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Desires are the luggage we carry on our head while going on Life's journey through Train!

Updated on August 20, 2013

Carrying heavy luggage on the head!

It is our experience that many of our needs get fulfilled in the course of time. Initially a man may not be employed. His only concern would be to secure a job. After some time, he will secure one. Then he wants a promotion or pay rise after working for a considerable period. He gets it in the normal course. Likewise, his marriage, children, and house dreams are fulfilled in the course of his life. The great question is “Why he is not satisfied when he got a job? What prompted him to seek a pay rise and other things as per the above list? Every one of us aware that the satisfaction of one wants never guarantees us the precious peace with which we associate fulfillment of desires.

In fact, there is no connection of Peace with satisfaction of desires. Peace arises from the Self and not from the outer things we possess. Once you were homeless and finally you purchased a house. Definitely, this is one great achievement in the worldly scale of success! But not so, in respect of contentment of self. The habit of the mind is to enjoy a precious possession for a while. After a while, it hankers for some other thing, thinking that the new desire will make him peaceful. In this respect, it resembles a baby or child. The child is interested with a toy for some time. Afterward it loses its interest with that particular toy. Then the parents purchase a new toy which is fanciful. The new toy attracts the child for a few days. Then it loses its interest. The pertinent point is “Things or persons attracts us for a while so long they were not in your possession or nearby. Once you develop familiarity, it breeds contempt after some time!

You love a pretty girl. She is not interested in you. Hence you become crazy about her. After some time, due to your luck, she is willing to consider your match. Then you are in the seventh heaven. Once you marry her, your interest in her person get decreased day by day since you attached much importance to her charm. But, after some time, you realize that some of her habits do not match with your expectations. Then slowly, you develop distaste for her. Why? This is a case of infatuation and not real love. If you really love a girl, you will adjust to live with her in spite of her short comings.

Hence, there are many couples who live together even after forty to fifty years of their marriage. They understand each other, forgive and adjust nicely with one another even if there are misunderstandings or quarrels in between. Hence we have to contemplate deeply before embarking upon any actions. Once we have made up our mind, we should never look back or revisit the decisions. The adage “All is fair in love and war” holds well in relationships if not in war.

Reverting back to our original theme, we should have fewer desires. It is enough if our basic needs are fulfilled. Do not hanker for luxurious life. Lesser your wants, more peace you will possess in the longer run. We should strive for ultimate peace which arises only from the inner Self! In Indian Railways, there is a slogan which says, “Less luggage, more comfort; make travel a pleasure! The luggage we carry on our heads are the hundreds of worries, desires, our concerns etc. Our earthly life can be compared to a long pilgrimage. We should not be content with resting at some intermediate rest rooms. We should journey until we reach our real destination. Having purchased a ticket for some far off place, how can you break the journey in the middle? It is not wiser to disembark in the middle of the journey!

Saibaba in a blissful posture!


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