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Desires prompt us to undertake some efforts for satisfaction!

Updated on March 21, 2017

Desire for success.

The Dos prompt of early days!

When desk top computers were first introduced, the operating system was MS Dos! This is the disc operated system. When the computer is powered on, dos prompt will flicker on the monitor! Those who work on this system will be prompted to type various commands according to their need and press ‘enter’. Then the command will be executed. Now, what is the connection between the above and philosophy? Let us introspect how we undertake any tasks? First some random thought will rise in the mind, which turns into a desire. The mind will prompt the individual to undertake some tasks in connection with the realization of the desire! This prompting of the mind is the first step in undertaking any tasks. The wise people will use their discrimination to find out whether the particular task could be undertaken? At this point, if the mind does not listen to the intelligence which discriminates and offer its own arguments, then the individual become agitated or depressed and he could not act as per his discrimination.

Social traps.

The mind is mostly 'unsteady'

The mind is the most unsteady element in the individual. In majority of cases, people follow the whims and fancies of the mind and land in deep trouble. They will neither listen to their intellect, nor follow the advice of elders or friends. It is the deep desire which makes one to act contrary to common sense! Let us see, whether the mind is steady? When some problem arises, the mind will not offer a single solution. It will offer more than one solution. “Do or desist, ‘get it or avoid it, marry or postpone the decision, these are all some normal promptings of the mind. A confused mind will offer several solutions to any problem. The intellect born out of intuition alone will give a single way to tackle a problem at hand. While the mind works through the head, the intellect and intuition arises from the heart or self of the individual. When we embark on some evil plan, there is a subtle warning that arises from our conscious not to indulge in evil plot or scheme. Normally, the mind never listens to such promptings from the conscious and people indulge in bad deeds and crimes in blatant disregard for the self. The mind desist facing a problem and resist the very thought of grief or sufferings. The mind is deeply attached to the body and hence it resists vehemently when some discomfort is foreseen! The mind always seeks comforts and happiness and hence it is not happy with discomfort or discomfiture.

Three afflictions of human mind.

Surfing the social web sites!

A child will seek ice-cream and some indulging parents do comply with the cry of the child. But wise parents usually divert the child from such desire and they will show a toy or something to distract it. They know that ice creams’ are potentially harmful to the health of the child. In a similar way, a grown up son or daughter may pester you for a costly mobile phone or tablet. If you love your son or daughter, you must say a firm “No”. Mobile phones and tablets are not only injurious to the eye and brain, but it will make you a slave to the gadget. Have you seen any youngsters without this gadget nowadays, walking through busy thoroughfares, crossing railway line impervious of the speeding traffic or train! We often read in the newspaper or watch the media to find freak accidents causing death or loss of limbs of such mobile addicted youngsters. Their common sense is almost ditched in the fancy for chit chat or surfing the social platforms. We want recognition from friends and peers. This is the basic psychology behind the frequent surfing of social web sites like Twitter and Face book! In fact, the success of the social platforms could be attributed to ‘human weaknesses of recognition. Even dogs and cats crave for fondling. We too want fondling in the sites from likeminded friends and others.

How social platforms attract us?

Someone posts some interesting clips of videos and immediately we press the like button and comment on the clip. We comment in order to attract attention from others. We share some interesting posts so that we will be in the limelight! Why children cry? They demand the attention of mother or governess. It may be any reason like hunger or wetting of diaper or craving of some attention etc. Toys are meant to distract the baby from crying for mother, when she is engaged in house hold cores. The baby plays with the toy for some time and throws its away when it needs the mother’s presence! Instantly, the mother rushes to its side and fondles it or suckles it. This is normal promptings and reactions of any mother and child anywhere!

This is how we are hooked in social web sites. Many girls finding the pastime interesting reveal many personal data without being aware of the consequences. The net is like a ocean where many whales are swimming underneath. If we inadvertently are caught by them, none can save us from the perils. Hence let us not be prompted by our desires and drown in the deep depths of the ocean of miserable existence!

Desires prompt us to achieve satisfaction!

Do you remain indifferent to the desires of the mind?

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