the scratch was NOT there, then the next morning it was there it was very sore and was bleeding but it wasn't a scratch from a human because it was a scratch from something with claws, my tv always switches on and off. And its worse when no one believes you and this thing is only doing the stuff to me and no one else i hate it i wish it would stop but its getting worse now i'm getting older what should i do ,should i do a ouija board?

    • profile image

      the summoner 5 years ago


      to make the "shade"(i don't know if it really is a shade,i am only speculating = guessing )stop just sprinkle some salt around and under your bed and put a couple of garlic cloves under your pillow .... if that does not work please contact your local exorcist as soon as possible .....

      The "shade"if it is is probably trying to break you so it can possess you more easily (again i am only guessing)STAY STRONG AND DON'T GIVE IN !!!

    • profile image

      Becky 5 years ago

      Molly, the last thing you want is using a ouija board. Unless you want even more demonic encounters ... Stay away from everything occult, for heavens sake, and get down on your knees, repent of all of your sins and ask Jesus for forgiveness! And then accept that He died on the cross for you so that his blood pays for all your sins and so you don't need to go to hell! Get a bible and start going to a bible believing lutheran (Missouri Synod) or reformed church.

      And to those people who wrote that they were living with their girlfriends ... you are sinning against God! God does not allow sex outside marriage! Your sin is attrackting demons!

    • profile image

      MollyXxxxx 5 years ago

      I have never done anything wrong i'm a good person i don't get why this is happening to me? i'm just a 14 year old normal girl i cant take it anymore this thing hurts me and frightens me i'm scared and contact my local exorcist why could it get that bad??

    • profile image

      MollyXxxxx 5 years ago

      And guys about an hour ago i found a scratch on my ribs and its a triangle what does it mean?

    • profile image

      Henry McCloud 5 years ago

      I was recently forced to visit hell by demons at night they said i must witness hell not sure how i got there but it is a reality I experienced.

      There were various types of demons; and Satan was there as well. Satan in particular stood out because it appeared that he was plagued with hemroids until I realized a three pronged horned demon was snorkeling around in Satans pool of firery rectum. Being of JFA (Jody Fosters Army) faith I prayed to Jody Foster to make them go away and it worked....

      When I returned though the ordeal was very traumatizing I could not ignore the overwelming urge for a roast beef sandwich with a side of cabbage? WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN???

    • profile image

      lu 5 years ago

      to mitch parks....truth is every thing evil fears Gods name so call it out loudly or pray in your head.....never forget Gods name is like a strong building for those who need refuge from the storm, when i say Gods name i don't mean his sons name i mean God himself.

    • profile image

      Bernie4366 5 years ago

      Here's the problem: you have children. Pretty often, people who think they're being attacked by demons end up drowning their children in the bathtub in an effort to 'save' them. Either get help, or give your kids up to a more sane member of the family.

    • profile image

      Maya 5 years ago

      when im alone or im resting in my I always hear voices or hears wisling im not sure what its is I been getting alot of nightmares

    • profile image

      Louise 5 years ago

      last night 3:30 i woke up and saw a man-thing standing in front me. HE looked straight at me i couldn't move m legs and after 10min he was gone i couldn't see him anymore but i could still feel him, so i took my phone and took pictures now iv'e got 3 pics of it. He wanted me to see him and i did why didn't he do anything to me?

    • profile image

      Ana 5 years ago

      I was atact last night, it was bad. im scared. i ve been thru lots of things. but last night it was bad.

    • profile image

      Maya 5 years ago

      yesterday I was sitting on my coach and I was watching tv I heard somebody was walking from my kitchen to my living room I got up to see I didnt see nothing I satk down and kept watching tv so I heard it said hey I looked theres nobody there I was scare it kept walking around my living room so I went ahead and prayed it went away

    • profile image

      Maya 5 years ago

      No matter what if I pray and read the bible those thongs keep coming backim alaways scare I alaways feel that somebody is behind me it already alot of times while im sleeping

    • Hyster Prophecy profile image

      Hyster Prophecy 5 years ago

      HELP FOR DEMONIC ATTACKS. I'll start out by saying I belong to a prayer group whose leaders deal with this sort of thing. They perform deliverance. If you are having nightly demonic attacks, you need to find a pastor, priest, etc who can perform deliverance on you. If you can't find anyone in your city, go somewhere else, keep searching. If a person is living in sin, demonic entities have a divine legal right to attack you in some way. It is true. Sometimes the attacks are by physical illness, relationship problems, and others, including demonic attacks. What would my prayer group leaders do first? Inform you to clean up, rid your life of sin. I'll ask a few questions they would ask you. Have you ever played w a Ouija board, owned one, gone to a spiritualist, witch, palm reader, diviner or other occultist? Have you practiced witchcraft, etc yourself? Did you parents? (this is relevant, the bible says that the punishment of the sins of parents are passed to the 2nd and 3rd generation! I've suffered because my father and grandfather were masons! Yes, believe it! My grandfather dropped dead in teh shower, and my father suffered horribly w lung cancer. I won't go into my sufferings... Ok, next. How clean is your house? Do you have the following: Porn, dirty magazines, statues of religious idols/graven images, massive collections of knick-knacks (smash em, throw em out!) extremely violent/disturbing movies. Do you adore the Harry Potter/Twilight sagas? (Once these things were considered bad, and satan, thru Hollywood has made them sexy and attractive.) Don't take the bait. Do you commit adultery, fornication, masturbation? Do you smoke/do dope (I was attacked after smoking marijuana and spent the rest of the night in a cold sweat and terrified) do you go to clubs, strip clubs, places of sin, casinos, etc) Basically, do you willfully break the commandments of the bible or do you feel contrition when you sin? A lot of people say none of the things I've mentioned are wrong. All I can say is in this day and age, pretty much NOTHING is considered wrong, and we're undergoing great physical illnesses/cancer and natural catastrophes as a result. See what happened to Israel when it turned from God--read the bible, they were given a smack-down by God. I've given this advice for what it's worth, accept or reject. Choose whom you will serve. Does your life, your actions give pleasure to God or to the devil? I am not trying to cast judgment but help people get rid of their demons, for there are consequences for sin. I've been scared straight and I feel sorry for the people who have given their testimony here and don't want them to suffer anymore!

      Deliverance. What is that about? Basically, people who do this will ask you to examine your life. They will anoint you with blessed oil, place their hand on your shoulder and pray over you. They may quote a few scriptures and lead you in the sinner's prayer. Sometimes they will speak in tongues. It's a special prayer only the Holy Spirit understands, the demons do not. During one of their last deliverances, the demon that tormented a person tried to levitate the person/that is, lift the sufferer from the ground! If you got goose bumps from anything I said, know that is the Holy Spirit affirming what I am saying. God's blessings to you! My last and best advice is for you to read the Holy Word and let it penetrate your heart.

    • profile image

      Maya 5 years ago

      No matter what if I pray and read the bible those thongs keep coming backim alaways scare I alaways feel that somebody is behind me it already alot of times whie im sleeping

    • profile image

      Maya 5 years ago

      My mom use to do witchcraft and pray on those demons and alot of bads things happoned in the house things get nocked over and somebody will nock on the door and when me or my sister or my brother open the door there nobody there that demon attack us while we are sleeping my mom did alot of witchcraft and I always pray for my mom that one day she would stop

    • profile image

      Maya 5 years ago

      all that happoned when me and my brother and my sister were small

    • profile image

      Chloe 5 years ago

      well im not sure it was a demon but... well

      i was like in bed asleep havinga dream about magic for some reason and i rember saying a couple of words i think they were like a spell or something but as soon as i said those words (in my dreams) i was woked up by a voice. it was like a snake but i could feel the evil and power in the voice. i felt like i was about to be killed. i was frozen in shock and could'nt move. but i felt a presence in the corner of my room. like a shadow or something. but when i tried to turn and look i still couldn't see. but his voice kept ringing in my ears. it was saying the spell i said in my dreams. i felt the words slipping from my mind. so i tried repeating to my self but i woried if i said it in order the spell would work to i said it in a different order and the a couple of the words slipped from my mind and i couldn't remember them. i was so scared but then a really weird calmness came over me, like i new i was about to die but i did nothing. the calmness eventually made me fall asleep. i didnt dream but i was surprised when i woke up becuase i was surten i was going to die but i didnt. but i didnt remember the spell it was like it was taken from my memory. i new i wasn't dreaming of the voice becuase there is no way my concience could think of a voice so full of pure evil and power. from that night on i feel a presence near me when im alone. so im still not sure if it was a demon or what...

    • profile image

      Bernice 5 years ago

      For many years I have been plagued by evil spirits set upon me by my stepfather and his mother to satisfy their

      sadistic taste for wickedness against the innocent and most vulnerable. Recently, I came across Mountain of Fire Ministries on the internet with some of the most effective and powerful prayers and teachings by Dr. Daniel Olukoya. The first day I started the prayers and listened to his teachings I became empowered to fight t save myself and my children spiritually and otherwise.

