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Dependency on God Could Lead to a False Sense of Security

Updated on October 25, 2010

Don't Get Complacent with Religion

First of all I'm not denouncing or denying the exisitence of a supreme being. The mystery of life itself leaves open the possibility that there could be a supernatural power higher than we are. What I want to expose is the reason for doubt about any truditional God ruling over man because there appears to be no real clarity with whch we can prove without a shadow of a doubt that God exists in the way that man makes him. While there has been some evidence of things such as the Red Sea parting and the sky becoming dark after the death of Christ there is still no evidence that these insidences directly comply with the events that took place. Furthermore a lot of what is said in the Bible though mixed with some forms of recordeded history leads to confussion because the writers of the books show no evidence of any solid proof such as records left behind or artifacts to verify anything which they wrote. While there may appear to be random occurrances that appear to be acts of God there seems to be no cosistency or pattern with which to draw a confermative conclussion. One of the Bible's responses would be that God works in mysterious ways. Another Bible response is that we walk by faith and not by sight. Another explanation is that faith is the evidence of things not seen. If people choose to believe that they were put in a certain place to save a life that is their choice but if you have to take a detour from your normal route because the road happens to be blocked for one reason or another would't it only make since that you had to go a different way anyway and that other people did also. Could it be that because you saw someone in need you just took the initiative to help where someone else did not and kept going or that you were just the first one there? If you are in a dire situation and someone was going to shoot you and the gun jammed could't it be possible that if you did not come at that particular time and someone else did that the gun would still jam anyway? What if the gun did not jam and you could not talk the person out of shooting you or overcome him do you think God would consider that you just had a new child or that you are the only bread winner in your family? If you were murdered or in an accident, or died prematurely would God have a plan to take care of your family or would you already have a plan in place anyway? Even if you did not could it be possible that somone elso such as a relative or a friend would help your family? I think you are getting my point. Now let's explore a few more questions. Why would God create an angel so powereful that it would take him an eternaty to destroy him and he would be allowed to wreak havoc amoung his living creations, the people he created and loved? Why would it be said that God will bring desaster into people's lives who are doing good to show them he is still the master when there are so many wicked people he should need to deal with? Why would God go so far as to make a bet with the devil by putting a man through great toil and pain to prove that he would not curse him and turn away from him if he already knew he wouldn't? Why would he even make a deal such as that with such a lowly creature anyway? Now your response may very well be that if you get into trouble you would call out to God or you would pray about something that troubled you. My answer would be that it is only natural to do things in despiration or to want the easy way out of a situation which leads me to the case and point. If you need God to feel that he makes you a better person and inspires you and makes you walk a straight and narrow path then go ahead and serve him. The bible though confusing is a beautiful book that encourages man to do good for the sake of humanity and there is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact if any religion causes people to do good then indeed he should have it. People have also misused and abused Christianity or other religions to break laws that were intended to protect citizens. For instance incest or just having sex with children whether incestuous or not is wrong for reasons that should be obvious. You don't need to lean on a crutch to know that if you don"t want wrong done to you that you should not do wrong to others. Yes go ahead and read the Bible and accept what you clearly understand such as the ten commandments for example. Read the chapters and stories that inspire you. Anything that encourages the good of man is not wrong in my opinion but don't get complacent about the reality of life and the real life situations that may lead to disability or death. If you can, always search for ideas to help you in a bad situation and work out your situations with thought, concentration, reasoning, and help from others. If the thought of the death of a loved one leads you to think that they are in heaven then that is good for you in that it will help you to overcome grief. However if you find yourself grieving often or even constantly talking about, writing to, or talking to the loved one you lost then you more than likely need counseling.Yes, a combination of love, caring, help and self help, inspiration respect of God and your country is very helpful in helping you to live a good and inspiring, healthy, minimal stressed life but always keep reality in the forefront along with the system you need to survive and live a happy life but just don"t get complacent by looking for an easy way out of any situation that requires more than that. I pray when i need to or when I feel like it because in some cases it helps me to feel better in other cases I pray for others because that is all I can do for them. After all what harm can it do to pray if you really can't help someone. On the other had if you could help a person but really did not give any thought to it and merely prayed, you would be becoming complacent. Putting things in their proper perspective makes all the difference.


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