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Updated on February 20, 2011
St. Anthony Plagued By Demons.
St. Anthony Plagued By Demons.

What is demonology

Demonology is the knowledge of supernatural beings that are known to most as fallen angels. It's a systematic study of demonic creatures and the beliefs that are present about them. Its a study of supernatural beings that are not Gods.

The term "demonology" doesn't just focus on one form of religion, but rather every form of religion that deals with these supernatural beings. Demons are in many cultures, so the information presented in demonology will cover all of this. There is a large list of demonic beings that are covered in this research. Not gonna list all of these creature's names, but we will explore a few of them. Demons weren't always understood to be "evil entities". The word demon today means "A supernatural being that is known in Christianity as fallen angels".

A quick point out

I am one with religion and information on religion. I was raised in a very religious home. Every Sunday we go to church and unlike most teenagers, I sit up front, instead of the back. But the point I'm making here is that I have no connection to Satanism whatsoever. Not saying anything is wrong with it (??) but I just wanted to point that out since I am writing about Demonology.


Lilith is well known in demonology. She is said to be the first wife of Adam, making her the first demon to ever exist. She is a female mesopotamiam storm demon associated with wind (wikipedia). She is believed to be the bearer of disease, illness, and death.

Lilith is believed to be a succubus that comes in the dreams of men and drain their energy be having sexual intercourse with them. Many people have reported having dreams of a beautiful lady having sex with them and then feeling drained of their energy. She is also believed to live inside mirrors and seduce the vanity of young girls. She is known as "The Great Whore" to some.

The history of Lilith dates back thousands of years. Stories change with the origin of it. Many stories have been told, with completely different definitions and descriptions of her.

In a television show, she is risen from Hell to break seals in order to rise Lucifer. She ultimately succeeds in bringing forth Lucifer and the apocalypse, but at the price of her life. You could view the video of this

Lilith Dies, Lucifer Rises

As you can see in the video above, the guy is led into a trap so that he would kill Lilith. Little does he know, once he kills Lilith, Lucifer will be able to rise from Hell and bring the apocalypse with him. The demon that the guy trusted was apart of the plan the whole time, and is the last demon to die before Lucifer rises. It doesn't actually show Lucifer, it just shows a portal opening.

Hubpages is experiencing difficulties with the YouTube feature, so if you aren't able to view the video here, you may head over to YouTube and view it by clicking the link here.

Art of Azazel
Art of Azazel


There are many stories about this mysterious being. Some scholars believe that Azazel is Satan. Others believe that Azazel and Satan are two different supernatural beings. They were both once angels (Lucifer Archangel) and were cast down from Heaven. They believe that Azazel sided with Lucifer in the great revolt in Heaven, which they were all defeated by Archangel Michael (God's Champion) and his angels. Another story is that he is the Chief of Goat Demons. Azazel is a mystery.

The thing that may lead people to believe that Satan and Azazel are one in the same is the symbol that is used for both of them. People use a goat image (Baphomet) as a symbol of Satanism, which is the main description of Azazel. This would make a lot of sense except for the fact that the stories of these beings go in different directions.

Azazel's Punishment

It is said that Azazel was punished for his sins by Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael was told to place Azazel in chains and cast him into a pit of sharp stones in the Dudael desert. He will then await the great judgment while covered in darkness. On the Great day of Judgment, he will then be thrown into the fiery pit of Hell, where he will spend an eternity, and the world would be cleansed from the corruption he caused.

Michael vs Lucifer
Michael vs Lucifer
Fall of Lucifer
Fall of Lucifer
Baphomet (symbol often used for Satanism)
Baphomet (symbol often used for Satanism)


Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan,Beelzebub, Satan, etc. is the most powerful fallen angel. It is believed that the fallen angels refer to him as their god. They are one with the plan of Lucifer to bring forth the end. Lucifer is the devil. In some stories, it is told that Lucifer was an archangel with the third highest throne in Heaven, below God and Archangel Michael. He rebelled against God because he became full of pride and wanted a throne higher than God. God then ordered St. Michael the Archangel (Gods Champion) and his angels to go into battle with Lucifer and his angels.Lucifer had 1/3 of the angels of Heaven on his side but he was defeated by Archangel Michael and his angels. He had to know he couldn't beat Archangel Michael, but anyway he was cast down to the Earth and ever since then he has been trying to turn people away from God. He doesn't want us to worship God and believe. He wants us to live our lives in sin and primal needs. He wants all of us to fall just as he has fallen.

The religion Satanism is based on this all powerful being that has been cast down by God. Lucifer and Satan are thought to be one in the same. Maybe they are, maybe their not. There are new beginnings in the bible, multiple beginnings. It is said that Satan was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, but Lucifer was Gods cherub. Obviously they are speaking of one of these new beginnings.

Many people believe that Lucifer plays a big role in many world events throughout history, such as the holocaust. They think that Lucifer possessed Adolf Hitler and made him kill millions of people. They also think that he possessed Anton Lavey and brought forth the new age of Satanism.That would make a lot of sense. Getting people to participate in killing 1/3 of an entire continent, and creating a religion that is taking the world of American teenagers by storm is a good way to destroy the world.

Satanic Baptism
Satanic Baptism

Ways of Worship

Many people worship the devil by different methods. Methods differentiate by origin. Some may "sell their soul" to Lucifer. Others just praise him as their God and worship him as the creator. The most common way for people to worship Lucifer is by "offering sacrifices". They may sacrifice many things, including cats, dogs, rabbits, and other animals. Some go to the extreme and offer humans as sacrifices to Satan.

Any advice given to people will be carried to a much further level than it is intended to be, so I won't share any of the actual information on how these rituals are done, but for those who know, its with you. There have been many stories of cases based on Satanic sacrifices. It ranges from people killing someone with a baseball bat screaming "sacrifice to Satan", to someone completely sucking the blood out of a human body and carving a pentagram into the persons chest. These people are sadistic and these acts should not be conducted by anyone. Of course, this was another form of Satanism. There are actually two different types of Satanism. The older version of Satanism, dating back thousands of years ago is the real Satanism, where people actually worshiped Lucifer and gave their children as sacrifices. Then there is Anton Lavey, the Satanism that tries to trick everyone into believing that they do not believe in Lucifer, but are a form of atheist that views themselves as Gods and use Lucifer as a symbol of independence.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      All I can say is Jesus rocks ..

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Cool,i was playin final fantasy and all this stuff came up

    • Jarn profile image


      8 years ago from Sebastian, Fl

      It is a failure of the English language that anything not an angel or directly linked to God should be classified as a demon with overt Satanic connotations. I think that you’ve fallen victim to your own language by not seeing the distinction between supernatural beings (demons) and Satanic beings (DEMONS!).

      Try looking up the mythology and bestiary of Shintoism if you want to see what genuine demonology is. Otherwise, please consider clarifying this to be about Christian demonology. Then go find a copy of “A Dictionary of Angels” by Gustav Davidson. It compiles information from thousands of canonical works, non-canonical works, and fictional works and presents them all separately so you know what’s accepted, what isn’t, and what’s been made up. That way it will look like you did a little more research rather than filling in the gaps with what you’ve heard from other people and mainstream media.

    • profile image

      A Divine Intervention 

      8 years ago

      Coming from a Vowl Fowl Mouth as yourself I can see which side you are on.

    • Bud Gallant profile image

      Bud Gallant 

      8 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

      Vastly inaccurate. Please do further research on this subject. Reading LaVey's or Aleister Crowley's books would really give you a better understanding.


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