    • profile image

      Stan 5 years ago

      I have experienced spiritual warfare too. I won't go into the details of my battles just now, but I will tell you some powerful truths.

      1. You MUST seek the Lord with all your heart. There is a battle going on for your soul and your only hope is Jesus. Demons are fallen angels. You don't stand a chance against a demon without Jesus in your life. Make it a habit to pray often. The bible says we should pray continually. That doesn't mean we have to spend our lives on our knees. You can pray silently no matter what you're doing. You don't even need words sometimes. Just keep the lines of communication open with God. Practice the "Greatest commandment" always: "Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your soul, and all of your mind; and love your neighbor as yourself".

      2. You MUST stop all willful sin. Everyone will slip up from time to time, but you must not continue to willfully and habitually sin. Sin separates us from God. The devil would love to convince you that one little "special" sin doesn't matter. Don't fall for his tricks.

      3. Forgive everyone. That doesn't mean that you have to allow anyone to hurt you again and again. It means that you forgive them in your heart. This one was hard for me because one of my brothers had been murdered. If you don't have the capacity to forgive someone, ask God to help you forgive. That's what I did. It really helps to just pray for their salvation, and realize that you would rather see them as a brother/sister in heaven than to see them lost in hell.

      4. Use your most powerful weapons against the devil and his demons. Your weapons are prayer and the word of God. You can combine them by praying prayers from scripture. When I was under attack by demons I would pray Psalm 35. It is a very powerful prayer asking God to fight for you.

      The bible says that where two or more (Christians) agree in prayer concerning anything, it will be done by our Father in Heaven. In John 17:15 Jesus prayed that God would protect us from the evil one. Call on God's promise that where two or more agree, it will be done. And agree in prayer with Jesus, asking that God protect you from the evil one.

      James 4:7-8 says "Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you." So resist the devil. Be careful not to bring a slanderous accusation against him. In other words, don't cuss him or bad-mouth him. Simply order him to leave and remind him that Jesus gave you authority over him.

      Luke 10:17-20

      The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”

      He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

      Jesus has given you authority over Satan and the demons, but don't let it go to your head. Remember that the power is God's and God's alone.

      11 years ago I was in a great battle. By doing what I have written here I gained the victory. To God be the glory!

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Ok im going to get this out before I go totaly insane, My partner told me she felt a pair of cold hands touching her at night and she was frozen to the spot, she believed it was not a dream. Two nights later I awoke as she was kicking me, I looked at her and her face was all contorted, she was facing me and she was jerking fast and violently, I sat and the only way I can explain what I think I saw was that she was being taken from behind sexualy and there was a terrible smell worse than rotten eggs, I did not know what to do so just grabbed hold and wrapped myself around her, this seemed to stop what was happening but could not wake my partner, she seemed totaly gone she was breathing but would not wake as I shook her, a few mins later her eyes did open and I have never been so freaked out or scared in my life, these eyes that were looking my way were cold and dead eyes looking right through me, I was shaking, then a smile came to her lips and her eyes closed and the second her eyes closed she began jerking even more violently now.

      I was frozen at first with fear but then my will to protect my loved one kicked in and I grabbed her picked her up and went to bathroom with her in my arms, as we got there she woke and this time it was her as she was shocked and scratched me as she did not know what was happening, I told her what had happened and she looked at me and started crying, I thought God she thinks im crazy and perverted, but when she was able to speak she said she felt she was being attacked and raped almost every night since we moved into that house but was too scared to say incase I thought she was insane. I dont know why I woke that night and not the other nights this was happening but rest asured we moved out of that house that day, we went to a friends we could not tell them why but they agreed to let us stay there till we found a place.

      Now if you dont want to believe this thats fine but I just needed to get this out incase anyone else is going though this, If your not telling your partner incase they think your crazy then do something like set an alarm that will wake him up during the night so he will see it. But dont pretend its not happening as it is.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      H, you are not crazy. The dark forces of life exist. I have experienced many demonic onslaughts in my life, and many who don't fully comprehend the vastness of the spiritual realms and their operations will quickly attribute an individual's experience to the existence of sin in their lives. Many innocent people come under attack because wicked people program these entities into their lives to satisfy their wicked agenda, such as jealousy, etc. H, there is a Mountain of Fire Ministries online that offers very powerful insights into the spiritual aspects of life. The prayers and teachings are deep and rich in content. You will learn so much to help yourself and your partner in a godly and knowledgeable way.

    • profile image

      Lee 5 years ago

      We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against fallen spirits. God makes a clear promise that perfect Love cast out fear. The enemy of our souls seeks to deceive us and entice us away from Gods perfect Love. Draw close to God resist the devil and he will flee. Jesus will keep your heart in perfect peace as you place your trust in Him. As you give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ you will become protected from all evil. Hell was made for the devil and his demons. Their only agenda is to trick you into going to hell with them. put your life in the hands of the one who saves your soul.

    • profile image

      unknown user 5 years ago

      I wont get into details of what I seen or felt, Its too much too write, but I do know about the things of God, I am a backslider, born Catholic but at age 20 I was baptized into Christianity, about a year ago I returned to the world, my world came crashing down, I now am on drugs n starting to feel n see evil energy or shadows n as well as hearing things, I do believe this is a spiritual warfare, I need prayers!! I feel trapped.

    • profile image

      Chad Roberts 5 years ago goood site for weapons to battle demonic attacks

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      Growing up I used to have a nightly occuring what seemed to be a dream. Two shadow figures always one with red glowing eyes and one with blue. They would fight as i ran around my room avoiding where they where fighting. I always felt safe when the blue eyed shadow man would fight the other off for me, but one day the blue eyed shadow lost and the red eyed shadow leaned over me and was reaching for my face or neck. That moring I woke up in the hospital undergone a blood transfusion and had blood poisoning. The dreams lasted for months, after that last encounter I have never had these dreams again. Has anyone else had a similar dream with not just and evil presence but a presence that makes you feel safe literally fighting the evil presence?

    • profile image

      god's black lamb 5 years ago

      I know the most of you say that the demons feed on fear, but I got a other story.

      I cant realy tell the details but, when I was young I aleways saw red eyes in the shadows and the darkness,

      I felt safe in the dark. But i never had fear of this things.

      But when I were angry I heard hige screams in my head and I couldent control my body normaly.

      So I think I was fushed together whit somthing that made me fell more like a monster then a human.

      I could see my self whit horns in the mirror when had fever when I whas a child, but it dident bother me realy beacus, what ever had control of me made me stronger so I dident care even if i could fell mazive pain in my mind when I were about to sleep.

      But after the years I dident trust anyone or anything so I slowly locked in the most of my fellings and started to be calm. I never had any experiance about me felling like a monster in a long time but in 11 every monday in september if I watch my self in the mirror in a dark room whit some ligth I can see my shadow slowly grow horns and one of my eyes chages color to yellow, then when the clock stands 11:05 every thing is normal again.

    • profile image

      R.S 5 years ago

      ive have had demons try to kill me. one part of yours was a lot like my Demonic attack. i was in bead when i felt a hand grap my right ankle i could not move i felf my soul dieing. then i took that last breath the i was in purgatory there is nothin there jus neverinding blackness. but when i was in purgatory i was being pulled down then i came back. and in 2011 i was in my room but then a dark green demon goes to kick my ribs but then i saw a tip of an angel's wing raps around the demons foot binding it macking the lage crack sound frm the leg. the demon screems in pain then the angel pulls him 2010 ive had satan ask me to join him i said no. then my angel came to me the beauty was nothing like any human has seen there are no words for her beauty. her eys open my eyes.and for a fyi she was a meerkat. so from 2010 and even now i feel her around be as also the demon in 2011 she showed me her true form she told me something but her beauty was tomuch for my brain so i didnt remember what she told me and i just remember a milli second of her.but in march 20th 2012 i was walking from school then it just hit me now i remember what hes told me i couldnt remember her voice or her words but i know what is was about. humans have the abilty to not feel anger and ive have so if a lot of people do in less 100 or 300 years we wll evole in to a being that has no anger or hate. satan feeds on anger and hate it gives him power over man. but if the next evolution of humans have no anger or hate he well lose power over man.

    • profile image

      guarg 5 years ago

      I am a college grad with a highly professional job. I was looking for answers for not been paid,not having any money at hand i was wondering why are all this happening to me. I was so thrilled that I had to go for the Money Spell i contacted Dr. Messiah the to cast a spell a few days . Within days I got a letter from the child support office that my child support was increasing by $166 a month!

      California Astrology professionals: THANK YOU.

    • profile image

      guarg 5 years ago

      I am a college grad with a highly professional job. I was looking for answers for not been paid,not having any money at hand i was wondering why are all this happening to me. I was so thrilled that I had to go for the Money Spell i contacted Dr. Messiah the to cast a spell a few days . Within days I got a letter from the child support office that my child support was increasing by $166 a month!

      California Astrology professionals: THANK YOU.

