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Destiny Through Manifestation

Updated on August 11, 2010

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Destiny manifestation is essentially being able to acquire what you want out of life through concentration or meditation.

My husband subscribes to this theory as I said in another post. I can't say I don't because to a certain extent I believe you can manifest certain things.
There is information online about this but very little. Most of what I found online centered around buying an ebook to help you manifest your destiny no matter what it is you want whether it be love, attraction, money, health, a million dollars, the president of the United States, etc. Some of this ridiculous. There are many things you can manifest and manifesting negativity is easier than positive.

I believe you can manifest love, attraction, even money to some degree and alot of other things. Some of these things are simply making a few changes to acquire what you want and that is where the manifestation comes in. You, however, cannot manifest being the president of the United States without first going through years of learning and being involved in politics. You cannot manifest being a millionaire by sitting on the couch watching TV all day. That's nothing short of impossible unless you win the lottery and what are the odds of that happening? They are very slim.

Even when you concentrate/meditate on what you want and put the steps into action to get what you want that doesn't always mean you are going to get exactly what you want. Just because you want a million dollars doesn't mean you are going to get it no matter how hard you work at it. What you can do is work to improve your lifestyle and in thus doing improve you finances but only if you take the proper steps needed to accomplish improvement. Without work you will not get what you want. And I'm not saying that if you work your fingers to the bone and attempt to manifest your destiny you will get everything your heart desires. Life simply doesn't work that way.

The author of the ebook sure wants to make you think if you meditate every single day and concentrate on what you want regardless of what it is you will get it even if it means waking up tomorrow and being a famous actor like Nicolas Cage. The author forgets to tell you that it took alot of hard work and time for the actor to get where he is. The author doesn't tell you any of that. He just wants you to buy his ebook putting money in his pocket. That's his way of manifesting his future of more income. Which is nothing more than a scam. You don't read an ebook and wake up tomorrow after a few meditation sessions with a million dollars in your bank account or whatever wild want you came up with.

I believe destiny can be manifested to a degree. We cannot manifest everything we want. If that were possible there would be millions of millionaires no poor people and no one would work. That simply isn't feasible. Corporations and businesses only exist because of their workers. Without workers needing a paycheck there would be no business and thus none of the things we need. Our society exists on people working and working for a living.

Negative manifestation is much easier to accomplish because negative energy is stronger. I don't understand this concept but it is. It's easier for something negative to happen to me after I manifested it. This doesn't mean I concentrated on it and wanted it. It just happened because I focused on the negative too much.

Most people probably won't believe me when I say it's possible to manifest a negative outcome just by having the thought but you can. You don't have to concentrate on it just have the thought and a solution for the problem should it arise and more than likely you will get this outcome because essentially you had already manifested it.

I realize no one is going to believe this but I've had it happen to me on numerous occasions. I've thought about something that could go wrong and come up with a solution should that problem arise and sure enough it doesn't stay a thought but becomes a reality.

How does this occur? I don't know. Some people will put it down to my being unlucky but that isn't the case at all. I manifested it. I didn't try to do it but it happened because I spent time thinking about it and put energy into and came up with a solution before the problem arose. This gave what started as a thought energy and power to get stronger. This is essentially what makes manifestation(particularly the negative kind) happen.

Has this ever happened to you? At some point in your lifetime it probably has, you may not even realize it did.

It's much easier to concentrate on the negative than the positive and this is what makes negative energy so much stronger than positive.

But can you manifest a positive outcome? Of course you can. But you have to be realistic in your goals.


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