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Destiny, Fate or Arrogance

Updated on February 6, 2012
276-365 - Destiny from Alex Stoen Source:
276-365 - Destiny from Alex Stoen Source:
Save the Earth from Human Hubrys... from Osvaldo_Zoom Source:
Save the Earth from Human Hubrys... from Osvaldo_Zoom Source:

Destiny, Fate or Arrogance

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

How predestined do you believe your life to be? Perhaps you are a fatalist or even an existentialist, believing that you are responsible for your own actions and moral conduct, thus creating your life path by those actions. Maybe you are undecided, but erring on the side of random happenings.

Whatever you believe, it is certain that none of us can answer the question with any certainty. Predestined paths and even fatalism implies a higher power taking some control or giving purpose to the seemingly random occurrences in our lives. Whatever these occurrences are and however they came to be clearly we can never understand all of them fully.

Destiny is a much-bantered word, often used flippantly to infer the likelihood of an outcome. ‘It is your destiny to become a great singer’ or ‘a great destiny awaits you.’ But for a so-called destiny to eventuate, many other factors and influences must come into play. For example, I know some wonderful musicians who never got their break into the big-time. One could have said earlier in their life, ’this person has so much talent that it is their destiny to be a famous musician.’ Of course that wasn’t to be. On the other hand, many mediocre musicians and performers have had exceptional careers and fame. So for destiny to be real, it must draw other factors into a path of ascension. Destiny can’t in itself provide a guarantee of outcome. So how do these other factors and circumstances accumulate and provide a stairway to success?

Is it luck that plays a part in this scenario? But if it is luck, one could again refer to that as predestined. Or is it the working toward a goal, placing oneself in the way of luck and opportunity that allows success to eventuate. I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Metaphysicians believe that our paths are resultant from a plethora of influences including astral positioning at birth, Karmic balances, incarnating soul tasks and the like. Some of these methods do uncover sound truths and predictions, thus leaving us considering that predestined occurrences may in fact play a part in our complex lives. Astrology for example can be so accurate that one can feel like a pawn, with little if any influence on directing our life. Then again, the influences governed by astral positioning are only influences- in the end we can decide whether to go with or against them. So influences can have an affect but need not be decisive in determining outcomes.

Again this concept depends on our affiliation with God or a higher power, for without it what purpose would the purpose have? Of course there are those who adhere to a reality that we each as individuals control our lives by thought, clothing our environment and actions to create our path. I fully adhere to this idea and know by experience that we can govern our day-to-day lives by our attitudes and our thinking. But is it the complete answer. I don’t believe so. The amazing thing is how our path then coexists with 2.5 billion other paths, with all the influences and different thinking. It is quite a miracle, everything fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Coexistence is an interesting concept, considering that each of us are so influenced by so many things, and that we somehow can exist, assimilate and ever work together within the complex structure of our lives. Consider the random connections that arise in day-to-day life. When we go overseas we always run into a neighbour or someone from our suburb. We always meet people we don’t know to find out that they know someone we do. Coincidence you think? Perhaps our thinking does create an expectation that manifests in a connection close to our usual thought patterns. Maybe these are fated meetings, with yet another purpose of which we are not aware.

In detail, human beings with all our complicated emotional and psychological needs, seek resolution from those who can supply it, consciously or unconsciously. Perhaps these random connections have a direct purpose that we don’t see, originating from us alone. Arguments for all these scenarios are as endless as the scenarios themselves and again it is not possible to conclude the truth of them, but simply observe that they exist.

I am not a religious man, but have studied religion to understand the ideologies and aspirations. Having studies metaphysics also, I estimate that without conclusive knowledge, all the above concepts are true within their own right. I believe in a concept of God and a purpose for the human experience. I believe that our birth and place in our soul’s development has influence on each earthly experience and life path. I believe in Karma and that out thinking creates the circumstances in our lives, good and bad.

The complexities of our connections with one another and the seemingly random occurrences that sometimes plague our lives, I believe are placed before us with purpose. Whether that purpose be to satisfy a higher power or are simply self-procreated for our own development, I do not know. But in light of the enormous mystery of life, I don’t feel confident ever knowing.

If God, some higher power, alien master or whatever, so chooses for us to travel a particular path then who are we to contend. The miracle of life is such that we mere humans have little understanding of it, save our own arrogance in thinking we do. However the strings are pulled, by whom and for what purpose, including all the influences in life, how can we truly denounce any of what we see without the truth?

The question is- are we truly the masters of our destiny?


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