    • profile image

      suicidal 666 5 years ago

      heil meine fheuer Tuefel

    • profile image

      liz 5 years ago

      i hv 18 yr old daughter whos suffering fr voices in her n she talks to them shes bee annointed with oil n prayed 4 twice n theyre still there

    • profile image

      Hannah 5 years ago

      I have never experienced an attack but i believe in the other world you speak of. I love God and Jesus. I believe that demons can work through people, serial killers, child molesters. Even just people who drink and do stupid things. I believe that demons tear marriges apart. I cannot wait untill the new world. Keep praying my friend. Im sorry you went though that, must be horrific. God bless you

    • profile image

      believer in Jesus Christ 5 years ago

      The word of God is repent and be baptize.I have had experiences that froze me in my bed as a child and demons are very real the bible tells the truth about them and also you learn to used the word of God which is sharper than any two edged sword(Hebrews 4:12) Jesus thought us the power we have over evil spirits. He is the way, the truth and the life. I am happy that people are exposing their real life experience with demons because all the want to do is steal our lives, destroy our happiness and kill us. Please chose Christ as your lord and saviour. He will never leave you. He has delivered me and many others. God bless all of you.

    • profile image

      beliver in Jesus Christ 5 years ago

      If you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he can deliver you please say this prayer. Father forgive me for i am a sinner, I accept you Jesus as my lord and saviour I ask you to come into my life and change me,I surrender my life into your loving arms. Father guide me to a full gospel church where i can learn more of you. You have now made the best choice in your life and the angels in heaven are rejoicing.If you don"t have a king James bible go and buy one and ask God to help you to understand what His word says. God bless you.

    • profile image

      beliver in Jesus Christ 5 years ago

      If you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he can deliver you please say this prayer. Father forgive me for i am a sinner, I accept you Jesus as my lord and saviour I ask you to come into my life and change me,I surrender my life into your loving arms. Father guide me to a full gospel church where i can learn more of you. You have now made the best choice in your life and the angels in heaven are rejoicing.If you don"t have a king James bible go and buy one and ask God to help you to understand what His word says. God bless you.

    • profile image

      hayley van winkle 5 years ago

      i have been reading all these comments and have been fasinated im very into the paranormal and have been wanting to get into a ghost hunting thing. but now im wondering if its a real good idea. i have never been in a situation like yours but i have a craveing for the dark. i have made a ouiji board with a friend and nothing realy happend. i wish i could see what you guys were that way i could see for myself if it is real and if i should do the ghost hunting thing or not. i live practicaly in the middle of nowere so why not try something different while im still young and crazy! And yes you could say i am a little ok a lot insain but thats just me.

      but i do have a question if the demons are trying to kill you why dont they? they come so close to killing you at night and you cant realy get them away if there choking you, so why dont they just go ahead and kill you? why do they let you go?

    • profile image

      demonbuster 5 years ago

      Greeting,to females,being a attack by incubus,contact at I can help you!thank you,joe

    • profile image

      Morrie 5 years ago

      My sis has a ghost in her house he moves her bed in the middle of the night, it feels like a message at the foot of bed, it wakes her during the night. She is a christian and knows a lot of the word. Can anyone help with some real solutions. This Ghost moves from bedroom to bedroom. I felt my bed move at the foot and sometimes it was really cold. I just commanded it to leave in Jeasus Name. Eph 6:10 Put on the whole armor of God his Armor protects your mind so when you first have a thought about a ghost you can command it to leave. I even opened the door and commanded it to leave, I think it came back in when we let the dog out. Help this is serious and real when a christian is tormented physically and the name of Jesus doesn't work what can a person do???

    • profile image

      wendy 5 years ago

      i have been itchy, having ringing in my ears, saw my fan shake and fall off the dress, i twitch. and all this happens in my room in my bed. i read the internet, saying it could be a demon trying to be my lover or rape me. it also said i would be depressed and that it could be trying to close me off from friends and family. and i have been ditching friends and family, but it was all to read.. one thing tells me i been having low vitamin D and one says i been being haunted. help what do i do. when i heaer stories of this, the person dies after.

    • profile image

      wendygirl 5 years ago

      i have been itchy, having ringing in my ears, saw my fan shake and fall off the dress, i twitch. and all this happens in my room in my bed. i read the internet, saying it could be a demon trying to be my lover or rape me. it also said i would be depressed and that it could be trying to close me off from friends and family. and i have been ditching friends and family, but it was all to read.. one thing tells me i been having low vitamin D and one says i been being haunted. help what do i do. when i heaer stories of this, the person dies after. i also have a catr who wil sometimes stare at spaces beside me or at nothing, but hes always kinda done that. i just moved into this place like a couple months ago to.

      am i being haunted, if so what the fuck do i do. im scared always and cant sleep now. this all started this month.

      option a: this month started reading instead of going out with friends, havent been texting my friends and family, been kinda depressed, and been longing for a lover. three nights now i have been itchy when trying to go to bed. i been sleeping alot better, like i usually dont sleep at all, now i just almost black out. my nose has been itchy all day idk y. some nights i have ringing in my ears, but i use to always get it. now its just a loud and i hear it start right when it does. instead of noticing it like i usually do. sometiems i hear noises and see things, but i watch a lot of horror shoes and paranormal stuff on tv so think im freaking myself out. so might be being haunted

      option b: i stopped tanning all of a sudden, started reading to fall asleep instead of watching tv (which is proven to help people sleep better ) and i get itchty. so might have low vitamin d, which ive had before.

      help me

    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Here is truth and test this:

      All people have power over all demons no matter their faith or lack of faith in God. It is simply a matter that we have bodies and they do not. In order to be attacked or possessed by a evil spirit, a person must yield to it in some way. Otherwise, it CANNOT HAPPEN!

      I can assure you that Through Christ all evil can be removed, but that does not take away the fear all the time. Because we are aware of such things, it makes us check twice when alone or suspect every sound.

      If evil can trick you into believe it is not real, you are vulnerable. If it tricks you into thinking it it too powerful, you are vulnerable. The movies always get it wrong. If it tricks you into thinking there is no benevolent supreme goodness, it wins!

      There is a God, but for those who will not accept Him as that, there is a great good. We can all use it. There is a devil or a great evil, we inherently have power of that.

      Do no speak of such evil things and dwell there for if you speak of evil often you invite that influence. If you speak and act on good, then that influence is present.

      My experiences with evil compare in no way with my experiences with the spirit of God. It has a sanctifying cleansing effect on the soul and brings peace, understanding, contentment, joy, love, gentleness, hope, goodwill, and many other things that I feel right now as I type of these things.

      You do not have to be a Christian or a believer to have these influences in your life, but it is much more assuredly available if you have a foundation in Christ because he ultimately is the author of that force.

    • profile image

      lulu' 5 years ago

      I started having paranormal experiences in my childhood. I'd wake up to see my three sliding closets fully opened when the night before were actually shut. I told my parents but they smiled and tried to convince me that probably I forgot to close them before going to bed but just forgot. Obviously they didn't want me to get frightened. That's when I chose to go to sleep with the light on. I also managed to sleep with a watching eye but it scared me to death tofind them once again open. I had to get used to this occurrence for a long time. One day I was sleeping and I heard a squeaking coming out of my mattress, so I ran to my parents and they later discovered to be infestated by a rat with baby mice. I had a huge garden so my father took it there and burned it that same evening. Hundreds of mice escaped in dispare in all directions. I was a little girl and this vision still shocks me and makes me wonder what was going on? From that moment I had trouble going to bed and reaching the first stages of sleep. I began to sense the prescense of an evil spirit under my bed and would look quickly with a pounding heart underneath to check. Something weird happened one night when I was already asleep. My smallest brother entered my locked room and threw me my carrillion on my forehead. I woke up astonished and scared because this brother of mine was retarded and my parents used to lock himn in his room from the outside. I suffered a lot after this because I was a teenager that cared a lot about my image and didn't like the wound the wooden box had left between my eyebrows. The next episode that really scared me was on a vacation day with my relatives. I had to wear my bikini, so I went to a cabin my parents were occupying. It was a sunny day but the curtains were shut and I changed in total darkness. I was ready so I ran to the door to go out. It wouldn't open! I pushed out and in but it was shut! I got scared to death and cried out for help. My fists pounded on the wooden door and I even bled from my knuckles but it just wouldn't open. I yelled with fear and was comforted when some passerbys heard my cryings and opened up the darned door. I politedly thanked them with a low and embarrassed voice. Why did these people opened this door without trouble?? I just walked from there perplexed. A Halloween evening, I had a close encounter with a spirit or a ghost. I just stepped in my house to prepare myself to go out with some friends on a night out. My room door was locked so I tried to open it with the key but it wouldn't open. This caused me frustration and anger because my friends were waiting for me and I was struggling with the key to open my room. This was very strange and I pushed hard with the key to get it opened. It finally opened with a huge force I put to make it open. I heard the sound of bones that hit the opposite wall of my room. I was in my room without lighting it up yet and I felt a huge hand that covered my entire face and pushed it backwards in a menacing manner. It kept pushing it backwards and my back was fully turned backwards. I was affraid and couldn't understand what was going on. My eyes were shut under the entity's hand so I despertely wanted it to leave my face but in a wise manner. I thought that I couldn't react violently to let myself loose because ths entity was angry at me..I sensed it. I stretched out my arm to the side and slowly pulled it towards my face. I atually touched my face. I slowly stood up from my contorted position and turned the light on. The entity wasn't there but I was affraid and my heart was beating wildly. I starded crying outloud and my friend came into my room and embraced me to calm me down. This conforted me but I just couldn't stop crying outloud in despair. I was convulsionlously crying in despair!! Another episode of this kind happened to me one early evening I was sleeping over my bed. I was totally alone in my house, locked in my bedroom and during my sleep I feel a hand trying to choke me. I feel this hand tighting forcely on my neck but it leaves me as soon as I wake up. The latests events that ever happened to me nowadays was a terrifying vision I had in my thoughts while on my bike. I was feaking scared so I decided to quit biking and laid on my bed. My window had the curtains drawn but saw a hooded dark huge smokey figure there right in the middle of it. I thought this to be a demon. I left the room anxious. This same vision I had one evening while watching television and I was fighting to fall asleep. I forced my eyes open and saw a dark hand with big round fingers that was menacely forwarding on the dvd appliance towards me. It backwarded as soon as it noticed my surprised face. This strange entity moved like ink and was dark as ink and it hided slyly behind the drawer. I was scared and jumped out of my bed in seconds and left it immediatedly. One night deep in my sleep I felt as if someone was making anal love to me. I was aching. I ned an explanation for all these ocurrences.

