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Demystifying Questions about Soul

Updated on December 1, 2015
Gunnar Creutz, Falbygdens museum via Wikimedia commons
Gunnar Creutz, Falbygdens museum via Wikimedia commons

Many people have experienced loss of a loved one and although it’s difficult to cope with, some of us don’t understand why they were taken from us prematurely or suddenly. Sometimes there’s no signs or even clues suggesting this would occur and other times there are feelings. I hope to explain some important talking points. I’ll start with our soul blueprints and how that ties into our passing from the physical earth.

Soul blueprints are contracts that are written by you and your guides before your soul is born into a physical body on earth. We map out our parents, our birth time and date, how we will be born, any physical features like weight, height, etc. We also determine our method of passing. Some of this may sound sort of weird to you if this is the first time you’ve heard this but let’s go into premature deaths and sudden or unexpected loss. These are individuals who pass from accidents, suicide, crimes, etc. So I know you’re thinking….was I crazy when I signed up for that? Or perhaps you are thinking there’s no way. But remember our soul knows before we do. We have no recollection but subconsciously the soul knows when it will depart. Those who pass unexpectedly or suddenly often sign up for this method of departure because the lessons needed for this lifetime have been achieved.

We all come to earth for different amount of times. There’s no specific age when death can occur. Family is often affected and either the passing will bring people together or create distance. Let me give you an example, Beth is driving one night and is involved in a car accident which results in her passing. Prior to her passing her family was all distant or angry at each other. They would hardly even speak or sit at the same dinner table. After her passing everyone in the family comes together and the bond is stronger. This was all pre-destined. Now what if the family grows angry and apart and everything was opposite. Well, this too was part of the pre-destined plan. Let’s say the parents split up and now have gone their separate ways and have new partners and families. This has allowed them to meet someone else and they are part of their blueprint. It’s like an interconnected matrix and ripple effects exist.

Souls who pass pre-maturely and don’t live a long time here on the physical earth often reincarnate and come back either in the same or new soul family. Since their time was cut short for the reasons determined by themselves, they often come back to live out their new lessons on pick up where they left off.

Another important question often asked is why did the person pass without their loved one being present? One example, is that your loved one is in the hospital and passed when you left about an hour later. You never got a chance to say goodbye. This often is very hard to understand and accept. Often you may feel guilt or anger. Let me explain, souls often depart when loved ones are not around. Why? Because it is easier for them to let go. If you are present, they are going to continue to hold on for the LOVE they have for you, until you say it’s okay for them to go and be in peace.

For those on life support or in a coma. Do they know that I’m around? Can they hear me? The answer is YES! Even if they are declared brain dead the soul is aware and alert. They can hear and know everything that is occurring. When they wake up they may have no memories of what happened but the soul is always aware. Some people may remember floating from the ceiling looking down at their body or loved ones. They may remember conversations discussed by family or doctors. When a person is in a coma the soul is with one foot in the earthly realm and one foot on the spiritual realm. They are in between worlds. They make a decision if they want to return to their physical body and continue to live out their life on earth or if they would like to pass on the spiritual realm. Sometimes during these specific moments they may spend times with their guides and edit their blueprint or re-write something. This is why often people who have come back often say they remember being greeted by a loved one who told them it wasn’t time. They must go back.

Next, let’s discuss people who were in severe physical pain before their passing. This could be physical, mental, or emotional pain. It’s our physical body that houses the soul that experiences pain. After passing our soul doesn’t feel any more pain because we are composed of energy. This energy can feel no physical pain. If they used glasses they might be without glasses in the spirit realm. If they had trouble walking or were confined to a wheel chair before passing they might be able to walk freely now. Those who walk in GOD’s white light only feel peace and love. There is no pain.

Another important subject is suicide. Many people wonder if these individuals are destined to what certain doctrine says about this. They still go to spiritual realm or heaven. The divine doesn’t discriminate. Remember there is only LOVE! Now what about the people who were dark souls on earth and committed crimes or carried a lot of hatred. What happens to them? There are different levels in the spiritual realm. The higher levels are full of love and like a pyramid they go down in ascending levels depending on your lessons and soul. You will feel all the pain you have caused other people or yourself. This is why it’s important to do good deeds while having an earthly experience. We are all held accountable for our actions. Do good deeds and show love!

Do my loved ones know I miss them or I’m sorry? Yes, remember they are alive just in a different form know all, see all, and hear all. It’s important to always say goodbye or tell someone how special they are to you because we don’t know when our time here on the physical earth is up.

My loved one was mumbling something before they passed and I couldn’t understand what they were saying. What were they trying to tell me? Before a person passes they are often greeted by passed loved ones or angels and they are communicating to them through telepathy. However the soul is still in the physical body and therefore it sounds like utterances that cannot be understood. So they might not be trying to tell you something but speaking with loved ones who are already on the other side.

I hope this article shed a little light on the myths or often asked questions around the soul and departures. As a medium, I often am told a lot of this information from spirit who I am able to communicate with and if you ask most mediums they can attest to this information as well. Thank you for taking the time to read my article and blessings in love n light. x


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