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Depending On God Completely

Updated on August 12, 2020
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A graduate of Master in Education. An academician and published writer.

Depend on God completely

“ I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word, I put my hope."

Psalm I 30:5 (NIV)

A beautiful woman's main anchor in life is the Lord and every moment in her life, she depends upon God's mercy and grace completely. A Christian woman can never live separated from God, much more in the[ modern times, which is marked as the perilous times. Dangers are many in the world today to live a life apart from God.

God wants us to be dependent upon him in all areas of our life. Much more in the area of overcoming temptations and sin, God wants us to depend on him. For our daily provision, daily strength, daily battles we are to depend on God.

A beautiful woman waits upon the Lord and rests upon His word completely. She seeks the Lord’s guidance in all aspects of her life. She will never make a major decision in her life without first seeking the counsel of the Lord. She is a woman of prayer and depends so much on the power of God. She looks up to the Lord as her strong tower, the mighty fortress, and an ever-present help for all the troubles she encountered in her life. She has that one of a kind, face to face intimacy with the living God.

During the Old Testament times, there is a Jewish Queen by the name of Esther who depended completely on God's providence during the most crucial times of her life. Her people, the Jews were about to be slaughtered because of an evil scheme devised by a wicked person, but her faith in God's sovereignty was able to deliver her and her people from death.

Esther indeed is a woman not only exceedingly beautiful physically but much more spiritually. She possessed such inner beauty that is not always evident among the world's most beautiful women. She has such a beautiful spirit cultivated by deep and strong faith in God.

(Bible Text: Esther 4:15-17)

Each day of her life Alice faces a crisis of faith, whether to depend on God completely or device her own schemes to resolve her financial scarcity. Being the sole breadwinner, with two elementary graders who are the sons of her niece and an elderly sister to support, Alice struggles to make both ends meet most of the time. Alice always chose to depend on God's mercy completely. It is very evident in her daily life. About more than twenty-five years ago Alice committed herself to be a missionary teacher in a pre-school in ] Pandacan. There is no promise of large income but only an opportunity to minister the Word of God to the young souls of Pandacan Foundational Learning Center. At that time she received only a meager allowance to sustain her since their pre-school was still in its pioneering stage. But Alice proceeded with this offer depending completely on God's provision. She is indeed a true woman of faith who will always choose to depend on God rather than any man. Many times her life was put in severe trials such as experiencing material deprivation and physical sufferings. She experienced such predicament as a single woman with a great responsibility to bear and without a husband to assist her. But Alice always chose to depend on her creator rather than seeking help from rich relatives. And her Jesus never fails her. He is indeed an ever faithful provider to sister Alice. She always trusts in His loving providence. That made Alice really stands out from the rest.

Be completely dependent upon God’s loving providence and you will never get frustrated.

“Like Boaz, who provided for Ruth from the bounty of his fields, God provides for us out of His abundance. His resources are infinite, and He lets blessings fall for our benefit. “

-Jennifer Benson Schuldt-

This hub is an excerpt from the book:

"40 Ways to Cultivate the Real Beauty In You"

By Crisfina A. Santander


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