    • profile image

      sara or ss 5 years ago

      my frend at school has been akting strang he has been saing let the fair riss and giving me and my frends tales and saying if you get three tales i will riss and threting you one of my frends cryd becues of this HELP US

    • profile image

      hayley van winkle 5 years ago

      ok this go to sara or ss.

      well i looked up what riss means and the defenition that made the most sence to me said that it ment to break or tear apart. i am not sure what he maens by three tales but i can take guess. i think he means if you gain three honest loveing close friends that he will tare you apart along with your friends. if i were you i would hold me ground and stand strong. hold on to you rfriends as tight as possible. dont let whatever your old friend at school do what he said he would.

      be careful and good luck!

    • profile image

      hayley van winkle 5 years ago

      this goes to joe i have had almost the exact same thing happen i had a well sort of a demon friend who would fight for me. he had light blue eyes and the other had a bright red. the red eyed one tried to kill me and a friend of mine but the blue eyed demon helped keep me and my best friend safe. the blue eyed one won almost all the time but when he lost me and my friend would hope for the best of both of us. i know the names of the demons names but i will ot tell yet. i will tell you this though. the blue eyed demons name starts with an A. the red eyes demons starts with a J. that is all i will tell you. for now. i hope that we can keep contact through this blog and can find out more about these demons both good and bad.

    • profile image

      hayley van winkle 5 years ago

      this goes to selina

      well your son may be very hot natured. i heat up realy fast when it is 60 degrees out. my uncle taught me to control the way of a flame on a lighter and i tought myself to touch fire and it wont burn me. it is like holding a baloon. its light its bright and if you dont be carful it will pop. also my hands will heat up within seconds. one minute they will be cold as ice another there on fire. so i think your son will be ok and if there are any strange things that are happening report them. now im not saying he could not be possesed im saying dont worry till you know for sure. dont jump to concluion too fast.

    • profile image

      Soultracker 5 years ago

      Hello everyone, my best advice on this subject is you have to prepare yourself, both spiritually and mentally. First of all, when our paranormal team begins an investigation we always start with a prayer, then close with a prayer. Demonic entities tend to prey on victims who appear spirituality weak and timid. Never be rude or disrespectful when speaking, treat the spirits like you would a living soul and never provoke. The best thing to arm yourself with is knowledge, do research, read books like, The Everything Ghost Hunting book. People should never go into paranormal investigations or ghost hunting without the basic requirements. Most important, stay away from Spirit Boards they are nothing to play with. My team and I always carry Anointment oil, a religious symbol of some kind and white candles. So please educate yourselves and you'll find you'll be at ease and have a great time hunting ghosts. Simply, if you feel you're in a "bad" place or feel uncomfortable and hear "that" growl.... Get out just leave. If you feel it's in your home, call the professionals or contact your church. Malevolent spirits should be handled by people who know what to do, and remember ghosts or spirits will maintain the same personality in death as they did in life, so it may just be a bully or mean and just plain grumpy instead of demonic. In any event, be careful, be prepared and you'll have a truly amazing experience.

    • profile image

      hayley van winkle 5 years ago

      wow thix thats just the advice i needed actualy. weird but cool. thix soultracker! i have been wanting to go into ghost hunting but i have been thinking on the side effects if you know what i mean. well i think im going to follow your advice and try it for myself. thix agine.

    • profile image

      Izen 5 years ago

      I too have lots of demonic attacks.

      Poor demons though, But they seemed like to enjoy being whacked in their face. stupid beings.

    • profile image

      hayley 5 years ago

      the darkness

      i have tried to find you on yahoo but i cant seem to add you to my contacts.

    • profile image

      Kathrina 5 years ago

      I noticed many people suggested buying a cross. But in truth that would have little or no affect. Jesus Christ was not crucified on a cross. No one was. People were crucified in one of two ways. 1. Crucified on a vertical stake or pole, or 2. crucified on a tree. The cross was a pagan symbol and could actually make things worse. Depend on God, not rituals that were made up by the church and many churches today are corupt. God bless.

      I haven't really had an experience(Thank God) with physically seeing a demonic spirit. But for many years I've heard strange noises around whatever house I've lived in and usually hen I'm alone. I'll hear heavy steps when and knocking on doors when no ones there, doors will slam shut, kitchen/bathroom taps will turn on full blast ect.Also for those people who mentioned ghosts; I have good and bad news for you.

      From a Christian view ghosts don't exist. As revealed in Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 where it says 'For the living they are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, niether do they have any more a reward for; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love and their hatred and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in anything that is done under the sun.' Or later in verse 10 where it says 'Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave, where thou goest.' You see once you die, you're not in the sky smiling down at you're loved ones as the corupt churches would have you believe. Also the dead are not in the same place as God or Satans spirits and you DO NOT become an agel or demon after death. They are asleep and conscious of nothing and always will be until the resurrection in the time after Judgement.This is said again in Psalms 146:3-4 where it also makes a point not to trust people who would who would have you believe this, saying. 'Put not your trust in princes, nor in the sons of man, in whom there is no help. His breathe goeth forth, he returns to the earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.'So the good news is, none is attacked by ghosts because they simply don't exist.

      Bad news; Demons do exist. They exist to oppress and destroy, decieve and part you from God and the Christ and goodness in general. Gaurd Yourself well.

    • profile image

      Alexis 5 years ago

      Just believe in The only one God. If the demons ever come back scream, "In Jesus Christ's Name leave my house!!" works every time : )

    • profile image

      Kathrina 5 years ago

      As I mentioned before, I've never actually seen a Demon. But my mother up until a couple of years ago my mother was suffering from their harrassment. Almost every night she would have the same nightmare and awake with something pressing down on her chest and. She was depressed years before I was born right up until my late childhood, something she believed was a by-product of the harrassment. She used to watch almost every horror movie and read every book concerning Satan/demons and the occult - so I suppose she was somewhat to blame for enviting them into her life. She could sometimes predict things, like when she won a car from a magazine or pregnacies before they happened. After she became a Christian, sometime around 1995, she started praying for it to go away. It didn't disappear over night, in fact it was 2007 before She was freed. She recalls being in her bed and it seeming as though shadows were everywhere, and she was totally surrounded in darkness, she began to pray, as she did every time. She says, 'that a powerful voice like metalic thunder came from no where' and apparently said 'This is my house! Get out of my house!' And she told me it felt like it was inside of her, outside of her, just everywhere. And after that it never happened again. (So she says).

    • profile image

      TDinSLC 5 years ago

      I had a run in with a demon a few weeks ago and I don't think it was too fond of me. I woke up in the middle of the night completely paralized. I couldn't see it but I could feel it like a giant hair dryer of evil. I tried to yell at it and tell it I knew it was there but couldn't make a sound. After a few seconds it started marching towards me and sounded like it weighed several hundred pounds. When it got to me I woke up and felt fine despite being a bit disturbed.

      Then this last week I had 2 dreams on 2 seperate nights of beautiful women trying to seduce me which is not typical of how my dreams play out, and I'm a person who has semi-vivid dreams on a nightly basis so I couldn't understand why that would start happening now. I'm just learning what a succubis really is today and now realize the South Park episode is not so funny and contains darker undertones. A friend got me to start listening to Pastor Mike Hoggard's web shows a few weeks ago and I have to wonder if this isn't part of the reason for the suddon attacks.

    • profile image

      Kathrina 5 years ago

      Symptoms Of Demonic Oppression.

      Unexplainable, irrational fears (phobias), anxiety and lonliness.

      Inability to cope with minor problems or daily routine, difficulty adjusting.

