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Derek Acorah's Past Finders.

Updated on January 26, 2016

Derek Searches For Proof Of Life Beyond With New Team.

'Your TV' a channel available on non - subscription television service 'Free View' has been showing a series of programmes that medium Derek Acorah did some years ago for the now defunct 'Living TV'. The programme shows him going to different towns in the UK in the search for ghosts and all features of the paranormal.

In 'Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns' made back in 2006 Derek visits along with sidekicks in tow including celebs like Myleen Klass supposed haunted locations where he attempts to help those troubled by paranormal activity which see him get possessed by entities scaring everyone around him where his bodyguard steps in if Derek while channeling a long dead person gets out of control. He also conducts seances and does exorcisms supposedly clearing places of unwanted ghostly visitors in which he asks for angels from Heaven to descend and take away the ghostly menace.

Derek was also involved with the series 'Most Haunted' also shown on 'Living TV' fronted by Yvette Fielding where he was the medium giving out psychic impressions of apparent ghosts and again being possessed by these spirit men or women as he calls them. Subsequently Acorah real name Derek Johnson left the programme under a cloud.

After that Acorah did 'Derek Acorah's Quest for Guy Fawkes' again for 'Living TV' as he attempted to track down the spirit of the infamous plotter who was found in the bowels of Parliament in the 17th Century with gun powder barrels by King James's troops ready to blow the King and his Parliament sky high.

Derek Acorah attracted criticism when he said Madeline McCann who disappeared from her bedroom in Portugal when her parents were at dinner was dead and subsequently Acorah had to re - tract that statement and apologise for the upset caused. Acorah has his fans who adore him when he tours the country in theatres attempting to make contact with the other side but he also has his critics who accuse him of not being genuine.

Now Acorah is back on television with a new series also shown by the Free View television service 'Your TV' called 'Derek Acorah's Past Finder's' in which he with two young sidekicks in tow one male and one female, the female being Bex Palmer, attempt to contact the dead around various historical buildings. So far they have visited a WWII bunker in Kidderminster and last night they were at a stately home with supposed bangs, knocks, and orbs a plenty happening all around them as they use electro - magnetic devices and all manner of electronic equipment to get the supposed ghosts to make contact with them as well as Derek tuning into them with his psychic abilities.

When the programme is over Derek and his two sidekicks wish the audience good night and ask the viewer to talk to them on Twitter to see if viewers have spotted anything unearthly. In one newspaper story recently as he was filming his series 'Past Finders' at Tutbury Castle he apparently captured on film the shadow of a knight who supposedly shouts and is very rude to people. The paper remarked that Derek who spends his life in night vision as he stalks haunted venues may have found actual proof that ghosts exist in this footage.

It seems whether you accept the belief in the afterlife and are fascinated by all things that go bump in the night or not paranormal tv shows like the ones mentioned above or indeed 'Ghost Adventures' fronted by ghost obsessed paranormal investigator Zac Bagans or indeed Yvette Fielding still fronting 'Most Haunted' will always attract the believers, wannabe believers and sceptics.

Zac Bagans Spook Obsessed Presenter Of 'Ghost Adventures'.
Zac Bagans Spook Obsessed Presenter Of 'Ghost Adventures'. | Source
Yvette Fielding Old Colleague Of Derek Acorah On 'Most haunted' Still Presenting The Programme Today.
Yvette Fielding Old Colleague Of Derek Acorah On 'Most haunted' Still Presenting The Programme Today. | Source
Derek Acorah:  Paranormal Investigator And Medium.
Derek Acorah: Paranormal Investigator And Medium. | Source


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