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Desperately Wicked by Merwin

Updated on May 9, 2010

Spiritual Warfare

Today, someone suggested watching a trailer of a slasher movie in order "to know what (ugliness) Hollywood is up to these days."

I do not need to watch slasher movies to know how horrible they can be.

It is bad enough to expose myself to the material that describes the horrendous depictions that some call entertainment.

I do not wish to "visit" a coven at its worst, so I can rightly testify of their anti-Jesus antics.

Please people, there are enough testimonies from those who were delivered from the slavery and bonds of those examples of wickedness, to rightly asses the levels of debauchery.

These testimonies are bolstered and verified enough by fairly recent historical accounts. The depraved bloodshed of the French Revolution, the slave ships and slavery in general prior to the civil war, Nazi Germany, Stalin's regime of murder in the Soviet Union, China's Cultural Revolution under Mao where countless millions were tortured and murdered, the killing fields of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge... on and on and on.

I do not need to expose my mind to any new and fresh, sights and sounds to be well aprised. And I would encourage all brothers and sisters to avoid the exposure, knowing that it is enough to have the testimonies of those set at liberty, as well as the historical accounts.

Mankind and "Hollywood", is desperately wicked without Jesus, just know it and "look to those things that are lovely".


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    • skepler profile image

      skepler 7 years ago from North Idaho

      I think that people watch such things for the same reason people watch documentaries on the holocaust, or relief work in troubled countries. Human kind is a weird species that finds things to trigger sadness, fear, or sentiment to produce that adrenalin that a normal creature would experience in everyday survival from predators in the attempt to exit from their daily life. I do not think that most people watch out of depravity. I enjoy a good suspense as long as it is not too gory. Then again I like the feel of adrenalin. There are many movies out there though that I feel cross the line and input content that is way out of line. Even the cartoons these days have gone way too far.

    • dianalee profile image

      dianalee 7 years ago

      Amen, sister (brother?). With real life being full of so much angst, who wants to watch that stuff for entertainment?

      And it is still true: GIGO.... garbage in, garbage out. We need to guard what goes into our ears and eyes, as well as what comes out of our mouths.