      Emotionlessness (absence of angry / delighted / sorrowing reactions to stimuli) or inappropriate emotions (sharp, inexplicable mood swings - silliness at serious moments, unpredictable tears).

      Aimlessness, the feeling thet life is devoid of meaning or purose.

      Loss of fear in Jehovah (God).

      Violent behaviour, extreme aggressiveness (combativeness, hostility, physical violence, rage inability to avoid an arguement, outbursts of hatred).

      Rapid and substantial weight gain or loss.

      Selfish ambition, excessive self-centeredness, indifference to other people's feelings, actions or ideas. A lack of sympathy for anothers need or pain.

      Extreme depression, Lack of zest and enthusiasm, listlessness, sadness, mood habitually down, a limited or missing sense of humour.

      Risk-taking, inability to stick with a job, a living arrangement, failure to keep appointments, abide by decisions, compulsions, uncontrolable urges.

      Confused, irrational or disordered thinking, loss of touch with reality, delusions (persistence in erroneous convictions failure to correct fallacious reasoning.

      Feeling of being struck, scratched (even thrown). Feeling of being strangled or inability to breathe.

      Irregular, numerous and unexplained ailments and injuries that do not run a typical course or respond to treatment.

      A sudden decline in success, failure in work, school, relationships ect.

      Childish behaviour, untriggered silliness.

      Sudden decline in hygiene.

      Lengthy states of sleep or prolonged states of sleeplesssness.

      Causes For Demonic Oppression.

      Sexual Immoralty (esp with a demon oppressed/possessed person)



      Practices of spiritism such as fortune telling, tarot reading or witchcraf.

      A fixation whith spiritism and occultic powers.

      Attempts to contact extraterrestrial being.

      Inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol (inc herbs).

      Spreading malicious lies (gossip).

      Extreme jealousy.

      A hedonistic lifestyle or behaviour.

      A mental or emotional weakness.

      Rebellion against authority or living life under an occultic authority.

      Occultic forms of worship.

      Blasphemy and other vile speech.

      Anger against God or persons, including themself (poor self image)

      Fasination with violence.

      The possession of (known or unknown) occultic games, pictures, charms, books, DVDs, CDs, tools est (this would include an ouija board)


      Symptoms Of Demonic Possession.

      An intense maniacal delight in violence and wielding power.

      Being devoid of justice.

      Inhuman strength (that which an adrenaline rush would not account for).

      Unnatural, unexplinable intelligence (knowledge intricate details about a person or thing that you did not previously know of)

      Speaking in toungues, speaking in forein previously unknown languages and/or dead languages (ancient Aramaic) - Sometimes backwards (speaking Latin backwards).

      Vile, uncontroled swearing and verbal attacks even against total strangers.

      Irrevernt, vile, lewd comment about members of the Godhead, comments attributing gross sexual immoralty to Jesus.

      Multiple, distinguishable, coherent personalities capable of expressing themselves simultaneously (the emergence of strange, dual or multiple voices).

      Emmitting the smell of/like sulfur.

      Rejection of all spiritual truths.

      Totally incapable of submitting to anything but demonic authority.

      Extreme, highly disturbed reaction to the mention of Jesus's bloodshed and the name of Jesus or Jehovah.

      Possession of supernatural powers and abilities (ability to fortell the future, levitate themselves or foreign objects, astral projection ect).

      Wild, unnatural facial contortions or body movements.

      Severe, persistent depression, despondency, self harming and suicide attempts.

      Severe, unexplainable lonliness.

      Severe disgust towards religious writings, beliefs, practices

      Refusing to eat or drink.

      The desire to consume human flesh.

      A total lack of restraint, especially with sexual behaviour, (gross/unnatural sexual behaviour and advances).

      A total disregard for physical appearance and/or well-being.

      Extreme violent or reckless behaviour (throwing knives, playing with poisonous snakes ect).

      Fierce incoherent ravings.

      Causes For Demonic Possession.

      Participating in Sexul Immoralty.

      Habitually rebelling against authority.

      Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, persistently rejecting the work of the Lord.

      Vanity, being overly concerned with your appearance.

      Possession of occultic games, tools, charms, books ect.

      Holding grudges towards God or persons (esp if they are your parents).

      Seeking of, or fixation on occultic power (having fortunes read, studying witchcraft, taking E.S.P tests ect).

      Having authority figures open doors to Satans influence.

      Short temperedness.

    • profile image

      Kathrina 5 years ago

      Freedom From Demonic Entities.

      Examine your actions, life-style, contacts and possessions for any of the fore mentioned offences.

      Repent for your offences and confess them as sin to God in prayer.

      Release resentment/grudges against God and peoples and seek forgiveness from those they have offended.

      Repudiate and renounce all occultic involvement, totally destroy all occultic objects and seek forgiveness from God and all persons they have offended with it.

      Submit yourself to the authority of God and those that he has assigned to have authority over you (Parents, law ect) unless they are under the effects of occultic powers or in defiance of God. And seek forgiveness from God and those they have rebelled against.

      Ask Jesus Christ to take complete control of your life and dedicate your heart, mind, soul and all your strength to be used for his glory and fullfilling the Fathers will.

      Freedom can them be attained with the power of God, help from spiritually mature Christians and an intense amount of will power on your part.

      Casting Out Demons.

      In the most unfortunate cases, the Demons hold is too strong to be driven out with traditional methods, the possessed will then need to under go an exorsism. Exorsisms consist of the following tactics.

      Seek confirmation that the person in question is really possessed.

      Seek the consent of the authority in the possessed persons life to cast out Demon/s (-Luke 11:24-26).

      Exercise empathy repentance, closing any gateways the Demon may have entered though.

      Enlist the participation of five or more physically and spiritually strong Christians.

      Do not lay hands on the possessed person unless neccessary to prevent them from physical self harm.

      Identify the name of the Demon/s by asking them to give their names, watch for deception, it may take several days of prayer to weaken the Demon before they will ive the correct name.

      In cases where the Demon has an extremely strong hold, engage in group fasting and prayer (-Mathew 9:25-29).

      Diligently lead the possessed through every step of closing doors to the Demon/s with the methods listed in the above column.

      In the name of Jesus, by the power of his blood, command the demon/s to leave. Again be weary of deception, You may have only cast out one Demon, not all.

      After The Exorsism.

      Stay close to the newly converted and help him/her to become involved with solid Christian programs of descipleship in fellowship with other believers, remember that reconciliation to God and salvation through Jesus Christ is the only means of prevention from another demonic possession or attack.

      In mercy and truth atonment is provided for iniquity;

      and by the fear of the Lord one departs from evil.

      -Proverbs 16:6

    • profile image

      TrishT 5 years ago

      I was raised Roman Catholic as an adult I don't follow any one church but I do believe in God with my whole being. I'm sorry to say but I think Jesus was just a man. When I'm woken by the "shadows" &fear they cause I've found picturing the white light of the holly spirit surounding me and saying to.myself I'm a child of of God works very well and fast.

      I don't think it's demons but dark souls that haven't been allowed into heaven for what ever reason.

      As for the person who "liked/loved" his demon and wants to hurt people. You are mentaly sick my friend and NEED to see Doctors ASAP before you act on those thoughts/desires and become a serial killer. It's extreamly far from normal to think about or want to do those things.

      For the majority of us that have white light souls we would never think of harming others for pleasur, so please get help.

    • profile image

      Kathrina 5 years ago

      To Trish T

      You don't follow a church (fair enough). But do you follow a religion? Do you still believe in the Jehovah the Biblical God, or follow the old Testament?

      I noticed you wrote a few odd things and would clarification.

      (1) You mention being 'a child of God' but I would like to point out that there is not a single reference in the old testament to God being our 'Father.' That only came about in the new testament, because humanity became one with Christ and thus became Gods sons and daughters. And so obviously, unless you beleive in Christ, YOU CANNOT BE A CHILD OF GOD, only a servant and slave to sin and death.

      (2) What do you mean by dark souls? There's no mention of that in the Old testament either.

      (3) You mentioned the 'Holy Spirit' but I would like to remind you that Gods spirit ONLY came upon us since we became one with Christ. And there is not a single mention of the Holy Sirit comeing upon a human in the old testament. Even Moses didn't have the Holy Spirit come upon 'him.' It came upon items that he used and saw, like the burning bush, or the staff he used to turn water to blood or part the Red sea, but NEVER upon humans until we were joined to Christ.

      So I reiterate, what God do you believe in, because nothing you said seems consistent with any existing religion.

    • profile image

      edwin 5 years ago



      5.You will not fear the terror of night,

      nor the arrow that flies by day,

      6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,

      Mark 16:17

      And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues.


      You should build up your faith to this above standard with the help of a saved & dedicated Christian man or woman. Please find out one and follow his guidance. Then you will come to know the above verses are true for your life.

    • profile image

      Daph 5 years ago

      Okay, so it has been two years since anyone posted anything in this hubpage. But Im hoping someone will reach out. Last night, I had a dream that I was shopping with my mom. All of a sudden the lights went off and when I turned them back on. I found myself back in my bed. Staring at the ceiling. I couldn't see the person, but there was a body completely wrapped in a black blanket, tied with strings or ropes. And I just remember not being able to move. I felt this electricity or a vibration all over my body. I screamed at the top of my lungs for about 5 seconds. Then I woke up, I looked over at my husband and he was asleep.

    • profile image

      Kathrina 5 years ago

      To Daph

      I have been researching Demonic oppression/possession and infestation for around two years. Over this time I have heard of supernatural experiences and have noticed a distinctive and consistent theme thoughout various accounts, this being; a dark and cloaked/ hooded/veiled or 'blanketed' being, often emmiting a foul oder. You've probably heard of sleep paralysis, where 'the sleeper' awakes unable to mve or talk - BUT, sleep paralysis occurs ONLY when the sleeper is on the cusp of, or, has just been jolted from sleep. Not when the person is already asleep. So you can rule out sleep paralysis as the cause of your experience. Now usually, however vivid or realistic the dream may appear, I would say that it is only happenstance that the said dream was 'dark' as dreams simply sometimes are - BUT, due to the theme of the dream and it's clearly disturbing nature, If I were you I would not rule out the possibility that it MAY have been a demonic encounter.

      This analysis is probably of very little help to you, but my main message is that you shouldn't be panicing - just yet. IF, it was a demonic encounter, It will most likely happen again, sorry to say. GB.

    • profile image

      Ken 5 years ago


      I have been dealing with this for many years now. Most of the time the the extent of me waking up against the wall or curled in the fetal position shaking. I consider myself very knowledgeable and well versed in the Bible, and very religious for that matter. Most of the time anything happens with me, it is very physical and violent. Any input on this one??

    • profile image

      Kathrina 5 years ago

      To Ken.

      There are 3 types of demonic experiences a person can have, which is demonic possession, oppression, or infestation. It doesn't sound like you are - or are in danger of becoming possessed, so I'll explain the other two: Demonic oppression, where you experience demonic harassment, resulting in physical attacks, feelings of hopelessness and depression, ect. And then there's Demonic infestation, which is when a demonic force appears to be tied to a place (a house previously used for Satanic worship or other occultic deeds) or a thing (occultic items, charms, tools), rather than a person. However because the person is in their domain, they experience harassment (- .

      From what it sounds like, you are experiencing one of these. If it is Demonic infestation, then the situation is made a little more difficult, but can also be easily answered, as it only involves a 'yes' or 'no' to these questions "Did it start happening within the first couple of years of moving to a new house?" and "Do you possess any occultic items?" (-Which I assume you don't). If 'no', then you can rule that out infestation, if 'yes', then here comes that difficult part I was taling about: I would urge you to do a complete raid of your house for occultic items, as Satanic or other wise occultic gatherings that may have taken place in your home at some stage. After which sometimes, and it is rare, occultic items may have been left behind, occasionally stored in ceilings or even under the houses, which you would have to find and destroy. Once this is done, continue to pray to the father, and demand the spirits to depart.

      If it is demonic oppression, at this point, I would also like to say, that if you are praying to 'the saints' - stop (though I assume you don't). And I warn you against using a crucifix as it holds no power and against these forces. Further more, the second commandment states 'Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image', but many people don't realise this would include statues of Jesus, paintings and any other images of him. We don't know what Jesus looked like and despite what many so called churches would have you believe, THIS IS IDOLATRY. My earlier posts list other reasons for demonic oppression, but I see no need to reiterate them to a man (-I assume Ken is a guys name) who already seems devout. A so what suprising thing that could cause oppression, would be feelings of guilt; Satan is an accuser, he accuses in these ways - To us about God - And to yourself about yourself. Under the new covenant, we are no longer slaves to sin and death but to rightiousness, we can now call God our Father and no longer have to make sacrifices (animals) to obtain forgiveness. But Satan (alot like Catholics) like to portray God as a mean old man with a stick, causing earthquakes, killing children, giving cancer and illness ect, when in fact these things are the work of people, Satan or even happenstance, this is Satan accusing God to us. The proof of this can be seen when ever you hear some one say "Why is God doing this to me?!", and never "Why is Satan doing this to me?!". When this fails however, Satan will accuse to you about you. The bible teaches that when you confess your sins to God (NOT a priest or minister) and repent you will be forgiven, but Satan tries to convince you that you aren't good enough, that you haven't been fogiven, which leaves you with feelings of guilt and shame and drives a wedge between you and God. Why you must abandon guilt and why it can lead to oppression. The most important thing to do however, is to continue praying - worshiping - exulting the lord and have faith that he will remove this from your life. But there is something you must consider on this matter too: Humans have a habit of believing something seventy percent and calling it 'certain', for examle we say we are 'certain' that the sun will rise again tomorrow, but consider a solar eclipse, we live with the reality that it actually may not, but we still say 'certain'. With God however, we are called to love Him with all our body, mind, heart, soul, ect. In the Bible it says that mountains can move if we only have faith the size of a mustard seed - A mustard seed! Yet we don't see mountains move, do we? This should put into perspective how little faith human beings are actually capable of, even though we may be at our own full limit. Consciously I don't even think we are capable of knowing when our faith is complete, but God is. And (God strike me down if I'm lying) you will be rid of your demons the day it is.

      So very sorry for making this so long - I can get very passionate. GB and well wishes.

    • profile image

      Kathrina. 5 years ago

      To Ken.

      Just curious, have you sought help from a (good) church before? And if not, why not?

    • profile image

      Ken 5 years ago

      I have. I have been to many different churches tho not being the type that goes every Sunday etc. From the sounds of it, I am a lot like you. As stated before I am very well versed when it comes to the Bible. I have read it front to back countless times and also studied it almost like a puzzle. Starting from one point and reading until I see where it will relate to another part and read that and so on. It is not where I live, nor do I have any such images around. I don't stay any one place very long because I work overseas. My mother, grandmother, etc going back in generations have always had a "gift" as they would call it. So when I talked to them about this all they can say is sorry that this happens and there must be big things in store for me. Tho I do accept it, it gets hard at times dealing with this, and I am also afraid that my son will have things happen similar to what I have. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but as I said it's just something I have almost come to terms with. I do have hope and faith and nothing can break that and also a very charitable person.

      Thank you for your input.

    • profile image

      Corey 5 years ago

      I do believe my uncle is psychic and i see a demon everyday they keep trying to attack me but they try in trick me very often.

    • profile image

      LaRona 5 years ago

      If you are having these experiences, they are very real.

      There is a website that fully explains was is happening and what you should do. It is stopsleepparalysis dot com. Even if the experiences have stopped, you shouldn`t just ignore it. The Word of God clearly tells us that the theif cometh not but to steal kill and destroy. If demons are in your house they are not there just to perform a parlor show!!! They are there to destroy your life.

    • profile image

      Kathrina 5 years ago

      Sorry Ken. For some reason these things do run in the family; in fact 4 generations of women in my family had psychic abilities and supernatural experinces - then me. I like to consider myself in the clear.

      I am reminded of a family (parents,2 boys & a girl) who each suffered from reoccurring demonic attacks. Each episode was extremely violent (ripped clothing, battered body, scratches) and what was more surprising (to me) was that it was so obvious. But they were very-really-extremely odd people, they sought the help of ... everyone. - psychics and almost any religion that would spare them the time of day. Eventually, they sought the help of numerous churches, numerous times (-while still remaining non -Christians). It didn't work, which I knew it wouln't, because they wouldn't stop meddling in the occult or ever pray. They moved every 3-4 months, which (to me) made no sense as it was expensive and it would catch up with them in a couple of weeks anyway. No idea what became of them.

    • profile image

      Grace 5 years ago

      I believe there is a demon (or demons?) that is following me. It had attacked me more than once, starting from childhood. I was sexually abused my neighbor and this is when they entered.. I was haunted by spirits, and voices while growing up. Most of them were not friendly, but I also knew spirits that did no harm. At this point I am having trouble believing in God and Jesus..I am especially ashamed of what happened to me a year ago, under partial possession. This was the last attack, but I know the demon is still with me. I try to pray to angels..that's the best I can do, but it feels like the demons and angels are playing a game of tug and war with my soul. The angels tell me that I'm suppose to be a messenger and do great things, but my body is so weak and tormented for so long, that the demons have an easier way of controlling it.

    • profile image

      Grace 5 years ago

      By the way, if anyone is going through the same problem I am willing to listen and maybe we can help each other out. My email is

    • profile image

      sheikh 5 years ago

      hi i am a muslim sheikh i do exorcism by the net for free , i teach islam also , please keep hearing the above url audio found in youtube , before you sleep take a shower and then play this audio in medium volume several times 3 times or 7 times as you like....this will stop forever..its the power of the quran the words of allah all creator the true creator.

    • profile image

      Mr Mathews 5 years ago

      Exorsims via the net? Does anyone seriously look at that and think 'what a good idea'?

      COME ON!

      Does anyone seriously wke up and decide to abandon common sense, go for an internet exorsism and put thein Allah - the 'god' who permits wife beating, cutting off peoples hands and whos prophet muhammad was a child rapist and a warlord!!??

      Have you ever heard of the legend 'the Satanic verse'? (NOT the book) It's a verse that was stricken from the quran, where muhammad made a deal with Satan to get more followers! If yours is the true God, then why is it muslims come from countries filled with war, famine and terror? Why is it ever other country of a different religion contributes more to the world! Why is it muslims have killed 270 million people? Why is it that healings take place in Christianity but never in Islam?

      I usually put my head down and say nothing and try to keep the peace, but when people are reaching out with help for a serious problem and you tell them to do something like this...

      Oh and don't post hate messages on this site because I won't be back on this hub again.

    • profile image

      Kerim 5 years ago

      I use to get that allot when i use to sleep its like your half awake these black shadowy cloudy figures use to move so fast as soon you open your eyes these things use to touch me when i was unconscious i started getting into my religion, now those shadow things don't happen any more what happen to me was probably 2 months ago i slept on my left side they say its bad to sleep on your left that's where the Satan is i opened my eyes i saw a black head rite next to me starring at each other for at least 10 seconds eyes were glowing brown i grabbed my left hand under the blanket and squeezed it then it disappeared guys Satan is our biggest enemy. be careful from what you eat and drink i heard people do witch craft on them to possess or terrorize you these things are common in some cultures.

    • profile image

      undefined 5 years ago

      I too Have had these demonic attacks. My first attack occurred when I was about to embark into highschool. I was sleeping with my mother, when all of a sudden I felt something bang my forehead with a force simlar to a pillow. I woke up frightened and scared. I looked around me and my mom was deep in her sleep so I started to pray imediatly. Ever since then attacks like these have been occuring in my life every once in a while. But they have gotten more intense because every once in a while I hear more than once voice laughing in my head and a powerful force pinning me down.I fight them off by praying in my head and telling them they cannot control because God is with me. When I tried telling my friends about these experiences they thought I was weird and that I was simply suffering from sleep paralysis. Since then I have kept my mouth shut. Because deep down I know IT IS MORE than sleep paralysis. One time after praying while an attack was happening my mind drifted off into this peaceful dream like cloudy are and there were or more old women rocking in a chair. thye told me not to be afraid for I was in a peaceful place. This page has opened my eyes and made me realize that I need to get closer to GOD. I am now a Highschool junior about to head to the 12th grade nd soon to college God spare life. "To take control of your life, you must engage your mind, And I ten to do so with The Lord by my side. Thany you all, and may God continue to bless you!

    • profile image

      Rev.Immanuel 5 years ago

      What goes on in spiritaul realm has massive effect than what is happening in physical realm and what takes place in spiritual realm is invisible(what can not be seen with naked eyes),Just as was testified according to Ephesians 6:12 "For We Do Not Wrestle Against Flesh And Blood,But Principalities Of Darkness,Rulers Of Darkness And Great Powers Of Evils"

      Most people on this universe do not really believe there are great and wicked evil forces and giant of dakness whom are behind the scene of this whole universe,Yes! just as there are physical human beings arond this whole universe which are mostly seen also there are spirital beings around this universe whom are mostly unseen and these so called unseen beings are spiritual people or things which operates only in spiritual realms with which such are term as evils,powers of darkness and forces of darkness,servants of satan and wicked spiritual beings operating under Earth with it`s darkness activities which has only three prime tackets and purposes which is to (Steal, Destroy and Kill) there is no doubt such wicked spiritual beings operating under Heavens and n darkness are for REAL! ,the reason why there is no doubt about this spiritual facts is that,such wicked spiritual forces do exist from the beginnng and even now and basicially the Holy Bible literally made an obvious description and again testified that "The devil only can to rob,destroy and kill" and that the devil had been a liar from the beginnng and also he had chosen beings whom he called his servants and employees operating with satan in spiritual darkness realm to ruin this universe under Heaven and such evil spirit forces do not know GOOD,such do not have any MERCY,their mindset constantly think of BAD(evil) and their heart is constantly angry to steal,destroy and kill,such are full of deception and that is all that they are from the beginning and now,evil spirit do not have a positive future rather negative future is all that they aim at,and talking about these spiritual wife also known as "succubus" is also one of an agent of evil spirts operating in darkness under Heavens,there is no doubt because this succubus do not know GOOD just as the master lucifer. This succubus always aim to cause misfortunes and torment it vulnerable victims, and such evil spirit are also demon and can be extremely dengrous somehow someway.

      And just to bring to attention there are strong forces of evil behind illicit and unhealthy sexaul activities and behaviors which is a sort of an abomination and openly permits such evil spirit to take advantage on such unhealthy sexual activities to hold a person captive on it`s dark trap and such illicit sexaul activities such as "Masturbation, Ponorgraphic, Lesbianism , Homosexualim and any other unhealthy and illicit sexaul activities and behaviors.

      And whenever a person falls into the dark trap of such evil spirit"Succubs", It begins to allure it victim to be extremely addicted to His unhealthy and illicit sexaul behaviors,sometimes You will realize that You are striving so hard to get any sort of illicit sexual activities quit but yet still seems to encounter some diffiulties in quittng such particular unhealthy and illicit behavoirs,and again most of the times you seem to feel the edge to do such unhealthy sexaul activities for the last time and when you consciously do it again thinking for the last time which is not it besides you will realize you will be keeping on doing and having an unusual sensation to go back to such illicit sexaul behaviors and activities and afterward you feel ashame,guilty and looking foolish that you had commit such illicit activities again,instead of trying to quit.

      If such sensation begun to occur which is rather unusual,Well there you have to come to realization there is something within spiritual realm behind the scene which can be nothing but a deceitful wicked demonic sexaul spirit called "Succubus" and known to set up spiritual sexual convenant with it`s victim,which begins by tormenting it`s victim mercilessly in a form of such evil succubus sneaking itself appearing on it`s victim during midnight to sleep by the side of it`s victim to illegally engage in sexual intercourse and one of such demon ridiculous tricks are that it realizes how vulnerable it`s victim could be and intentionally made the whole intercourse scene like just some kind of a mere sexual dream especially to it`s victim,But the true gospel fact is that,such demonic spirit apears live fo real in some kind of a ghost form and most at time appear in other masquerade form with horrible and very scary faces and seem to slowly,gently and quietly approach on it`s victim whilst asleep and most at times intentionally cause it`s victim into deep and unconscious asleep in oder to permit such evil spirit to carry on any kind of sexaul activities and this succubus spirit can be very disturbing into one`s life and Men whom fall victim to such dark captivity of such wicked and troublesome evil spirit which hold them captive on spiritual marriage and illegitimately consider it`s victim as Husband and deliberately makes itself as a spiritual wife to any man whom unconsciously fall into the dark captivity of such evil succubus spirit,and the painful and distressing part if that,this spiritual sex dream tormenting by this so called succubus wicked demonic spirit can take place like forever and can have a terrible aim with it`s effect on it`s victim`s lifetime.

      And the similar situation occurs with the Spiritual Husband also know as "Incubus" and most Christian and non-Christian women are encountering and suffering from such demonic attacks of this wicked Spiritual Husband,and most times such spirt demons tries to ruin it`s victim lifetime and most respecially marital life and destiny,However this spirit darkness forces with this Spiritual Wife and Husband also known as "Succubs" and "Incubus" can only be defeated through certain changing`s such as,a person who has realize such sexaul dreams must come to a realization it is not just a mere sex dream or fantasy,it is for REAL! and only if the fellow can stick to His or Her word and QUIT any kinds of illict and unhealthy sexual activities and behavoirs and repent from any kind of sexual transgressions and has to seek for immediate DELIVERANCE if possible and also tries as much a possible not to go back to such bad stuffs but rather meditate on the word of the Lord as much as everyday to help strengthen the Faith of the fellow in Christ Jesus and if only the fellow will put the true promises of Christ Jesus on His or Her lips and be certain that,The Lord Christ Jesus can only be the ONE to battle against to destroy such wicked demonic spirits and SET You FREE! Because that precisely how and what the Bible states and the Lord is not a person that lies,NO!" We are serving a True Sheperd Of God And This God Leads and Guides His Sheeps to the RIGHT destination.

      John 8:36 "If therefore the son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed"

      evil spirit can never torment God`s children forever "NO", Why? because on Earth WE (God`s children) has been the complete authority to trend out and cast out serpants(demons) and scorpions(evil spirits),And through FAITH We can always use the MIGHTY name of Christ Jesus to drive away demons at nights.because demons and evil spirits mostly operates during evenings like mid nigt around 2-3AM midnight whenever everyone is deeply asleep but after you pray before bed,surely the great holiness and guidance of the one whom you prayed to which is the Lord Christ Jesus will provide you a great and better guidance with his huge feathers covering you and watching your room against evil spirits and darkness forces.

      Beloved,You are more precious in the sight of Lord Christ Jesus and He is already willing to save you and DELIVER you from any unwanted and unexpected arrows from demons and evil spirits which throws at you during evening,But when the Lord is your PROTECTION,You will always escape from such demonic attacks. God is for REAL! and He only wants to closed your darkness world of life and open a LIGHT world of your bran

    • profile image

      MichaelWilliams 5 years ago

      You should look up sleep paralysis on wikipedia. I've had a few attacks after some hard times in my life. So i'm not saying that what happened to you is a medical experience but after i read about it(sleep paralysis) It seemed exactly what i was going through. I've had a dark shadow in the shape of my brother come out of my bathroom lift me out of my bed and i was petrified. I was sleeping in bed with an ex when my ankles were grabbed and i was flung around my room in the air.

      Starting just over a year a go since i've been in my new apartment i've been noticing the kitchen light would turn off and on all by itself. At first i believed it to be just an electrical problem but it has been something that has happened in the past. I have trouble sleeping at night not from being frightened but i would say it is from stress. Several times I have been lying down on my couch in the living room trying to fall asleep while watching t.v. and after an hour or two i will start felling sleep coming on. Suddenly i begin to feel a weightlessness in my legs and i imediateley open my eyes to see my legs floating above the couch. The first time this happened it dragged me from the couch and was pulling me towards the kitchen by my foot with the top of my head dragging on the ground. I would try to speak, scream, move, nothing would work. I finally got my arm to work slightly and began to slam my wrist against the wall when i finally opened my eyes and was back on the couch. The second time this happened i opened my eyes to the same weightlessness in my legs. It started dragging me toward's the kitchen when i began to get control of my body I imeddiatley hurried back to my moms room when I saw her coming towards me. For some reason i just turned and went into my room and didn't say a thing to her. That one really scared me because now i think about what happened after a went into the room cause when i walked into my room everything just went black and i never woke up.

    • profile image

      selena 5 years ago

      a ghost possesed me when i was sleeping and dragged me out of bed.

    • profile image

      my name is naama 5 years ago

      I'm 30 year old female. I just woke up again... Thinking that someone was playing a joke. But there's no one here. I slept on an air mattress and the whispers in my ear sounded as if they were echoing from inside the air mattress making me think there was someone inside. This happens a lot . I use to think that Iam becoming psychotic or loosing my mind. And I would take psych pills . But I know now that I'm not alone. I have so many stories that I wouldn't know which one to tell. My daughter is five and she also has nighmares. It seemed that she's also prone to this kinda thing unfortunately. I hope she grown out of it. It was nice to read other peoples experiences, it seems they are so similar to mine!! I will talk to you guys later....

    • profile image

      illwill 5 years ago

      When i was like 11 or 12 , i was at my friends house playing video games late as hell, everyone else had went to sleep, i went to the bathroom and when i came out into his hallway, i heard words i dont know being whispered in my ears, then i heard footsteps to my left, then to my right, and then the whispering turned into screaming and the footsteps started running directly towards me and i was physically knocked to the floor... I bugged out and ran into my boys room and woke him up, and i told him what happened and told him his house was haunted. When i was a little kid probably around six, i remember some times, i would pull tje covers over me to go to sleep and i felt something grab my feet and pull me, among other experiances im to lazy to write right now,

    • profile image

      Jamie 5 years ago

      I am not really sure what I seen because this happened to me at the age of 3. I was in our front room when I looked at the door when I seen the ugliest creature.. It was the scariest thing, it had colorful strands of skin hanging off its face. I started to scream and cry and went to show my mom but it was gone by the time I got her attention. It did not look like anything anybody has described so i am not sure what this was. I wish i could find something that would help me figure it out..

    • profile image

      Rahul Saini 5 years ago

      Hi there , I tell you nearly 10 years ago I don't believe in these things and after that one day I was at a temple in india(Mukeria) where the priest do treatment of the people who are effected with the Daemons and soul which enters in to the body. There a girl came who was very beautiful and keep on stating me. I thought may be she likes me So I just passed a smile,after a moment she started speaking loudly on male voice with the priest and her family members and I scared and she told her all story that whose soul is in her body and what her wish is ,after the priest promised the soul inside the body that if it leaves the body of that girl then priest will do all the after death rituals of that soul and then the soul left the body.

      Now about me , I am Rahul Saini lives in Australia , I believe that everything near us is equally as living things. I can feel them as whenever I am alone ,I feel some things near me. And I don't know but there is life after death and we all should respect them. Don't make fun of them.

      If you wanna ask anything you can email me

    • profile image

      tortured boy 5 years ago

      i can say after reading a lot of peoples comments ive hade similar experiences. the smell is urine, my old bed used to shake and make noise on the wall, i used to wake up at 3:33,one time i was at a park at night on what i thought was a spiritual journey until out of now where i was surrounded by footsteps where ever my back was turned started at 50 feet then 30 than 20 and i forgot all about my bike and took off cause i was all alone. i thought i wasnt gonna make it out cause the fence but got away from its grasp. then when i got home only one person was home in the other room and my bed moved while i was sitting on it. and there was a major presences of fear i couldnt stand it same as at the park. and when i was in 5th grade and probly even younger i was being messed with my face would also get stuck and i wouldnt even notice sometimes...but my life is just getting worse and worse. cant wait to see a better day

    • profile image

      Valerie 5 years ago

      Demons cannot touch you when you claim your house and life to be occupied by Jesus Christ. When these things start happening to you say out loud, "Demon you have no legal right to be here! You must go! This is a house of GOD and no evil will stay here!"

    • profile image

      Michael H. 5 years ago

      When i was about 6 or 7 i woke up i felt paralyzed with a feeling in my throat as if there was a snake in my throat i saw a mass it asked me a question "Boy will you be my weapon?" when i tried to respond these claws were wrapped around my neck and i tried to move but it i couldn't then it felt the mass was making its way to my heart then i saw a light and passed out.

      The next day i heard voices calling my name "michael"

      i have been hearing it since then and about a year ago i started to watch a show ghost hunter and after i went to bed the next two nights i tried to dream but i could

      not my dream was completely black then i felt something grab my arm squeezing it when i opened my eyes i it was me my arm felt so weird it was as if i was being possessed then i had his urge to say bloody sweet bloody mary after i said it which at the time i did not know who was bloody mary i got up on my feet ran into the bathroom having no control then i got control and i said i don't want to deal with this and smashed my head into the mirror trying to kill myself but i only knocked myself unconcious and it was like i was in a middle of a dream and it was a public bathroom i saw someone in the mirror i froze and it felt like i was about to die she said with a murmuring voice" boy i will forgive you but do it one more time i will make sure there something worse then hell for you.

      i woke up the next day looked up b mary and found myths and went to talk to my friends and asked them who bloody mary was and they said really you don't know shes a demon from myths who paralyzes you gets right behind you in the mirror and burns your eyes out if you have a guilty concience

      now i am 14 trying not to sound like a crazy person and putting this on your wall

    • profile image

      TZ 5 years ago


      I saw the head and shoulders at the foot of my bed and had things grab my feet before. The night paralysis, evil laugh, jingling chains, the involuntary contortion of my face, destructive, racing thoughts, feeling a dark dirty presence . . . I notice attacks intensify when God (Jesus Christ) is about to do something important in my life. It's as if they are trying to stop it by intimidating me.

      They're still pretty scared of Jesus though :-)

      You have to be sure you put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6) so that you can withstand their attack. And make sure you don't have sin hanging around in your heart and mind. It weakens your defense and enables them to come in and do damage. Stay strong in the truth of God's Word--it destroys them. You and your kids, read it out loud, it is so powerful--pure light.

    • profile image

      cynthia 5 years ago

      back in 2006 i was pregnant with my daughter, i was laying in bed praying to GOD and i heard someone say my name in a whisper type of voice then it said my name louder(i was so scared and kept praying). lastnight i had a dream out of kno where this woman in a misty shadow came to me and said hi(but in a mans voice) i woke up out of my sleep scared. i think it was the devil both times

    • profile image

      Kathrina 5 years ago

      I re-read one of my old posts and would like to clarrify about that family. I was not directly involved with those people, and so that was just an account as I heard it.

      Also to Michael H.

      Mary was the only child of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon to live past infancy. Crowned after the death of Edward VI and the removal of The Nine Days Queen-Lady Jane Grey, Mary is chiefly remembered for temporarily and violently returning England to Catholicism. Many prominent Protestants were executed for their beliefs leading to the moniker “Bloody Mary”. Fearing the gallows a further 800 Protestants left the country, unable to return until her death.

      I'm unsure how 'Bloody Mary' evolved into stories about a demon-like woman who scratches peoples eyes out, but that part of the ledgend is fake. Which would mean either, 1. you are being decieved for their emusement, 2. the demons chosen name Mary and 'bloody' is coincidental.

      Demons are can't spawn, they were made at some time long before humans even existed. So demons and more to the point, their names, would pre-date ledgends.

      Now, perhaps you're making this up, I don't know. Never-the-less I can't just reject claims like this. So please seek help immediately, because things like this can have bad, bad endings.


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